A Reed in the Wind: Joanna Plantagenet, Queen of Sicily

A Reed in the Wind: Joanna Plantagenet, Queen of Sicily[Epub] ❧ A Reed in the Wind: Joanna Plantagenet, Queen of Sicily By Rachel Bard – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A Reed in the Wind follows the eventful life of Joanna daughter of Henry II of England and his ueen Eleanor of Auitaine Her first adventure took her to Sicily where through an arranged marriage she be A Reed in the Wind follows the in the PDF/EPUB ¿ eventful life of Joanna daughter of Henry II of England and his ueen Eleanor of Auitaine Her first adventure took her to Sicily where through an arranged marriage she became the ueen of King William the Good She fell in love not only with her husband but also with the sunny island over which they reigned Despite evil plots of her vengeful mother in law threats from scheming courtiers and personal tragedy through pluck and good sense A Reed eBook ç Joanna withstood it allMore challenges were to come After William's untimely death Joanna was cast adrift in the turbulence of twelfth century Europe Her brother Richard the Lionheart now king of England rescued her and took her with him on Crusade to the Holy Land Here she narrowly escaped marriage to an infidel the brother of the Crusaders' dread enemy Saladin Back in France still mourning William she unexpectedly found contentment if not passionate love in a second marriage to Count Raymond of Toulouse Still Reed in the Epub ß ahead the joy of motherhood the comforts of friendship and the agonies of intrigue and betrayal Where would she find the strength to withstand the buffetings of fate and come at last to a safe haven A Reed in the Wind is the third in Rachel Bard's trilogy about Plantagenet ueens The heroine of the first ueen Without a Country was Berengaria wed to Richard the Lionheart The second Isabella ueen Without a Conscience examines the beauteous controversial Isabella of Angouleme ueen of King John Reed in the Wind: Joanna eBook ç Joanna's younger brother To research these three ueens the author traveled to Spain France England Cyprus Sicily and so will you as you follow their adventures on Kindle. Joanna of Sicily and England had a complicated life with high and low periods interspersed through it I knew about her life as well as others in her family my favorite one of all time I believe that she made a difference to her time and place and was not merely a reed in the windA poignant ending to her life at a relatively young age nonetheless left me with a feeling that she had accomplished a lot of what she had hoped to Recommended for the fine historical research as well as a gentle but compelling narrative Interesting subject matter nice to have a story about a ueen that's lesser known in spite of her very much written about family members and lots of history included but the writing is not great The dialogue is too modern and feels very artificial; often the history included feels recited rather than woven into the story One thing that really irritated me was the way the author had characters of lower status addressing the royalty waiting women and servants addressed the kings and ueens by their title and first name rather than using the less personal addresses like Your Grace or Your Highness That felt really off The characters are mostly written in a very one dimensional way It's just not up to par in the uality of the writingThere are also some grammatical issues one of which is on the Mistakes that drive me nuts short list Using insure when it should be ensure That error is so freuently mentioned in lists of common mistakes that it really ought not to be found in a published work like this Overall it was just so so for me I finished it in spite of not enjoying it all that much because I wanted to see how the author would complete Joanna's story An imaginative evocation of the life of the daughter of Henry II and Eleanor of Auitaine who married the King of Sicily and was one of the company that traveled with the the Third Crusade According to the author she researched the book by traveling to Spain France England Cyprus Sicily She would have been better off spending the time in the library since the research is very shallow and contains little detail to evoke the time period of the story GoodIt was a good read but I did find that I skimmed through some parts Mainly the sections on the churches as they were much to descriptive for me Good characters and dialogue and I enjoyed learning about the relationship between William and Joanna Although the book was written according to a historical event in my opinion it came down to descriptions of architecture and wardrobe There is no deeper connection between the characters Too sweet and without much drama even though those times were pretty dramaticBut it can be read I enjoyed the book I found it to be historically true For long years I have been very interested in the Plantaganets and their reign all the way down to my most favorite Richard III There was only one problem I had with this book Dear sweet Joanna took an age to die I kept expecting that I would turn the page to finally read The End but no Joanna took one breath and lived on Page after dreadfully sick Joanna page she lived on The woman had lived a terribly mostly unloved life the author should have condensed her dying to a peaceful few paragraphs telling the reader how she spent her dying last weeks instead of taking us through each day Joanna's wonderful mother the indomitable ueen Eleanor if lu features in the book as do Joanna's two famous brothers kings Richard the Lionheart and poor misunderstood John All in all the book is a great one to read I highly recommend it along with the author's other two about ueens in the same period Great reading Very engaging bookI enjoyed reading about the historical figures some that I knew by name most not Ms Bard made them come to life throughout the story I also enjoyed the thorough descriptions of the various abbies palaces and towns Well written and engagingWhile I knew Eleanor and Henry II had daughters thus is the first time I have read a detailed account of one of their lives It is a sweeping bittersweet story