No Time Like Forever

No Time Like Forever[Reading] ➹ No Time Like Forever ➯ Zoe York – An alternate cover edition can be found hereIt started with a kiss Mari Beadie needed a boyfriend and former NHL hockey star Chase Miller happened to be in the right place at the right time The kiss t An alternate cover edition can be found hereIt started with a kiss Mari Beadie needed a boyfriend and former NHL hockey star Chase Miller happened to be in the right place at the right time The kiss that followed wasn't necessary strictly speaking but it sure was hot Hot enough that when the tables are turned Chase knows just the pretty bartender to ask to be his pretend girlfriend Only this time it's not a one time deal The pub was slammed strange for a Sunday night but it was one No Time Kindle - of the last weekends of the summer The tips would make up for the sore feet Mari was pouring a tray of pints when the phone rang She hopped over and stuck the ancient handset under her ear pinning it in place as she pulled the long cord back to the taps with her “Danny’s” “You sound busy” Her heart didn’t leap a little at the sound of his voice No it didn’t “Yep” “What time do you get off” “We close at ten tonight then I need to do some clean up Probably ten thirty but I’m not sure” “Okay See you later” She frowned as she hung up the phone Two hours later she was still confused when he sauntered in after last call Instead of taking his regular stool he started straightening chairs “What are you doing” “Helping you” “Why” “Because that’s what boyfriends do” She looked around They were alone “Uhm” “Because that’s what friends do” He shrugged “Don’t overthink it I actually just wanted to give you my cell phone number but when I called you sounded swamped so I thought it would be easier to stop by And I’m not going to watch you sweep that would be a dick move” “You watch me tend bar almost every day” “That’s different” “How” “I don’t know Give me that” He took the broom from her hand and she ignored the little thrill she got at the brief hot press of his fingers against hers The Wardham Series Between Then and Now What Once Was Perfect Where Their Hearts Collide When They Weren't Looking Beyond Love and Hate Perfect No Matter What No Time Like Forever Beneath These Bright Stars If you like Wardham you'll love Pine Harbour Check out Zoe's other small town contemporary romance series that begins with Love in a Small Town and continues with Love in a Snow Storm. Continuing her sweet and sexy Wardham series this is the story of Chase and Mari Chase is recovering from a car accident that has all but ended his hockey career He's moved back home to Wardham for his physical therapy and to evaluate what to do now with his life spending many hours at a local restaurant where Mari a friend of his sisters is a waitress In a pinch he helps her out with an amorous ex boyfriend and wants her help in return to pretend to be his girlfriend partly to get his family off his back and to provide him with a social companion for a charity appearance he had committed to as a hockey player It seems like a great arrangement friends with some extra benefits only when real feelings start to intrude will they be willing to admit them to each other?I loved this story Wardham really comes alive in these tales and this story is no exception showcasing families and friends and a small town atmosphere with all its pros and cons Everybody know everybody or so it seems and it's hard to keep secrets Mari knows that Chase has been depressed about his lack of progress in his therapy and the realities that he probably won't be able to return to professional hockey He needs a friend not another person at his pity party and she is willing to provide that for him having nursed a secret crush on him that she plans to keep well hidden Mari is sweet and tough at the same time She says what's on her mind and she makes no bones about keeping her heart at a distance Chase is eually engaging as a handsome determined man struggling emotionally and physically with the end of his hockey career He likes that Mari treats him normally and not with stars in her eyes Having her pretend to be his girlfriend gives him a perfect excuse to have her around and as they play their roles it's soon hard for them to keep their hands to themselves There is a definite physical attraction between them and I loved how the scenes built up slowly with sexual tension keeping the reader and the characters on edge as they explored their attraction to each other But beyond the sexual relationship the development of the romantic feelings between them is sweet and wonderfulThis story stands well on its own giving glimpses of the other characters who have made Wardham home They add humor and tension to the situations the couple encounter and make for a well rounded story This was an entertaining read full of warmth steamy love scenes and a couple deserving of a happy ending 5 fabulous stars No Time Like Forever was graciously provided by ZoYo press Via Netgalley for an honest review and I was so happy to get an advanced copy I have been chomping at the bit to read this since I read the initial teaser for this book I can not lie I love this serieseach book is like coming home to visit family and this book was no different Though thi can be read as a stand alone I recommend reading the series since the supporting characters are developed in prior books which is why it s like coming home Ms York includes previous Character's and keeps you updated on what is going on in there lives This story is centered around Chase Miller and Mari Beadie and a relationship between them is a little challenged Chase is older and moving on to the next phase of his life a former NHL player layed low by a career ending car accident he has come home to Wardham to re hab though physically he is doing much better he will never play professionally again but a 33 what do you do with your life he spends the better course of a year doing physical re hab meeting with a Psycholigist t deal with his depression and occupying a stool at the local barDanny'sMari has spent every afternoon for the most part of the last year dealing wih Mr Grumpy pants who comes in sits down on a bar stool orders lunch and a beer or two and then pulls out his dam phone and talks to his girlfreind which she finally set a rule calls outside Chase surprised her though and he does takes his calls outside of course on the one day she wishes he hadn't her x boyfreind has to come in the bar t try and weasel his way back in with MariTryin to think fast on her feet she tells the x she can not get back with him she has a new boyfreind tall curly hair built sports guy bt the x is not buying until Chase walks in claiming to be him Wrapping his arms around Mari and holding her tightly then going in for the kiss just to provide a little proof And as swiftly as that everything changes because all Mari could think about to herself that kissing was like riding a bike And holy crap Could chase ride a bikeThe chemistry is instantaneous but these two both have baggage Chase what t do now with his life and Mari well she is only 24 and she has dreams she wants t be a singer and song writer they are freinds nothing but Chase finds a new lightness to his mood and his life with Mari and she came in as a handy excuse too Soo fake boyfreind and girlfreind leads to trips fake dates and expanding relationship boundaries lots and lots of sexual tension I Have run on long enough I am not giving away any Wardham fans don't miss out this book will pull you in like all the others and if you have not read this series What are you waiting for; Zoe york sucks you in to the lives of the people of Wardham Putting the book down is a challenge Zoe York has done it again Love Mari Beadie she's a strong character who knows what she wants Now Chase Miller love him too He has issues after being in the NHL for so long Well let's just say he's a bit lost but that's until Mari stirs something in him and helps him in a way no one ever could They constantly see each other when he comes into Danny's which is where Mari works and is the only bar in Wardham Mari dubes Chase as Mr Grumpy pantsone day Mari's ex comes in and won't leave her alone That's when Chase comes to her aid and when he kisses her wow he so knocked her off kilter They both are surprised at the feeling of it So later he needs her help When things get heated between them it's not sure where it's headed Well in order to find out you'll just have to order the book Take the journey with Chase and Mari See that It's No Time Like Forever to let go of the past and move forwardSo pick this book up I highly recommend it one book from Zoe York and I was hooked Read all the books in Wardham You feel like part of the town I received a copy of this book from Netgalley This may be my favorite book in the series I like Chase in this book than the previous glimpses After his accident he moves back to Wardham for physical therapy as well as to determine what's next for him after his hockey career is over Mari is an aspiring musician working as a waitress When an unwanted ex shows up at work Chase steps up with a kiss that starts some major sparks This book is a good addition to this series I don't want to leave any spoilers so I will just say Read It You will not be disappointed ARC Provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review When I got this ARC I was not aware that this was a series However while this is a series I didn't feel like I missed anything from the other books because this felt like a very well written stand alone in the series Meri Beadie is an aspiring musician that works in a bar in the town she grew up in Meri has had what sounds like a few rotten boyfriends one of whom makes an appearance in the beginning of the book Thankfully Chase Miller is there to save her and offer up a lovely kiss to ward off the loser Chase Miller played for the NHL until he had a car accident While I don't know exactly what happened in that accident and may have been something I missed in another book it was referenced and we know he is healing from it mentally and physically We know he's seeing a therapist because the accident essentially stopped his career I like that their romance while starting on a false pretense unfolds slowly and at a normal pace The one thing I didn't really get or get a sense of was Meri's hesitancy toward a relationship with Chase when he clearly liked her There was mention in the end of her father abandoning her family when she was younger and maybe that's where it came from but I wasn't 100% sure All in all this was a uick easy read Low on drama high on romance and love This is the first book I've read by this author but I liked it and will probably read from her I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reading copy of No Time Like Forever and I am thrilled to report that this book is fantastic This book captured my attention from the very start and at no time did I wish for this book to pick up the pace and finish uite the opposite I didn't want this story to ever end No Time Like Forever had a great buildup strong storyline and sweet characters I fell in love with the characters right from the start in fact I've determined that Chase is my new book boyfriend and I'm not sharing him Zoe York always produces a well written engaging story that leaves the readers with a smile on their face I encourage everyone to read this story when it releases you won't be disappointed Trust me you will be thanking me for the recommendation I was lucky to receive an Advance Readers Copy of this book I LOVE this book and anticipate rereading it Chase and Mari are one of my favorite couples in this series As always Zoe's writing is engaging easy to relate too romantic without being sappy and sexy Highly recommend this book and the rest of the Wardham series I love how most of the characters show up in series so not only do you get a glimpse of characters to come but you get an update on past characters one of my favorite parts of series Way to go Zoe Looking forward to the next one already I love this series in this book we meet Mari and chase Mari is a girl on her own she moved out of her house as soon as she had three months rent and never looked back working for everything she had and working hard on her misic career while dating all the wrong guys Chase is a retired NHL player that had a car accident He found out his girlfriend kelt was cheating on him and moved home to rebuild his life and do therapy Being near Mari never seem to bother him till he helps her put with an ex and for the firsst time in a year feeling something for a girl and is exciteded about it Trying to move on but not sure about the girlfriend price he ask Mari to pay the favor back and be his fake girlfriend to get his family off his back With the passion these two feel for one and other and the fires that ignite how long can they deny their feelings can they let themsleve have happy ness or suffer in silence? No Time Like Forever really hit the spot I seek out blurbs that will satisfy a particular reading mood and this one turned out to be a better fit than I could have imaginedThe author does a phenomenal job of creating chemistry between the two main characters Chase and Mari Although the former is initially referred to as Mr Grumpy Pants I was pleasantly surprised by the maturity and the depth of emotional growth that Chase demonstrates throughout the novel Further I like that the author doesn't saddle him with that cliché professional athlete stereotype you know the one in which the individual in uestion is a promiscuous womanizer who can't or won't commit Chase is a self professed one woman guy and I like this fact about him And while Chase is a one woman guy he's not an any woman guy an important distinction I think Although it takes him a while to come around he recognizes a woman of substance in Mari and I like his dedication to winning her over whatever that takes Now usually the hero does something to tick me off during the narrative at least once When it comes to Chase however I don't think I ever got mad at him Perhaps because this novel is written in third person and gives me glimpses into both characters' minds I knew he always had her best interests at heart The restraint he practices time and time again is unparalleledI should probably say some good things about Mari too right? I genuinely liked her as well although for me it was Chase who made this novel exceptional; Mari is strong brave and ambitious What I loved most about the novel is the dialogue between characters their banter and the manner in which these exchanges are described They're masterfully done both honest and real enabling me to picture the exchanges as if I were actually present to witness them firsthandThis experience reading No Time Like Forever has persuaded me to pick up Zoe York's other works I highly recommend this one to fans of the new adult and romance genresCopy generously provided by the authorpublisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review got an ARC copy from Zoe and again what a great read U briefly meet Chase in the previous book as a brooding ex NHL er with an attitude then there is Mari who is determined 2 make it on her own needless to say explosive chemistry btn the 2 considering how their cute meet came 2 be I like how Zoe engrossed the reader with chase n Mari and their snarky banter towards one another can't wait 4 the next book