Leahs Seduction

Leahs Seduction❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Leahs Seduction Author Emily Jane Trent – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Jealousy grips Leah and she fails to understand Gianni Leah strives to learn how love has escaped him Her feelings for Gianni intensify and jealous can't be ignored But before she can get a grip on he Jealousy grips Leah and she fails to understand Gianni Leah strives to learn how love has escaped him Her feelings for Gianni intensify and jealous can't be ignored But before she can get a grip on her romantic life Vadim threatens her Leah has to make a decision that will bring her deeper into Gianni’s life but at the risk of losing her independence Can she deal with how her life is changing“Many times Leah had said she loved him Sometimes in the heat of passion other times over a uiet dinner Anxiety roiled in his belly It was Ava all over again Only it wasn’t This time Gianni felt something different He didn’t understand his feelings and needed time But with this new discovery he may not have that time His silence about retaining possession of the original journal was a secret that could tear them apart The knowledge that he had failed to share was a ticking time bomb And he didn’t know when it was going to blow up”Gianni cannot forget his earlier failure with love Yet his feelings for Leah deepen making him crave her When Leah is in danger his need to protect strengthens and he takes charge But there remains a secret that could rip them apart He must avoid that at all costs Will he succeedSeries DescriptionGianni Rinaldi was introduced in the Touched By You series the endearing romance of Tanner and Natalie He was the owner of GR Showroom and showcased Natalie’s fashions He was a source of jealousy for Tanner although his relationship with Natalie was strictly professional in the Touched By You series But he was deeply involved in his own romance which you can now read about in “Leah’s Seduction”The story unfolds over a series of novellas Each is an episode in the ongoing tale of seduction into the secrets of the fashion industry and the temptations of love. This series gets better and better Reading Gianni and Leah's story and when they are together just sucks you in and makes you never want to stop I love seeing them travel and reading about the places they go makes me want to visit there someday I can't get enough and can't wait to see what happens next Leah and Gianni are experimenting in the playroom Things are going great till her boss tries to blame her for his failure and attacks her Thank goodness she escaped Now with no job what will she do? Great read Infatuation and mutual understanding Gianni still is hesitant to define his feelings for Leah Admittedly he knows he experiences emotions when he is with Leah he has never felt before He is absolutely at a loss defining these emotions as love The unending desire for such intimacy blotted out all else I liked this book but I felt that most of the story surrounded their sex life Don't get me wrong I love how Emily writes a sex scene but I think a book needs a balance and it felt like it was leaning towards mostly sex either the build up to it the actual act of it or her writing long passages about it in her journal I always enjoy when they travel to a different place so that was fun to read What happened with Vadim was surprising I knew he was a jerk but I did not expect him to react the way he did I knew Gianni was going to take care of things for Leah and I like how he is trying to make it the way she wants it this still worries me she is having him involved in every aspect of her life and this could backfire Then a certain thing is discovered I did not like how she felt bad for having it or how she then said she should have told him she had it why????? This is one of the things I do not like about him he should have told her then about what he found but I also don't like how he keeps acting like they are just some DS couple but in the same breath he can't bear her not being in his life is it going to take until book 10 for him to say those 3 magical words? Gianni and Leah take a trip to Chicago where Gianni is letting Leah into his business lifelittle by little He is showing her his newest design adventure that will turn high fashion designs over faster than waiting for the designers to produce them While in Chicago of course they do some amazing site seeing eat some fantastic cuisine and our course spend some uality time togetherOnce back from there trip Leah dreaded going back to workshe was unsure of which Vadim would be there that morning ?? The boom of his voice over the phone intercom made her know for sure which Vadim was in the office that morningthe very unpleasant onewhich made her feel on edge when he called her into his office What did he want ? Did he put two and two together yet ? Why did she tell Roston that she wanted to walk this morning ? Where was Gianni and why was she scared ??Would they get there in time ?? Would she need there help ??The suspense in these books get better and better with each book The unknown woke me up at 3 am to finish it Drama Can't wait for 2 weekswill he give her original journal back ?? I was gifted this book for an honest review This series continues to pull me in In this installment we get a glimpse at the depth of Gianni's growing feelings for Leah These feelings confuse him as he has never felt them before He still doesn't believe it to be love While business still takes up a lot of his time Leah finds herself plenty of time now that she has uit her job During their time apart Leah writes often in her new journal as a means of emotional releaseWith Gianni's fast fashion growing he looks to hire Leah and put her skills to use for his company Assuming he is offering her a job out of pity and to gain further control of her Leah declines his offer They soon come to an agreement and she decided to take the position A business trip for fashion research give Leah some great ideas As the trip comes to an end Gianni finds a leather journalhow could she have it when it's locked in his personal safe?This book has some of the charts HOT and STEAMY scenes Now it's Gianni that fears he will lose Leah I am drooling for Missy reviewer for Mommy's Naughty Playground Once again we get swept away with Gianni and Leah in this incredibly hot and steamy romanceWe finally get some answers to what has been on our mind up to this point in the series The sex is never lacking and the romance is in full swing as Leah and Gianni continue on the road to secrets being revealed Emily Jane Trent takes to around the country and around the world and it is like you are actually there taking in all of the sights and smells and tastes along with Gianni and LeahIn this installment you finally see Vadims true colors and Leah shows a side of her self that she isn't too fond of I absolutely adore Kera and Daniella and i hope we see a lot of them in the future I enjoy being taken on a journey that allows me to escape and experience everything with Gianni and Leah I will be saddened when this series comes to a end then again if you have read any of EJT stories you never know when the ever loved characters will pop up again and give you a glimpse of their lives LOVE LOVE LOVE “I desire his control and there is no greater pleasure for me than to submit”The story of Gianni and Leah gets hotter and hotter with each book Gianni takes Leah on a trip to Chicago to show her his new operation and the process of fast fashion Of course they have “play time” Drama unfolds as Vadim’s greedy business decisions come to a head and he confronts Leah That drama unravels Gianni as he realizes the harm that Leah is exposed to; as he has deeper feelings for her than any other woman he’s been with End result has Leah unemployed and seeking employment Gianni has a proposition for LeahThey travel to Argentina for fashion week another exotic trip Oh my They experience the life of being in Argentina with restaurants clubbing shopping the sights and sailing Lucky Girl Emily bring me Book 7 soon For Gianni and Leah things couldn't be better Physically they feel a passion that neither of them thought possible As each scene gets intense it opens Leah's heart She no doubt has fallen in love with the unlovable Especially after the weekend of romance they experienced in my hometown of Chicago They were absolutely inseparable Gianni admits he's fond and cares for her deeply Though whether he sees it or not he has falling for her as well The trap that was set for Gianni's enemies came to ahead and Leah was finally move on from a job she was no longer comfortable with They seem to get closer but a lie stands on the way Will Gianni come clean with what he's kept hidden or live in fear that once she finds out he'll lose her forever? I look forward to see eventually where this pair will end up With each book I fall deeper into the authors spell Leah and Gianni are getting deeper into their relationship although Gianni is still unable to admit his feelings to her He tells her he care but the word love is just not in his ability to say or understand When Vadim threatens Leah Gianni is there to rescue her Things are just building and we haven't reached the acme yet but I just know that when it does it is sure to take our breath away As we enjoy the heat that these two emit Gianni learns the truth of the diary Can he keep his secret? Will it change things? I guess we need to read on to learn how the author will blow us away I thoroughly enjoy everything about these two and can't wait to Gianni realizes the truth I can't wait to begin the next book