Temperance (The Arcanian Chronicles, #1)

Temperance (The Arcanian Chronicles, #1)❰Reading❯ ➷ Temperance (The Arcanian Chronicles, #1) Author Ella Frank – Oaklandjobs.co.uk “Tell me about this place ThisArcania” What if your life as you knew it ceased to existThat is the uestion Naeve Brannigan and her three sisters are faced with on the eve of their 25th birthdayCon “Tell me about this place ThisArcania” What if your life as you knew it ceased to existThat is the uestion Naeve Brannigan and her three sisters are faced with on the eve of their th birthdayContinuing a tradition they’ve hidden from their mother for years the four women arrive at a tarot shop to have their futures told Only this time their futures aren’t predicted—they’re forever changed They’ve awoken in a strange time and place with no knowledge of how they got there All they have to go by is the word of a man who claims to be family—a family they’ve never heard ofHe tells them of a world they could never have imagined One that has been cursed by an Empress fueled by old revenge—revenge their mother appears to be at the center of As they fight to survive the people and dangers of an unknown land they slowly begin to unravel its mysteries to find that they hold the key to saving this worldthis Arcania The uestion that remains for each of them is Who do you become when the you that you always were is no longerComing January . IT'S LIVELINKS UK AU N 4 STARS This was an interesting story It was different from the books I have read and the story was uniue At first it was a little confusing for me but when things became clearly I really enjoyed it If you are one of Ella Frank's fan I think you will agree with me that one of the reasons we love her is that she isn't afraid to write different genres of booksThis is something new from her and I really like it I would like to read paranormal books from Ella She is amazing and she knows how to create fantasy worldsThe plotthe characters and the world she created were brilliantThis book takes place in present and pastTwo different worldsOur world and ArcaniaA place with huntersmagical peopleempesses and knightsFour sisters go in this mystery worldNaeve Siobhan Fiona and AudraThese girls will face things and situations that they didn't expectThey will meet some men KaiRy'Ker Bastian and Ai'DenWhy are they here? What connects them with this world?Everything is a mysteryI hope I helped you learn what this is aboutI don't want to give any because I think you will be confucedThe thing I loved most in this book is the fact that we can read about all the main characters individually This is usuful because we can better understand what is happening and what everybody is thinking As I said before the characters are uniue All the characters were good but Kai intrigued me From the first moment I met himHe is dark and dangerous There is sexual tension between the characters and some romantic relationships are buildingand I hope we will see in the next book If you are looking for a book full of mysteryfantasysuspenseaction and sexual tension this is what you need I'm sure Ella Frank's fans will love it I can't wait to see how things will develop in the next book Get ready to enter this magical world 4 Stars Who do you become when the you that you always were is no longer? I added this book to my TBR before I even knew what it was about Ella Frank has been an auto buy author for me for years so if I see a book by her it's a no brainer add Period After finishing this all I know is that I just want to live in her brain for just a day I'm so serious I'm convinced that the woman is storing a whole workload of pervy worker elves up there How on earth does she keep coming up with such brilliant plots and then putting them off so flawlessly? I ask you It's just not humanly possible And yet when it comes to Ella she continues to blow me away with each new book Why don't you tell me about this place? ThisArcaniaCome closer and I will show you From just the first chapter I knew I was in for one amazingly intriguing and uniue read and I was so right The world of Arcania was vividly painted through words magical and filled with so many uniue characters that it actually took me a little bit to truly get a grasp on itMany years ago a being that is now know as a sensualeer brought was almost the cause of the destruction of the entire land An empress born to magical powers she gave in to the cravings inside her when she came in contact with a man and the darkness within her took over Since then an order was born with a higher being to oversee it in order to prevent such a thing from happening againYears later set in Arcania past Maeve the eldest of her 4 siblings is getting ready for her 25th birthday on which she will be meeting the man that is fated for her Unfortunately the man that is destined for her is also the one that her sister is in love with A sister that also happens to be marked with the blood of the crazed empress that upon the news that she will never have the man she loves surrenders to the darkness within herand so the story beginsIn present time and in the modern world Naeve along with her 3 sisters are getting ready for their 25th birthday A birthday where a tarot reading transports them to a different world and introduces them to things that they have never imaginedThere is A LOT of plot development and world building that takes place in this book So much so that there are multiple POVs that are also introduced aside from the one of Naeve This is also the brilliance of Ella Frank; because where I would usually find something like this to be too convoluted it actually worked here The I read the uestions I had and the things begin to tie together And I was absolutely sucked in before I even knew it He was like everything else in this strange new world a beautiful nightmare Dark dangerous and lethal Kai was the mysterious brother of one of the Imperial Guards and the man sent to help find the 4 sisters when they get dropped in the world of Arcania Knowing nothing about who they are or where they came from he begrudgingly agrees to help find them in exchange for something that he wants to be named later Kai was a character that grabbed my attention from the very beginning with his obviously dark secret brooding personality and tortured self He was a bit of an enigmamuch like his brother and head of the Imperial Guard's Ry'KerThere was A LOT going on in this book There were the connections between all the characters the mystery behind what L'iAM Naeve's uncle and current ruler of Arcania is hiding the secret of his son and his still unknown powers and so much Because of this the romance that begins to develop between Naeve and Kai kind of took a secondary place But don't get me wrong while it may not been predominant it still played a role From the beginning Kai had overwhelmed her frightened her and controlled her destiny But right near and now the look in his eyes told her that she was the one in control HE was under her spell As much as I'd love to give you than this I'd only confuse you This is one of those books you really need to experience to understand Having read a number of books in the romantic fantasy genre this was very differentbut in a good way I wouldn't really ualify this as JUST a romance because it's so much than that Though I did wish that it did have a bit with the romance since it did take me uite a bit to finally wrap my head around everythingThis is not a complete standalone in a series This is a continuing plot that will continue throughout the series While there is a somewhat cliffhanger it's not as bad as it could have been It leaves off in a satisfying enough place that it won't leave me a rage mess until the next book comes out But it gives you just enough of a tease to still crave the next release anywayI can't wait to see what the genius mind of Ella Frank has in store for this series next Definitely a series I will gladly be continuing with Teasers taken from the fabulous Ella Frank ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit 45 Magical StarsThe thing I admire most about Ella Frank’s work which ensures that I always come back for is that she is continually pushing the envelope endeavouring to tackle new genres of storytelling with each subseuent book she writesWithin her ‘Special Thanks’ Ella states “I wanted to step outside the box and create something exciting and new and I’m very proud of the world that evolved” And so she bloody well should be The plot here was engaging the characters were deliciously multifaceted big plus IMO and the fantasy world she created within this story was simply breathtakingWelcome to Arcania Fantastical element 1010 Romancesteamy factor 710Number of gorgeous most certainly beddable mystical men like 6 At my last count Clearly I have my priorities in order when it comes to compelling storytelling – delicious men CHECKThe majority of this story takes place in a magical realm called Arcania The plot is uite intricately layered making it difficult to divulge any details within a review The last thing I want to do is give away any of the charming details that kept me so riveted during my own reading experience It’s definitely a “less is ” sort of reading expedition So trust your gut and the ratings because those are pretty impressive and just dive inWhat I can say is that the story spans two periods of time across two uniue worlds – Arcania and Earth The narrative is also told through multiple points of view with up to 7 distinctive characters sharing POV’s throughout book #1 alone This may turn many readers off but I felt it was accomplished with such a deft hand that the transitions from one character to another were easily identifiable and uite impressively presented This book technically focuses on an MF romance but and it’s a BIG but there is a solid MM set up within this story between the two best characters or at least they were MY favourite characters – Si’Bastian Ry’Ker which will likely evolve into much tasty storylines in later books I CAN NOT WAITIf you haven’t picked up on it already this is just the beginning of what I hope is a lengthy fantasy romance series This book ends on a very open ended note leaving me itching to read ; honestly the wait might possibly kill me I am definitely absorbed in this world and positively obsessed with Si’Bastian’s character I simply want 3 ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review image error ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewAs you may or may not know I took a break from reviewing for the last six months I needed to step back and just breathe for a little while I started to lose my love of reading and I refused to let blogging completely temper that passion in my life I didn’t set a date as to when I would come back to the world of reviewing and blogging because I didn’t know when I would even want to; I kept telling myself that I would just know And then my lovely friend Stacy mentioned adding me to Ella’s blog tour for her new fantasy romance To be honest I was so out of the book loop that I wasn’t even sure what this new book really entailed cringes don’t throw tomatoes at meplease but considering how Ella was and still is one of my favorite authors I decided what a better time to dip my feet back into the review world And you know what? I am SO fucking glad I did because this bookthis book is absolutely phenomenal Temperance takes you between Wilmington NC and the magical land of Arcania where a merciless sensualeer Empress has plagued the land due to what she views a sisterly betrayal Seraphine has been plotting her revenge for years and even though she no longer knows the whereabouts of her sister she knows exactly what will force her hand and leave her no choice but to show herselfBring her 4 daughters to Arcania On their 25th birthday Naeve Siobhan Fiona and Audra are transported into a mysterious forest without any recognition as to how they got there After their eventual capture they slowly find out information about their mother and father that will leave them uestioning everything they thought they knew and in turn this magical land of Arcania starts to appear like less of a dream and and like a reality But with the Empress forging on with her plan to exact revenge on the girls’ mother they have no idea just what kind of force they are up against and if they ever do get back to “the real world” they may not return as the same girls that disappeared that fateful afternoon Who do you become when the you that you always were is no longer? I am honestly not even sure where to start with this review My mind is still reeling from the sheer brilliance of Ella Frank's latest novel and I can't remember the last time a book left me with a hangover of this proportion I finished Temperance two days ago and it still consumes my thoughts to the point where I already want to do a re read It's just absolutely magnificent I really enjoy fantasy romances but it has been uite a while since I’ve not only read one but found one that truly captivated me Until now Ella paints such a vivid magical masterpiece throughout these pages that you can’t help but feel as though you’ve somehow been teleported to Arcania right alongside the Brannigan sisters With this being the first book in the series there is uite a bit of backstory and plot development but there isn’t a moment where you feel as though the story is beginning to drag Every small detail plays a part in this story and how the characters are connected so it was impossible for me to not hang on every single sentence Now I’ll admit something I had a bit of trouble keeping the relationships between the characters straight for a little while I know I suck But once I finally drilled it into my head I was able to fully submerse myself in the plot and just enjoy the fantasy and mystery that lurks in every crevice of Arcania The character development was outstanding and I feel like this deserves some extra attention considering the amount of characters this story revolves around While Naeve is at the forefront we are well introduced to all three of her sisters and several residents of Arcania though Kai Ry’Ker and Bastion overshadow the rest in this particular installment The personalities of each character were projected marvelously and in a way that allowed the reader to feel as though they know each of these individuals even if they didn’t stand in the forefront I fell in love with these characters hard and the only other time I have thoroughly loved an entire ensemble this much was when I read the Addicted series by Krista and Becca RitchieI could go on and on about the phenomenal brilliance of this magical novel filled with love hate revenge survival family and the curse of power falling into the wrong handsbut no matter what I say I won’t do it justice So just read it Temperance has forever planted itself on my all time favorites shelf and there is no doubt that I will find myself going back to the world of Arcania time and time again Ella Frank never ceases to amaze me and after finishing her first fantasy novel it’s officialThere is absolutely nothing that this woman can’t write Absolutely Nothing MY CASTING Temperance The Arcanian Chronicles #1 by Ella Frank45 stars “Why don’t you tell me about this place? ThisArcania”“Come closer and I will show you” Is there anything that Ella Frank cannot write? I have to admit I am not a fantasy reader yet I am an Ella Frank reader I had signed up for this book just because of the author I had not read the blurb or anything and did not realise that this was another change in genre so with great trepidation and anticipation I went into the world of ArcaniaThis is another one of those books that I could easily see made into a movie Ella has proven her way with words many times and in this book she creates a visual masterpiece It is one of those books that are so descriptive and so vivid and theatrical that you cannot help but imagine the characters on the big screen I was whisked away to Arcania and was totally submerged into the plot the characters and the storyThe story begins with four sisters that are uadruplets yet they are all vastly different Naeve is a blonde Siobhan is a red head Fiona a brunette and Audra has jet black hair Celebrating their twenty fifth birthdays they decide to go and get their tarots read even though it has been forbidden by their mother but what happens is entirely unexpected Apparently twenty five is a major milestone for these girls unbeknown to them and when they “wake up” they find themselves in Arcania Suddenly deposited into a place that is totally strange and alien to them the girls begin their journey “Your parents as they once were Naeve and the world they left behind” Arcania is a realm of Sensualeers Guardians Imperial Guards a Commander and an Empress a realm of magic where life has been on the decline and all women had been banished to protect them that is until the arrival of the uadruplets The uadruplets have apparently been brought to Arcania because of their mother and their father who was a mortal guardian “Find the keys Find the four keysIt’s not just the four keysit’s the four children and her It’s always been her” So we have four women now for the man candy We have two brothers Ry’Ker and Mala’kai Ry is the Commander’s right hand man and Kai is a law all unto himself Both men as you would expect are extremely good looking but sometimes their attitudes leave a lot to be desired However we have to remember that their life and ours are totally different Li’Am and Si’Bastian are Commander and Sensualeer respectively and they are also father and son “He was like everything else in this strange new world – a beautiful nightmare Dark dangerous and lethal One she knew she should wake from but felt herself sliding deeper inside of” Empress Seraphine is Li’Am’s deranged sister and she is the evil force With kleptors for eyes she is extremely powerful and has abilities that enable her to talk through the mind She has one focus and will stop at nothing to get it even if it is detrimental to Arcania “had been crowned Empress and was known as ‘the ruler without mercy’ She governed with brute intimidation to get what she wanted solidifying the fears of the people when it came to their kind Tyrannical and unloving she had made sure that the people of Arcania shared her desolate fate – nothing was sacred” All the characters seem to be related in one way or another and I have to admit it could get a bit confusing at times However this intricately weaved story is just the beginning of what I am sure is going to turn out to be a fantastic series I really cannot delve any further into the story because this is one those books that needs to be read blind so that you can experience and understand it for yourself But if you are a fan of fantasy then I am sure that this will tick all the boxes Also for people like me who have hardly or never dabbled with this genre pick it up it is a great read still with the romance that we love but with the added bonus of an entirely different setting Amazing story and one that I will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment “Why?”“Because MaeveI can” wwwtheromancecovercom I wasn't sure what to expect with this book but now I've decided that this author can pull off any genre she tries To me the appeal to a fantasy story is the otherworldly details mystery and hidden clues Temperance is full of these I just finished reading but feel like if I reread it I would catch so many things that I missed the first time This is a story involving an alternate realm During the same time that we are living our day to day in the land of Arcania sensualeers mortals Guardians Imperial Guards castles magic swords an Empress a Commander healers etc exist in a land where forces constantly struggle to determine the fate of everyone's existence Nothing has occurred to change the slow decent of life for uite some time here until the four sisters arrive It was insanity It was unrealAnd if this was a dream she wasn't uite ready to wake up Ahh the men of Arcania what to tell about them?The brothers Ry'Ker and Mala'Kai are pretty hunky so different and so alike at the same time Both I believe are honorable men They just possess differing morals Ry is the right hand to the Commander and Kai follows only himself I must say that Kai totally won me over He can rescue me any day He was like everything else in this strange new world—a beautiful nightmare Dark dangerous and lethal Li'Am and Si'Bastian father and son Commander and sensualeer—these two are very interesting We have barely scratched the surface on what's in store for them I can see that both will most likely skirt and hop the goodevil boundaries in this series I do have a soft spot for Bastian He's the character that has my attention the most at this momentAll of the people are connected—the girls their mother the heroes villains and all between I have lots of theories right now but mentioning them would be spoiling Temperance is a learn as you go book You have to figure out who or what things and people are as the clues drop and the happenings unfold Your two eldest are the first on my list temperance and strength—we don't want any of that I'm so ready for book 2 If you are looking for something different the full fantasy experience this is probably the story for you Anyone that knows me knows that I love to ferret out the significance of inner messages in a fantasy storyline Several were offered in this read 3 The beginning was a little difficult for me to get into but the I think about all the little details the I'm liking this story The author had to have put so much thought into it45 stars Copy given in exchange for an honest review He was like everything else in this strange new world a beautiful nightmare Dark dangerous and lethalElla Frank does it again and in a totally different genre This is my second fantasy romance bookseries and I think I am digging it hard core I love getting lost in a whole other worldTemperance is about 4 sisters uadruplets who are taken to a Arcania a fantasy world Once there they meet Si'Bastian who is magical with his powers and good looks The girls are unsure of him and his magic until he shows them who they really are and how they came about in this fantasy landNext we meet the big intimidating brothers Ry'Ker and Mala'Kai Ry'Ker is the Head of the Imperial Guard and Kai is the feared recluse brother who is a master swordsman and feared by mostThe main character is the oldest Naeve but we are introduced to all the sisters and their personalties Naeve is known for her temperance but all that restraint is put to the test once in Arcania and with a certain someone ;This is the first in a series so we are learning about the land the people and all the back story Ella did a freaking beautiful job taking me right to Arcadia and painting the perfect back drop of a fantasy world with whimsical characters that I want MORE of Every book of hers I just adore Great job Ella I will be stalking you for updates on this series You feel hot against my skin Like we'll catch fire if we're not carefulI recommend this book to everyone who wants a break from the same old boy meets girl love story Go on and get lost in this sexy tension filled fantasy 45 Fantastical Stars 45 STARSI am a huge fan of Ella Frank and was thrilled when she announced the premise for her new series While they are some amazing fantasy books the genre is somewhat lacking in the romance element Ella Frank delivers her own style of sexiness to the fantasy genre Throughout the book I thought to myself several times; “Why hasn’t Ella Frank been writing fantasy before now?”The beginning is somewhat tricky We are introduced to the magical world of Arcania and past events that set the stage for the story While I was confused for the first few chapters everything fell into place throughout the book I loved all the uniue characters and magical elements There are multiple characters and storylines While I am not a huge fan of third person POV it works brilliantly hereNaeve and Kai’s worlds collide when Naeve and her three sisters are thrust into Arcania from our world Kai becomes a guardian of their safety I loved Naeve and Kai’s chemistry from the beginning It is evident early on despite their initial dislike for one another there would be sparks flying later In true Ella Frank style there some sizzling hot love scenes between the characters as well “Don’t you want to know my name?” “No A hunter never names its prey” Naeve and her sisters are immersed in the ultimate family fight when they are pursued by their auntEmpress of Arcania The battle includes their mother uncle cousin and guards Everyone seems to be hiding dark secrets too Bastian their cousin is the ultimate wild card I can’t decide if he is good or evil or perhaps a little of both Ella Frank creates a beautiful but dangerous new world All the characters are woven into each others lives and their actions constantly affect those around them Once the storyline passed the beginning stages I was completely sucked in to this storyAs expected with a new series there is somewhat of a cliffhanger While it’s nothing over the top it definitely left me longing for the next installment I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to any fan of PNR Brilliant Movie worthy I can already see the creators of Stardust producing this movie with Patrick Stewart as the narrator 4 sisters uadruplets but as different from each other as can be Naeve with her blonde hair Siobhan with her fiery red hair Fiona a brunette and Audra with her inky black hair and the spitting image of their mother celebrate their 25th birthday by going to get their tarots read Unknown to them age 25 is a special age and upon walking in to have their fortunes read and something feeling very off the girls wake up in a realm unknown to them So many mysteries and secret surround this land and we go in through their eyes experiencing everything for the first time with them The first character we meet seems like whimsical kind of Character Sabastian His mind is very rare in this land and are feared by everyone since not much is known of their kind He is also a character I can't wait to learn about I feel he is a vital key in the mystery of Arcania The next set of characters are estranged brothers Ry'Ker the Head Imperial Guard and his brotherMala'Kai aka Kai the best swordsman in the land I'm just saying this now I'm totally claiming Kai hahaha AnywaysThe journey is mainly about the oldest sister Naeve and Kai He is trying to save her from the crazy evil empress their aunt Seraphine She has done something to both Naeve and Siobhan and he wants to find away to stop the darkness that will take them over In the end you're left with Ry'ker and Bastian's story the other 3 sisters Naeve and Ry'Ker and Li'amSerpaphine and some mystery guard Things are unfolding and the pressure is on Who will get the keys who will unlock the doors and what will become of Arcania?I love a good book that makes you think and I think Ella did a wonderful job creating this other fantasy realm I felt like I was pulled into it with the girls and there are so many wonderful characters to choose from My 3rd favorite is buttercup read it and find out heehee

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