Air Awakens

Air Awakens[Reading] ➬ Air Awakens ➳ Elise Kova – A library apprentice a sorcerer prince and an unbreakable magic bondThe Solaris Empire is one conuest away from uniting the continent and the rare elemental magic sleeping in seventeen year old librar A library apprentice a sorcerer prince and an unbreakable magic bondThe Solaris Empire is one conuest away from uniting the continent and the rare elemental magic sleeping in seventeen year old library apprentice Vhalla Yarl could shift the tides of war Vhalla has always been taught to fear the Tower of Sorcerers a mysterious magic society and has been happy in her uiet world of books But after she unknowingly saves the life of one of the most powerful sorcerers of them all—the Crown Prince Aldrik—she finds herself enticed into his world Now she must decide her future Embrace her sorcery and leave the life she’s known or eradicate her magic and remain as she’s always been And with powerful forces lurking in the shadows Vhalla’s indecision could cost her than she ever imagined. “I want a place you hardly dare to even whisper I want the bravery to not only read but to do I want a man not a library boy A man who is tall and witty and knows about the world than you would ever dare dream” OH MY GODThis book was utter perfection Mix elemental magic with war and schemings and court rivalries and romance and a prince to die for and BOOM Air Awakens happens And a seriously embarassing dancing session “Vhalla you are a sorcerer” Vhalla is a library apprentice whose world evolves around books and only books stop staring at me mom until one day she accidentally saves the crown prince's life and the Minister of Sorcery informs her that she is a sorcerer as well While you or me would monkey dance at this prospect Vhalla isn't as excited since she and everyone in the South hates sorcerers and magic in general Needless to say Vhalla gradually comes around with a little push pun intended from the crown prince who is also known as the Fire Lord and everyone thinks of him as an arrogant bastard and she discovers the potential but also the danger she faces as the last Windwalker “Fire needs air to live Air fuels fire stokes it and makes it burn brighter and hotter than it ever could alone But too much air will snuff it completely just as too many flames will consume all the air They are far greater than the sum of their parts together but are eually as dangerous to each other's existence” Elise Kova is hands down an extremely talented author Even though she introduced us into a brave new world with its own geography history religion and magic system everything was woven with precision by hands that knew exactly what they were doing Her writing is flawless she manages to capture your attention since the first chapter and make you invested in the story and the characters I even tried to manipulate the air around me it was a long shot I know but I had to try Maybe I have another Affinity? but alas magic is not my thing so I had to live vicariously through Vhalla and it felt good “Because Vhalla you think and you watch but you never do You can read all the books in this library be wiser than the master himself someday and then you will die having never really done anything You will have only ever lived through everyone else's experiences” It is safe to say that Vhalla did the same thing I didn't like her at first because she was really narrow minded and throughout the book she was meek to the wrong people but her character development is astonishing so yeah I eventually grew fond of her There was also a parade of intriguing characters that supported the story and perplexed things and made everything even interesting And then there was Aldrik I may be a prince he said as his lips brushed her ear lightly But I would trade it all to be a common man even if only for tonight He and Vhalla had the typical I want to punch you and then kiss you relationship that had me drooling and giggling and blushing I was mesmerized by him He was not a good person just a heartless and snobbish prince who didn't inspire love or affection to his subjects but he was misunderstood and he barely showed that he had a soft side Their romance was a flame so bright that consumed me whole it combined angst tension jealousy and tenderness it turned my insides into a volcano Prince Aldrik Solaris welcome to my book boyfriends short listFire Falling can't come fast enoughA special thanks to Rachel ECarter's review that convinced me to read this masterpiece ❤Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | BookNest I may be a prince he said as his lips brushed her ear lightly But I would trade it all to be a common man even if only for tonightDEAR BOOK GODSTHANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS MASTERPIECEThis was delicious and I devoured it within hours I have just become a huge fan of Elise Kova and I am literally dying for Fire Falling thank gawd it comes out November This book gave me so many moments where I was practically screaming there were just so many SWOONWORTHY moments and WOW And the tension THE SEXUAL TENSION guys THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE TENSION Prince Aldrick is life and I have to thank Ashley for sending me a message urging me to drop everything and read this book now I will try and add a list of my favorite uotes later today on here with a cohesive review but I had to just post my fangirlisms now while the feels were still ragingREASONS WHY I LOVE THIS BOOK1 I swear Aldrik is a younger version of Professor Snape Who is my all time still favorite character of all time He's the character who lashes out and says the wrong things he's condescending and full of himself and still you get flashes of something good Something buried underneath all that snark that shows you who he really is He's been hurt for so long he can't help lashing out You see so many moments where he tries to make up for his actions with Vhalla and I swear I got Snape Lilly chills because of all the books I have wanted to read a Snape POV preuel series to Harry Potter is my dream and this is like Snape in the medieval times as a snarky crown prince sorcerer who is incredibly hot with an almost eually gorgeous brother2 The way Vhalla Aldric give each other nicknames my parrot my prince phantom etc It is so incredibly endearing Because they feel genuine uniue and I just got so many feels reading them especially as you see how they change over the course of their friendship like when Vhalla starts to think of others as parrots whenever they repeat something3 The fact that Elise gave us an entire book view spoilerwhere the leads don't even kiss once and yet I feel emotionally moved by their relationship devotion than books with love proposals hide spoiler As I’m writing this I’m pretty sure I’m dying with the anticipation for the next book It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I love every single part of this book The plot was engaging since the very first page the characters have had huge personalities that demand attention and the world has so much potential which I’m sure will be achieved as I continue with the series I’ve been completely lost in this book since I’ve started it I finished it in one sitting and it not slow down for a second For some books it takes time to warm up to the characters this is definitely not one of them The protagonist Vhalla has the best personality which I could see from the beginning The story is about Vhalla who is currently an apprentice at the imperial library discovering her magic when she saves the prince I won’t say about the plot because you really shouldn’t know any than that Vhalla loves books and is constantly reading she’s undoubtedly the best person to show us this world While being imbued with knowledge about her world she remains ignorant about the world of magic because magic is widely feared and condemned As Vhalla learns about magic we get pulled along with her into a fantastical journey that I’m positive will blow my mindI am completely in love with Prince Aldrik He is dark and mysterious The rumours about him are that he is arrogant selfish mercurial and possibly evil Who are we trying to fool we all love a dark mysterious and misunderstood character If any of you are marvel fans Prince Aldrik is like Loki in the way that he is the dark prince compared to his younger brother who happens to be the golden prince who everyone loves But here he is the older brother and is going to one day take up the mantle of Emperor There is no enmity between the brothers but I wouldn’t say they are close eitherPrince Aldrik has a wall up around himself that no one can penetrate which is probably one of the reasons why he is not close to his brotherThe book is written expertly and shows us exactly what we need to see The plot maintained a steady pace throughout the book Every chapter served a purpose to carry the plot forward to reveal about our characters or both Given the events of this book I am pretty sure that the next one will be eye opening on the stance of magic and of the war going on between the kingdoms As the story moves forward in this book we are introduced to a lot of characters who I expect to play a big role in guiding our protagonist through the events of the next book The concept of magic is uniue while having the basis of the elements Fire Water Wind and Air While the other aspects to the magic have been revealed slightly I believe there is depth of information waiting to be revealed in the coming books The characters work very well together and I look forward to seeing how their relationships will evolve as we move forward There is uite a bit of character development for both Vhalla and Prince Aldrik but in different ways Vhalla is exposed to new things that she wasn’t prior to the events of this book resulting in her eyes opening to the harsher ways of the empire and Prince Aldrik might just have some growth emotionally I loved this book and look forward to all the rest was i on drugs the first time i read this? probably well holy shit this was so good?? I was going to start the next book but then I realized i don't remember a single thing from this book aside from hating this BR and reread with some rude chick ORIGINAL REVIEW 25 starsYou know what I actually had very high expectations from this one because everyone's been praising this and the magic is like the last airbender Instead of an awesome high fantasy I get a book filled with boring bullshit whiny characters and an asshole of a love interestThe first 60 pages of this book had me confused as fuck Someone told me this had a love triangle and I assumed it was between the two prince's Baldair and Aldrik ahahaha Bald Air get it?? no? okay I was so confused as to which prince Vhalla was referring to Like did she save Baldair or Aldrik? Which one of the prince's did she meet in the library? I AM CONFUSIONAND TO MAKE IT WORSEThe asshole abusive Al dick is introduced This guy grabbed Vhalla's chin and roughly pulled her face up She winced and she was scared to make a sound afraid Aldrik would get angry Um yeah goodbye this guy can choke on a fireball And wait that's not even the worst part yet He Pushes Her Off The Roof He thought that she wouldn't fall because of some view spoilermagic Bond they had?? hide spoiler 155I feel the need to press charges against this novel for misleading me to believe that it might have been cool The cover is a promise of beauty and badassery but instead we got this; I truly feel this is a appropriate cover for this novelLet me firstly start this rant off by laughing at some goodreads users The other day I posted a status saying 'dog shit is interesting then this novel' I literally got deleted by five people in my friends list Like if you can't handle the heat from the roast you should totally block and delete me asap Because it's about to get hot and salty in this kitchen So I understand that this is definitely an unpopular opinion and I also understand that this book is aimed at a younger audience However I have read some fantastic YA fantasy books in my time and I did actually compare those novels to this one while reading I really should have lowered my expectations however when I see a beautiful cover and a promising blurb my expectations will go through the roof This book is shelved as 'fantasy' what a load of shite this was all about the romance with some magic in the background which is sad because the magic system was very promising and seemed uniue However when there's only a whole bunch of giggling omg the prince totally likes me and eyelashes flickering at cute angsty boys my interest is going to be non existent even if the magic system is cool Please don't get me wrong the writing in this novel is easy to follow well done and good however this is a big case of its not you its me I absolutely hate romance with a passion and regret even having to write this roast for this novel because it isn't actually bad at all It's just obviously not for me I could imagine my 13 year old self loving and suealing over this book but my 25 year old self was very disinterestedI will however recommend this novel to my younger cousins and my friends who are trash for romance But that's about it My copy is in the process of being burnt Time to get down to business and state the reason why I didn't give a shit about this book Firstly this book STINKS of samey sameness I have seen these themes used a hundred times this novel was basically avatarthe last air bender but with annoying angsty teens Yes the magic system was uniue but for me the author didn't pull the storyline off instead she picked by the book how to write a cliche book full of tropes for dummies this novel was so full of cliches it was disgusting There was nothing new contained in this novel Firstly let's start by talking about the whole special snow flake that is chosen to be the last of her kind trope Yep that one was definitely contained in this novel Also the I'm small and have nothing going for me oh and I'm also plain and awkward trope there was fainting because Vhalla is weak and a pussy I feel like I'm forgetting a few tropes that were used Oh yeah there was the whole INSTA love triangle which gives me INSTA RAGE There's another trope that I'm sick of seeing and that's whiny annoying teenagers in YA books like hello not very teen is annoying nearly every teen I know is clever level headed funny yes they can sometimes be immature but so can i as you can tell from this review and I'm 25 Why are we always seeing the same teens portrayed over and over? The permanently immature indecisive extremely annoying female who never stops whining fainting being a pussy Oh and don't forget the whole im not good enough so I'm going to cut off all my plain Jane hair? Then we have the I'm too good for life angsty prince who is a jerk an abuser Please don't say he is not an abuser I know abusive characters I can smell them for a mile away Seriously I'm like a rabid dog when it comes to abusers He freaking grabbed Yhalla's face until it hurt her and that's abuse He is rude af to her He slapped at her fingers then grabbed her chin forcing her face up to look at his The jerking motion was painful and she barely managed to suppress a whimper Vhalla was fairly certain he would’ve liked that even less” did I forget to mentioned his also plain but beautiful? Anyway I could literally list why I hated this novel for another 100000 words but I'm actually sick of thinking about this crappy novel so I'm gonna stop being salty now I'm sure everyone is praying that I'll end the rant soonPlease remember peeps this review is just my opinion and I actually understand why this book is so hyped by younger readers and people who love romance This was definitely not for me Everyone who has a daughter under 14 should go out and buy them this series because I'm sure they would love it like even the 'violence' was fluffy and kinda cuteBuddy read with my homies; Sana Choko Wifey who loved it and wishes our relationship was this full of eyelash flickering Maggie who read it in seriously like ten minutes and wrote a fantastic review which is much nicer then minePs What's up with the chicks hand on the cover? Don't get me wrong the cover is so beautiful but why is the hand coming out of her stomach? A sorcerer with battle scars came back to Vhalla with vivid clarity They were sending her to war so she would go and become something they had every right to fear I think it's time I stop having so much hype for a book I feel like one enjoys a book whether it has a lot of hype or not without having many expectations because when you have none you're really met with things you didn't expect and most of the time you're hyped for a book and you end up disliking it I've planned on reading Air Awakens for a while now since last year and since I saw a lot of my friends rating it 5 stars here and there The only reason I've come to read it now is that I actually own Kova's other novel The Alchemists of Loom and I didn't want to read that one without reading her previous series I've been in this situation though the situation where I say I don't care about the rest of the series and don't want to bother reading the rest but sometimes I end up reading the whole series and end up loving the other books The characters and plot development always have major changes and they grow on me Lately I've been looking for fantasy books with strong female leads who don't need to rely on a male who can be independent by themselves who can prove others that they are than what they expect them to be that they are than just women I thought Air Awakens was gonna be like that based on the reviews I've seen and also because there's so many people who have compared this to the show Avatar The Last Airbender and say it's similar to it but I guess not Avatar is a great show okay? I kind of grew up with it I watched it when I was younger when I wasn't watching the other animated shows like Pokémon and Yu Gi Oh and Bakugan Brawlers so hearing a book is similar to either Avatar The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra was something I was really looking forward to In the end I'm really fucking disappointed with thisVhalla Yarl is a library apprentice who finds herself in Prince Aldrik's life after accidentally saving him She's told she is a sorcerer and not just any sorcerer but a Windwalker the kind that hasn't been around for over a hundred years because people find them to be the evilest of them all Even though this is something she doesn't believe she decides to learn about her wind magic along with Prince Aldrik one of the most powerful sorcerers and someone who is known to be silver tongued and a bastard As Vhalla is being taught by the Prince himself and her other friends she learns ways to use her magic but also realizes dangerous times she might have to face because of itI was supposed to join Sana on her buddy read for this book but I ended up reading the whole thing before letting her catch up and after she got me confused and after figuring everything out I wanted to just finish this as soon as possible Also I've kind of missed writing reviews and reading and actually finishing books since I haven't done either one in like 2 months so this is my first review after 2 months or so 1 month was spent in Spain the other month was just me being lazy and not wanting to do anything besides sleep I'm still counting her; this was pretty much a buddy read with Sana the Shithead who always trashes good books and Sarah a ueen of roasting shitty miserable trashy books To the one who denies her heritage and seeks out danger by dismissing the tutelage and open arms of the Tower of Sorcerers To the foolish girl who risks her life and the lives of those around her by walking about Manifesting freely To she who is so selfish that she would inconvenience her peers by making them babysit her every movement It is time to stop pretending It is time to become serious about who you are and your future as a sorcerer Enough time has been wasted already I'm gonna start off by saying I was so confused while reading this that I had to go back and re read pages 1 50 over and over again reading parts from the beginning and the end of page 50 Sana and I had a discussion on who was who and which Prince was referred to by Yhalla She was complaining to me about what she hated already of the book and I was just so confused that I ended up confusing her as well because I couldn't find the part she was talking about I had to go back and read parts again and send Sana screenshots of what was happening with every word capitalized because I was so fucking done with this book I told her this was getting a lower star for that and it did Originally I was gonna give this 2 stars The confusion in this was one of the things I hated about this and I hated how I couldn't understand it at first The book is fast paced in my opinion but it just wasn't the kind of pacing I enjoy reading most of the time The book is written in 3rd perspective which is probably why I was so confused I'm not the biggest fan of that perspective and I just think hat was something that bothered me in this I feel like these characters were the worst characters I've ever read about in a fantasy novel From Yhalla to Prince Aldrik to Prince Baldair to Sareem to Roan to everyone else none were interesting Yhalla first is a big fucking cry baby I couldn't stand her arrogant and annoying attitude so many times Even when she wasn't with Aldrik I couldn't stand her I feel like Elise tried to make her a character that was supposed to be fierce and cool and all but honestly she wasn't Before falling in love with Aldrik she would end up crying after he was rude to her Yhalla's character herself was annoying to me I don't hate her but goodness she was annoying I expected her to be born in some kind of fierce way I expected this book to have fantasy fighting elements but really there were none Yhalla wasn't strong and I know this is the first book and I'm sure she becomes stronger in the other books but I'm not expecting much If this is the first book and had all that lovey dovey romance in it with almost no action in it I'm sure there won't be a difference in the other books I wish this started off differently I wish Yhalla's character was different I wish she was fierce or strong in ways but weak in other parts and was training I hope she's like that in the other books and if she's not weak then I hope she's just strong If not I don't think I'll be rating this series something else other than 2 stars or 1Now that I've mentioned Aldrik he was also a manipulating asshole at first I agree he was pretty abusive and a dickhead because of how he treated Yhalla He's supposed to be the love interest he is actually and readers can react in a bad way when they see how he acts with her but that was my problem the way he acted with her He reminded me of Rowan from Heir of Fire by SJM If you've read my review for Heir of Fire you probably know that I hated Rowan the moment I read his first verse the moment I read the first scene where he appeared I wanted to punch him and yell at him and ask him why he had to be such an asshole to Aelin as she was trying to process everything and get back to where she was Aelin did get on my nerves as well but that's not the case here Rowan was known as an abusive male lead in Heir of Fire but luckily he had major character development in ueen of Shadows and Empire of Storms Prince Aldrik Solaris can also be known and taken as an abusive asshole in this Not only did he speak to Yhalla in a rude tone simply because he is her prince but he also treated her in a rude manner Princes like him are the kind that I deeply hate I hate spoiled princes and princesses who think they can do and say whatever they want because they are simply royalty Aldrik reminded me of that kind in the beginning and I can't say if he changed or not I didn't know if he was protective over Yhalla and if he really cared not First he would say he doesn't care about her powers then he would say he wants to see her again and help her with her training then he would be saying he doesn't care about her and is calling her a cheap whore he found that doesn't matter to him then suddenly he cares again and is confessing to her??? The boy needs to just make up his mind on whether or not he actually cares or not In my opinion he wasn't protective When and how did he protect her? I remember when she saved him TWICE but I don't remember when he ever saved OR protected her What I hated about that is how Yhalla kept going to Aldrik even when Aldrik said nothing as she was being brought down to be executed or not Most of my complaints are about Aldrik because of the way he was in the beginning but Yhalla was another one of those annoying teenage girls that end up crying because the guy has told her some small word insults because she can't do anything with her power and ends up making everything worse when she thinks she's making everything better “You my prince” she sneered in kind “You are a self centered egotistical self absorbed narrow sighted vain self important” she felt her anger finally reach its boiling point “conceited bastard” Vhalla cried out The world building in this was something I missed clearly because I know nothing of the places and the people As most readers know if the world building in a book is off and slacks the book itself will slack and is off One fail this book had was not thinking about basic infrastructure We didn't get information on anyone We got minor information about Aldrik but not so much Maybe I missed it and I'm sorry if there is major and uniue world building in this but I probably missed it I just felt like there was no information on anyone On the other hand I didn't understand the ending I don't understand why she needs to be sent to the military and I don't understand why if he is so protective over her Aldrik didn't do anything to try and stop them I know I said I want Yhalla to become strong and I expected and now expect her to be strong in the other books but I wish we got a little of this Also when Yhalla used her powers where the fuck did that woman come from and who the fuck was she? We know nothing about the Princes and Yhalla herself and her friends For half of the time there was nothing happening Nothing happened until the end and I kept asking myself where the fantasy was I know there are magical elements and war happening but we didn't get to see the war happen We didn't get to really see Aldrik use his magic and other sorcerers Talking about magic is Aldrik really strong? He used his fire magic but it failed him as he was trying to help Yhalla that Yhalla ended up unexpectedly using her magic What happened to Aldrik being called one of the most sorcerers in the Tower? Even though this book had no info dump I wish it had information about the magic itself We don't get to learn about it and I just hope the next book or books explain I wish there was really of the fantasy element in this Yhalla couldn't use her powers and suddenly after one lecture she was able to use it just like that This is a complete fantasy with romance in it There's no ugly insta love messy love triangles or any disturbing romantic scenes or anything like that but because there was no fantasy in it there was romance in it Yhalla and Aldrik had a progressed relationship that was so damn confusing I don't know who loves who and how they will end up together and I have no expectations At first Sana got me confused because she said there were a love triangle and insta love but there really isn't even though one can see it that way Some might think Yhalla is in love with Aldrik's brother Baldair but she's really not In the beginning she mentions him over and over because she can't get him out of her mind but the thing is she and Baldair really never met Aldrik was someone who came into her life and kept coming back to her life and she kept going back to him and then they fall in love as time goes byElise Kova's writing is no different to me It was just really easy to follow Despite having to go back and read sections over and over I flew through this book Honestly I like Kova's writing Without knowing it one can read this book in one sitting without realizing the day has passed and that person did nothing they planned on doing because they ended up reading this book I'm not saying the writing of this was the best but it was just really easy to follow I admit I skimmed a lot because I just wanted to get this over with and get on to the point but I really don't regret anything because there wasn't anything I missed after starting over again Since I basically liked nothing from this book I say 1 star is enough I at least finished it but I don't think 2 stars and are for this book in my opinion The characters didn't grow on me; I didn't like Aldrik in the beginning nor in the end; I didn't like Vhalla in either way because I thought she was always annoying and a weak prick; the other characters also seemed useless to me; Prince Baldair really was nothing to me as well He was nice than Aldrik at least but there's nothing I can say about him He was nice and caring to Vhalla at least but there's nothing I know about him I can't say I trust him because every time there was a scene with him I always thought to myself he would end up being one of those male characters that seem and are nice in the beginning but then they betray the good side and go to the bad side so I have nothing against him but I'm not on his side either Admittedly the author ended this book with an ending that shamelessly makes me want to read the other book and maybe the rest but I'm debating whether or not I should This was my debut novel and I'll always have a special place in my heart for it I love using review sections as an author to give information about the book That being saidIf you want to know about the world of Air Awakens I have a page on my site with useful info also have some uestions about Air Awakens on my website's FA the first series is a completed five book series You can get them individually or as part of a boxed set which is 50% off if you get it that way The series on Kindle Unlimited meaning that the ebooks are only available through If you do not have a kindle email proof of purchase to elisekovaauthoratgmaildotcom and I will send a link for you to read the book on any ereaderBoxed Set Falling Book Two 's End Book Three 's Wrath Book Four Crowned Book Five Golden Guard Trilogy was released later It's three books that are short preuel stories about the formation of the Golden Guard that have points of view from each guard member These are currently available in all places ebooks are sold but will be moved into Kindle Unlimited soonThe Crown's Dog Book One Prince's Rogue Book Two Farmer's War Book Three is a seuel series set 18 years after the events of Air Awakens But readers can start with either AIR AWAKENS or VORTEX VISIONS Air Awakens Vortex Chronicles #1 as they both have their own contained storyVortex Visions Book One The rest of the series is scheduled to be released in 2019 Read this super long review on my blog tooFIRST THOUGHTS no no no Definitely needed another round of editing but that's not the biggest of my problems Barely anything happens worldbuilding what worldbuilding a love interest who is part creep part asshole and occasional sensitive guy because like readers have to have SOMEthing right a love suareThis is going to be a long and ranty review This book This book Air Awakens was absolutely riddled with bad writing; Vhalla’s ‘indecision’ was pretty much the entire story; she has a whole lot of cliche not flaws false modesty anyone?I could go on for ages about why this book didn’t work for me Skip to the end for the TL;DR version≫ THE PLOT Sorcerers were odd they were dangerous; they kept to themselves and left normal people alone That was why they had their own Tower so they kept out of sight and mind Everyone in the South had always told her so It was the last place she belonged Vhalla has a uiet life in the enormous Imperial Library tending to books and sneaking in some reading time until the night her frantic research saves the Crown Prince’s life Suddenly the Minister of Sorcery is taking a personal interest in her because it turns out that she is a sorcerer too Vhalla is convinced that there’s some kind of mistake and that magic isn’t her thing so she spurns the Minister’s offer and returns to do some research of her own A mysterious stranger starts leaving letters for her and they keep up a lively correspondence about magic until ‘The Phantom’ finally reveals himself—it’s the Crown Prince He then pushes her off a towerI wish I was jokingHe pushes her off a tower to Awaken her powers and when she wakes up days later in horrible pain with broken bones and serious bodily damage he happily informs her that the fact that she survived means she must be a Windwalker the first one in years Now Vhalla has a month to decide whether she will keep her strange magic—magic that could turn the tide of the war for world domination her Empire is fighting—or have it completely removedThe premise is interesting enough and I could’ve been on board this plot if not for the fact that Vhalla barely does anything herself Things happen to her Vhalla is kidnapped Vhalla is pushed off a tower There’s no real plot or progression of events And the central climactic event? Don’t even get me started But overall the plot wasn’t as bad for me as the other aspects of this book were≫ THE WRITING Air Awakens really really needed another round of editing There are loads of grammatical errors and examples of awkward confusing or plain incorrect sentence construction The dialogue tags Oh stars the dialogue tagsThe thing is writing a book is a complete coin toss with respect to the actual story the matter of the book That’s subjective You can never be certain that your readers will love your book You can however be certain that the uality of language is as high as it possibly can be Disappointing and unprofessional when the hairs at the nape of her neck raised on end Rose Not raised Soldiers – your father – came home because the magical warriors of the Black LegionPinned to the man’s breast was a symbol she knew well She would know that symbol—a symbol that hovered over her every waking hour— better than any in the worldWould? What’s with the tenses? It was actually Vhalla who felt shamed when the woman began to clean up her spew that puddled on the floorVhalla may be a bad liar but that wouldn’t stop her from looking for a lie in others Tenses Vhalla couldn’t suppress a small giggle it was the first time she laughed in a week and it made her whole body feel lighterIt was about time that she met a sorcerer with gentle and happy manner“This isn’t going to work” she muttered doubtfully Her conviction uickly vanishing“Take care of yourself” Larel demanded gently Help Please help me “I understand” Larel nodded and said with a tone that made Vhalla believe herThe kitchens served a small cake with tea or lunches for nobles and royals White sugar glaze on top Vhalla coveted the spongy yellow sweet throughout the year So Vhalla has white sugar glaze on top of her? Modifiers Giant stands extended up from the wall that were supposed to be reminiscent of the sun’s rays More modifiers at her eyes continued refusal to focustrying to avoid the silence from stretching on for too longbut it was the trace of worry between his brows did not reassure Vhallathe Emperor boomed warmly not unlike Prince Baldair she thought amusinglyShe would be torture for Aldrik to watch her die“And your black robe” she said very matter of fact ≫ THE SETTINGThe Solaris Empire was interesting and sort of reminiscent of the Fire Nation from Avatar The Last Airbender I wish we’d understood about the worldbuilding though because this book conveys it either through Vhalla’s letters with Aldrik—very confusingly and by no means thoroughly—or through her research Pretty sure that’s almost as bad as worldbuilding explained in a lesson Also the magic system? We know next to nothing What is Awakening what is Eradication what are the Channels? Honestly we should be learning right alongside Vhalla but none of this is ever explained to us properly despite the fact that she spends half the book reading about it You can’t avoid an info dump by not giving the reader any information at all≫ THE PROTAGONIST I am not special I have never been someone who is specialShe was a library apprentice no one—less thanVhalla had always been jealous of Roan’s hair and generally everything else about her Vhalla’s hair was a dark brown mess of frizz and untamable waves; Roan’s fell in beautiful curls Southerners were lucky with their light skin and features Even the Gods were shown that way Vhalla felt perpetually inadeuate compared to Southerners and Westerners Those in the East had yellow hued skin with dark brown eyes and wavy hair Nothing was fantastic about herHer dark brown eyes—flecked with gold I thought I’d be free of this kind of heroine forever Vhalla is the kind of MC that haunts my nightmares She’s a total special snowflake with barely any redeeming ualities She thinks she’s plain and unattractive—with a bonus of mild racism—and she has one prince and one hot childhood friend tripping over their feet to get at her plus another handsome prince who thinks she’s beautiful She only comes to accept this after the latter commissions a makeover for her I’m sick to death of this If a character is unattractive she should just be unattractive False modesty is enormously irritating She thinks she’s smart but she hardly uses her common sense—she doesn’t use any kind of proper etiuette around Aldrik after the second time they meet She goes straight to calling him a pain She’s completely indecisive about her magic and doesn’t even try to find out aside from her books and what other people tell her She could at least have tried Vhalla is not the kind of character I’d root forVhalla seems to be a person of colour Then why does the book cover have a blonde white girl on it? The second book’s cover does too I thought we were past this whitewashing nonsense come on≫ THE OTHER CHARACTERSNot Developed Well enough Vhalla’s best friend Roan randomly morphs into some demonic mean girl at the end; her other friend Sareem plays the role of Poor Friendzoned Childhood Friend hello Simon Lewis without a personality Larel another sorcerer doesn’t display much of a personality either Baldair is the typical heartbreaking prince Only one character could really be called developed and I wish he hadn’t even existedCrown Prince Aldrik our love interest is possibly five people in one body This lovely Jerk With a Heart of Gold could push you off a tower insult you mercilessly or actually act like a decent human being all depending on his mood As a love interest he’s super problematic which I will discuss later and he’s absolutely unoriginal He’s literally every creepy YA love interest in a high fantasy setting He’s also arrogant superior and an all around a hole It was not nice knowing him≫ OF VILLAINSThere are no proper villains here because guess what There’s barely any conflict until the random climax which introduces random villains that reuired a better understanding of the Empire’s war situation Not good enough≫ THE ROMANCE He slapped at her fingers then grabbed her chin forcing her face up to look at his The jerking motion was painful and she barely managed to suppress a whimper Vhalla was fairly certain he would’ve liked that even less“Stay there” he spoke slowly “Stay on the floor where you belong You are like a pathetic little worm who only wants to sit in the dirt when I was prepared to give you a chance to grow wings and fly” Wasn’t that super hawt? Can’t you really feel the love? These are from Aldrik and Vhalla’s first interactions I get that he’s supposed to be a ‘bad boy’ or whatever but I simply do not understand how one gets past being physically and verbally abused This is exactly what Aldrik does to her He brings a whole new meaning to kisskill Ladies this tumultuous romance could literally have you tumbling from a tower window Isn’t that so exciting? Comes with free bodily harm And of course Vhalla being Vhalla the very next time she sees him after he calls her a pathetic little worm she’s joking around with him because she’s seen his sensitive side or whatever What? Is this what you want to teach girls? That guys like this can be forgiven because they’re insecure? He literally could’ve got her killed And this is his logic “Because air cannot hurt Windwalkers like fire cannot hurt Firebearers” he pointed out Listen buddy let me teach you something about the world When you fall out of a building you don’t die because the wind hits you too hard You die because of your impact Because you hit the earth If she’d randomly started floating or something I would’ve bought that But she fell Completely And apparently there was no other way to Awaken her powers? This guy is as unstable as a radioactive nucleus and she apparently has a magical bond with him But she remembered the words of the minister; the prince had been the one who had taken her to the Tower in the first place and she likely would’ve died without that Honey you likely would’ve died because he pushed you out of a windowIf that wasn’t bad enough we have Sareem who’s apparently hopelessly in love with Vhalla God knows why And we get this beautiful gem She had actually agreed to a date of sorts with Sareem Sareem But what else was she to do when he kissed her? What the hellNot only do we suffer through this dreadful love triangle it expands to become a suare and possibly a pentagon I’m not going to tell you who’s involved but suffice to say it is bad≫ THE ENDINGThe climactic fightevent was interesting foreshadowed okay and written well enough but BUT It’s all about Prince Aldrik It kills me that even though Vhalla is enormously powerful and a key weapon the reason she gets into danger is Aldrik The climax of her story is not even because of her; it revolves entirely around him She’s powerful and she’s your main character and she’s stepping up to her responsibilities and of course the ‘bad guys’ only use her against the Crown Prince Gag≫ TO SUMMARISEDisclaimer loads of people have rated this five stars You could enjoy this But be prepared for bad plot bad love interest love trianglesuare thing annoying special snowflake heroineI wouldn’t recommend this book An overall stunnerI went into this book barely knowing anything and without any specific expectations because I had a vague idea what it was about Sorcerers? Library apprentices? Royal characters? It's uite hard to imagine them all tangled up into one big knot Luckily as I went through the pages I didn't experience difficulty in absorbing everything because it was so darn goodThe book mainly centers on the heroine Vhalla Yarl a library apprentice who later on discovered that she was entirely something else something than just a library girl And then there's this swoony smart a totally mysterious crown prince and sorcerer Aldrik who later on became her mentor in discovering magical things Things became interesting from there and discoveries were unraveled about Vhalla and everything in the palaceThis book is an incredibly written debut novel Elise Kova sure knows how to manipulate everything in her plot from the characters' development and of course the series of events The world was also beautifully constructed and it sucked me right in It actually has the Grisha feels and a bit of Red ueen feels I just wish there's a map at the beginning though to have my imagination be stimulated about its beautiful worldAnd as for the characters I adore them with all my heart Vhalla is total sweetheart Smart feminine and a very strong character And of course my lovey dovey Prince Aldrik who is now added to my list of book boyfriends swoons Prince Aldrik is what I'm looking for in a YA fantasy book He's cocky and a bit sarcastic but there's gentleness in him that will have you falling in love He's also protective over Vhalla You see this is why I love royal characters I basically swooned over Dorian from Throne of Glass and Prince Cal of Red ueen so there's no reason to dislike this newly found fictional boyfriend Okay Pearl just stop blabbering Anyway Vhalla and Aldrik's relationship was also admirable here There was no insta love Everything progressed at just the right and perfect timingWhat was slightly missing in my opinion was the twist I kept wanting to know how things would pan out all throughout the book Plus there was a slow plot progression at first Somehow the book picked up and things started to become interesting after a few chapters and there were already some actions that made the book magnificent in the endThe ending was surreal The author left the final pages in a place where I can anticipate that there's so much to come Overall it's a stunning brilliant and a promising start to a great series I will definitely read the next book Fire Falling Thank you to Elise Kova for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Rating ummmmmm AANG THE AVATER MEETS ROYALTY Elise has literally combined my favourite elements HAHA ELEMENTS GET IT into one books I have been waiting to read a fantastic elemental control book for a long time and this one has taken the prizes and ran with itI am so excited for this whole seriesI HIGHLY RECOMMEND PLEASE READ THIS PLEASE

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  • 11 January 2016
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