Fire in the Woods

Fire in the Woods⚣ [PDF] ✅ Fire in the Woods By Jennifer M. Eaton ✰ – When a plane crashes in the woods near Jess’s home the boy of her dreams falls out of the sky—literally But David’s not here to find a girlfriend He’s from another planet and if Jess can’t h When a plane crashes in the woods near Jess’s home the boy of her dreams falls out of the sky—literally But David’s not here to find a girlfriend He’s from another planet and if Jess can’t help him get back to his ship he’ll be stuck on Earth with nothing to look forward to but the Fire in Kindle - pointy end of a dissection scalpel But her father runs their house like an army barracks and with an alien on the loose Major Dad isn’t too keen on the idea of Jess going anywhere Ever So how the heck is she supposed to help the sweetest strangest and cutest guy she’s ever met Hiding him in her room probably isn’t the best idea Especially since her Dad is in charge of the suadron searching for David That doesn’t mean she won’t do it It just means she can't get caught Helping David get home while protecting her heart—that’s gonna be the hard part After all she can't really fall for a guy whose not exactly from here As they race through the woods with Major Dad and most of the US military one breath behind them Jess and David grow closer than either of them anticipated But all is not what it seems David has a genocide sized secret and one betrayal later they are both in handcuffs as alien warships are positioning themselves around the globe Time is ticking down to Armageddon and Jess must think fast if she's to save the boy she cares about without sacrificing Earth—and everyone on it Fire in the Woods is Star Crossed meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This book was amazing I loved every minute of reading it Such a fantastic sassy and interesting take on aliens So excited to see what happens in the next book Spoiler free reviewThis book was such a fun read I flew through it for a couple reasons1 The writing stylephenomenal 2 The characters hilarious and cute as hell3 You wouldn’t think that an alien book where the aliens are actually confused by how foreign Earth is to them would be a uniue spin on an alien story but at least with the alien books I’ve read it is The only alien book that I’ve read that has even come close to doing this before was Alienated by Melissa Landers but I think Eaton does an even better jobFrom page one this story was full speed ahead Just about every page was action packed One small complaint I had was that the developing romance seemed a little lacking in areas where I was looking for but I felt like that was definitely rectified by the end of this novel Eaton proves to be a master at evoking emotion in her readers I cannot tell you how many times I felt second hand embarrassment or even fear for these characters David’s character was truly well done In most cases I wouldn’t usually go for a lead character as jumpy and as easily scared as David appeared in the beginning but I actually thought it worked given his situation I think it would have been strange if David had been confident and reckless in his new surroundings because that really wouldn’t have made sense for the story Props to Eaton for thatI liked Jess as one of our main characters I’m extremely picky about protagonists but I truly enjoyed her personality and her passion It never felt like she was too much or she was trying too hard She was really just a curious adventurous and brave teenager who knew when to trust her gut She also had some pretty funny one liners That goes for David as well There were some great uips and amusing banter between the two of them Another point I feel I should bring up is how well done the end of this novel was As I said there will be no spoilers in this review so you don’t have to stop reading but I honestly felt like I was there with these characters that I have grown to love Eaton took her opportunity at the ending of this novel to really let her skills shine The visuals her words were capable of provoking were incredible Overall this novel surpassed my expectations Truly a job well done and I’m already dying to get my hands on Ashes in the Sky book two in the series in the Woods is a sweet fall read The Lux Series meets Alienated this book will have you feeling giddy If you know me then you know I LOVE ALIENS I can never get enough But what do I love than just aliens??? Star crossed alien human love I don't think I can stress enough how sweet this book was When Jess is running to the store to pick up some photos she decides to head through the woods where she is struck with a headache and then stumbles upon the mysterious David With David having nowhere to go injured and with Jess feeling oddly obligated to trust him and help him she decides to sneak him around and let him stay at her house You see Dad I can't stay in the house There's this drop dead gorgeous guy in the woods and I promised to bring him ice Nah That wouldn't go over well Certain things a girl should just keep to herself The thing I loved about Fire in the Woods was that when the aliens came here they think our planet is too cold I've felt like when we do discover that there are aliens on our planet because I know we will that they would comment on it being too warm So I really appreciated that Eaton took a different spin on this The other  new spin on the alien genre I liked was that David took his appearance from Jess' thoughts And since she was thinking about two smexy actors she just saw on a movie ad it made hearing about David a lot easier If you get what I mean HE SOUNDS SO HOT All muscles and turuoise eyes Swoon Jess and David's relationship is fun and entertaining I loved that David is so clueless to how the human world works and how Jess soaks up every moment of it Muddling around he felt different parts of the door and finally found the handle A smile crossed his lips as he lifted the latch and the door opened I did my best to hold back a smirk as he stepped out 'You can fly a space ship but you can't get out of a car?' his eyebrow arched 'Do you know how to trigger a stagnant preemptory reaction in an overheard visualization module?' I folded my arms 'How would I know how to do that?' 'Any six year old can do that where I come from' Well I wasn't born on a space ship' 'And I've never had a reason to get out of a car before' I smiled 'Touche' Yes the whole book is that adorable And thankfully there was no love triangle THANK THE ALIEN GODZ THERE WAS NO LOVE TRIANGLE Even though the love to me started super fast what can you really expect from a book? At least it wasn't insta love When the romance does start picking up and playing out it is as eually as adorable as the rest of the book I love how the both of them had two completely different ways to show affection and that they were both so clueless to when the other one as flirting There isn't a whole lot of world building or sub characters in this book but I felt that that was actually a plus for how this book played out There is her dad and best friend but neither of them in my opinion were You can also read my review hereOoooh ALIENS Oh but he doesn't look like that though Yep you guessed it He's Hot Which is never really a bad thing for me at least This reminds me so much of Kyle XY and the start of Smallville Are you guys familiar with that? A big unexplainable thing has exploded and the next thing you know there's a weird and good looking guy hunching in the woods To bad for Junie because her Dad is the head of the team that's looking for your alien That would really suckFire In The Woods have a really interesting and intriguing plot And I was pretty much invested the whole way even though it was a little slow for me Jessy's voice isn't really that hard to understand and I just flowed throught out the story because of her easy and simple voice David on the other hand left me with a big uestion mark To say that I'm intrigued is an understatement I want to know And by the way things ended I'm pretty sure I'll be devouring the next book when it comes out WHO ENDS BOOK LIKE THAT??? Oh yeah every author doesThe story is really well thought but it was a little slow for my liking It took like 8 to 10 chapters before the real action happens I know that it's necessary for the characters to be introduced to us but I just think that it took so long that some chapters were just unnecessary I was pressing the next button like crazy when things started moving though I wanna know what happens next and where Jessy and and Davids relationship will go next  Okay so I'm really a big fan of the romance here no surprise there I guess but really even though it ended that way I'm rooting for this two I shipped them from the start and no one will stop me nowOverall Fire In The Woods is a enjoyable Sci Fi read for me Though I had some little problems I'm really looking forward for the seuel Hot alien uirky heroine and exciting plot what's not to like? Full Review on Brianna's Bookish Confessions 35 out of 5 starsI read this along with one of my really good book friends so it made reading this book even fun She was actually the one who really introduced this to me Basically by saying it’s about aliens and is a little similar to the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout Now if you know me and have seen my reviews you’ll know I’m a HUGEEE JLA fan and the Lux series is one of my all time favorite series So to find another book that has a hot alien I’m down for readingNow don’t get me wrong I REALLY still enjoyed this book But on Goodreads it still shows it is a standalone but on the book there’s a possibility of a seuel If there is a seuel which I’m hoping I would bump it up to a 4 star rating I felt that the ending was really rushed and we don’t get any answers in the end I’m really hoping there is a seuel to answer all these uestions I have I immediately started sending like 50 messages to my friend she finished it before I did trying to understand the endingI really liked this world Our main character Jess lives on a military base with her dad Her mother recently passed so their interactions with each other aren’t what they used to be It’s been hard for them lately Jess likes photography and one day something crashes on the military base and it’s not something small Being ordered to stay inside by her father she disobeys to go take pictures of the crash While in the woods she begins to hear a high pitched noise and it completely deafens her for a short period of time She is then immediately introduced to David who has been alone in the woods David though doesn’t seem normal Something is really wrong with him He’s always cold and not just normal cold His body basically shuts down because of this Jess tries to do all she can but the only thing that will really help David is to take him to her house where he can warm up David is a threat and Jess doesn’t realize this until it’s too late Now she’s on the run with David trying to prove he’s not the bad guyI really did like the concept and plot to the story This isn’t a spoiler I promise David is the alien and the way Jennifer M Eaton describes him as an alien is soo interesting It’s definitely VERY different from the Lux aliens and I’m really glad it wasI also really enjoyed Jess’ character at times Sometimes I wanted to slap her for some of the choices she made But overall she was a great character and really funny at timesI really hope there is a seuel because I have so many unanswered uestions That was an extremely well executed first book I loved the characters and the way we found out things over time I'm excited to continue No Just No I had oddly high expectations of this book and I don't even know why This was a big disappointment for me and it took me about 2 weeks to read this book Jess is kind of an idiot She meets this gorgeous guy in the middle of the forest who obviously has no clue about anything And there's a missing fugitive and she thinks well this guy can't be that guy He just happens to be in the forest and he is wounded and he doesn't want to be found No way he could be the missing person Like really? There was a huge chaos going on yesterday and his father asked her to stay home Well Jess doesn't listen even though it's dangerous to go alone Naaahhh she just wants to go and take some freaking photos for her future career in National GeographicAnd then she brings that gorgeous guy inside their house who has this weird thermo whatever disease that can't even be found from the internet And she thinks well if he says he has the disease it has to be trueDavid was a boring character I just didn't feel any connection to him or to Jess and they didn't really have any chemistry This weird love came waaaaay too fast They have talked like a few times for a couple of days and they already love each other And of course there just has to be a protective ex boyfriend who came out of nowhere This book was FULL of cliches that I hated Oh oh And whenever Jess cursed it was written like Fuc Shi and that also annoyed the hel out of me The reason I gave this book 2 stars and not 1 was because I saw potential in the plot I really did It was interesting I have to admit I guess a lot of people could actually enjoy this book but this just wasn't for me I would have probably liked this too if I just had liked the characters even a little But if you like fast romance and action you could try this one Why not? I’d heard a lot before release day about this book and while aliens aren’t usually my favourite thing to read in YA after I heard a comparison to the Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout it was a must read I owe a lot to that series though I haven’t read the final book since it introduced me to book blogging and without which I would probably be watching tv right now blissfully ignorant to the fandom life; but I’m going off topic because what I was getting at somewhat slowly is that Fire in the Woods has also now inspired me to look at photographyIt’s hard not to feel that excitement when you’re reading from a perspective with enthusiasm radiating off the pages I do have an Instagram account ignore my shameless self advertising devoted to my blog and of course books but that’s only one section of photography which I find interestingAgain I digress This review is such a ramble I’ll admit but stick with meSo what definitely won me over and gave Fire in the Woods my 5 star rating was its brilliant set of characters It’s no spoiler that David is an alien since it’s stated immediately in the synopsis and if you haven’t read that you’ll figure it out soon enough; either from me telling you right now or when you start the actual bookI thought it played into his character well because you saw the beauty of everything often taken for granted as a stranger does making him less of a stranger in a way Also he was hilarious One scene particularly stood out to me when he reads someone’s mind and they’re thinking of something aliens who’ve never kissed before are a little unnerved by It cracked me up so that’s why it’s one of many favourite uotesThere were so many moments like this along with lots of action that comes naturally from a national man hunt I rushed through the last few pages apprehensive of its conclusion and I had every right to be since the ending was so open Not cliffhanger open but enough that I’m dying for the seuel to be in my hands right nowThis rambly review cannot do the book or the author justice but I definitely recommend it because even if like me you’re not the biggest sci fi fan I’m sure a fast paced and epic plot will at least intrigue you to pick it upPosted on I really enjoyed this book as part of Benjaminoftomes' read a long I thought the romance was adorable and very teenage innocence David was so cute and I loved how Jess was portrayed as the stronger care taker in the first half of the book It was easy and fast to read Having read the first chapter for the seuel I'm a little annoyed that the author is taking that angle but who knows it might be interesting 35 stars Fire in the woods began appearing as a poor paranormal romance and ended as an epic sci fi tale Having only read a mere handful of books incorporating aliens I was happily thrilled by what Jennifer M Eaton has written The first half of the story wasn't much merely a build up to the epic second half that saw the introduction of the aliens and the narrowly avoided alien apocalypse The alien species within the novel are absolutely fascinating and i can't wait to read about them in the seuelI did have some issues with this book mostly being with Jess our annoying both weak and strong protagonist Oh Jess she really was an idiot at times to Anyone reading this review if theres ever a fugitive on the run and you mysteriously come across a super hot guy in the woods no matter how attractive he is please dont help him Chances are he won't be a nice purple alien Jess was also kinda rude to food service employees and at times didn't really see the risk In her being on the run with an alien My main issue is that JESS WAS TOO FOCUSED ON SNOGGING DAVID INSTEAD OF FINDING OUT SUPER INTERESTING INFORMATION ABOUT HIS SPECIES??? I don't know about you but if i was on the run with a freaking alien i wouldn't be making out with him I'd be getting nerdy and grilling him on information because fuck yeah aliens Despite this and despite how the first half of the story had little to it the second half was absolutely phenomenal and gave a fantastic introduction to aliens I Especially teared up when David and Jess's father's told each other they should be proud of their children even though they could barely understand each other The end was left not necessarily as a cliffhanger but with uncertainty thank God my edition comes with the first chapter of the next novel I give Fire in the Woods 35 it was a fairly enjoyable read and had opened me up to the world of aliens within novels of which I now very much desire to delve into