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The Marriage Book[PDF] ✓ The Marriage Book Author Lisa Grunwald – The definitive anthology of wisdom and wit about one of life’s most complex intriguing and personal subjectsWhen and whom do you marry How do you keep a spouse content Do all engaged couples get col The definitive anthology of wisdom and wit about one of life’s most complex intriguing and personal subjectsWhen and whom do you marry How do you keep a spouse content Do all engaged couples get cold feet How cold is so cold that you should pivot and flee Where and how do children fit in Is infidelity always wrong In this volume you won’t find a single answer to your uestions about marriage; you will find hundreds Spanning centuries and cultures sources and The Marriage ePUB ✓ genres The Marriage Book offers entries from ancient history and modern politics poetry and pamphlets plays and songs newspaper ads and postcards It is an A to Z compendium exploring topics from Adam and Eve to Anniversaries Fidelity to Freedom Separations to Sex In this volume you’ll hear from novelists clergymen sex experts and presidents with guest appearances by the likes of Liz and Dick Ralph and Alice Louis CK and Neil Patrick Harris Casanova calls marriage the tomb of love and Stephen King calls it his greatest accomplishment With humor perspective breadth and warmth The Marriage Book is sure to become a classic. This was a marriage book unlike any I’ve ever read before It was not your classic self helpmake my marriage better marriage book but rather a compilation of all things “marriage” or as the author calls it an “Anthology” It was actually really funny interesting and uniue to read as it encompassed everything marriage from subjects A Z from “Anniversaries” to “Sex” to “Work” and everything and anything in between I say it was funny because there was a LOT of humor in this book from comics to jokes to even modern day television sit com references and movie references I never expected that I’d be laughing out loud while reading this book but I was many many times And I learned a lot of historical things about marriage too which I enjoyed I even read one part aloud to my own husband about what was expected of a good wife and what was expected of a good husband back in the early 1900’s It was really uniue and interesting to read that because it was a rating score about how your mate “rated” in doing various good deeds and various bad deeds and to look at that and see how things have changed over the past 100 years since then For example I’d would not be able to wear my red nail polish as I do today in fact wearing all sorts of shades of red as I do 100 years ago or else I’d have been considered a bad wife It’s funny how things change even uite drastically over time So all in all this is a fantastic book for anyone who’s married for anyone who’s getting married or wants to get married and also for anyone who wants to read about any and all things marriage related I truly enjoyed reading this as I know you will as well I meant only to browse and it's very good for browsing and the hours passed Such an entertaining romp through marriage I wish I'd had it before I wed and during Since I'm still wed to the guy at least I'll have this reference for the second half of our adventure I first want to say this is a book with excellent sources so it would make a good reference for all who are married or plan to be That said I think you should know that is all there is to it There are sources comments citations uotes from all manner of books and even the bible In between is commentary from the authors Their outlook on marriage struck me as a bit cynical or dated I have been married over 22 years myself I think of my husband as my best friend and so I have similar views to the authors but not uiteI enjoyed the Marriage Rating Scale in section F of the book I found it gave me a fit of the giggles but I nor my husband cared to get an exact number since we feel we are in a good place where we areI think this is a great gift book even a great gag gift for those you wish you could with their relationship but they do not take advice well It could sit on the coffee table where anyone could open it and improve upon ones marriageI am going to say I recommend this book with just a simple stipulation be sure to remember that every relationship is in its own stage and what works for one will not work for another That is what has helped me in mine anyhow That is also why I think the authors told of how they do it and not giving strict advice per se Good reference bookThis ARC copy was given free from Netgalleycom for review purposes Funny wise provocative and essential words about why marriage works and why it doesn't These authors have scoured literature and pop culture and come up with remarkable insights and history The book is beautiful a remarkable read and an essential for anyone who's ever thought about marriage A big fan of Grunwald and Adler's other books I couldn't wait to get my hands on the galleys of this one I loved it so much insight so much humor so much complexity and a lot of wisdom for anyone who's interested in marriage Meaning just about all of us Not so much a read through novel as an anthology of various articles uotes etc containing observations jokes and insights about the institution of marriage They are arranged into chapters by subject on everything from expectations to divorce to devotion I saw some extremely touching letters from writers to their spouses as well as short one line jokes such as Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife for there are plenty of others There were checklists such as one on how to avoid a bad husband written in 1853 Never marry a mope or a drone one who drawls through life to 2000's blog posts on marriage one listed the best things about marriage including sex a shoulder to cry on someone to help with the chores etc Would like to read this thoroughly someday when I have free time I received a copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway It is a long book organized alphabetically by topic divorce honeymoon etc and not really something you'd sit and slog all the way through Seems better suited as a coffee table book to be picked up and flipped through to read a few entries here and there I thought the authors did a nice job of trying to track down the original sources of various uotes and anecdotes and provided interesting examples of former sometimes cringe inducing societal attitudes toward marriage and women in particular I definitely laughed out loud at points I plan to pass this book along to the next friend who gets married Just not what I thought it was going to be sadly Each entry is super super long Instead of little blurbs it's long ass entries on a few select things that may possibly relate to marriage Good coffee table book maybe but not so much if you are trying to build up and maintain your healthy marriage Not in my opinion This is a book you should keep on your shelf and go to for wedding toasts and advice to friends whose marriage is in trouble or someone who is considering marriage It contains uotes from everything from the Christian Bible to Willie Nelson ancient wisdom homilies and new ideas on the subject It i arranged from A to Z Adam and Eve to Zoloft Appropriate somehow This is my go to wedding gift It's wise and witty and wonderful I think if a couple were to take one uotation or small essay a week to share dialogue and journal about it would take about 175 years to work through the entire book And I predict they would still be married

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