Mountain Man (Mountain Man, #1)

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Blackmore – Boomstick Samurai bat Motorcycle leather And the will to live among the unliving Augustus Berry lives a day to day existence comprised of waking up getting drunk and preparing for the inevitable day w Boomstick Samurai bat Motorcycle leather And the will to live among the unliving Augustus Berry lives a day to day existence comprised of waking up getting drunk and preparing for the inevitable day when they will come up the side of his mountain and penetrate his fortress Living on the outskirts of a city and scavenging for whatever supplies remain after civilization died two years ago Gus knows that every time he goes down into undead suburbia could be his lastNot only does he face a corpse infested urban hell human scavengers and unending loneliness but now a new mystery has risen The undead are disappearing from the streets A force is gathering beyond the mountain man's wildest nightmares even relentless and terrifying than the roaming tides of dead flesh And it's preparing to hunt Mountain Man has been optioned for film Contains graphic language and scenes of violence. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life4 StarsI was completely entertained by this audiobook I am giving it 4 stars based completely on the entertainment value of the story I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and love a good zombie story I stumbled upon the short preuel to this series on audible as a freebieThe Hospital The First Mountain Man Story and really enjoyed it so I decided to jump right into this bookGus has it pretty good during this apocalyptic time He has a house in the mountains that is really almost a fortress The house he lives in would be the perfect place to find when the world falls apart He has electricity from the solar panels on the house He has a well with a working pump He even has an extensive video collection as well as a uite a few books Gus is very focused on making sure he has enough supplies to get through the winter Every few days or so he heads into town in his van to look for supplies Apparently there has not been a huge rush on alcohol once the zombies came around because he has not had any trouble finding enough booze to spend many evenings passed out drunk This story was really episodic in the way that it was told There would be an immediate problem that needed to be dealt with and it would be addressed I kind of liked the way this story was told because I tended to listen to this audiobook in short bursts This story was really just a story survival during the zombie apocalypse with a lot of drinking and swearing I listened to the audible audiobook and thought that the narrator did a wonderful job with the story Each character had his own voice and the narration kept me very focused on the story I would recommend this book to others who are looking for a zombie story This book has everything you would need in a zombie story action humor likable characters toilet paper and enough booze to make a fraternity happy There is a lot of cussing in this story that may bother some readers I found it to be a rather enjoyable novel I would probably suggest to anyone who isn't sure about this series to try the preuel The Hospital before jumping into this story just to get a feel for the storytelling and the world #8 Top Ten Reads of 2015 at timothycwardcomI didn't realize when I picked up Mountain Man that it would be exactly the kind of zombie book I was looking for One of my favorite aspects to zombie stories is the survival nature and how the apocalypse allows those who can make it past the first wave to go out and collect supplies There is enough in here about scavenging houses and building a fortress to whet my whistle and in perfect pacing we get new characters to add to the one I already enjoyed I don't want to spoil anything about these characters so I'll just say I loved it from start to finish and am loving the seuel just as muchI'm listening to the superb audiobook edition of books 1 3 produced by Podium Publishing and narrated by RC Bray one of my favorite narrators Strongly recommend picking up this audiobook for 1 credit on Audible It's been one of my best uses of an Audible credit sinceactually it may be my best in buck per hours of awesomeReviewed Mountain Man Omnibus edition Books 1 3 at timothycwardcom This is one of those rare books that keeps the reader guessing at what will happen next with a knot in your stomach That is the feeling you have while reading it and the same feeling remains when you finish the last page Although it is a story in itself and a great one you just know that there MUST be a seuel Other than being open ended it reminds me of I am Legend in many ways but this is a modernized and Canadiafied version with a punch It hits you in the gut and then twists your entrails Be sure to have a stiff drink on the nightstand when you delve into this zombiefest of fear and seemingly hopeless survival in a world of the undead If all the zombie apocalypse books written these days were as good as this one I never would have felt the need to write my own It seems that Mr Black and I are creating parallel worlds even using the same names for some of our characters and many of the same survival tactics and tools but on opposite ends of the same continent How could I not simply love this story?David P Forsyth Okay I'm done with zombies for a good while now With the exception of the Walking Dead series possibly Mountain Man was an absolutely mediocre testosterone filled take on the post zombie apocalyptic world adding nothing of interest The main character Gus has barricaded himself in a house on a hillside outside a small town and lived alone there for two years since the world zombified He drinks and hoards supplies During one of Gus's hoarding sessions he saves Scott who was left for dead by a serial killer They now drink hoard are occasionally literally scared shitless and kill zombies together Until one day a woman enters the picture and changes everything I could not care less There were some attempts at making Scott and Gus less cardboard manly and appealing but I wasn't convinced This left me cold Loved the hell out of this book I'm a big fan of zombie and post apocalyptic type stories anyway and this was for me an interesting twist on a genre that has really let's face it been beaten to deathI think a part of me really liked the main character in the book as well as his mountain house that he has built in to a fortress There were some other items in the book that resonated with me as well namely semi spoilers ahead someone shits themselves I think that might be the first time I have read that and this makes sense to me as the first thing I think I would do if faced with an undead hoard would be to shit myself as uickly as possible firemen gear Again new one to me and it made a lot of sense the heavy jacket boots and gloves would be great in post apocalyptic zombie world main character is a hopeless alcoholic Well wouldn't you be one too???Plus pretty good writing lot of shoot em up zombie battles and some plot twists along the way Solid horror read for any fan of the genre and a lot of funI already bought the seuel and started it last night can't wait to get back to it and see what happens If you can't do original do predictable but do it well That seems to make sense particularly when it comes to the overdone to death pun possibly intended zombie genre So instead of throwing some sort of a game changing plot device at the readers Black just does a solid survivor story And does it well At first it took a while to get going solo alcoholism and solo scavenging are only so much fun to read about but then it picked up nicely and turned into a very compelling character driven story with plenty of zombie action for fans The main thing about these type of stories is how much the author makes you care it's why The Walking Dead works so excellently in every form And so here the reader comes to care It's very manly it's in the title so should be expected but testosterone here doesn't overwhelm although it looked like it might Basically in the near future of late 2020s the world goes to zombies for reasons unknown and zombies are not even the most dangerous things out there the remaining humans are uite frightening as well Alas there is plenty of booze old movies and books to pass the time Simple lifeuntil it isn't This is part one of trilogy Not my normal preference but this works nicely as a stand alone that leaves the reader wanting to know At least it isn't a series Trilogies are much manageable Entertaining well written book Recommended This one was painfulI'll tell you why and I'm not going to use a spoiler tag because spoiling this book for you would be doing you a favor Here's a pretty accurate timeline used in this bookGet up in the morning Drink rumGo scavenging for supplies Fight a few zombies Go back home Take a few celebratory shots of Captain Morgan's Get drunk and play Scrabble Go to bed Repeat 10x The endSome really really stupid things that drove me crazy while reading1 There's a billboard with a semi driven through itin nearly every scene written during scavenging events2 Yellow grass Yellow grass We get itthe fucking grass is yellow Did I mention there's yellow grass?3 In this zombie book there are references to alcohol than zombies Drinking at home Leaving the house for suppliesone of which is ALWAYS alcohol Heywe made it home alive Let's take a few shots Oh looka fucking birdLET'S GET DRUNK4 Toilet paper Obviously at the very top of everyones apocalypse list Top two items scavenged; alcohol and toilet paper Nevermind the real survival shit We need toilet paper5 He takes a dildo from someones house and he hasn't seen a woman in over two years? Seriously? Does he have some sick fetish we don't know about? Nope Instead he uses it on a woman he's only known for a day and a half Oh I almost forgotuhwhat's your name again? Ah nevermind Picked this up while foraging for rum and shit paper Bend over Fucking retardedThis is a rinserepeat book with no thought put into it whatsoever You're told at the beginning of the book that a character wants revenge on a killer who took the lives of two people he knows but he makes ZERO effort to get said revenge Instead in the last few chapters he THEN leaves to look for the bad guy and then the book ends I can't imagine sitting through another carbon copy of this book where the only difference is the town nameHoly shit this book drove me nuts Not really a review exactly like This is a summary of my review sort of thing I'm all about the feels when it comes to reading so sometimes I don't even know why I like something I just know that I do This is one of those timesI listened to the preuel of this series when it was free on audible might still be free and really liked it The Hospital The First Mountain Man Story was creepy and chilling and exactly the sort of zombie apocalypse book I like to readsurvivors scavenging aboutAnyway the narrator RC Bray did a great job and the hour long short story made me buy the next part Mountain Man as soon as I'd finished itI did like Mountain Man I liked the characters and the scene setting and the dialogue but the action scenes were a bit much to take in Might have been better reading it but listening to it just went too fast to catch it all It was a bit like the difference between watching a ninja fight scene and having someone write down all the moves for you at the speed the take place It just all moves too fast to take in He put this arm there and that leg here and the knife cut over there while he spun back to here and grabbed this other thing which he used to smack that other guy on that bit Too much for me to take in when the narrator has uite a fast reading pace I just couldn't visualize it fast enough Good story though and very well told I really like Gus the lead character but I think this next one is about Gus' friend Scott so I'll see how that goes I like Scott well enough but I like Gus I may come back and re do this when I collect my thoughts Maybe Keith Black is one of those indie writers Big Publishing let slip through their fingers This guy can write The characters are well developed and very uniue; I really grew to care about them As a uniue zombie book this story focuses on the human condition than on the zombies themselves Don't worry; there's than enough crowded stinking masses of the undead to go around And plenty of guns This is still a zombie novel after allWith Mountain Man Black masterfully weaves survival brutality friendship fear hope and deception together into a very engaging and entertaining yarn This book is part of a series so the abrupt ending is really just a pause before the next book I know I'm looking forward to itThis book is as well edited as it is well written No glaring errors and typos to distract from the story The formatting and cover art are fantastic It's a uality release all aroundSo if you like zombie andor post apocalyptic fiction then I think you'll enjoy Mountain Man I really think this book takes the zombie fiction genre to the next level 35 stars I was expecting mediocrity from just another zombie story and that's really all this was but it was damn good at what it was It could have easily been a chapter from one of the high points of The Walking Dead Nothing new here but everything it did it did right