Sex Lies Lipstick Moonlight and Magnolias #2

Sex Lies Lipstick Moonlight and Magnolias #2[Epub] ➢ Sex Lies Lipstick Moonlight and Magnolias #2 ➣ Kris Calvert – Mac Callahan a seasoned FBI agent in Washington DC has given up the fast lane to live a life of sweet tea and sunshine in Alabama with the girl of his dreams Samantha Peterson But Mac’s years of bri Mac Callahan a Lipstick Moonlight PDF/EPUB å seasoned FBI agent in Washington DC has given up the fast lane to live a life of sweet tea and sunshine in Alabama with the girl of his dreams Samantha Peterson But Mac’s years of bringing down drug lords and psychotic criminals is about to catch up with him just as he’s resigned himself to leave it all behind Finally getting the husband and Sex Lies PDF/EPUB or family she’s longed for Sam finds that life at Mac’s plantation Lone Oak is a Southern girl’s dream full of romance love lipstick and pearls It’s all Southern charm and Champagne between the sheets until a psychotic stalker sets his sights on completing an unfinished grudge Carefully planning Hector uintes has patiently waited to crash Mac and Samantha’s happily ever after No one Mac Lies Lipstick Moonlight and Magnolias eBook î Callahan loves is safe Lies Lipstick Moonlight PDF/EPUB ã – least of all Samantha When they said “until death do us part” neither knew how soon that could be and as Hector becomes intimately close to their family the line between friend and foe grows strangely blurred It’s a deadly game of cat and mouse but who is chasing whom. The second installment of the Moonlight and Magnolia's series by Kris Calvert was a fast action love story with a touch of mystery added in We got to see some added dimension to Mac and Samantha's relationship and really see Sam's strength in this story I really enjoyed the chapters from Polly's perspective and look forward to of her story in the future I just adore Mimi who provided some great laugh out loud moments for meI look forward to seeing where life takes these characters next 375 gladly rounded to 4 Remember Me? Stars New KY author Kris Calvert is hitting her stride with this one The action took off uickly in Sex Lies Lipstick the second book of the Moonlight and Magnolias series Book one ended with a cliffhanger but book two doesn't pick up right where the first left off It's almost a year later I suppose that you wouldn't have to have read the first book but it will definitely save you a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what's going on in book two Besides being a continuation of Mac and Sam's story this book has the beginning of Polly's story woven into it Once again the men are true Southern gentlemen and the women are full of Southern charm and grit The investigation at Autumn Valley has been wrapped up but there is a loose cannon left that seems to continually allude capture He is also the biggest threat to Mac's family and their worst nightmare Mimi often steals the show in this book as she did in the first Dax is a year older and a year and half cuter The writing style is smoother and engaging in the second book The characters are familiar but show depth A few new people are introduced and I'm pretty sure one of them will be featured in Polly's story which I'm banking on being the third book in this series Another great read by Kris Calvert In Sex Lies and Lipstick we witness Sam and Mac's wedding and honeymoon be cruelly interrupted by an ominous and scary message written in lipstick on a bathroom mirror With a criminal stalking the young family Sam and Mac must postpone their honeymoon to ensure their family's safety The story is touching as the couple struggle with difficult changes in their life while trying to catch a killer I love how Kris allows her characters to struggle through the changes with great emotion while also showing deep growth personally and as a couple I was excited to learn about Sam's best friend Polly and meet Mac's FBI friend Leo I am also excited to read Sex Lies and Pearls featuring both Leo and Polly I highly recommend this or any of Kris Calvert's books to anyone who enjoys a well written romance with some suspense thrown in If you thought the first book was pulse pounding this second one is heart stopping Both in terms of the many layers of pain and horror that Sam and Mac have to endure but also in terms of the smoking hot love scenes An extremely good book It was 100% satisfaction This is an excellent second entry into the 'Sex Lies' series and it is definitely a page turner When Sam and Mac get married they think things are going to get better but when they discover that the drug criminal Hector is still intent on killing Samantha the action heats up and they do not get to go to Paris and enjoy their honeymoon There is lots happening in this book all of it suspenseful and exciting Sex and Lies 2I'm disappointed in this book I liked book one of the series free from so I bought the second The drama surrounding Hector was not imaginative and awent on way too long I probably won't read the third Sex and Lies 2Mac and Samantha find themselves in the middle of a master game of hide and seek In the line are their lives Will they be able to catch a killer before he finds them? Heart StoppingWow this book kept my heart beat elevated and couldn't turn the pages fast enough Can't wait to start the next volume Sex lies and lipstickCan't say enough about this and her booksEnjoyed this story and the people within I like a mixture of lovemystery combine within in the story