Reasonable Doubt Volume One

Reasonable Doubt Volume One[Read] ➲ Reasonable Doubt Volume One By Whitney G. – My cock has an appetite A huge and very particular appetite Blonde curvy and preferably not a fucking liarAlthough that's a story for another dayAs a high profile lawyer I don't have time to waste on My cock has an appetite A huge and very particular appetite Blonde curvy and preferably not a fucking liarAlthough that's a story for another dayAs a high profile lawyer I don't have time to waste on relationships so I fulfill my needs by anonymously chatting and sleeping with women I meet online My rules are simple One dinner One night No repeats This is only casual sex Nothing Nothing less At least it was until AlyssaShe was Reasonable Doubt PDF or supposed to be a year old lawyer a book hoarder and completely unattractive She was supposed to be someone I shared law advice with late at night someone I could trust with details of my weekly escapades But then she came into my firm for an interview a college intern interview and everything fucking changedBook in a three part Erotic Romance SerialComing Soon Very Soon. Fuck Fuck Fuckity That wasDirty talking assholecheckHot sexcheckLies lies and liescheckSecrets very naughty secretscheckThe playersAndrewFor the last six years Andrew has gone from one sexual conuest to the next All people he met on Date Match One dinner One night No repeats He's a lawyer He hates liars He doesn't have friends He's an asshole A dirty talking asshole AlyssaA pre law student and aspiring ballet dancer She be friends Andrew through Lawyer Chat Over six months they build a friendship much to Andrew's dismay They talk daily Andrew wants Alyssa in his bed Alyssa's adament they don't meet The GameAlyssa and Andrew meetAlyssa is really Aubrey Andrew's new internAlyssa liedAndrew hates fucking liarsButAndrew lied tooThat endingI need the next booklike yesterday ★★★★★ Unreasonable Doubt part 1 Jaded enigmatic Andrew Hamilton’s rather UN reasonable to reaction to discovering his new intern deceived himThere are 3 parts to the Reasonable Doubt serial which should be read in orderPart 1 Reasonable DoubtPart 2 Reasonable Doubt IIPart 3 Reasonable Doubt IIIPart 31 Extended epilogueReasonable Doubt part 1 is man whore extraordinaire attorney and law firm partner Andrew Hamilton’s story It follows him six years after gut wrenching betrayal that forced him away from his previous life details to be unfolding with story He has settled into a comfortable life of practicing law and his free time spent on the various internet dating sites for his next one night stand “This is always the most annoying part the part when the woman who previously agreed to “One dinner One night No repeats” wants to establish some type of imaginary connection” For the past six months he has been offering legal advice to Alyssa a young new lawyer in his city and though they never met they have formed a friendship of sorts Though she doesn’t want to meet him and insists on being unattractive part of him still wants to hit it just once “I’ve never fucked one of my friends before” “That’s because I’m your only one” Then upon sitting in at the final interviews for the coveted intern position at his firm he meets a young attractive pre law student Aubrey Everhart And yet again he discovers he has been deceivedReasonable Doubt will follow Andrew in his somewhat UN reasonable reaction to the unraveling of he is perfectly organized and carnal existence providing for off the charts sex and a chance of a glimpse of his infamous cock ANDREW HAMILTON32 yearsattorneypartner at Greenwood Bach Hamiltondark brown hairblue eyes Seven words to describe Andrew Charismatic jaded flawed commanding enigmatic vulnerable and larger than life “I immediately clicked on my profile and opened the “What I’m Looking For” box making sure that it still read the same “Casual sex Nothing Nothing Less” AUBREY EVERHART22 yearspre law studentblond hairblue eyesballerina Seven words to describe Aubrey Everhart Smart naïve endearing focused lonely impressionable and resilientReasonable Doubt was the perfect read for me Both Andrew and Aubrey might have been a little slow at catching on to the truth but that’s how it needed to be Story moved along at a fast pace only to come to a shocking mother of all cliffys ending Thankfully part 2 Reasonable Doubt II should be out shortly wipes sweatExcellent story telling Entertaining dialogue Captivating plot Steamy sex scenes Swoon worthy hero Andrew Hamilton Compelling heroine 5 sexxxy stars “Is there super glue on my floor? Is that why you’re still standing there?” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsStoryline concept rating 45 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes So hotSo funSo sexySo already reading the next one When the first five words of the blurb says this My cock has an appetite my index finger gets a little excited Andrew has one set of rules; one dinner one night no repeats and no lies He is uickly making his way through the ladies of the internet spending a week ensuring they who they say they are But one women he meets online not on a dating site seems to pull his attention She's the only woman not after his cock not after a relationship just a little professional assistance But when he sits down to interview the new intern he slowly realizes that Aubrey the beautiful intern that has his dick rock hard is his Alyssa So let me try to get my tongue back in my mouth here Holy fucking shit was this a hot little uick read This was one of those 'don't think just click' moments and it did not disappoint Set in a three part serial format the first installment is short; but it gets you to a fairly good point before the mother of all cliffhangers knocks you on your ass But have no fear it appears that these will be released with about a two week timeline Now on to the shit that makes your panties wet Andrew is an asshole He's a man whore jerk who likes to dirty talk He just crossed the threshold into becoming a book boyfriend god with those four things checked off The cherry he'd picked up was in his mouth and he was pressing it on my lips silently commanding me to open up and eat it I stuck out my tongue to take it but before sliding it to me he whispered Don't chew I want to see how capable you are of swallowingI've been looking forward to fucking the woman who teased me every night for nearly six months he whispered sliding his fingers underneath my towel I wanted her to ride me He trailed his hand up my thigh and rubbed his thumb against my clit On my cock and my mouth And I wanted to teach her how to taste me I don't know where Whitney Gracia Williams came from but I am sure as shit glad she decided to write this erotica short series There is a narrow window while writing in this format to really create something enjoyable With such limited space for the story the scenes and the characters it is likely the case that something is left out something that leaves the reader missing some key moment to bring the story together Sure you can get sucked in with a blurb you can keep the sex hot enough to cause the reader to suirm but that is not rare What WGW pulled off was giving you it all This short read packed a punch and gave you everything that a novel three times its size could deliverI cannot wait to get my needy little hands on the next installment of this series My cock has an appetite
That is the first line of the blurb Once I saw that I thought I have to read this book I’m so glad I did It was very much on the short side but it was great Thankfully we don’t have to wait long for the next installment Especially after that ending “One dinner One night No repeats” Andrew Hamilton has rules He has these rules for a reason He’s an attorney who is busy and not interested in a relationship He meets women most of the time online He has dinner with them then sexy with them and thats it They know the score going in On a different website one for lawyers only he does however develop an unlikely friendship over the phone with a 27 year old lawyer named ‘Alyssa’ He is intruged by her and wants to meet I loved all their phone convos “Is Alyssa your real name?’
“Yes but I’m sure Thoreau isn’t yours Do you care to finally give it to me?”“I’ll give it to you when you come to your fucking senses and let me see you”“You just won’t let that go will you?” she laughed again “What if the real reason I don’t want to meet you is because I’m ugly?”
“I have a good feeling you’re not”
“But what if I was?”“I’d fuck you with the lights off”
“I prefer the lights on”
“Then I’d make you wear a paper bag over your head” There is nothing Andrew hates than liars He might be a jerk but he is honest Always honest When the truth about ‘Alyssa’ comes out he isn’t happy Not at all It changes everything The entire dynamic of their relationship Andrew holy freaking hell that man was hot A sexy dirty talker those are my favorite And AlyssaAudrey I really liked her Her pov was fun The ending of this book left my jaw on the floor First of all I wasn’t ready for it to be over Second I was in shock of how it ended This was a super sexy novella Steamy funny and entertaining it was the perfect combo Drool vDrop saliva uncontrollably from the mouth Informal Make an excessive and obvious show of pleasure or desire “So you believe in reasonable doubt?” Right now I believe in Andrew Hamilton and in cold showers Multiple cold showers➺ Before Katerina met Andrew Hamilton I admit I was hesitant to read Reasonable Doubt Volume 1 I was pretty sure it would be too sexually graphic for my taste plus how can you possibly connect with characters in less than 100 pages? Or that was what naive little Katerina thought Thankfully Τατιάνα Τζινιώλη brainwashed me and let's be honest how can you say no to an author you love? The fact that Andrew is a lawyer didn't hurt either It will hurt when I won't find him and his piercing blue eyes in my future job interviews but that's a different story➺ When Katerina met Andrew Hamilton The skies opened Her heart beat fast Her breath caught Her body was flushed from head to toes The nagging thoughts that she wouldn't connect with the characters? Poof all gone Whitney Gracia Williams managed to establish a strong connection between Andrew and Aubrey in only a few pages and the scorching tension could practically make you sweat Aubrey was a feisty heroine who tried to balance what she wanted and what her family wanted and I came to like her a lot But this book's star is guess who? AndrewfuckingHamiltonHe is an asshole a sexy asshole you want to punch and lick at the same time He's not a good person he is really really dirty mouthed and his past is covered with mystery Andrew and Aubrey? Holy hawt chemistry Batman My cheeks are still ablaze Add some sassiness and witty banters to the mix and voila you devour the book like a man starving “Why do you want to be a lawyer Miss Everhart?” “I enjoy screwing people over I figure I might as well get paid for it” ➺ After Katerina temporarily bid farewell to Andrew Hamilton The way Reasonable Doubt Volume 1 ended? Insane It gives a whole new definition to the word cliffhanger If I can't focus on studying because of Andrew and Aubrey's story you will pass the exams in my place Whitney Gracia Williams And judging by your knowledge on all things legal I demand high grades Spoilers all over whatever comes below What do I think? This was my first thoughtAndrew is a completely skeevy manwhore with hundreds of women on his track record He hits on them online fucks them once then ditches them in such unsufferable manner that they sure as hell won't be wanting of the same An example I glance at my watch Are you spending the night in this room or do I need to give you cab money to get home?What?Was my uestion unclear?WowJustwow She shakes her head How much longer do you think you'll be able to keep doing this?Keep doing what?Chatting someone up for a week fucking her and moving on to the next How much longer?Until my dick stops working I put on my jacket Do you need cab fare or are you staying? Check out is at noon This is on page 2 of this alleged erotic oeuvre and it left me with the above feelings And alas the protagonist of this story is not the thusly maltreated Walmart shop assistant the protagonist unfortunately is him the arsehole It doesn't get better For some reason I'm expected to find things erotic which I actually consider to be major turn offs Such as banter between the skeevy bastard and his lawyer phone girlfriend which is at best juvenile and neither funny nor sexy in any way Stuff like this I'll be gentle at first he whispered especially when I slide my cock into your mouth and pull on your hair showing you exactly how I like it to be sucked Not only that I find BJs a chore and not something to look forward to I consider a man who matter of factly assumes he can put his wiener into my mouth without permission who then tries to instruct me by pulling my hair or constraining me an arse Instead of sucking my reaction might be a solid crunch Of my teeth And just so this is clear the woman he thus addresses is vanilla As if the height of eroticism is the idea of sucking cock of a guy who's poked it into 200 different vaginas rectums and mouths Apparently Mr I'm So Sensitive has had an unfortunate past experience with some woman who lied to him Which now means that he expects every woman he chats up on the internet to never ever lie to him or else he is mightily aggrieved Okay let's repeat the dumb idiot expects women on the internet to be 100% honest about every single personal information Like name age looks address and so on Yeah Right So he has a phone buddy girlfriend for 6 months who told him the wrong age a wrong name and also lied about her professional status When he finds out because she now works in his firm he takes it out on her as her boss Yes fucking professional and completely mature Not just that he assaults and fingerrapes her and OF FUCKING COURSE she is then shown to welcome this and be wet and hot for him Yeah Right Hello rape culture you are soooo wonderful I didn't buy this as a rapefic or to read sexual harassment I wanted a light erotic read To make long things short he keeps thinking with his gonads only mistreats her forcefully fucks her a no was never an option and in the end turns out to view spoilerhave been cheating all along because there's a wife in the off hide spoiler This book was outstanding I can't wait for the next installment For such a short read the connection to the characters and the progression of the story was incredibly natural and didn't seem rushed at all unlike most This is the first book I've read by this author and I will definitely be reading of her work The story is well written and absolutely hilarious The author was able to create an angsty steamy sexy story that was entertaining and believable in a way that most full length novels are not It ends with a huge cliffhanger so I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series I'm an addict for sureAll I can say is read it You won't be sorry FIVE ANDREW HAMILTON STARS I can't just talk to you any I need to feel you A standing ovation please for the talented Whitney Gracia Williams That is exactly how a novella series should be done 'Reasonable Doubt' is without uestion a phenomenal start to this ongoing series and I'm left with a desperate need for the next part to be released This is one of those stories that had me hooked from the prologue and I can't wait to see what else this author has got planned Admitedly I can't help but fall for a dirty talking character and like all my fellow addicts I've now joined that long line of readers who fell for the charms of Mr Andrew Hamilton He was hot and sexy and sweet and flirty and most of all he had his arsehole persona working a charm throughout the 78 pages of this novella Every twat needs a beauty and joyfully I can report that the storyline god's have been smiling down on Miss Williams because this author delivered a perfect heroine to complete a duo that I have fallen for Everything about this plot was interesting and engaging and won me over it was deliciously sexy cleverly comical and perfectly writtenIf like me you can't resist an original story line with sexier than you could imagine characters having even sexier than I can describe 'naughty nookie' then this needs to hit your 'read me now' radar I was left with a book addict hangover and a desperation for from this author There's not much left to say other than this book far surpassed my expectations and I couldn't have been happier that I gave into the hype Those who haven't had the pleasure of 'meeting' Mr Hamilton are in for a dirty talking treat Go grab it readers enjoy Kisses Buddy read with my girls Anna C Christy and Kara Ladies invest in lots of spare panties because you're about to meet the man that will melt them right off you May I introduce Mr Andrew Hamilton?Now allow me to introduce you to Andrew's hungry cockWhoa there tiger No need to get feisty I'm just telling the public something you clearly make no bones about If I recall you also happened to have a typeBlonde curvy and preferably not a fucking liarShit Two out of three ain't bad though right?Now of course anyone as hot as you isn't into anything as silly as commitment right? What is that one rule you have?One dinner One night No repeats Well OK then I'm sure you're hiding something painful and broody in your past to cause you to be this way?Awkward silenceAlright then Guess you won't be sharing that today That's cool JustBut what would you tell all those scorned women You know the ones that may tell you that this may catch up with you one day What was it one of your conuests recently told you? Karma is on hell of a bitch I know I fucker her two weeks ago And yet I find myself strangely turned on I'd built the last six years of my life detaching myself from any chance of having feelings for someone else refusing to build any friendships But didn't you make a friendyour only friend if I recall correctly The one you met in the lawyer chat room but never met What was her name? Alyssa? Was that it?Yes I got all that thank you But you also find yourself wishing you were getting that pussy from Alyssa don't you?Well then No need to get bitchy I can see you're a little touchy on this subject since she refuses to meet you or tell you her real nameBut then you DO meet someone That new college internthe one that happens to be EXACTLY your type You just can't seem to stay away from her can you? What's that relationship like? First you fight and then all of a sudden there's some angry fuckery?Yes yes I get itBut she's also keeping something from you isn't she?Right You have that thing against someone being a fucking liarOh but you're keeping something even bigger from here aren't you? And what do you do? LEAVE US WITH A FUCKING CLIFFHANGER IS WHAT GAHNow I'll just be slowly dying inside waiting for book 2 to see how redeemable your assholy ness really isAnd I thank youFor reviews visit

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