Breaking Away (Assassins, #6)

Breaking Away (Assassins, #6)❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Breaking Away (Assassins, #6) Author Toni Aleo – NEW YORKS TIMES AND USA TODAY BEST SELLING AUTHOR TONI ALEO PRESENTS THE NEXT INSTALLMENT IN THE ASSASSINS SERIES BREAKING AWAY is a story of loss healing and love where unexpected turns and heartache NEW YORKS TIMES AND USA TODAY BEST SELLING AUTHOR TONI ALEO PRESENTS THE NEXT INSTALLMENT IN THE ASSASSINS SERIES BREAKING AWAY is a story of loss healing and love where unexpected turns and heartache lead to passion To Nashville Assassins’ leading scoring center Phillip Anderson playing hockey has always been easy as natural as breathing His life is no different That’s until his world is turned upside down by the death of his sister While mourning his loss Phillip has to find a way to make his very angry sixteen year old niece Claire happy Now as her guardian he discovers the only thing that seems to heal her lonely heart is dance class But what he didn’t count on was the attraction he’d feel towards her drop dead sexy dance teacher For Reese Allen dancing has always been part of her soul After having her heart broken in New York she comes home with the determination to make her dance studio one of the best in Tennessee and succeeds When she sees Claire dance for the first time she knows the girl is bound for greatness and takes the troubled teen under her wing Using dance as therapy she suddenly finds herself bound to the young woman and her hot as sin uncle However Phillip and Reese are happy in their single lives It’s simple They do what they want who they want and how they want but from the moment they meet the attraction is undeniable Soon they are than willing to spend just one night tangled in the sheets But one night turns into two and two turns into three until they find themselves in a repeated dance of “One Last Time” that has the potential to be something if only Reese and Claire allow it Can Phillip find a way to thaw the hearts of both the women in his life or will he be forever trying to break them away from their pasts. FIVE LOVE ME STARS A story of loss healing and love I have a predictably wonderful romance addict confession; I am unable to resist and will always look out for a steamy sexy sports related romance I also don't mind admitting that books in this genre namely the 'Assassin series' written by Toni Aleo make me almost certifiably crazy they are that good This book has it all and it's the type of novel that as soon as I started reading it I just knew I'd be exited to review about it Books like 'Breaking away' are easy to fall in love with and I'm almost certain that most other readers will agree If you are familiar with this series and didn't have a favourite from the assassins team before then I can say with confidence that you will now Phillip Anderson is everything a fictional character should be and and I'm happily in hero heaven right now Readers you are in for a romantic treatWhat's it all aboutReese Allen is a passionate determined and focused business woman her life as a professional dancer is where she is able to give her all after leaving her heart in New York with who she thought was the love of her life her priority now lies with protecting herself from ever falling for the same mistakes and lies again Happy to enjoy the opposite sex has never been an issue for her troubled heart especially when she knows she usually gets what she wants Hockey star Phillip Anderson has worked hard to move away from a painful past and difficult childhood but when the family experience a tragedy he finds himself the carer of his angry sixteen your old niece Claire Claire has only one desire; to dance away her problems and fight away any attempt her uncle has to show that he loves her Soon enough Phillip and Reece's lives cross paths when Claire's dancing talent is uncovered and they begin a journey of just one night of passion together but when they start to feel for each other than just attraction they both have to decide whether or not they are able to say goodbye to the hurtful past and try a love that could be forever or say goodbye to a life changing love and each otherWhat did I love the mostI first discovered Toni Aleo when I started reading on my treasured kindle purely by chance I added the first book in the assassins series and promptly fell in love with Shea Adler and the rest of the assassins team Since then I feel like I am always waiting impatiently for this authors releases and I have become a huge fan of Toni Aleo and her sexy romantic novels Mrs Aleo certainly perfected her dirty imagination writing this book the heat levels were definitely turned up and set to blazing hot Each 'breaking away' chapter was awarded with multiple orgasms and I think it's safe to say that this hero needs an award for his talented mouth Everything about this book appealed perfectly to my reading tastes there was some low level angst panty ripping hot action heart pumping romance great story telling heart warming reconciliations great sports action and much As for the characters well I feel like I'm part of the assassin family now and as each novel develops we also get to see the developing relationships of past characters and I have to admit I don't want to ever say goodbye to this addictive series and the characters that I have grown to love As for Phillip and Reese well there was no disappointment here for me I really enjoyed reading about them both and yes Phillip Anderson was every inch the lady killer that I thought he was going to be in fact Toni Aleo far exceeded my 'assassin hero' expectations and I may have to crown him favourite character overall Reece had her moments of self doubt and uestionable decisions but overall I loved her strength and snark she's a leading lady that gave our sports hero a run for his money and I loved how once again Toni got me wrapped up in her assassins tale of love Great writing style winsome characters and plenty of bed time day time in fact any time action Toni either has a wickedly naughty imagination or a husband that keeps her very happy either way I loved the sexy swooned at the romance and once again I'm left with an anticipation of what this author will do nextFinal thoughts I can't uite believe or imagine that there are readers out there who love this genre and have not fallen in love with a Toni Aleo story This authors books are laced with passion true to life drama and enough delicious heroes to keep most of female population smiling I can't recommend this series enough to readers who love this genre and I like to thank Toni for my new found appreciation for men on the ice 'Breaking away' will be a delight to those that love this series and those readers that have yet to meet the team what are you waiting for Go grab this book on release day enjoy Kisses ARC generously provided directly from the lovely author Toni Aleo in exchange for an honest review 5 Stars I have a new favorite Assassin’s player and his name is Phillip Anderson I’ve been waiting for his book for a while now and I was so excited to get to read it Breaking Away has turned out being the best book in this series for me so far Reese Allen has been burned by love once and she’s not giving anyone the chance to do it again Her broken heart is starting to heal She’s happy running her dance studio and filling the void with one night stands No one can hurt her heart that way Not again She won’t let it happen Phillip Anderson is an all American top scoring hockey player Lately he’s been off his game Since taking in his sixteen year old niece Claire his priorities have changed The former ladies man is now focusing his time and energy on this one girl But it’s not easy With all the traveling and Claire’s attitude he needs help Thankfully he has his Assassin's family to help out Reese is Piper’s sister and Piper is married to Assassins player Erik Titov Erik and Phillip are best friends Even with this connection Reese and Phillip haven’t spent much time together When Reese takes Claire under her wing for dance everything changes For Claire for Reese and for Phillip Phillip couldn’t be happier with all the positive changes he’s seeing in Claire He decides to go to the studio and watch her dance He see’s Reese there When Phillip and Reese lay eyes on one another sparks fly Phillip has been lonely lately and he hasn’t wanted anyone the way he wants Reese They both know being together could complicate things but the pull between them is irresistible “Last time”
“Definitely” It’s only supposed to be one time One time together turns into time after time after time The times they are together the Phillip’s feelings for Reese grow Reese is starting to care for Phillip too but she can’t admit those feelings to him or herself Phillip is on a mission To convince Reese to give him a real chance to try And he has his work cut out for him Reese and Phillip were perfect together Even if it took Reese a long time to see it The way they fit was just perfect He had never been with someone that did that to him That made him breathless and craved everything about them but Reese was that 
Reese was stubborn a bit of a ‘man eater’ and a dedicated dancer She could seem a little harsh at times but she really did have a big heart It came out around Claire Phillip and her family There were points she stressed me out a little but by the end I loved herNow Phillip Phillip was pretty perfect Stepping up the way he did with Claire and never giving up on her And doing the same for Reese Never giving up even things got difficult He made me melt Along with the two main characters it was great catching up with the other Assassin boys and their families And Claire I adored Claire I would love a Claire book in the future She was awesome Breaking Away was another winner from the Assassins series I am not big on sports books never have been but for some reason or other I LOVE these The perfect mix of steam romance family and passion This is a must read for all those who love sports romance or just romance in general 45 “Just Having Fun” Philip is having a rough time After his sister’s death her niece Claire came live with him He loves her as a daughter and knows she’s just hurt and broken but her problematic behavior isn’t being easy for him He knows to heal her but he doesn’t know how so as expect his personal live have seen better days After a bad bad breakup Reese swore off relationships and just want to have one night stands and have a good time So when she and Philip collide and realize they are pretty goo together in the physical part they insist on just being friends and having fun Yes sexual fun But when Reese starts to look so good in Philip’s life and starts to help Claire come out of her shelf he realizes he wants And that’s when he realize when their biggest problem isn’t their pasts of their families What could put everything to lose between them is Reese itself and her commitment phobia This series are becoming one of my favorites These books have everything I love swooning heroes who are also athletes nice love stories heartwarming moments steamy scenes and well the most annoying heroines ever we can’t have it all Toni Aleo became one of my “to go author” when I need a great and sexy romance and I have no problem in going down with this addiction After all who says all addictions are bad Rating 45 Stars Characters Development Philip saved the book for me when Reese almost ruined it He was amazing loyal and sexy as hell Not to mention he was great with Claire if you want to read her story it’s “Boarded by Love” Read it it’s awesome Reese was pretty awesome when she wasn’t a bitch And unfortunately she was one for a good part of it I swear Toni Aleo must have taken some kind of degree in how to create the most annoying heroines ever because this series take the prize Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoilerNot with the protagonists hide spoiler 25 StarsOverall Opinion Welpthis wasn't for me I know I'm a minority again as a lot of GR friends seemed to really enjoy this I think the base premise for the book was good But I also think there was too much of certain things to make it executed just not right though There was too much sex gasp I know too much inner dialogue too much mushy inner dialogue and way too much pushing away I even disliked the h by the end Im rating it a little below 3 just okay Stars because after writing out all my issues I don't feel like I can give it But I did get it on while it was free so there is thatBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Reese and Phillip's story Phillip is struggling with his new custody of his 16 year old niece and he has Reese's sister help out when he is out of town playing away games for the professional hockey team he is on Reese owns her own dance studio and one day discovers that the closed off teen has a natural talent that she would like to work with to improve Neither Reese nor Phillip are in a place for a relationship and they give in to their attraction in a hot ONS Only the ONS ends up continuing into a friends with benefits type relationship and they eventually fall in love There is a lot of personal baggage they have to work through a good bit of hot sexy times and some super sweet momentsand they get a HFN endingPOV This alternated between focusing on Reese and Phillip in 3rd person narrativeOverall Pace of Story Not the best I skimmed some of the sex scenes and towards the very end I also skimmed some because I was over the h at that point There was a lot of what felt like repetitive inner dialogue for both mcs going on throughout and I think that alone made the book feel longer than it wasInstalove No they take a while to develop stronger feelings Instalust YesH rating 45 stars Phillip I really liked him I think because I really liked him it made it really hard for me to like the h and accept how she treated himh rating 2 stars Reese She really grated on my nerves I tolerated her pushing away for most of the book but when it got to their main conflict I was done Sadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Yes view spoiler The h pushes away for all of the book She even pushes away in the epilogue hide spoiler 4 All You Need Is Love StarsCopy gifted by Book Babes Unite Reese Allen is a 27 yr old independent single woman living in Nashville TN She has been a dancer since the age of 3 She moved to New York to follow her dreams with her dancing and then returned to Nashville after getting her heart broken Now for the last 2 years she owns runs one of the most successful dance studios in Nashville Reese is content with her life She has a job she adores a fantastic family she is close to and an active sex life to keep her satisfied She is no longer looking for her HEA She lives in the present sleeps with who she wants and doesn't let feelings get in the way She feels she isn't cut out for love marriage kids and is happy to just be the cool aunt to her sisters children Reese's sister's are married to the Titov brothers who play hockey for The Nashville Assassins so Reese is often around hot hockey players The Assassin's are like one big happy family One of the star players Phillip Anderson that is her brother in laws best friend shows up out with their mutual friends They are extremely attracted to each other Reese takes him home for one of her typical one night stands Problem is he was mouthwatering she wanted him again She couldn't get him off her mind she breaks her rules goes back for Phillip is eually as taken with Reese and they decide to do a friends with benefits kind of arrangement on the down low Phillip has been told of her reputation as a tough as nails man eater but still can't help falling for her He begins to fit into her life and she finds herself needing him having strong feelings for him as well We get some drama with Reese being scared of relationships letting anyone too close to her but eventually she just can't control how her heart wants Phillip I really enjoyed this book can't wait to read in the series So many delicious hockey players YUM D When her eyes met his he lost his breath He didn't understand the pull that had manifested between them but it scared the living shit out of him I watch you all the time I have never wanted someone the way I want you Breathless Reese smiles as she looked deep in his eyes She had never been so captured by a man So completely taken He wanted to make her laugh and give her a reason to smile Phillip felt as if his feelings for her were the real kind The genuine kind The kind that could last a lifetime She was starting to believe that kissing Phillip was as natural as breathing His kisses were swoon worthy breathtaking and something she yearned for You have me Always have Breaking Away is by far one of my FAVORITES from Toni Aleo’s Assassins series Hockey Casanova Phillip Anderson feels his world turn upside down after his sister dies and he inherits the sole custody of his niece Claire Now raising a hurt and angry teenager hell bent on making her time with him an unpleasant one and while still balancing his hockey career can he make things workWhat about when he meets Claire’s dance instructor Reese Allen and the sparks fly Can this former playboy convince this Ice ueen to take a chance on love Or will he fail trying So ReeseReese Allen knows what it’s like to have your heartbroken and torn to pieces Confident beautiful and successful Reese is a renowned dance phenomenon After all she danced professionally in New York for a prodigal dance company and highlighted as the star female dancer But when she accepts Phillip’s 16 year old niece into her dance studio little does she know that the heart works in mysterious ways Will Reese open herself to take another chance at love Or will she let her past overshadow her future My thoughts My initial thoughts when discovering that Phillip and Reese were going to be paired up were approval and glee I had already known that this book was going to be featured on Phillip and had always hoped for Reese to get bitten by the love bug so it totally worked out in my favor I mean her twin Reese is married to Phillip’s bestie Erik and if Reese ended up with Phillip it would be like best friends dating twin carbon copies of each other It works out How coolToni Aleo definitely does not disappoint readers as Breaking Away now ranks as being one of my top three biases in the Assassins series aside from Elli's and Reese's stories I really hope that there's books from this series but I don't know It is from what I know not confirmed as of yet Ig not I would love a Claire and perhaps one of Phillip’s teammates in the future That would be a riotl But I highly doubt it Soall in all assuming that this is perhaps the final book in the Assassins series then it was great while it lasted Everything does have its end so I was happy to have partaken with this journeyAWESOME JOB TONITo be released June 10th 2014 4 Or something StarsIt has been a really long time since I have read any books in this series and it took me a bit to remember characters from the other books and piece stuff together Once I was able to get into the swing of it I really enjoyed this storyline but I’m not going to lie this book seemed like it went on forever I was engaged the entire time but it was a long book Anyone that knows me knows that I love a hockey player book This was a well rounded story with plenty of sexy times friends family fun angstI will have to say that NOjust NO with the whole Kitten thing A woman should not refer to her privates as her kitten And it wasn't just one time is was many times in the book 45 I want to do you Phillip StarsOh Lordy I LOVE me some Toni Aleo hockey romance I have been following The Assassins series since she first came out with Taking Shots in 2011 I had just reluctantly received a kindle for Christmas I was one of those die hard I have to have a BOOK in my hands snobsuntil I realized there was this whole self publishing world out there with awesome stories for 099 I remember thinking wow my holier than thou paperback moment is officially overand holy shit this is the best book ever Anyway enough reminiscing about my kindle love back to this book with my new book boyfriend Phillip LOVE himI remember when she came out with the blurb on this one I wasn't all that excitedbecause Phillip was a total douchey manwhore in all of the previous books and Reese was nothing less than an uber Ice ueen sideline character that Audrey hated I didn't know how Aleo was going to pull it off especially since the last manwhore Erik has been my least favorite Aleo male to dateWell shame on me for having doubts because Toni totally pulled this one out and I loved it Phillip was to die for up there with Tate in devotion and awesomeness not Shea though nobody compares to Shea His patience with Reese and her hang ups was so great and I loved how he evolved and changed with the arrival of Claire's characterI also REALLY dug Reese It was refreshing to have the girl character be the one out there sowing her wild oats and getting herself some for once In fact Reese might officially be one of my favorite chick leads of all time now Some other fun tidbits about this read Shea was in it and the scene where he view spoilertold Phillip there are other fish in the sea Phillip said is that was people said to you and Shea said HELL no Ellie is my prized fish hide spoiler “I didn’t think I needed you” she said softly“Sometimes the things we need most are the things we think we don’t” 5 starsBreaking Away is by far my favorite book in the Assassins series so far For some stupid reason I was nervous to start reading this series again; I think I forgot just how awesome it was But from the first chapter I was hooked and couldn't stop If you've been reading the previous books you'll know that Reese is perceived as the cold hearted man eating bitch Now if you've never read this series before don't worry Reese is a very well likable character and is in fact not a bitch at all Sure she can be a bit cold to people but that's just her outer layer She's successful and is happy with the way her life is Single happy and successful Phillip is known for being uite the lady's man but recently the last thing on his mind is women His sister dies and Phillip needs to take care of his 16 year old niece She's a dramatic teenager so of course you already know she's a handful but especially because the life she lived with her mother was very bad Phillip has his hands full with trying to get Claire his niece to accept his love and make time for hockey so the last thing he expects to find is love Reece has been hurt in the past and is absolutely firm on wanting nothing then sex from men Phillip is fine with that and they agree to only hook up once and then move on But the chemistry between them is scorching and the next thing you know they're going at it every chance they can get And that's when they set up the friends with benefits rules Now I know what you're thinking what makes this book any different from the other friends with benefits romances Well for one this series is like nothing you will ever read But beside my epic love for this series and these characters I loved that Reese was 100% serious about wanting only benefits with Phillip This wasn't some stupid plot idea that was just put in so they could have a bunch of sex and boy do they and then say they love each other Reece has some legit commitment issues that do not go away easily at all No matter what Phillip tries and says she sticks to her guns and I loved it Phillip on the other hand is done with just sex with girls and wants ; but convincing Reece is his real challenge This book is filled with hot scorching sexy time and lots of angst drama and comedy to make any romance lover swoon right off her chair Reading about all the previous characters has really made me nostalgic but I loved hearing about the things going on in their lives I think it's great that despite that this book is completely Reece and Phillips book we also get great secondary character stories that keep you interested with everyone in the book Overall I have to applaud Toni Aleo on a job well done It may feel like it takes forever for her books to be released but I think the wait is well worth it I highly recommend this series to every and all romance book lovers and even though I don't watch hockey much these books make me want to become a fan asap Oh and this is pretty much my reaction when I found out that there's going to be not only another two books in the Assassins series but also a spin off series with the first book being about Claire Phillips nieceHAPPY READING