Ugly Ultrahumans #1

Ugly Ultrahumans #1[PDF / Epub] ☆ Ugly Ultrahumans #1 ✩ Niall Teasdale – Penny Worthington was a very ordinary girl in a city where people did extraordinary things Since the fifties the Ultrahumans have been making waves on both sides of the law and Penny has watched from Penny Worthington was a very ordinary girl in a city where people did extraordinary things Since the fifties the Ultrahumans have been making waves on both sides of the law and Penny has watched from the side lines since she was a child She has always been happy with that; Penny is the ugly duckling who never uite managed to turn into a swan Ugly Ultrahumans Epub / Then one Christmas Penny is given all she could dream of beauty power the ability to go out and right the wrongs she sees all around her She’s an Ultrahuman the swan she always could have been But in Millennium City where ugly is always just below the glossy surface can one swan make a difference. If you've read the other books written by Niall then you've probably noticed a theme the books are light reading the heroines build relationships with each other there are plenty of sex scenes and most of them are girl on girl You could classify Niall's stories as having LGBT themes except the stories are aimed at the male audience This book doesn't stray from others in that regard and if you liked his other books this will not disappoint My rating here is biased because I do indeed enjoy these stories What does disappoint in this book a little is that some of the events in the book appear forced because the author was trying to appeal to his audience This is where I'm going to put a few spoilers so if it's up to you to choose whether to believe me or not or read the following textview spoilerWhen the villains in the book are planning to capture the protagonist they mention getting rid of one of her important people Now as a reader at this point I suspected it would be one of four characters the protagonist's BFF the protagonist's lover protagonist's partnersidekick or protagonist's mentorinformant Logically the most obvious choice would be the BFF because she appears near the protagonist so often you would actually be able to figure out the heroine's secret identity if you snooped for a bit That is logical but would make the book tragic since there's an underlying romantic theme between the BFF and the protagonist and the BFF is a girl so the target audience wouldn't appreciate such a turn of events The next obvious choice would be the lover who is male and seems a logical character for the author to kill considering the target audience wouldn't miss him too much except it doesn't look like many people know who the protagonist's lover is The third choice is basically grasping at straws because the protagonist's partner is many times secretive than the protagonist herself is she's also a female so again not something the reader would appreciate And the final choice is the mentor who's also a female and it doesn't look like the protagonist would miss her much which basically wouldn't help the villains implement their plot I was betting on the male being killed and that's exactly what happened What would be a much better solution is if the villains would have captured the protagonist accidentally without having to kill anyone Why do I find this a better solution? Psychologically as soon as you tell the reader that someone is going to die the reader starts trying to figure out who it's going to be And in most books when it's implied that someone is going to get killed it's usually what happens If somehow that didn't happen the story would be less predictable and original And I wouldn't have any second thoughts giving it four stars hide spoiler So far Ugly Ultrahumans #1 is the first super hero fiction written by an indie author that I could read If was not for my friend Iori I would not have even glanced at Ugly let alone consider reading itDespite numerous nitpicky mistakes mostly firearms related Ugly is a decent story with well crafted characters and an interesting world Since Ugly is obviously intended as the first book in a series world building is well done and thankfully brief As Ugly takes place in a modern world familiar to most readers the author does not have to work very hard at world descriptionI do like how the author moved the story from New York City to a new city created by the author freeing him from the constraints of a known large urban area Having created his own city the author is free to populate and build it as he sees fitI like how superpowers are handled in Ugly by the author I also like the fact that despite some similarities we do not see Superman Batman or Iron Man clones The superheroes and supervillains in Ugly are rather uniueThe author’s technical skills are excellent and he makes excellent use of misdirection and foreshadowing The author kept me guessing as to the identity of the main antagonist all the way until the end which I rather enjoyedDespite how much I enjoyed Ugly there are several mostly firearm related mistakes At least the author did not display Americans as a bunch of gun toting ignorant rednecks The author did however make an inexcusable firearm mistake displaying both laziness and ignorance A simple Google search would have told the author that Glock pistols with the exception of the very most recent military contract designed ones lack a manual safetyEuropeans in general are relaxed about sex than us uptight Americans However I dislike how the MC screws around on her boyfriend despite the fact that he told he would have been ok with it after she could have slept with another woman Had the MC gotten permission before she nearly slept with the Russian super heroine I would have less problem with her choicesI dislike the fact that the MC at the start of the book is very hetero but by the end of Ugly she is definitely bisexual I am still undecided whether or not I liked Ugly well enough to buy the next book in the series I would read Ugly again but my dislike of the MC’s sexual tastes makes me hesitant I loved EVERY second of this book I loved the pacing I loved the characters I loved the chemestry I loved how people grew I loved it The only thing that I would have to say that I wished was fleshed out was the relationship between June and Penny They were best friends and they were there for each other but I just wished I had seen it grow a bit The OTHER thing I would have loved to have seen would have been of Red's and June's relationship Not the sex but the way they act around each other It's obvious that there's than just sex there due to various conversations that are had throughout the book but it's not really explored Overall at the end this was a fun read for me and I plan on picking up the rest of the series as soon as I stop being broke Another success for Niall Teasdale The Ultrahuman series promise a lot of fun Rating 30 stars If I could only use one word to describe this book it would be Tease Everything in this story was just not uite enough for me I wanted a little bit to every aspect of the story but for whatever reason the author never took that next step It kind of left me unsatisfied in the end This world has people with superpowers called Ultras Penny was just a normal person if somewhat of an ugly duckling On the way home from a Christmas party she ends up getting hit with a meteor and developing super powers The powers transform her into a blond bombshell with super strength endurance and flight She can change back to her normal self when she wants The story is her figuring out how to use her powers and trying to do good in the world Penny's roommate June is very supportive and has sort of a crush on Penny She actually is a model and they have been living together for years Now that Penny is super hot in her other form there is even sexual tension So why did I call this book a Tease? I liked the super powers but the author only touched on that topic I liked the relationship between Penny and her roommate but again he also only touched on it Penny's costume was a white thong plastic one piece bathing suit with 5 inch stiletto heals which had me thinking there was going to be sex all the time but that didn't happen either There was talk about how sexy the women were and their bodies but it very rarely lead to anything and when it did it did not go into that much detail view spoiler Penny had a bikini on that was 2 sizes too small for her that became transparent when she went into the water That was a lot of visualization that didn't really lead anywhere Hence the tease part hide spoiler Edit Reread 35 starsNot uite sure why but rereading this novel got me much better results There are still some things that don't uite fit with plotlogic but as always Teasdale's writing is solid I'll be coming back for the second novel in the series Middle of the road superhero novel 25 starsPenny Worthington is a painfully shy frumpy secretary who lives is a world where superheroes fly around and stop crimes wherever they find them Having been the eternal ugly duckling she gets hit full force one evening and goes full swan and superhero bombshell Now she can turn at will from duckling to swan she has to figure out her powers train them find allies and stop crimesIn all not a bad premise but not really all that interesting in it's execution Penny is fine as a character most of the time anyway but the world is rather bland and not that tied together as one might suspect from other Teasdale series Not bad just not all that interesting either There was a decent story here and I read the volume all the way through ButOne of the first things aspiring writers get told is to write what you know This is advice Mr Teasdale seems to have ignored on virtually every level Why would an Englishman choose to set a story in America in a completely fictitious city which doesn't feel real? Why would a male author choose to write from an entirely female perspective while leaving the gluey fingerprints of not understanding women all over the page?Setting the story in Carlisle or Newcastle; even Leeds Glasgow or Manchester would have been a better choice Not portraying all women as open to same gender sexuality would have been a better choice though gods know my life would be easier if it were true And so onSo not a horrible book but also not a great one I have read all of the Aneka Jansen series to date and have just loved it I find Teasdale knows he's writing for adults and can be a bit heavy handed when it comes to sex but I found that was not the case in this first volume of the Ultrahumans series I found this an exciting delight Yes it begins with an ugly duckling turned swan story in an alternate post apocalyptic Earth Some humans become Ultra human and have special powers depending upon their personalities Some turn to crime; others register as crime fighters Cygnus our ugly duckling turned swan seems to have unlimited powers and is only beginning to understand them She joins forces with another Ultra known as Twilight and they become an unstoppable team There are two major crime syndicates in the city of New Millennium MD It is sort of the new New York One uses Ultras and has a dark secret the other is the traditional mobster type and doesn't use Ultras in fact hates them and wants to destroy them I can't say other than the this book focuses most on Cygnus and her development and escapes from dilemmas and starts to familiarize the reader with this alternate reality and its occupants The plot is good and there is a nice cliffhanger ending setting up book 2 uite well Unlike some reviewers I find Teasdale to be fun good enough to hold my interest tightly and full of enough humor that the reader knows that they are on Teasdale's latest roller coaster ride and I like his rides very much great summer reading or wait till there are at least three volumes and set aside for a wintery weekend indoors Recommended highly FOR ADULTS ONLYThis is a credible addition to the erotica genre It is also an interesting addition to the superhumansuperhero genre The action is interesting as well as the emotional melodrama Besides two to three characters there is no credible character evolution The relationships were mostly very shallow and the ease by which sexual encounters were traded seemed eually shallow I say `mostly' becomes one or two of these relationships were very twisted and powerful in their duality All major antagonists are male though supporting antagonists could be of any gender All the major protagonists are female though supporting characters could be of any gender There is an eual amount of conflict action in this story that keeps the book moving along at a pretty good pace It only lagged in one spot that I can think about I recommend this book for those that aren't uncomfortable with women beating it out against guys and with a lot of lesbianbisexual sex Children should NOT under any circumstances be allowed to purchase this read I am not much into super heroes when it comes to reading but I liked the Sci Fi series from Niall Teasdale so I thought that I would give this one a try That would not be my favorite series for sure but it's entertaining enough to keep me interested As with other books from Teasdale there is plenty of mature comments but very limited compared to some of his other books and in any case differentiate his writing from the standard super hero fare Overall not bad at all Moving on to book 2