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Love Vengeance[PDF / Epub] ★ Love Vengeance Author Gina Danna – Amid his bloodthirsty uest for vengeance champion gladiator Marcus saves Gustina from execution only to realize his newfound love for the spirited slave might mean his own deathRome 108 AD under the E Amid his bloodthirsty uest for vengeance champion gladiator Marcus saves Gustina from execution only to realize his newfound love for the spirited slave might mean his own deathRome AD under the Emperor Trajan is the center of the civilized world It is a time of sophistication and decadence a brutal world to its conueredMarcus a Roman citizen sentenced to die as a gladiator stands accused by his wife and brother for a crime he did not commit Yet death eludes him and he rises to become champion of the sands The title he does not want He seeks revenge but his victories in the Colosseum bestow monetary rewards he can use to save a beautiful slave Gustina from certain death by the beasts She gives him a taste of love in a world full of lies betrayal and murderBut his overwhelming desire for vengeance for blood and the kill brings a higher price tag—can he satisfy the demon inside him and face the truth A truth that will kill the woman he loves. BLOOD SEX SWEAT TEARS TREACHERY This book had all of that in droves I loved it All time favorites shelfIt takes place in ancient Rome The title says it all It's a love story between Gustina the wrongly accused slave girl and Marcus the hardened gladiator I loved their love story and rooted for them every step of the wayIt was a LONG hard road for them especially as slaves in Rome Loved how Marcus slowly unfurledsigh It's also a story of vengeance because boy do some of the main characters deserve the worst There is so much backstabbing and doublecrossing that I was like wait what?Really hard to explain the plot because it definitely gets twisted as you read It kept me on my toes What a fantastic book Wow I've not read any romances set in Ancient Rome This book was eye opening The characterization and historical detail blend to make for a satisfying story all the way to the end In fact I could not predict how the author was going to give these two people their happy ever after Well done 35 StarsThis novel is a chilling depiction of life in the decadence of Rome in 108 AD It centers around Marcus a proud Roman citizen taken down by his evil ex wife and brother for their own gain Accused of treason he is sentenced to slavery but his prowess with a sword and his inner demons screaming for vengeance he becomes a very successful Gladiator He is revered for his many successes which allows him privileges of wine and women but not his freedom Gustina was born a slave knows no other life But after being falsely accused of killing her mistress she is sentenced to death in the arena by animals tearing her apart She is awaiting her death and called to the arena with the others who are to die when a dark muscled man secrets her away from the others and saves her life This man is Marcus who just may have found a reason to live This story is gritty bloody and a little graphic at times I was a little lost at first with multiple Roman names slaves and owners alike The basic story is very entertaining and has a few twists I was not expecting Gustina and Marcus seem to have an impossible love constantly being interfered with by outside influences neither have control of I found the ending very satisfyingI received this book from the publisher for an honest reviewPat Fordyce Love VengeanceBy Gina DannaMs Danna’s tale of two slaves finding love among impossible odds is a compelling read Love and Vengeance pulls the reader among the Gladiator Arena and households of wealthy Senators Ms Danna’s world building is fantastic She draws you in I could see myself sitting there among the dirt of the arena watching the fighting The slaves had little say in their lives Gustina is a passionate slave who has never felt love Marcus has only felt betrayal by those closest to him Together they find a romance that they will need to fight for They must fight not only society’s rules but their own demons I was unable to stop reading as the deviousness came into their lives to drive them apart Ms Danna’s story showed how hard life was for slaves The realism of life in Rome was tangible I wanted to scream that it wasn’t right to treat people that way Yet through it all I cheered for Marcus and Gustina to fight the odds and win If you enjoy a historical romance with passion and wonderful historical characters that will pull at your heart you must read Love and Vengeance Marcus and Gustina both stand accused of crimes they didn't commit and both are sentenced to death in the arena But as a gladiator champion Marcus demands that the condemned slave be given to him While his owner agrees to take the wayward girl he doesn't not grant the warrior ownershipLove is impossible when you are a slave and subject to the perverse whims and desires of your owners While neither Marcus or Gustina can offer fidelity they can commit their hearts to each other And it is through his love for Gustina and his skill as a fighter that Marcus devises a plan a plan that if it succeed will mean freedom but if he fails means death Heart stopping battle scenes blood pumping sexual tension all set in the backdrop of decadent and amoral ancient Rome Love and Vengeance takes the reader through every emotional combination where Danna's vivid and compelling characters are only eclipsed by the intricate twisting plot What a great powerfully emotional read I highly recommend this story Loved the story and loved the ending

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