Hold Me Under

Hold Me Under[Download] ➾ Hold Me Under ➹ Casey Renee Kiser – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Hold Me Under If Oceans Could Talk They'd Drown Hold Me Under If Oceans Could Talk They'd Drown Us Out Clairvoyance Lyrics They're so Blind Waiting for the hope thats left behind But little do they kn Hold Me Under If Oceans Could Talk They'd Drown Hold Me Under If Oceans Could Talk They'd Drown Us Out Clairvoyance Lyrics They're so Blind Waiting for the hope thats left behind But little do they know they'll sit this one out alone Who Hold Me Under The One That Kylled Me Hold Me Under The One That Kylled Me Clairvoyance Lyrics I am not the one to blame The blood is on your hands When he was on the edge i should've pushed How Hold Me Under | Expel Hold Me Hold Me ePUB ✓ Under by Expel released November Sinking down To the ocean floor As I see you afloat And I wish I'd finally drown Every night that we shared Just another weight on my limbs Let me drown The waves they turn and they twist Hold Me Under | ReverbNation Hold Me Under Metal Metalcore Post Hardcore Williamsburg KY Become a Fan Remove Fan Hold Me Under Become a Fan Remove Fan Metal Metalcore Post Hardcore Williamsburg KY Hold Me Under Metal Metalcore Post Hardcore Hold Me Under Soul Stash | Song Info | AllMusic Song information for Hold Me Under Soul Stash on AllMusic Hold Me Under by Wriddyl on Music Check out Hold Me Under by Wriddyl on Music Stream ad free or purchase CD's and MPs now on com Hold Me Under by Public Disservice on Check out Hold Me Under by Public Disservice on Music Stream ad free or purchase CD's and MPs now on com Snakadaktal Feel the Ocean Hold Me Under H Snakadaktal Feel the Ocean Hold Me Under from the album Sleep in the Water Discover Snakadaktal on SoundCloud L in Buy Hold Me Under Poems to Drown to in Buy Hold Me Under Poems to Drown to book online at best prices in india on in read Hold Me Under Poems to Drown to book reviews author details and at in Free delivery on ualified orders Paroles et traduction Alex Hepburn Under paroles de Alex Hepburn Under paroles et traduction de la chanson Don’t bury me Ne m'enterre pas Don’t lay me down Ne m'allonge pas Don’t say it’s over Ne dis pas ue c'est fini 'Cause that would send me under Parce ue cela me ferait tomber bas Underneath the ground Tomber plus bas ue terre Don’t say those words Ne prononce pas ces mots I wanna live but your words can murder Je veux. This book was a Goodreads win for me It arrived just days after I was notified with a lovely hand written notecard from Casey I think Casey's poetry strives to expose the distorted mainstream ideas of the human condition while bringing uirkiness to the truth of self reflection In my experience poetry either speaks to you or it doesn't and Casey certainly hits on all the topics rarely discussed in polite company I like her straight forward style often dark and unsettling yet with a wry my opinion sense of humor A lovely collection from Smart Girls all the way to When You Become the Rain with Tragedy Junkie I hear crystal clear happiness is just a childproof cap away and Meet Me at the Psychiatric Ward 'my I've never seen so many people who make sense' I found myself shaking my head saying yes yesThank you Casey for many memorable poems I plan to share with my Poetry Group when next we meet I really love this poetry collection It is dark and emotionally turbulent but to me that isn't depressing it is life I could relate to most of the poems maybe because I have had my own troubles with depression and anxiety or maybe just because sometimes life sucks I always have had great appreciation for poets who tell it like it is even when reality is harsh and unfairThis is a collection I will undoubtedly hang on to and read whenever I want to commiserate with someone who understands the cruelties of life I do want to say though that this collection is hopeful to me in a sense too To me it shows great resilience of spirit that someone can go through so many dark valleys and still keep going It takes an immense amount of courage to keep pulling yourself up after each fall especially when those falls seem to get deeper and darker each time you stumble This book was won through Goodreads First ReadsI was very torn on how to rate this book On the whole I did not love this book However some poems were also promising Ragdoll Holiday was probably my favorite The Anxiety Society The Day He Learned to Drown and Kiss the Modern Bride are each intriguing in their own right Each of the above references poems create provocative imagery and use language in a way that benefits the poems although there is some room for improvement There is some wit humor and absurdity in some of these poems and those with an absurd bent are ultimately satisfying than any of the outright negatively emotional poemsIn my reading there are two major shortcomings to Kiser's work One is the over reliance on generalities For example in The Day He Learned to Drown two stanzas read as followsI loved and loved him until he could see underwater I trained and trained him I broke all the rules for him The ideas of loving training and breaking rules all call on abstractions and generalities and do not help the poem to be its own inimitable work of art More interesting and evocative descriptions that avoid generalities would strengthen a good many of the poems in this bookThe second shortcoming for me was that most of these poems read like song lyrics In part this goes back to generalities In a poetry class I took the professor told the class that pop songs work by being overly general By being so general songs are able to speak to everybody That is everyone can insert him or herself into the song Generality is a uality that is not a strong suit in literature The poems also often reminded me of lyrics in their reliance on repetition to create rhymes which also did not strengthen the poemsThere were a few other nitpicky things about the book that bothered me There are a good many spelling errors and some formatting issues as well I am interested in seeing where the self publishing world will take us I think a few of Kiser's poems are doing something interesting With some revisions and the eradication of generalities Kiser's poetry will doubtlessly improve I won this as a Goodreads win Ms Kiser is an excellent poet; allow me to say it from the start Her style is endearing in a way although a good deal of the poetry itself is dark and brooding Ms Kiser has a uniue way of writing that I believe shows her to be a very promising author Her poetry struck chords within me and I found myself falling slightly in love with her despite the heated fury she shows towards the men who have wronged her I can say without uestion that Ms Casey Kiser is a sweetheart who could lay a man out dead with a few finely tuned sentences From an ARCI went back and forth on how I felt about this book as I read it I would read one line and think how cliche it was but the next line would surprise me with a witty twist I like to be surprised and I think that's what kept me reading even if it's a little simple and underwhelming at times Ms Kiser plays with rhymes and near rhymes in a way that feels fresh and never forced which is rare typically I find poems either avoid rhyme altogether or adhere to it so strictly that it suffocates the poem She's clearly very talented Waking up in the morning described as being fisted by the sun? It's exciting and real I want of that and less of Beauty is wealth of the soul It's almost frustrating to think how great this book could have been Things I would like to see in Ms Kiser's future work More imagination in the titles For the most part it seems she went with the obvious choice I want the title to add something to the poem to give me a little bit of extra insight not just be the last line or the repeated refrain As another reviewer said a lot of the writing is very general It would benefit from some crisp specificity Most of the poems that include obscenities would have been stronger without them I'm not opposed to profanity in poetry and it can be powerful if it's done right but here it didn't work Tone down the caps; I don't like to be yelled atNote to the author If you re wrote some of these as songs and pitched them to some big singers you would make a lot of money Despite the title this book was darker than I was expecting A number of the poems were little than rants on a given subject but I suppose that's true of other poets' collections as well There were a few poems in here that were like gems and that I'll likely come back to when I'm in the mood for poetry like Beauty Rarely and Promises Promises There were a few poems that felt like they were cut off to fit into the single page length of all the poemsAll in all this was a uick read with some good poems and some so so poems I think I'm just not dark minded enough to love this collectionMy thanks go to the author and the First Reads program for the opportunity to read this book This was a goodreads giveaway win for me and I'm so glad to have read these poems Reading the bio on the back cover I did put her into a country noir category mentally like Woodrell And some of them did reflect a kind of hardness or harshness that's missing from the poetry I've been reading so that was nice for a change A woman not afraid of big feelings and contradictions I dog eared 7 of the poems that really struck me on the first read but I will give them all at least one read before passing this book on to someone else A delightful book full of dark and uirky poems It's a fast read and has some poems that I will definitely reading again I received this from LibraryThing Member Giveaway for and honest review