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Batman False Faces[KINDLE] ❁ Batman False Faces Author Brian K. Vaughan – Written by Brian K Vaughan Art by Scott McDaniel Scott Kolins Rick Burchett Marcos Martin Karl Story Mark Pennington and others Cover by McDaniel Andy Owens Don't miss this hard hitting volume from aw Written by Brian K Vaughan Art by Scott McDaniel Scott Kolins Rick Burchett Marcos Martin Karl Story Mark Pennington and others Cover by McDaniel Andy Owens Don't miss this hard hitting volume from award winning writer Brian K Vaughan EX MACHINA Y THE LAST MAN Lost collecting BATMAN DETECTIVE COMICS WONDER WOMAN and BATMAN GOTHAM CITY SECRET FILES In the first of these tales of the DCU Bruce Wayne adopts the guise of Matches Malone the seedy identity he Batman False Epub / uses to infiltrate the Gotham underworld But when Matches is shot it's up to Batman to determine what really happenedand how Scarface is involved Plus in other stories Batman takes on the Mad Hatter and Wonder Woman and Donna Troy suare off against Clayface. Besides Batman Bruce Wayne has another alter ego Matches Malone a sleazy gangland informant In False Faces Bruce receives a baffling call from Oracle Matches Malone has been shot in a downtown Gotham bar Say whuuuut? Brian K Vaughan’s Batman comics aren’t half bad though unfortunately the book starts with the best stuff and get progressively worse from there I’ve always liked Matches Malone and Vaughan’s origin of how Bruce came by the persona was pretty compelling and the conundrum of how one of Bruce’s characters seemingly came to life by itself was intriguing Vaughan goes a bit too far at the end in suggesting Bruce is almost consumed by Matches’ identity I feel like his mind is stronger than that but otherwise it was a solid tale The Mad Hatter issue was very average Yet another aspect of Lewis Carroll’s fiction is realised in Gotham – I’ve never understood why Alice in Wonderland came to feature so heavily in Batman – and the Dark Knight must battle the Jabberwock Guess who wins? Snoozer snack Though Batman’s not in them I’m guessing the two Wonder Woman issues were included partly because they feature one of Batman’s rogues Clayface and partly because they were written by Vaughan and tie in to the book’s identity theme It’s a very formulaic superhero fights supervillain story I was even less interested in these issues than I was the Mad Hatter one The book closes out with the an unmemorable and tedious short story on an obscure villain imaginatively called The Skeleton again hitting the identity theme The cartoony art styles of Scott McDaniel Rick Burchett and Scott Kolins combined with Vaughan’s accessible safe and done in one writing made me think of this book as a collection of decent would be episodes from the Batman Animated Series Though it’s not too impressive and the stories’ uality is uneven you could do worse than False Faces for a Batman book – it’s an ok read and worth a look if you’re a fan of Matches Malone like me This book had some excellent stories with Batman as the cool character we all know and love The first story “Close Before Striking” brings in a thug named Matches Malone who Batman has an interesting relationship with The whole story is in this book So Yay The second story is also complete “Mimsy Were the Borogoves” It dives into a children’s novel For our third story we head to NYC and Wonder Woman She goes up against one of Batman’s adversaries She is so cool Once again the whole story is there Yay So of course I’m thinking about how much I love graphic novels because the whole story is there and it moves the story along nicely Then the last few pages happen Now I’m begging one of the cool comic book readers out there to please answer a huge uestion for mewho is Skeleton? The story is set up with him taking on the personas of The Riddler The Joker and Mr Freeze to do bad guy stuff The last bit hints that he is someone Bruce Wayne knows uite well Someone Bruce has been close to for years You’ll notice it’s not Batman he’s close to I could weep Who is this guy and what is the next book so I can read it? 🙏🏻📖 I'm not going to hold Brian to this book too much This is really early work when he was still finding his way and it shows There's some decent dialog at play but Batman doesn't sound very Batman and even Wonder Women feels off I still enjoyed it as it's a uick and easy read but at the same time I won't be remembering this much Early work from Brain is interesting because he does become my favorite writer of all time but this isn't a good showcase for him I actually read this a while ago but forgot to mark it read on Goodreads It was pretty good I ship Batman and Wonder Woman so it was nice to see them team up on a case in this Unfortunately I don't remember a lot of this so I'll just have to leave it at I enjoyed it False Faces collects a handful of early work by acclaimed writer Brian K Vaughan and while his storytelling skills were still developing at this point the combination of his narrative ideas and great artwork make this a recommended readMy favourite story was the three part tale that focused on the identities of Batman Bruce Wayne and Matches Malone The psychological aspects of the story ran a lot deeper than I was expecting and having a well written Nightwing and Oracle in the supporting cast didn't hurt either Artists Scott McDaniel and Karl Story retain the energy from their Nightwing run with Chuck Dixon and deliver the goods againThe Detective Comics Annual that follows contains a great story involving the Mad Hatter It's a little crazy but that works for both the character and Vaughan's wild ideas The Wonder Woman and Clayface two parter isn't as strong but still worthwhile and contains humour than the others Rounding out the volume is a short story that introduces an intriguing new enemy for Bruce Wayne A story that sadly wasn't continuedAlthough False Faces doesn't compare to Vaughan's later work this is the man who went on to write Saga so what would? there's still plenty to enjoy here Vaughan's magic touch is present on several occasions and considering these are the majority of the mainstream superhero stories he wrote it's definitely worth having on your shelf I uite enjoyed this to be honest Vaughan does that thing I love and don't see enough in the Batsy books I've read where instead of just telling a story he actually delves into who Bruce is as a person It's uite a crazy thing for someone to decide their best course of action would be to dress up as a giant bat and fight crime The psych major in me desperately wants to pick his brain to understand what years of that work has done to his brain The first story is mostly about Dick chasing Bruce who's devolved into of Matches Malone's personality than is entirely healthy Dick wants to make sure that he won't break his one rule and kill Scarface It's interesting and I like seeing of Dick worrying about his father There's a story about Man Bat that really just made me wonder about Bruce's philosophy on mental illness Some writers write him with sympathy and compassion for his enemies Those stories are mainly Bruce trying to get them back in Arkham where they can get the help they need Some writers write him as a bit merciless In this one Bruce basically admits that he doesn't have the patience and temperament that his father had It's interesting if a bit sadI didn't really like the Wonder Woman story But that's okay I very much enjoyed the rest of this book 25 StarsAccording to the preface of this book this is a collection of stories from very early in BKV's career The first is a three parter about one of Batman's underworld identities Matches Malone I'm not sure if this has become canon but it was interesting to find out how Batman came by this identity McDaniel's art is fine but can be a little cartoony at timesAnother story pits Wonder Woman against Clayface which BKV writes and I agree with is an interesting match up for the clay angle There are two other one shots that were so so one attempting to introduce a new villain to the gallery but apparently wasn't interesting enough to continueIt's not a bad read maybe slightly above average Bait and switch spoiler warning despite the slightly dramatic cover art Bats and WW do not team up for any ass kicking or other type of action in this book A missed opportunity to be sureThat said this is an okay collection of unrelated stories Actually the 'Matches Malone' opener was good the best in this collection it was great to see Batman briefly experiencing Donnie Brasco like identity confusion; the Mad Hatter follow up was nothing special illustrated to somewhat resemble a mediocre episode of the early 90's animated series; and the Wonder Woman segment was not bad view spoilerBoy Wonder hide spoiler Picked this up mostly because I saw Brian K Vaughan’s name on it and I enjoyed thisNever sure on how to review comics but I do love reading about the different stories that can happen with Batman and the people he works with There’s Nightwing and Barbara and seeing Nightwing reminds me I need to pick up a comic about him and read his story In this we get to see Batman turning into his alter ego Matches and making a promise that defies his moral codeThere are two stories here about Mad Hatter and Wonder Woman after the Matches Batman story which took up the most space this bind up It’s different stories and I’m still not sure if they’re linked and maybe it isn’t But I don’t like when comic books do that Suddenly a different story and different illustrators and it could be that it’s a glimpse into another bind up or series but I don’t even know if that is the case I usually read it at another time so I don’t confuse myself with the ending of the first story Brian K Vaughan is undoubtedly one of the best writers working in comics today based on this collection however it seems he is best when working with his own ideas and not existing worlds The writing here is pretty poor plots that feel either uninspired or just plain uncharacteristic for the Batman Dialogue verges on the painful at timesThank god for Saga and Paper Girls to name a few

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