The Swallow: A Ghost Story

The Swallow: A Ghost Story[Read] ➪ The Swallow: A Ghost Story By Charis Cotter –  In 1960s Toronto two girls retreat to their attics to escape the loneliness and isolation of their lives Polly lives in a house bursting at the seams with people while Rose is often left alone by he A Ghost eBook ↠  In s Toronto two girls retreat to their attics to escape the loneliness and isolation of their lives Polly lives The Swallow: PDF \ in a house bursting at the seams with people while Rose is often left alone by her busy parents Polly is Swallow: A Ghost MOBI ò a down to earth dreamer with a wild imagination and an obsession with ghosts; Rose is a uiet ethereal waif with a sharp tongue Despite their differences both girls spend their days feeling invisible and seek solace in books and the cozy confines of their respective attics But soon they discover they aren't alone they're actually neighbors sharing a wall They develop an unlikely friendship and Polly is ecstatic to learn that Rose can actually see and talk to ghosts Maybe she will finally see one too But is there to Rose than it seems Why does no one ever talk to her And why does she look so ghostly When the girls find a tombstone with Rose's name on it in the cemetery and encounter an angry spirit in her house who seems intent on hurting Polly they have to unravel the mystery of Rose and her strange family before it's too late. It’s best going into this book knowing nothing Unfortunately I knew too much going in and almost waited years to read it so I’d forget Actually I did sort of forget or rather I couldn’t remember which of three specific scenarios was part of the reveal I’m grateful that I had to figure out some of the mystery as I was reading I don’t normally like ghost stories but I really liked this one I also liked the two main girl characters and their friendship story and I appreciated that they were readers I enjoyed the scenes in the library and the references to stories the girls were reading This story is both sad and fun I’d probably have loved it when I was about 10 years old or so Figuring out what’s going on is entertaining All of the characters are interesting I do think the ending felt rushed I longed for one specific scene but maybe that was the point? I was left feeling a tad melancholy but in a way it was a comforting book an almost joyful book Set in Toronto's Cabbbagetown in 1963 with a wonderful sense of place but perhaps at times a trifle too non specific a sense of time and popular culture Charis Cotter's The Swallow A Ghost Story features as double protagonists two young girls who although they both initially believe the other to be a ghost soon become best friends and indeed one of the two girls actually does end up really being a bona fide departed spirit and I for one have most certainly been much surprised not only that one of the two main characters actually was a ghost actually was deceased throughout the entire storyline of The Swallow A Ghost Story but also who of the two girls the departed spirit has ended up in fact Nd actually being Now the two main characters of The Swallow A Ghost Story Polly and Rose are presented and depicted by Charis Cotter as being kindred spirits and no pun is intended here but also as hailing from very different types of families Polly's family her father is a United Church minister is large and boisterous with both biological and foster siblings for Polly who tends to feel invisible and sometimes even cast aside and actually her greatest wish and desire is to meet and talk to a real ghost or to encounter someone who has experienced meeting and talking to a spirit whereas Rose is the only and generally very lonely child of busy and business oriented parents and who has in fact and indeed spent her entire life trying to ignore the many ghosts she regularly does see and who also always seem to want her help and support in some way However even though Polly and Rose are from different backgrounds they both do eually share feelings of intense loneliness to the point of feeling that they are nobodies that nobody really cares for them or seemingly wants them The Swallow A Ghost Story alternates between Rose's and Polly's first person narratives and while the chapters are for the most part short and concise Charis Cotter has always and fortunately appreciatively managed to create right from the onset of The Swallow A Ghost Story two very distinct main protagonists with eually distinct and personal voices in other words one is always entirely sure that when Polly is narrating she is herself and when Rose is narrating she is herself with no wishy washiness and no confusion as to who might be speaking And while from a realism point of departure I should probably find Polly believable and personally relatable than Rose with her gift or curse of being able to see and talk to ghosts and her many family secrets if truth be told Rose actually feels a bit like me spiritually a bit akin to me than Polly and no indeed I do not and have never seen ghosts I just feel that on an emotional level Rose feels just a wee bit closer to me and my way of seeing the world although Polly is also a beautifully depicted and intensely likeable very much lovable character While The Swallow A Ghost Story most definitely does feature and show than a goodly number of departed spirits and is often genuinely spooky and a creepy and with some very much angry ghosts who are in sad circumstances but still of course dangerous this novel is also and importantly not just some tale of gratuitous horror and mayhem but basically a lovely and often sweetly tender family story of friendship of loneliness of finding one's voice and of how long buried family secrets can have a devastating effect on future generations And albeit that the ending of The Swallow A Ghost Story has definitely been rather a major surprise and not what I was at all expecting in many ways it has also been both satisfying and emotional although I do personally wish that Rose and Polly's friendship had been shown as enduring not only as fond remembrances but with the two girls remaining real flesh and blood friends forever even though one of them has turned out to be a departed spirit but I am not going to tell who as that would love indeed be too much of a spoiler This was a very enjoyable ghost story I read this as a read aloud and we both agreed we found it much enjoyable than Ghost Road also by this authorThis is a book best read not knowing anything about the story There's a lot of things to guess about and it was fun to speculate what was happening We guessed early on but it wasn't obvious what was going to happen and the way it was revealed was an interesting part of the story When you know what has happened certain details then make senseThe friendships in this story were lovely the two girls relationships and some examples of touching sibling affection Some parts were uite humorous some parts uite melancholy but all of the book was enjoyable and interesting and really kept us guessingWe loved the parts describing the girls making reading corners in their attics what a lovely idea having a secret place that you can escape to to read in peace I want one There's something really attractive about attics especially in stories it makes me think of the Magician's Nephew The Little Princess and probably many An attic is a great setting for a story and this one is no exception I loved this book Thank you to Lisa for the recommendation and Gundula for seconding itThis is such a beautiful story about friendship and family with elements of the supernatural and mystery The friendship that develops between two girls Rose and Polly who are so different in temperament and come from such different families one is an only child and one has six siblings is a lovely story on its own The girls each have their adolescent worries stress and loneliness and their friendship blossoms as they attempt to solve a mystery a mystery that concerns an angry ghost The ghostly elements can be hair raising but never over the top frighteningI loved the lovely cover illustration of the two girls and it is evident that the illustrator read the book and absorbed the details of the story which takes place in the 1960s Each of the five parts is prefaced by a poem the first by Ella Wheeler Wilcox entitled The Ghosts and the other four by Alfred Lord Tennyson including the last one entitled O Swallow Swallow the swallow being significant in the story Rose's story is one of loneliness as her parents ignore her and she thinks no one else can see her except the ghosts Polly on the other hand has too much activity in her home and she feels alternately ignored or picked on Rose and Polly both need and become close friends I was engrossed in the mystery and absorbed in the stories of two very different families families that each expressed their love in different ways Polly's younger twin brothers whom she labels the Horrors become a heartfelt and tender part of the story toward the end I was unprepared for the ending which was both heartbreaking and life affirming Have a hanky readyDo I believe in ghosts? Yes I do although I have never seen one I have felt the presence of my loved ones when I think of them or say their names and I believe that bonds exist between this world and whatever comes next Even though sad this book is ultimately a comforting and lovely read for ages ten and up This is a book I wish I would have read when I was ten Like every book that I drag ass on to read this was pretty amazing I always have books that I'm dying to read and then leave them hanging for a good 6 months The Swallow is a middle grade paranormal book about two little girls I think they are 12 or so One girl is named Polly the other is RosePolly is a feisty girl Out of 7 kids she is the one that feels left out She always feels invisible You would think in a household the size of hers there would be people to talk to Her older sisters are obnoxious her twin brothers Matthew and Mark she calls the Horrors never leave her alone and then there is Susie the babyShe is a contradiction She wants her parents to pay attention to her but she doesn't want attention from her siblings She wants peace and uiet One day she finds out that inside her closet is the trapdoor to the attic She crawls up there to hide from her terrible 8 year old brothers and hears singingRose is practically the complete opposite of Polly She is an only child Home alone the majority of the time Everyoneteachers kids at school even her parents ignore her She IS invisible She tends to hide in the attic when she feels sad and lonely One day while she is up thereshe hears a ghost Not a ghost she can seebecause she always sees ghosts ever since she can remember but a invisible ghostThe two girls get to talking and realize they are both not ghosts and that they share a wall in between their atticsThis is their story Rose telling Polly how seeing ghosts is miserable and Polly being super excited that Rose can see ghostsThis book is split up into two POV's so you get a chance to hear both girls stories almost simultaneously The story goes in one POV say Polly's and then it switches to Rose so you hear her inner thoughts and what she thinks about what Polly is saying I've never read a story like that and loved it Everything gets covered that way and we know exactly how each girl is feeling at all timesThis book could be considered slow in the fact you don't find out the truth until the very end But I loved the pacing I only barely figured it out a few chapters before the reveal I even got misty eyed toward the endI great middle grade about friendship courage and ghosts D 45 stars Release Date September 9th Arc provided by Tundra Books through NetgalleyThings you should know about this story Incredibly addictive once you start it I dare you to stop reading itThe beginning is pretty much perfect We are given a plot that starts with a very likeable heroine and a small insight into her less than perfect life Polly is a young girl on the verge of teenagehood and it shows There’s no place for me I’m getting sueezed out of my own house My parents want to save the world and they’re doing it one unwanted kid at a timeTold in dual points of view The Swallow is a story about two girls that live next door to each other each of them with their own very different livesRose is the uiet girl the one that feels abandoned by her parents and basically ignored by the rest of the world If only the ghosts that she sees would behave in the same fashion her life would be much bearablePolly is a force of nature She is lively with a large and what she feels as imposed family and unlike Rose she would love to see a ghost This a story about friendship and how friendship can make you stronger Once these two find one another their lives will never be the sameThe writingI can't help but recurring to a cliché to define it Engaging witty and conciseWith its first phase see phrase copypasted above we are immediately thrown into the story The author knows what she's doing and she caught the story's tone perfectlyIf this were a song Adele would be singing itBy having two very different heroines the author was able to lets say lift the story's natural bleakness Rose who has been haunted all her life by ghosts carries this unbearable weight and this dark cloud with her She feels as if they want to drain her of her life force And we feel this while reading itThe atmosphere of the setting is just rightBut then comes Polly curious Polly who would love nothing than to see ghosts and someone that in the end is able to change the way Rose feels about her gift or curse Polly with her red coat and her enthusiasm for life someone who despite all that takes place in the end is able to keep the narrative grounded in the everyday lifeThe mysteryVery well done I take my hat to the author ;Of course I am not going to reveal it lol So you can keep on reading this reviewI am just going to say that I kept piling all the clues in my head and trying to figure it out I knew that most probably I was being directed in the wrong direction seeing the movie The Sixth Sense did wonders for my investigative skills lol and something kept telling me that the egg incidentread the book was important but I just couldn't figure it outHmppf who am I kidding?I couldn't figure it out until it was almost spelled out to meFirst I thought it was the obvious onethen I thought it was both of themthen the least likely of thembut the twins DECEIVED ME oOArghhhSo yes as you can read I loved this storySo why not five star rating?Because I can't help feeling that the girls pov's should have been longer They kept changing too often and there was a moment in which I couldn't help feeling that they were disrupting the story's flowBesides that I will say it again I loved reading this story And I am really happy that I reuested and most importantly that I was granted access to read itThank youI've just added another book to my to buy list oOSeptember is going to be a disaster Meanwhile I will try to restrain myself from doingthisto my friends ; I really needed this book It was the one to break me out of a book slump It grabbed my attention and had a twist that I didn't see coming I cared about all of the characters and I enjoyed the storylineI didn't uite get a feel for the time and place the setting of the book but since it was than strong in the characters and story of the book it didn't bother me too much That being said I think that there were some very unnatural lacks of communication and some scenes that didn't make sense in real life but that had to happen to keep the twist from being too obvious too soon Also at least one vivid scene seems to be out of place in the timeline of the twist Other than those uibbles I did enjoy the book 35 stars rounded down to 3 because while I did really enjoy it and it was the book that broke me out of my slump it didn't knock it out of the park for me I do think middle readers will enjoy this book especially if they like ghost stories and mysteries I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone My thanks to NetGalley and Random House of Canada LimitedTundra Books for an eARC copy of this book to read and review This review and others posted over at my blog Set in Canada in the 1960s Polly and Rose meet after Rose’s parents move to the other side of the two family home Rose attends private school where she’s largely unnoticed by classmates and teachers alike Her parents are almost never home working hard for the sock company that her grandfather founded Rose deals mostly with the housekeeper Kendrick who barely speaks to her leaving Rose feeling justifiably isolated and alone seldom speaking or even eatingPolly on the other hand can’t get a moment alone in her house She has an older sister and two younger twin brothers as well as three foster sisters Her parents seem to have no time for her as they’re busy working and keeping up with the rest of the family Polly escapes to a room in the attic desperate for some time to herself though her little brothers know just where she’s hiding when she hears singing coming from the other side of the attic After constantly wishing for an adventure like she reads about in books Polly believes that the voice she hears is coming from a ghostThe girls form an unlikely friendship after much resistance on Rose’s part Polly while obnoxious in her persistence in believing Rose is a ghost is utterly charming I enjoyed how each girl’s life delved into how loneliness can manifest and affect us all differently It added emotional depth to the fantasy plot and a uote I found especially moving comes from Polly in reference to her mother always being busy with the other children“She always thinks I can manage but sometimes I need her and she just isn’t there”There’s a bit of mystery involving Rose’s family history nice little rhyme there and an actual ghost in the story as well The story is told in short little chapters one or two pages or so from each girl’s point of view They often pick up where the other’s narration leaves off and it kept the plot moving forward while the two perspectives kept me trying to figure out what was actually going onThe end was somewhat predictable yet as the story moved towards its close it began to have a bigger impact on me The I thought about everything that had happened the moved I was and this book definitely made me cry There’s certainly a somewhat uplifting message contained in this ghost story but I’ll be honest this book made me depressed But that’s a good thing I’m always going on about books that get me going emotionally and I love anything that has such a deep impact on meI 100% recommend this story and I’m excited about Cotter’s next release in 2018 If you like your middle grade with a darker tone but emotional depth I think you’ll enjoy The SwallowI received this book for free from LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review All opinions in this post are my own I loved The Swallow A Ghost Story It ticks a lot of my personal boxes I grew up adoring ghost stories so I identified with the plucky Polly who wants nothing than to see a wandering spirit On the other hand I was a rather morose child so I also identified with the sombre Rose who feels like a ghost because no one in her family seems to talk to her any I normally don't read children's fiction but this one drew me in right away It's set in Toronto my home town so I recognized many of the settings the eerie Necropolis cemetery the Bloor viaduct many of the street names I love how the author weaves this tale and the reader is never uite sure if Rose is alive or dead The ending was perfect or at least it felt perfect to me This book delivers on sweetness and the friendship factor and I loved these two girls Happy ending? Well that depends on your perspective but from the beginning the reader knows something is amiss between Polly and Rose and the spirits haunting Rose's home I found it a satisfying conclusion and I'd be pleased to read of Charis Cotter's work If you like upper middle grade books read this You don't have to like ghost stories or be into historical fiction it takes place mostly in autumn 1963; it has universal appeal Do not reread blurbs or reviews just take our words for it and read the lovely entertaining story about friendship family grief and hopeIf your library doesn't have it don't buy it yourself Instead ask for them to buy it so other children families get a chance to read it too