Dead Lil Hustler

Dead Lil Hustler[BOOKS] ⚣ Dead Lil Hustler Author Victoria Houston – It's mid July in Loon Lake and Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris has her hands full with the discovery of the skeletal remains of a missing bank executive and the murder of graduate student To complicate m It's mid July in Loon Lake and Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris has her hands full with the discovery of the skeletal remains of a missing bank executive and the murder of graduate student To complicate matters both victims were discovered on a hidden river deep in the national forest a place that just so happens to be a dangerous wolf rendezvous site Lew recruits her close friend and fellow flyfisherman retired dentist Doc Osborne for his forensic and interrogation skills But Doc has his own set of problems to worry about his grandson is Dead Lil eBook Ç hospitalized with a grave illness and now Lew seems to be getting too interested in the father of the murdered student a well to do widower who is teaching her the Japanese art of tenkara flyfishing. #14 in the Loon Lake series set in small town in the northwoods of WisconsinAnother cozy mystery that Victoria Houston does not disappointFun and charming with a cast of unconventional characters 34 stars Another great story Blah uck Why do I keep reading these; oh yea because my mom reads them and gives them to me for free; oh yea and I live in Wisconsin too These books started out very good; but they have become pretty bad They have a set formula and are only a few hundred pages of very large print not uite true large printThere couldn't be anyone left alive in the real town of Loon Lake after 14 installments and multiple murders in each book This one is actually a tiny bit better than the previous one because the plot is slightly plausibleIf you have not read any of these consider volume 1 5; but don't spend money on anything past there Wolves are killing dogs in the woods and Doc's little grandson Cody is in the hospital with meningitis and they don't know if he will make itA young scientist is killed while practicing the art of tenkara Japanese fly fishing and the body of a snowmobiler is found with a bullet hole in his helmet While he is visiting Cody in the hospital an obnoxious bank owner is asking Doc a lot of uestions about what they found in the woods Why is he so interested Another fun romp clean humor and good plot Love the Loon Lake seriesIf you live or lived in northern Wisconsin and enjoy a fun mystery without vulgarity this series is great Good plot v abd the characters are always surprising and pretty normal for the Northwoods I know I grew up there Llewellyn Ferris and her team have to figure out what's going on after the discovery of a skeleton in the forest plus a murdered student Both were found in a section of forest that's a wolf rendezvous site They also take time to learn Japanese fly fishing from the father of the studentGood story When I need to read something comfortable I pick up one of these Love the characters great mysteries which take place in and around the great outdoors Love to fish Another welcome side story to the novel summer can't remember the murder but the grandson had meningitis realistic Good uick read slightly predictable My ReviewDead Lil' Hustler by Victoria Houston A Loon Lake Mystery #144 STARSI believe this is book #14 in the series I have only read three of them so far They have lots of fishing in the books Interesting characters that I like and want to know about Clean read full of drama some action and humor Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris is one of the main characters She is single and fly fisherman Her close friend is Doc OsborneDoc Osborne is a retired Dentist He is a widower He also helps out when the town coroner can't make it He has picked up Fly fishing since his wife's diedDoc Osborne is watching his sick grandchild when he realizes that he is really sick and rushes him to hospital They don't know if he will get betterRay is a old familiar character He has a lot of the humor in the book He is also a fishing and hunting guide He also helps out Police Chief Lewellyn when she needs him He likes to wear a hat with a fish on itLew gets called out for a dead body in a remote area of woods Then she has a report of a college youth missing in the same area Also FBI Agent shows up in her town A busy time for herthe setting is Loon Lake a small town Lots of fishingThe pace is steady building up to all the action It is a fast easy readIf you enjoy fly fishing I am sure you will enjoy that part of the book than I did It does make you want to be outdoors enjoying the peace I loved reading about the wolves packs in the area Though I did not realize how many dogs they can killI like this series of books and would read of them in the futureI was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review of it Received book through Net Galley