Overwhelmed by You (Tear Asunder, #2)

Overwhelmed by You (Tear Asunder, #2)➶ [Read] ➲ Overwhelmed by You (Tear Asunder, #2) By Nashoda Rose ➾ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Love is ugly and secrets will destroy you KAT I don’t beg I don’t cry And I don’t give second chances Ream the lead guitarist of the rock band Tear Asunder deserves a gold medal for best dick mo Love is ugly and secrets will destroy you KAT I don’t beg I don’t cry And I don’t give second chances Ream the lead guitarist of the rock band Tear Asunder deserves a gold medal for best dick move ever when he ran the moment he discovered my secret after two days of hot sex Then he brings some chick to my coming home party from the hospital—after being shot I hate him Until Ream’s six foot two frame unfolds out of the car Overwhelmed by PDF/EPUB ² after being gone on tour for eight months I stared And in my defense any girl would stare It would almost be rude not to because Ream was the type of guy who stood out Not because he was loud and obnoxious No it was because he was the complete opposite Subtle and dangerously uiet If he spoke you’d better hope he liked you because otherwise you’d be falling at his feet begging for mercy Except me I don’t beg—ever But when our eyes locked it was Ream’s steady confidence that had my nerves shooting off like jet sprinklers Then Ream told me he didn't need a second chance because he was still working on his first REAM Sex is ugly It’s using someone for your own narcissistic pleasure I did it but hated it—until her She was unexpected Then I had to wreck our beginning with my screwed up past I don’t deserve her but I’m selfish and I’m taking her anyway This is who I am and it’s too late to change me Warning contains violence sexual content and coarse language Some scenes may be triggers Mature audiences Tear Asunder series With You Tear Asunder Torn from You Tear Asunder Overwhelmed by You Tear Asunder Word count Standalone novel. 5Broken Stars “Baby you’re the safest place I’ve ever been You’re the only place I’ll ever belong” “And you belong with me You’re fuckin’ mine Kitkat” Ream Overwhelmed by you is definitely a perfect title for this book I was extremely overwhelmed by the time I ended this book in a good way of course I still feel like my chest hurts and trying to wrap my mind to what I read The thing is Nashoda’s writing will do that to you She will get you all excited and when you least expected BOOM shit gets real and your heart starts to sink Then she wraps everything up so nicely When I was done I was stunned by how amazing this story was We met Ream and Kat on book one Ream was a lead guitarist in a rock band Tear Asunder and Kat was Emily’s best friend Ream doesn’t date he is not interested on long relationships However two weeks of bonding as friends with Kat and couple of nights having wild sex with her made him change his mind about dating When he found Kat was ill with a diseased called MS He freaked out and walked out on her Kat was Sassy and strong she wore a mask of strength because she didn’t want anyone to know about her MS she didn’t want anyone’s pity She was an artist who lives at the Ranch Logan bought for Emily They they keep horses that Emily rescues there She helps with the horses and she paints them When she hooked up with Ream she didn’t mean to tell him about her MS he accidently found out about it and he walked out on her She decided that she will never give second chances and didn’t need that bad ass rock star in her life anyway To her it was just “sex” to get the tension out of her system at least that’s what she thought She still felt something for him even after not seen him for two years and eight months When they did saw each other all they did was just fight and argue with each other all the time The band comes back from their eight months tour and she realized Ream was her poison she was about to see him again and she didn’t know what to do No matter what she did she couldn’t get him off of her system She started dating another guy just to forget about him but that didn’t seem to help When Ream comes back he realized he fucked up by walking out on her after freaking out about her MS deceased Ream had a dark past and he was having a hard time accepting Kat’s deceased because he was scared he was not good enough to help her and save her from it He comes back determined to get her back and start again But Kat has a hard time letting him in again The fighting and sexual tension between these two was ridiculous I loved every minute of it “I want us back And I’ll take you any way I can have you Even if it’s just friends Kat I’ll take it—for now of course But the constant anger and pain we’re causing one another is destroying our beginning and our beginning was something fuckin’ special” Ream “I’ve never been the same” My breath hitched “What?”“After we were together Something changed in me and I’m not going back I like the change And I miss the woman who gave it to me I’m not talking just about the sex Kat It was before that”Ream Kat finally gives in after Ream kidnaps her for few days and makes her understand how much she means to him I was so excited it was super HOT Ream was so primal and freaking possessive I loved it Their sex was so HOT I mean freaking hotness ”When Ream kissed me he took and I crumbled Maybe that was part of the issue With Ream I felt like I lost my strength I became his” Kat ”He pushed into me hard then slowly withdrew and then shoved inside me again Over and over until I panted and clenched at every part of him He grabbed my thigh that I’d locked around his waist fingers bruising my flesh as he thrust harder faster deeper” Kat They go back to the ranch where Kat lives and everyone is happy that the fighting has finally stopped and they are getting their shit together to be with each other Nothing ever last thought because right after that shit goes crazy Kat finds Ream cheating on her and I was freaking angry madly upset After all he did to get her back what the fuck??? But then his past comes back and it was darkOMG so dark I never saw it coming I knew something bad happened to him but never could I have ever imagine how bad and how broken he was I was speechless and I wanted to smash shit My anxiety levels where up in the sky Kat was abducted by some people from Ream’s past There was a bitch that was obsessed with Ream and was going to take him no matter what Ream chose to go to her in exchange for Kat’s safety I couldn't believe what happens next holy shit it was crazy That crazy woman deserved what she got but gawd I was freaking out the entire time for my poor Ream like seriously what was wrong with this bitch? So yeah what happened was awesome lol When they finally got away and back to safety the Ranch of course I was finally able to breathe and was so happy how this ended The ending was just perfect and I couldn't help wanting of this author If you haven’t read this series I extremely recommend it You need to meet all the members of the Rock Band “Tear Asunder” BOOK SERIES ORDER I can’t freaking wait for of these boys ”I was his He was a little screwed up but so was I and he was mine Ream had been mine since the beginning and it took us getting back to our beginning to find our way back to that”Kat ”Our fingers interlocked—just like we were Like we’d always be The broken lock with the damaged key now fit together We’d opened one another up and it was beautiful” Kat ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Nashoda you ROCK 45 Beautiful STARSI can’t say enough about this series It’s one that’s been on my Kindle for ages and I have no clue why I didn’t read these sooner If you have them on your e reader you must read them NOWThis was Ream and Kat’s story We know from the first book that these two hit it off brilliantly almost three years ago and then a misunderstanding tanked their chances instantly From that point on they only had nasty things to say to one another despite the intense feelings they still had for each other I had a low opinion of Ream at the end of the first book despite how hot he was He showed up with a girl the day Kat came home from the hospital after having been shot Needless to say this book is about second chances things not always appearing the way they seem and two broken individuals finding strength in each otherJust loved loved loved Kat and Ream While I didn't find this one as shocking as Emily and Logan’s story it’s still dark disturbing and shows us a slice of the dregs of society Ream and Kat are hot hot hot together and sweet and tender they are also so vulnerable and damaged Letting secrets and demons build walls between them and ways for others to tear them apart Ms Rose is gifted at weaving a dark and spellbinding story of real lovable and broken characters that have to fight the darkness to find their HEA I highly recommend this series and this book I'm onto Crisis' storyFor reviews and blog posts 4 Overwhelming StarsAnyone else think this was going to be your typical every day romance?? You know where the guy and the girl hook up break up and one of them spends the rest of the book denying their feelings for the other one Only to finally get their shit together in the end and get back together? Anyone?Don't get me wrongall of that happened plus a whole lot of crazy That last 30%damn I'm exhaustedIt all happened so fast I'm not even sure it made sense So Overwhelmed is Kat and Ream's story who we met in Torn And let's face it Reambut color me shocked I liked Ream A lot He was possessive bossy and protective Kat was sassy and mouthyand it was annoying at times especially in the beginning Kat and Ream get close during the time that Emily was missing from Torn They become friends and then hook up Ream's past was dark and ugly and dirty and it affected his relationships He didn't like to be touched and sex was just an act for him He didn't enjoy it Until Kat What I feel isn't normal Kat It's fucked up because I'm fucked up Assumptions and accusations tear Ream and Kat apart before they even have a chance to see what was going on between them Okay I could have sworn that Kat's big secret from Torn was that view spoiler she was pregnant hide spoiler 5 twistedly sweet stars Baby I love you for you And I love who I am with you Ream and Kat shared something special friends who shared a night to remember only for Ream to mess it up and run away Two years eight months later he's back in her world; the band is staying at the farm house while they record their newest album and while Ream seems like a changed man Kat has moved on to someone safer and nice All he needs to do is remind her just how good it is between them You don't like nice Kat Doesn't do anything for that sassy attitude of yours You'll be bored with his nice but tryand know when his nice doesn't do anything for you I'll be waiting He lowered his voice But baby I know what makes you wet and it isn't nice Once the trust is ruined it's hard to get back it needs to be earned again but to earn it Ream must break down the wall and go back in time to the dark place he never wanted to go again but for Kat he'd do anything for her even face his demons Bidding his time and showing her they are than just sex and lust reminding her of where they began and where they need to go Second chances are for when you're done with the first I wasn't done I'll never be done I don't need second chances beautiful Not with you You're my first chance And fuck if I love my first chance There is a darkness in Ream one he hides well but Kat shines bright enough to pull him out and make him want to be a better man As tough and sassy as Kat is he sees right through her knowing the things she doesn't want people to see or know He's in it for the long haul and nothing absolutely nothing will stand in his way He will protect her support her and stand by her side no matter what Whatever damaged key he used Ream was already inside me and it fit We fit Overwhelmed By You was a perfect read for me a tortured sweet alpha hero who loved with all that he was and a sassy heroine that loved him too much that she scared herself But with Ream there was no way she could have stayed away too long he was thoughtful and protective adventurous and caring loving and playfulhe was everything she needed and I fell head over heels for him I wanted to wrap him up in a hug and never let go His past is crazy and all sorts messed up and for him to be the man he is today amazing This is than just a love story there are a lot of dark triggers and topics in here that many might not enjoy reading about Although Ream is the lead guitarist the whole rock star lifestyle took a back seat similar to the first there are other pressing elements that need to be told Truly enjoyed this sultry sweet twisted read I can't believe I put it off for so long but what matters is I read it and I loved it I can't wait for what else is in store because there was an eually juicy story in the works throughout this read ARC kindly provided by Nashoda Rose via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication ARC provided by the Author via NetGallery 5 OH MY GOD HE'S BROKEN WHO KNEW HE WAS GOING TO BE THIS FUCKING BROKEN?????? STARS For a few weeks Kat Ream had something good something better than good A friendship flirtation and eventually one amazing night But that's were the good ended and it all turned to shit Unable to remain in the same room together without hurting each other things aren't expected to change after he returns from the band's tour but they do slowly I mean it Kat Friend girlfriend or my fuckin' wife I don't want you walking away from me when some other chick is vying for my attention because no matter what we are you are important than them For Ream sex was never something that held beauty it was ugly It was purely a release and a way to gain control until her He wants that he wants her back But for Kat second chances don't exist In one moment months ago Ream proved what she feared most She can't listen to his excuses and apologies but she can't seem to escape the way her heart races when he looks at her You make everything ugly inside of me beautiful Kat Ream had already failed Kat once leaving her when she needed him most A mistake he isn't going to make again When events occur that give Ream a chance to make up for his mistake he's not going to let his past mess it up again Getting her to see that he isn't going to back down until she's his proves to be a much harder task then he expected But just as Kat comes around his past returns ready to ruin everything I was dying to find out what had happened between Kat Ream at the end of TFY to cause such animosity between these two my mind was a mess of conspiracies and crazy story plots getting to the truth was something that I was dying to do I had no idea that I was going to get such a broken boy out of Ream God do I love them damaged Ream is the poster boy for fucked up and I loved every second of it Nashoda took us to a dark place with Logan's story and even though Ream is not rainbows and sunshine we don't get that kind of dark romance with Kat Ream I love the spin that she took with this story 100% unexpected Then throw in the mix of the rest of the gang who were able to shine a little brighter and who we get to know a little about and then my ultimate Deck Fuck me that boy is mine I love the way Nashoda writes her stories The men are complete alphalicious and her heroines are a bit on the insecure stubborn side but not so much that you don't love them The ending of this story gives us the perfect start to Crisis's story for the third in the Tear Asunder series but first we get to dive into Perfect Chaos with Deck Georgie's story as the Unyielding series kicks off Deck briefly makes an appearance in OBY and it just made me love him even That man stole my heart in an instant and although each of these guys rank among my favorites there is just something about him that stuck with me from the startWhen I stumbled across this author I fell instantly for the blurb of her book and was eually blown away by the story she told I expected nothing less than loving this book when I started it It was than I could have asked for If you have not yet read this series fix it like right now Logan was perfect Ream was amazing and Crisis Kai are bound to be fanfuckingtastic In one series you get so much not just a rock band that is filled with eye candy but dark and broken romances that fully grab your attention from page one only to leave you wanting ★★★★ 4 'Overwhelming' Stars We detonate the second we touchYeah in flamesNo into shrapnel From the moment I met Kat and Ream in the first book of the series I've been interested and highly anticipating their story They seemed to have so much history already and I couldn't uite figure out what happened that would cause so much tension between them The first book in this series Torn from You was one of my favorite darker reads of last year and once again Nashoda Rose delivers a captivating heart wrenching and unputdownable read that kept me on the edge of my seat until the final pageWARNING Review contains SPOILERS for those who haven't read book 1 in the series yetAt the beginning of the story Kat and Ream have been living at the farm for about two weeks and they've just started to become a bit than just friends But Ream doesn't do relationships and he makes it painfully obvious to Kat that despite his inner feelings for her there's never going to be between them They get into a fight and shortly after Ream leaves on tour with his band Tear Asunder Now approx two years later Ream's back for good and he's again staying at the ranch Obviously this causes a lot of trouble and sexual tension between him and Kat They still have unfinished business They both said hurtful things to each other and Ream is determined to fix things and find out if there's really a possibility of a future between them Kat is the first woman that makes him feel anything in the first place She's the first one that can make him forget the painful memories of his sordid past You make everything ugly inside me beautiful Kat Even though Kat tries to fight it she too feels something for Ream and after a while she decides to give them another shot In the meantime their witty banter sure made for some entertaining conversations and steamy scenesAnd just when I thought things were going to be okay something else happened that threw all my expectations out the window The final 25% of the story were the most action filled and suspenseful and they made it seem like nothing was ever going to be alright again Ream's past is so much complicated than I thought and finding out all the details really made me feel so sorry for him They showed just how strong he really was for having overcome those events and for having found the power to move on with his life Second chances are for when you're done with the first I wasn't done I'll never be done I don't need a second chance beautiful Not with you You're my first chance Overall I really enjoyed reading Kat and Ream's crazy beautiful story At the beginning of the book I wasn't that big a fan of Kat and Ream seemed like just another rock star man whore but I couldn't have been wrong about them They both made so much progress throughout the story and despite their own personal demons they complimented each other perfectly It was fun catching up with Sculpt and Emily and all the other side characters and I'm already looking forward to the next part of this series Baby you're the safest place I've ever been You're the only place I'll ever belong And you belong with me ARC courtesy of the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 4 Holy Crap that last 30% Stars Whatever damaged key he used Ream was already inside me and it fit We fit The absolute second I read about Ream in Torn from You I knew I had to get my hands on his book him immediately I mean the guy was a royal dick An asshole An utter and complete assholeWhich only meant that I feel for him that much harder Yes the of an asshole they are the they make my pervy little heart go all pitter patter It's a condition We've been over this I've accepted it Let's move onAlthough this could be read as a standalone I highly recommend reading the first book in the series as it will help paint a stronger picture of the couple I was hoping that this would pick up somewhere in the middle of what happened in the last book simply because I would have loved to have Ream's POV on some of the things that took place But this picks up a few months after the events of the last book and gives a few flashbacksI loved the way that Nashoda started off each chapter with a cryptic flashback teaser I knew from the very first paragraph that Ream's story and history would not be an easy one a light one or a pretty oneBehind the asshole veneer lay the damaged soul of a man that has had to experience some horrific things But you don't get to find out EXACTLY what they are The flashbacks in each chapter help build a very vivid picture however My poor Ream constantly trapped within his memories unable to shut out the voices from his past My heart absolutely broke for himIf you've read the first book then you know that Ream does something to Kat at the end of it that manages to finally break her tough girl act It was devastating and left you wondering if you could ever forgive him Now over 2 years later Ream finally gets his shit together and goes after Kat with the determination of a bull But Kat is having none of it Prepare yourself for angst galoreI'm not going to lie I spent large chunks of the book wanting to throttle Kate for being as stubborn and flat out mean to Ream as she was at times Though considering their past I somewhat understood her hesitation Doesn't mean her immaturity at certain points didn't drive me batty I was also very impressed with the twist that Nashoda threw in with Kat's secret It was not the typical explanation that you normally read about and I commend the author for taking such a different route Though Kat puts up a good fight for a while Ream manages to break through her resistance eventually I mean who can resist a sexy as hell possessive intensely jealous rock star for long? And when his sweet side comes out? Forget about itI wasn't expecting for things to be smooth sailing not at all I knew that when the entirety of Ream's past would come to light it was going to be ugly And holy mother of all crap to hit the fan That last 30%? WHOA I thought I knew what was coming but hell fucking no I think I spend the majority of it reading like thisDamnAlthough Overwhelmed by You didn't manage to blow me away as much as Torn from You did I still enjoyed it immensely Sometime you find an author whose writing you just click with and I think that's the case for me here I can't get enough of the Tear Asunder boys and can't wait for the flirty Crisis to be finally brought to his knees next Though I'm absolutely salivating for Deck's storyespecially with that teaser at the end Writing Style Dual first person POV ARC courtesy of author via netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit 45 I don't deserve you stars❤ Overwhelmed by You is the second book in the Tears Asunder series This is Ream and Kat’s story It’s painful and intense It is also a story of two people who belong together Ream gives Kat the strength she didn’t realize she needed and Kat gives Ream a chance at love Something he knew little aboutWhen Ream and Kat end up spending time together something just clicks between them A simple friendship begins but ends with the two of them sharing a few days of some pretty hot sex I don’t think either expects the connection they made but Ream was ready to roll with what was going on between them That is until he finds something that belongs to Kat which ends up being a deal breaker for him He doesn’t give Kat a chance to explain and just walks away leaving Kat hurt and angryReam There is something about Ream that just pulls you in He is a tattooed bad boy and sexy as hell He desperately needs to have control when it comes to most aspects in his life Most importantly with the women he gets involved Sex for Ream was just thatsex That is until Kat With her things felt different They felt goodKat Kat was an open book for the most part What you saw is what you got She was fun sexy and gave as good as she got But there was a part of herself that she didn’t share with many She shared that piece of herself with Ream and all she got was disappointment❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤While Ream is out touring with the band for a couple of years Kat moves on with her life She continues with the horses on the farm painting and starts seeing someone Lance is safe and nice Kat never did “nice” but after what happened with Ream she wasn’t going to go down that road againBut when Ream returns he has changed Kat’s not sure exactly what it is but something is different And part of that something is that he wants Kat back He needs her From where Kat is standing though this isn’t going to happen She wasn’t going to allow him to hurt her again This doesn’t stop him He will do whatever he needs to make her hisReam is relentless He uses everything he has to make Kat see that she still wants him just as much Kat doesn’t give in easily But things begin to surface that has her second guessing who Ream really is Ream’s past has damaged him Throughout the story we get flashbacks of sorts that start to shed light of what he went through but we are left trying to piece things together These two go through uite a bit They begin to mend each other hearts and Ream had hope that he and Kat could be together But when you hit about 70% or so things implode and things fall apart Ream’s past threatens to end everything that he had with Kat Nashoda Rose takes you on uite the ride with these two I knew Ream was broken and damaged but I never imagine how much Even though Ream was difficult at times he stole my heart Kat gave me moments of frustration but I loved her anyways Of course getting a little of Emily and Logan was great too And who doesn’t love Crisis He is that lovable annoying friend We also get Georgie and her off the wall behavior Some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth had me shaking my head And I can’t forget Deck Hmmm there is just something about himI’m looking forward the next book when we get Crisis and Haven’s story That is going to be good 45 ROCK me LONGER Stars I was his but he didn’t need to prove it any I was his He was a little screwed up but so was I and he was mine Overwhelmed by You is the second book in the Torn Assunder Series Nashoda Rose is by far one of my go to authors Her writing always puts me on the edge of my seat I can snuggle up with one of her books and be completely satisfied from the time I start the read to days after I have completed itWe met the two main characters in the first book Torn from You Kat is Emily’s best friend She is a strong woman who creates art for a living and lives on a horse ranch Ream is the lead guitarist in the Torn Assunder band He and Kat bonded around the same time that Emily was abducted and rescued If you haven’t read the first book then you need to stop reading this review and check it out now Kat and Ream have something special when a misunderstanding causes Ream to run far way When he comes back to try and reclaim Kat she has become hard and refuses to let him back inA second chance was something I didn’t give people because life was too short to waste it with a guy that got scared KatTwo years and eight months later Ream and the band are returning to the ranch As Kat braces for impact Ream has a grand plan to win her back “Stop You’re not going with anyone except me” “Hell no” I said shaking my head “That tugboat chugged its way into the and was dragged under by a python two days ago”The sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts Ream has recognized that he needs to show Kat that there is between them then hot sex Kat struggles with Ream's rock god status He is drowning in girls and even though the only girl he wants is her she struggles with insecurity“Don’t walk away from me” I went to smart mouth him back but he was uick cupping my chin and placing a finger over my mouth “I mean it Kat Friend girlfriend or my wife I don’t want you walking away from me when some other chick is vying for my attention because no matter what we are you are important than them” ReamIt takes Ream a long time to prove to Kat he can be exactly what she needs If you only knew Babe you’re ruining me by not being with me”The tension and chase between these two is intense and yet maintains a comfortable pace for the reader I felt that Ream and Kat were both individually uniue with their inner struggles and the conflict between the two certainly kept things interesting Ream is stubborn about proving to Kat that he is in it for the long haul Kat and Ream both have secrets It is trust that takes time to build between the two Just when you think things are shaping out nicely for the happy couple something causes the relationship to be ripped apart Kat and Ream must find their way back to each otherTowards the end of the book things were a bit over the top and yet I happily enjoyed the ride As things began to intensify I was so invested in the characters and their relationship it just didn't matter“That’s us And I love us You push me and make me face what I hide from I trust you to give me that because it’s what I need Baby I love you for you And I love who I am with you” Overall I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a damaged bad boy and a strong and sassy heroine The writing is action packed full of tenderness and all of the character play an integral part in the overall story The passion is high and in true Nashoda Rose fashion every emotion is felt deep I look forward to the next book in the series “You make everything ugly inside me beautiful Kat” Kat and Ream are introduced in the first book they spend sometime together friendship builds and then things heat up But when Ream discovers Kat's secret he walks away 2 years later Ream regrets leaving Kat and with the tour over and the band back at the farm he decides to make her his But Kat isn't a fan of second chances so she doesn't make it easy on him Second chances are for when you’re done with the first I wasn’t done I’ll never be done While Ream is trying to claim his girl his secret past is catching up with him With Kat in danger Ream is determined to keep her safe Kat and Ream's story didn't really live up to my expectations in the end it was just too ott I felt pretty overwhelmed there were just too many things going on So this was an okay read for me it's well written and had shocking twists but I didn't love it ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review