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When You Wish❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ When You Wish Author Kristin Harmel – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Star Beck is super duper megastar famous She rocks–literally–every night in concert for thousands of cheering fans But the pop star life–tour buses fauxmances size 0 minis–is getting a little Star Beck is super duper megastar famous She rocks–literally–every night in concert for thousands of cheering fans But the pop star life–tour buses fauxmances size minis–is getting a little old Star can’t help wondering what it would be like to be a regular girl–without paparazzi trailing her every move and without people being nice When You PDF/EPUB or just because well she’s Star Beck And when she discovers that her mom has been lying to her for years about something very important Star decides to find out what the world beyond her stage is like after allIn the blink of an emerald green eye Star finds herself buying a car Eating cheeseburgers Swapping her stilettos for flip flops Getting a job that doesn’t reuire dancing winking or mall appearances And falling for the cutest realest boy she’s ever met But how will she know if he feels the same way Because for once in her life someone is going to have to like her for who she really is. Actual rating 375 starsI wound up enjoying this surprisingly enough It’s really funny and I laughed out loud a few times I have a very weird sense of humor just sayingShe’s applying for a job And she’s trying to live the normal life so she has to make up a name“Your name?” she says with a laugh“Oh It’s Amanda” I tell her“Amanda what?” she asks? “Pepper” I say Okay it sounds a bit weird But Pepper could be a last name Right?I don’t have a clue why I found this funny Maybe it’s because she blurted out “Pepper” of all thingsShe never went to high school and doesn't know any schools in Florida Naturally“Where did you go to high school?” he asks“Back in California you wouldn't know it”“Try me” Nick says cheerfully “I have some friends in LA”“Uh” I stall “Sweet Valley High” Nick looks at me funny“Amanda” Nick says slowly “That’s a series of books”“Which they named after my school”Oh my god the things she says They’re hilarious Sweet Valley High? LOLSorry guys I have a terrible sense of humorOkay moving on When You Wish is not at all realistic It’s all very surreal StarAmanda is 16 and she’s the most popular in America Say what? She’s so young Child actor — believable But to have her debut album hit #3 on the charts just within the first two weeks it not Because she’s THIRTEEN At fourteen she releases her second album and then by the time she’s sixteen she’s already won two Grammys Seriously this is not America Ignore that and her life is still a bit of a stretch But whatever; it’s not like the book’s supposed to be realistic Is it?StarAmanda is very uick to deny what she doesn't want to know Like with her father She so badly wants to believe he’s the father she remembers him as not who her mother tells her he is It’s sad really Her parents suck at being parentsI really liked Ben even though he was barely a part of the story He should have had a bigger role Cute Textbook Boy I love you ♥ When You Wish is a cute book; I’d recommend it This book was okay It's written from the point of view of 16 year old Star Beck an insanely popular famous pop singer like Brittney Spears or whoever the one now is Kelly Clarkson? It's about how the pop star's life is far from perfect her mother controlling what she wears and eats fake relationship with famous pop king as a publicity stunt everyone just trying to get her money everything that happens in her life being taped by the media people spreading rumors that she's in rehab for alcohol abuse whenever she gets sick etc etc etcEarly in the book Star discovers that her father who walked out on them when she was very young has been trying to contact her for many years but her mother has kept the letters from her She embarks on a uest for normalcy changes her hair and makeup so she won't be recognized and takes off in search of her father It's the story of what happens when she meets him how she adjusted to normal life and romance and how she took back control of her careerIt was not the best written book I've ever read but far from being the worst Once I got in a few chapters I was hooked and didn't want to put it down There was only one part of the book that I found unbelievable based on how the character was written and unfortunatly that was a pretty important part it led to the big conflict that led to the end of the book I had trouble believing that she would call Jesse instead of Ben Otherwise it was a decent story in that respectAnd it is a somewhat empowering story for teenage girls I think After reading I had become a huge fan of Kristin Harmel So naturally I went out and purchased all of her books I could find This is the first of her young adult novels And it delievers just much as her others Star Beck is a teen sensation who's so famous she's got everything expect her dad She runs away from the spotlight to go in search of her father and goes on the journey of a lifetime posing as an normal teenager This was fun to read and I really enjoyed the story and the characters For some reason I pictured Justin Timberlake as her superstar boyfriend I think he really fit the description from when Justin was first breaking into acting and still with Nsync Highly recommended to all for a light summer fun read 23 this is a book i read in middle school and which was on the plastic beach reads shelf insert on the side of one of the YA shelves in the library i've read it before but forgotten it clearly because i used to consume books like gasoline and then immediately expel them in clear memory less fumes not to get too into it but i was very obsessed with these sorts of books on celebrity culture either because1 they're FUN or because2 not to psychoanalyze myself but clearly i was very lonely and needed to sink myself one YA novel at a time into these glitzy little alternate lives in order to escape or at least temporarily stretch outside of my own body it was the brand of wish fulfillment most available to me or whatever hence the fact that even at 19 i still have all of Airhead by meg cabot memorized because i read that literally about seven hundred times it's about having your brain transplanted into the body of a literal model and thus a better life and not even by choice so you can retain some degree of nobleness and rightful indignation in the face of your beautiful beautiful fate my love of this was probably some early form of dysphoria or at least dysmorphia or probably just the bud of womanhood and the subseuent dream of experiencing full and glorious inhabitation of femininityanyway the book itself is just one large repetition of each one of Star's thoughts which is optimal for a certain kind of headspace entering and for fully imagining yourself as the character which was something that i was unbeknownst to myself looking for in books at 13 probably again not to psychoanalyze myself every page in the beginning for example she says some variation of but my mom loves me and I'm Star Beck and there's no way to escape this gilded cage of fame Right?sadly it was not as fun as i wanted it to be and the lush 90s painting of a cover misled me into thinking it would be slightly surreal along the lines of a tyra banks modelland or a weetzie bat neither of which i have read the love interest was stupid as fuck and in fact boring to death however that's harsh because i think his biggest strength was his visual aspect which as i obviously was looking at him through the sieve of words printed on shitty brown yellow YA paperback pages could not effectively see i think it was dumb how he winked so much anyway is this a review? i feel like it is here how about if you are one of the two and a half people that read this you let me know in the comments I found this in my library’s e book offerings before bed as I was searching for a uick bedtime escapistfun read adding balance to my dissertating PhD life I knew from the description it would be a “classic” depiction of a fictional famous person like other books that populate my famous shelf As I have noted before I rather love this funny little sub genre of contemporary realistic fiction ishlet’s be honest many of the books here are pretty fantastical I was right famous childyoung adult star overbearing and somewhat selfish momager running away from it all to live a “normal life” out of the spotlight cute boy who doesn’t recognize the starclassic tropes With a 2008 pub date this is a bit dated but fit the bill for my escape into fame After falling completely in love with Harmel's The Life Intended I knew I wanted to give some of her earlier novels a chance I'm usually a big fan of young adult novels and the famous person falling for the regular person trope is one of my favorites so When You Wish sounded like something I was probably going to enjoy and I definitely didIt's a cute sweet coming of age novel that focuses around a sixteen year old girl Star Beck who's become a household name in the last six years thanks to her hit TV show and the four albums she's released that have each become huge successes Everyone everywhere wants to be Star Beck but unfortunately Star herself She's feeling burned out on being a celebrity on never having a say in her own life and from everyone around her treating her like a dollar sign rather than a regular person When she discovers that her mother has been keeping a huge secret from her Star decides to run away and try to live life as a normal teenager for a change However how can someone who's never known normal possibly ever be normal and Star's in for uite a ride on her adventure to discover just who Star Beck truly isI've been hearing the term adorkable thrown around uite a bit in the book community lately and to me this charming story is the epiphany of this Star is uirky hysterically funny and surprisingly relatable It was refreshing to see how despite her huge success she's still very down to earth and has kept a fairly decent head on her shoulders throughout the entire ordeal She also may be a celebrity but she still needs to know that she matters truly to the people she shouldHer journey brings her into contact with a few different people but I'm going to be honest that cute textbook boy was definitely my favorite While the romance is slightly insta lovey I did still really enjoy it and thought that Star and Nick were so stinkin cuteAs well since I've only read serious books by Kristin Harmel I wasn't expecting this one to be uite so hilarious The numerous antics Star finds herself in were downright hysterical and in particular I loved the passage where Star informs Nick that she attended Sweet Valley HighAll in all I adored this and gave it four out of five stars It stays pretty clean too for the most part with only mild thematic elements thrown into a few passages I highly recommend this one and am wholeheartedly glad that I gave it a chanceFavorite uote Maybe the people who we love and who love us the people who see us for who we really are can be family too Harmel Kristin 2008 When You WishI enjoyed this much than I thought I would Typically books written about teens who have it all money popularity good looks etc don't do much for me And on the surface this book is about that About a teen girl who supposedly has it allStar Beck A sixteen year old pop star who already has than a few bestselling record breaking albums to her name A beautiful long haired red haired princess of pop But Star is missing a few things a real mother who is there for her who listens who is kind who is supportive who isn't all about the money and fame; a real father one who didn't abandon her when she was three only to resurface when she's one of the most famous teens on the planet; a real boyfriend one who isn't all about showy kisses for the media and making a big entrance; a real friend one who won't sell her out to the tabloids Of course her job is far from average and her schooling is as well She's got her GED but she's not been to a real school in forever Not since Disney I think it was Disney in the book it might have been Nickelodeon plucked her out of her ordinary existence and made her the rich and famous it girl of the moment The only girl who doesn't want to be Star Beck is Star BeckSo after a particularly bad day Star gives herself a hair cut at least it wasn't a shave dyes her hair and runs away from her hotel room she's on tour Now calling herself Amanda she is determined to make her way to Florida On her way to see her dad for the first time in thirteen years Can a pop star on her own survive in the real world? Can she survive without being surrounded by her entourage her people? Will she like it? Will she love it?This book is a coming of age story in a way of a girl realizing who she is and isn't About a girl realizing that she should have some say in her own lifeI definitely liked it I think it complements Audrey Wait well© Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews Reviewed by Chelsea Swiggett for TeensReadToocomMost people have the preconceived notion that celebrities have it easy If you think that you should go out and get a copy of this book Star Beck is famous She's worshiped by millions of fans gets an extremely high paycheck and lives in five star hotels But a lot of people seem to think that her life is luxurious and that she doesn't have a care in the world While Star's life may have its benefits it's certainly not easy She's shuffled from place to place hardly getting any time to rest She has to practice her dance moves watch her calorie intake and be perfect practically 247 She can forget doing anything normal like going to the movies with her friends And she's getting sick of the pop star life So she cuts off and dies her hair puts on a pair of glasses and sets off to live a normal life She actually starts to make real friends and eat fatty foods She's living a life she never thought would be possible But can she keep up her disguise forever or will someone eventually find out who she really is? This book was just plain fun I was hooked as soon as I read the first sentence Practically everyone's fantasized about living a celebrity life and all the benefits it would entail but this book was pretty eye opening on that issue The celebrity life is a lot harder than it seems on TV There are a lot of books about celebrities and people becoming famous but this one sticks out Star despite her name is just an average everyday normal teenager which makes her uite likable Kristin Harmel did an amazing job on her characters as well as the plot She never let the book get dull I was so into the story I didn't realize how fast it was going by I'm actually pretty sad it's over Definitely a must read Kristin Harmel is a new to me author though I have acuired several of her titles that are languishing on my TBR pile Though I don’t normally find myself drawn to the young adult genre this book appealed to me on several levels First the idea of a teen superstar who is likeable when all we ever hear about is the scandal and drama of the teen celebrities inundating the media nowadays is a refreshing and welcome change Secondly I liked that the story was clean I don’t think the young adult genre should cross over into mainstream adult fiction and there have been a few books I have taken on recently that were marketed as young adult but were excessively graphic and explicit and not for a young adult reader Last but not least When You Wish is a feel good story about a young girl on a journey to take back her life who finds love along the wayI enjoyed going along for the ride when Star Beck decides to find out what the world is like outside of her reality When she discovers that her mother has been lying to her for the past six years she alters her appearance and takes off for Florida to find the father she hasn’t seen in thirteen years When her funds run drastically low she resorts to getting a job in a restaurant using a false name She is drawn to a boy in the restaurant and ultimately gets to know him better and he helps her improve her waitressing skillsI was uite surprised at the direction the story took when Star finally locates her father but I felt it made Star a stronger and realistic character The author does an exceptional job of giving the reader a front row seat to Star’s life Several times throughout the book I found myself wondering how the truth would be revealed and what the conseuences would be for concealing her true identity In the end this book turned out to be a very fast and enjoyable read that made me smile Cute story about 16 year old Star a famous teen throb singer and actor Her mother micromanages everything she does all based on making sure that she doesn't lose her ability to keep rolling in the dough Star's father has been out of the picture since she was 3 One day she is given a view spoilerletter that her father wrote to her and she learns that he has been writing her every single month for 6 years so she runs away to find him changing her appearance so people hopefully won't recognize her All she wants is to be normal hide spoiler

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