City of Whores

City of Whores[PDF / Epub] ★ City of Whores By Mark B. Perry – 2014 INDIEFAB BOOK OF THE YEAR FINALISTONE OF THE TOP TEN HISTORICAL NOVELS OF FALL 2014 Foreword Reviews City of Whores is the debut novel from Mark B Perry Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning writer INDIEFAB BOOK OF THE YEAR FINALISTONE OF THE TOP TEN HISTORICAL NOVELS OF FALL Foreword Reviews City of Whores is the debut novel from City of Epub / Mark B Perry Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning writer producer of such series as Revenge Brothers Sisters Pasadena Party of Five Law Order Picket Fences Northern Exposure and The Wonder YearsNew Year's Eve Hollywood California As Tinseltown rings in the twilight of its Golden Age a gorgeous young man arrives from Texas hell bent on exploiting his brooding good looks and smoldering sex appeal in exchange for a shot at stardom only to become dangerously entangled in the lives of one of the most powerful couples in show business As his dream devolves into a lurid erotic nightmare he must choose between fortune and fame or sanity and survivalmesmerizingan elouent work of art Meghan Hyden LuxuryReadingcom Subtly powerfula Truman Capote like piecedeeply affecting and tinged with pathos Kirkus Reviews “fantastic and entirely captivatinga page turner replete with authentic period details excellent and witty dialogue and a layered plot worthy of the finest of Hollywood's golden age Anthony Caplan author of bestseller Savior TheNewRemembranceblogspotcoma complex story that both satisfies and subverts the reader's expectations City of Whores displays an excellent sense of plot and pacingThe historical settings sparkle Foreword Reviews A delicious debut novel Perry weaves his small town hero Dexter Gaines through s Hollywood featuring guest appearances by Tallulah Bankhead Rock Hudson Judy Garland and many others Sexy dishy and filled with duplicity sometimes Hollywood endings don't turn out exactly the way you'd expect Pour yourself a champagne cocktail and enjoy Ann Hamilton author of Expecting a page turner with a big heart It's irresistible Bill Barol author of Thanks For Killing Me. I enjoyed this book very much I love the era when people like Cary Grant Rock Hudson Joan Crawford and Talullah Bankhead were huge I love the setting old glamorous Hollywood And I love the drama which I can't go into or I'll ruin the book Let me just say if you like novels about deceit love lust fame and stardom you will very much enjoy this story Absolutely positively do not let the title of this novel stop you from picking it up It's a title that leads one to believe that it details salacious depravity another tome about the evils of Hollywood uite the contrary This novel is heartbreaking in its beauty This novel had me tears at the end My curiosity about a writer whom I'd met only briefly lead me to one of the most compelling reading experiences of my life To discuss the events that take place in this story would be a spoiler from the get go but suffice it to say that CITY OF WHORES is a novel that was published ahead of its time Were it to be re released today to a society that has become educated and thankfully somewhat compassionate in regards to the circumstances it details it would be widely lauded If you've a hankering to experience Old Hollywood through the sensitive yet unsentimental eyes of an author who clearly knows of what he writes and whose screen work is deservedly award winning read this If I were only able to recommend one novel this year this would be the one It's too gay to be straight and too straight to be gay Not to say that gay men are eitheror gay men cancould have had relationships with women but for recreational reading we usually choose one or the other I don't often say I'd like to read a book where the gay main character is primarily in a sexual relationship with a womanAs historical fiction I like the period detail and appearances by Hollywood legends we're all so hard on Rock Hudson these days Flashing back and forth from the golden age of Hollywood to the 90s there are uite a few twists but some stretch believe ability as so much time has passed The writing is top notch but I didn't connect with the characters or feel forwith them as they were all always faking it There was so much duplicity that at one point it almost felt like The Talented Mr Ripley which is a good thing All in all I'd recommend it but to whom? I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads I really enjoyed this bookI'm a big fan of classic Hollywood so it was really fun to see how the author incorporated real actors into the story The book was well paced and several chapters ended with a bombshell so it always kept me entertained I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of old Hollywood or just wants to read a good story that has a lot of twists and turns I hope Mr Perry writes books in the future because I will for sure check them out A City of Whores taps deep into the fertile ground of vintage Hollywood The atmosphere is golden and glorious Mark B Perry is brilliant at creating a believable world of Hollywood as a town a scene and a business The characters he fills it with are complex and flawed but not so much you don't want to hang with them through this tale of has beens movie star icons romantic triangles and of course regret The scandals are oddly sweet when compared to modern Hollywood's nude selfie drunken tweet narcissism Oddly sweet but still painful and tragic I can't help but miss the glory days reading this book Turns out author Mark B Perry was one of the producers and writers for The Wonder Years How that series captured 70s suburban family life with Viet Nam on the news is uite similar to how he captured old Hollywood with secrets hidden beneath the sheets City of Whores is a very satisfying read similar to how Hollywood's Golden Age films satisfy A brilliant distraction to our current woes A real page turner Great plot and such a twist ending Loved it Mark Perry clearly knows the period and the place as his credential suggest he should I’m happy that my own knowledge of LA’s geography is sufficient to have enjoyed cruising the straightaway of Sunset and Hollywood from Los Feliz to Beverley Hills the bendy Strip from Ciro’s to Musso’s up and down the snake bend Hollywood Hills the complex story of the rise and fall of Dexter Gaines is firmly rooted in the place an anchor for the wild swoops of its charactersPerry has woven his fictional but authentic characters into the stream of real life people who populate the book—notably Rock Hudson who nevertheless plays only a cameo but a telling one and the amazing Tallula Bankhead—with a nonchalant wave of his pen so the joins are seamlessSince this is a story about the multi faced hypocritical Hollywood it seems appropriate for Perry to employ the classic cinematic techniues of deflection dissimulation distancing and downright misinformation through choosing not to show essential information to the viewer in order temporarily to confuse and mislead to create a satisfying storyline Oh and of course the flashback structure that made so many Hollywood Glory Days movies what they were Here the backstory revelations pile one on another and gradually build up a picture of a young man who sails naively into a forbidden sexual relationship that threatens to destroy not only his burgeoning career in movies but his very beingThis is a great piece of writing It kept me glued to the beautifully crafted emergence of backstory and it reduced me to tears in the last few pages Dexter GainesDan Boots's haphazard revelations—obviously intended and not at all haphazard as part of the complex structure—drive the narrative at a deceptively slow pace looking back on it the novel races along and it’s one of those you wish could keep on going When someone close announces he has written a novel awkward things can happen How does a true friend respond if that book isn't uite the next Farewell To Arms? Evade offer non specific but enthusiastic praise or gingerly suggest a new diversion? Fortunately after turning just a few pages of Mark B Perry's City Of Whores that apprehension veered instantly into awe Mr Perry can confidently add novelist to his resume which is already crammed with Emmy winning television production writing and directing credits Imagine just about every classic Hollywood scenario melded into a seamless story that unfolds in a backdrop of signature 1950s Tinseltown elements from studio sets the Hollywood Hills swimming pools and sprawling mansions to glamorous smoky nightclubs and even a record shattering transatlantic crossing on the ocean liner SS UNITED STATES In “City Of Whores” Perry takes no prisoners and yet his flawed at times depraved characters are infused with enough humanity to make the reader actually care about what happens next All that and it’s clever from cover to cover For those of us who gave up on fiction when Gore Vidal left the realm “City Of Whores” assures there is still life in the genre Now the uestion begs “What next Mark B Perry? What next?” In full disclosure the author Mark B Perry is a long time friend His television writing has been outstanding for decades from The Wonder Years to One Tree Hill to The Ghost Whisperer and Revenge and much in between And for my hometown KY friends Mark is a lovely southern gentleman hailing from Atlanta GA I was fortunate to have an advance copy of the book to enjoy I read it in a single sitting of just under seven hours on a cool April Saturday afternoon I found this book to be the perfect blend of tabloid and history Famous characters abound some even playing major characters and not just walk on roles It's a name dropping heaven The architecture music and culture of 1950s Hollywood seem to come alive Mark's well known passion for ocean liners is well documented here A long time member of The SS United States Conservancy Mark has enshrined her maiden voyage here with all the celebrity it's historic crossing drew Oh yes there is also drama excitement sex love passion death abandonment and twists than you'll keep count of More great writing from my fabulous friend Mark B Perry Can't wait for drinks in September From it's startling title phrase to it's sweet surprise ending this debut novel from award winning writer and producer; Mark Perry's engaging and historically accurate picture of Hollywood in its transition from the golden years to the dawn of the television age is an extreme pleasure to read It paints a picture in it's characters that are both relatable and classic in the telling The thrice named protagonist narrates in retrospect and in present day weaving a sordid and savory tale of his life and loves with a powerful Hollywood pair The settings are realistic and historically accurate and visually evocative In particular I found his depiction of the maiden voyage of the currently endangered SS United States fantastic He writes of places that existed with the knowledge that comes from love and research and a feeling that he may have actually experienced such adventure mayhem and passion in another life or on a level this life The reader is both repulsed and attracted to the outcome in a page turning uest for resolution and peace in it's telling

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