Teen Clash

Teen Clash☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Teen Clash By Ilyn Anne Danganan ✎ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Lumipat sina Zoe Sabrina Ayumi at Yannie sa Kingdom High hoping for a fresh start Hindi kasi naging maganda ang pag alis nila sa dati nilang pinapasukan dahil napaaway sila sa mga taong mahilig maghar Lumipat sina Zoe Sabrina Ayumi at Yannie sa Kingdom High hoping for a fresh start Hindi kasi naging maganda ang pag alis nila sa dati nilang pinapasukan dahil napaaway sila sa mga taong mahilig maghari harian Pero ang hindi nila alam mas malala pala ang sitwasyon sa nilipatan nilang eskwelaUnang araw pa lang nila agad na silang napaginitan ng apat na lalaking kinikilalang pinuno ng Kingdom High Bukod pa dun pansin nila na api halos lahat ng mga babae Papayag ba sina Zoe Sabrina Ayumi at Yannie na magpapaapi na lamang sa mga kalalakihan O sila na nga ba ang pinakahihintay ng mga girls na magtatapos once and for all ng Teen ClashBoys versus girlsWho will win this clash. This book taught me so much lessons I learned many values in this story like courage truth and love NAKKSS HAPPY They have eight different personalities that made me realize that every people in the world has a word to fight on I found this story in wattpad It has a lot of readers and I also read a lot of positive feedbacks and so I said “I think I’ll enjoy this” Without any second thoughts I just hit the read button and tada D There’s really no doubt how I like reading stories wherein the main characters started as enemies I enjoy reading their ways on how to irritate or annoy each other It’s entertaining supah And this story is just like that well they sort of started like that So these 2 groups of teenagers started as enemies before they became friends and soon became than friends Real cliché I know Too bad I just discover it in the middle of the storyI was really having a great laugh when I started the story Though there are times that I got confused but all of those would disappear whenever I read some super funny scenes But when the cliché part came in all of my energy to finish the story started to vanish I know I said it a million times in here and I will never get tired of saying this again; I really don’t have any patience reading stories that I find really boring and is too cliché But why I was able to finish it? Well I honestly don’t know I like that this single book comprises of four love stories Oha It’s pretty interesting but was executed in a very confusing way And did I tell you that this book is also one of those who makes simple things super complicated? To the extent that I almost want to grip the characters' throat Hahaha I know that sounded very violent but it’s really super annoying and would make you say that heshe’s stupid referring to the characters not the authorI really can’t count how many times I got confused of why she or he did that? Or what happened? And there are also some scenes in the story that is really uestionable You ask me what? Well you’ve got to discover that yourself D And I can never hide how disgusted I am in its ending not because I hate what happened in the ending but because the lines were too “cheesy” too “corny” and whatever it is called Yuck Hahaha I know I sounded really shallow well sorry I’m not really into that super mushy stuffs Well what else? I can’t think of anything as of the moment So I think it’s time for you to find in outI know this review is a bit confusing Well sorry that’s how the story was to me peaceTo read of my reviews book news and updatesMain Blog Blushing GeekFacebook PageSubscribe to mailing list Cliche But I feel MOST Filipino books are and I really actually enjoyed this mostly because of Sab and Josh 3 Gosh they're sooo cute i just flip everytime they have a moment i think this book will be exiting REREAD AT 2018 Who will win this clash? It's funny that when you enter in every National Bookstore branches you see in the Philippines that there's this familiar publishing book company known as Pop Fiction Well you can say you never heard of them but their books aren't exactly the type of sizes many exported books had had Just so you know they publish the most popular and viewed stories from either Wattpad or Candy MagazineI know One of my friends is an avid Pop Fiction fan and she collects every single one of them She told me that these stories were fantastic I'm curious as always so I decided to give at least a try to read one of them which is called Teen Clash Teen Clash It's not a battle where teens use weapons I'd wish that would be another published story Rather it's a war to see who'll rule Kingdom Hightheir school between the boys and the girls Actually the clash had already begun before not until the assuming real clash came when all of a sudden four new transferees Ayumi Sabrina Yannie and Zoe made their decision to move and study there until they had caught the attention of the boys Ice Xander Josh and KenIt started off with silly pranks and nasty insults until the war lasted for only thirteen chapters when they realized their manager friend's bar where they all play as bands for gigs on separate schedules had suddenly began to shut down due to a lack of fee and they decide to work together Of course it's an obvious but predictable love story between four couples in one book You can already tell that these main characters will be paired up But that's usually the main reason why I adored this book because I loved them for being witty crazy and funny I thought it's going to be fun since I always think that all Pop Fiction books were going to be in English but I never expected that this story has been written in Tagalog I'm so glad that I'm a Filipino since I was able to understand everything especially the characters' thoughts and backgrounds which not all of them were explored It's surprising that this was my personal favorite Pop Fiction bookAfter reading this book the second time around I just still wish the clash will be a lot longer for it to be entertaining The whole group friendship thing was a huge plus because that's what made the eight teens grew closer and unseparable There's no other Pop Fiction I can read other than reading this wonderful and unputdownable book kii0 Four YA love story in one book wowI didn't put this down until I was finishedI like zoe and ice the best super unbelievably cool hahaha i like the clashes between the boys and girls hahaha thumbs up to the creator of this book it is nice story It has a nice cover ok