Romancing Rosalie A Cascade Creek Christmas The Ladies of Cascade Creek #15

Romancing Rosalie A Cascade Creek Christmas The Ladies of Cascade Creek #15❮Epub❯ ➞ Romancing Rosalie A Cascade Creek Christmas The Ladies of Cascade Creek #15 Author AnnMarie Oakes – Rosalie Weld's fiancé has a mistress and he doesn't intend to give her up just for marriage After breaking her engagement Rosalie flees Boston for her cousin's homestead in the Colorado Territory and Rosalie Weld's fiancé has A Cascade MOBI ô a mistress and he doesn't intend to give her up just for marriage After breaking her engagement Rosalie flees Boston for her cousin's homestead in the Colorado Territory and it might just be the perfect refuge if she can learn to accept the hard work and solitude of frontier lifeEven on her journey she can't avoid womanizers like Garrett Ballinger who Romancing Rosalie PDF or stumbles out of a brothel and straight onto the stagecoach But Rosalie will be safe when she arrives in Cascade Creek; the local marshal will escort her to Audra's homesteadTrouble is Garrett is the marshal and he's plenty interested in the pretty Easterner He may not be the man she thinks he is but she can't trust him until she's forced to Can a Christmas miracle Rosalie A Cascade eBook ↠ warm up Rosalie's frozen heart. After reading Loving Lucas Ann Marie invited me to participate in an event and as I subscribed to her newsletter I won a copy of Romancing RosalieIn a way this is very different than Loving Lucas but we do get reacuainted with both Lucas and Audra as Rosalie is Audra's cousinRosalie is a woman after my heart Without getting into détails than what has already been said in the short summary presenting the book let's say that I like how Rosalie went from what she was to becoming a strong woman A woman who knows what she's expecting from life what she likes and what she doesn't like I can't help but applaud her for daring to leave Boston like she did and head over to the unknownI like how things evolved between her and the gruffy marshal Loved the argument between her and her ex fiancé when he chased her all the way to Cascade Creeks What he jerk he is I have to say that I love to hate a well written villain And I absolutely loved Garrett's intervention and felt like shouting Yes way to go and clap my wings hum sorry I meant my hands when the marshal dealt with the ex fiancé All in all it was a good read and I can't wait to see what other readers will think of the different characters Well done AnnMarie A uick read about a young woman who's been pampered and sheltered her whole life by her parents Rosalie is engaged to be married to Winslow and is looking forward to their wedding when she hears a disturbing rumour She decides the way to go is to ask Winslow outright if what she's heard is true Winslow arrogantly confirms that not only does he have a mistress but she's pregnant and he has no intention of giving her upRosalie determines to run away especially after her parents try to tell her that's the norm that husbands have mistresses Rosalie leaves and goes to visit her cousin Audra This is where she meets Garrett the town marshalThis is a pleasant story that is simplistically written I felt it might have benefitted from a little depth In particular there is a complete lack of description of the characters The ending felt a little rushed as well Short sweet adorable Rosalie Weld and Marshall Garrett Ballinger haven't met under the best circumstances Rosalie was fleeing Boston after her fiancé's mistress is rud to be pregnant with his child a mistress she didn't know even existed one that the so called fiancé is not willing to give up either Garrett was thrown out of a brothel nearly knocking her out She knows she doesn't need any womanizers like her ex in her life But is Garrett all that she made him to be? And what happens when they end up spending a snow storm together? Romancing Rosalie was just the read I needed now that the summer days are over and it's getting colder each week Hot coffee in hand warm blanket around me it was really nice to have a cute Christmas romance to read It wasn't fast and it was way too predictable but it was still appreciatedRosalie was one of those females that you can't help but adore She was sweet and she tried to stand on her own two feet without being too much of a tomboy which would have been unrealistic for someone of her upraising She was a true lady and one that despite soft spoken didn't take flaws like adultery lightly just because it was expected of her She was hurt from being cheated on and she understandably became cautious of men but not in a way that would have made others pity her as a victim In other words her dignity was her most positive traitGarrett too was a main hero really well crafted He was an Alpha male but not in a bold way you know the animal like resemblance that makes Alphas bang their fists on their chests like King Kong? Instead he was patient understanding and romanced Rosalie to the point where I nearly got glued in my chair from the sweetness That of course didn't mean he was a wuss When his woman needed him he took the lead and he was mighty fierce when he was in protective mode Plus any man who can make love like that is allowed any kind of corny and cheesy actions I sayNow that I've read about Rosalie I'm really curious about how Audra and her husband met I read somewhere she was a gun wielding capable woman so I think I'll make sure to read that book too I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The opinion stated in this review is solely mine and no compensation was given or taken to alter itRead this and other reviews at When Rosalie hears her fiance has a mistress who is pregnant she confronts him about it expecting him to say it's not true But it is true and he doesn't plan on giving her up after the wedding Rosalie breaks the engagement and goes to Cascade Creek in the Colorado Territory to visit her cousin Audra Even though the don't know she is coming Audra and her husband Lucas welcome Rosalie Garrett is the marshal and a friend of Lucas' who takes Rosalie to her cousin's house since she had bought supplies to last several months and he had a wagon She didn't think much of him because the first time she saw him he was tossed out of a saloon and a lady of the night was calling to him to come back inWhat kind people Audra and Lucas are to let Rosalie stay with them especially when she is due to have her first baby any day Rosalie learns how to cook and helps with the chores Which is a good thing because when Audra goes into labor Rosalie stays to care for the animals When Garrett learns Rosalie is alone he goes to check on her When a blizzard blows in they are both stranded there together making it hard for them to ignore their attractionI loved what a strong woman Rosalie was She wouldn't put up with marrying just because she was suppose to but had enough pride in herself to leave It took a lot of courage to travel from Boston to Cascade Creek on her own She was a woman before her timeEven though Rosalie didn't get a good first impression of Garrett she did like him as she got to know him He was a kind patient and protective man who was hard not to likeI was impressed with the detail in this book since it was such a uick read I love all the Cascade Creek books and will be reading them againI did receive a complementary copy of this book but I am reviewing it on my own as I do with all the books I read uick sweet romanceRosalie Weld is happy she's engaged to a wonderful man she loves and is busy planning her wedding but then she hears a rumour that her fiancé Winslow has a mistress and to make matters worse this mistress is expecting it can't possibly be true but when she confronts him he admits that not only is it true but he's not giving up the mistress even after he's married Rosalie can't live with this and leaves Boston and travels alone to visit her cousin in Cascade Creek in the Colorado Territory it's a difficult journey to make alone but she does it While switching from the train to the stagecoach in Denver a man stumbles out of the brothel and nearly knocks her down well at least she'll never see him again but it would appear this isn't true since he's not only on her stagecoach he's the Marshall of Cascade Creek and Rosalie has to wonder what is it about her men and scarlet womenThis is an enjoyable enough romance it's a uick read with likeable characters the ending seemed a little rushed but maybe that's just me I am a fan of epilogues after all some might complain that a couple of parts one in particular wasn't realistic but my opinion is that it's a romance not a history book so just go with it A Short Romance Story in the Wild West DaysAfter breaking her engagement with arrogant and misleading Winslow Rosalie Weld is heartbroken Winslow has refused to give up his mistress which at that time was very common among the male elite Born and raised in the advantaged lifestyle in Boston her parents are shocked and non supportive of her decision For Rosalie marriage is about love not about status and role playing She makes the decision to go west to Cascade Creek in the Colorado Territory to visit her cousin at her isolated homestead Audra is expecting her first child around Christmas time Rosalie travels alone from Boston to Denver on the Union Pacific When she arrives in Cascade Creek she goes to a general store to purchase many supplies to contribute to Audra and her husband as she may be staying with her for several winter months She needs transportation to the homestead and finds the local marshal Garrett Ballinger will drive the wagon and supplies for her This is a great story of a woman becoming independent learning how to survive in the wild west The characters are compelling and the novel is sweetly written I really enjoyed the story line To say that I laughed my butt off while reading most of this short story is an understatement I REALLY love Rosalie AND Garrett From scene to scene to scene it just got comical to me The way they first met then the train and then the ride to the ranch I mean HOLY fun reading Very entertaining all around The character of Rosalie and Garrett both were so well developed you couldn't help but love them As in Loving Lucas this story was feisty and fun and a page turner It's actually too bad it was so short And the snowstorm wowser kids you'll have to read to understand let's just say that love is IN THE AIR and leave it at that LOLMy very highest compliments to AnnMarie Oakes with this series The woman the men everyone has just been a delight to readCopy provided via author for an honest review and boy am I glad she did because this series has been a wonderful historical western to read I received a free copy of this book and chose to post a review with no compensationRosalie lives in Boston with her family and is engaged to a stuffy man Unfortunately Rosalie has found out that he has a mistress and a baby on the way She confronts him and he had hoped to keep it from her Since her mother insists that Rosalie still marry him she decides to visit her Cousin Audra Her introduction to the wild west is interesting to say the least When she arrives in Denver she has a layover On her way to the hotel a man falls out of a brothel and falls down in front of her and laughs On the stagecoach to Cascade Creek the man from Denver draws his gun and the outlaws leave uickly When she arrives in Cascade Creek she is told the marshal might take her Guess who the marshal is Will her cousin be welcoming since Rosalie had no time for a letter to her? Not much interaction between the hero and heroine I received a free kindle copy of Romancing Rosalie A Cascade Creek Christmas A Ladies of Cascade Creek Novella The Ladies of Cascade Creek Volume 5 by AnnMarie Oaks from for fair review I gave it two starsThis novella is a historical western romance While most of the writing seems within keeping of the era in which stagecoaches would be ridden some of it seems incongruous with that time frame Or perhaps I'm simply naive I don't think young ladies who had been sheltered from activities where a man may have a mistress would be so uick to place themselves in a sexually charged setting with a man of fairly recent acuaintance Rosalie Weld the young heroine is engaged to Winslow just received some unpleasant news about his character She frowned “Katherine what are you talking about?” “Winslow’s situation” Katherine released Rosalie and began twisting the ribbons that decorated her reticuleShe turns to her mother for comfort She doesn't receive it Instead she is told “Winslow cares for you in his own way That is all you can expect” Her mother waved her hand as if to wipe Rosalie’s concerns away Humiliation and misery had been replaced by anger Her whole body vibrated with rage— rage at Winslow for not being the man she thought he was and rage at her parents for not believing she deserved better She decided to travel to Colorado to her cousin's home There was no time to post a letter to Audra and Lilah regarding her visit as she would likely arrive at the same time as the mail However based upon their correspondence she was sure an invitation would have been extended had she inuired She didn’t allow herself to imagine differently She confronted Winslow he was uick to admit it but not inclined to give up his mistress who was with child The following is in the note she leaves behind for him I must tell you that your shameful behavior has broken my heart and I am unwilling to proceed with our marriage Despite assurances that your situation is not at all unusual I find myself unable to put it in the past and forget what I have learned regarding your character Her ride in the stagecoach was something with which she had previously been unacuainted Unpleasant smells emanating from the other passengers wafted her way and she surreptitiously tried to keep the end of her scarf over her nose and mouth Her head ached and her stomach rolled Her toes were frozen Garrett Ballinger was a lawman she met on the way to Cousin Audra's house He was rough around the edges but he’d become entwined in her runaway flight She frowned as she remembered where she met him His heroism on the stagecoach kept overriding the image of him sprawled on the plank sidewalk outside a brothel To earn her keep she attempted to help with the household chores Rosalie was still trying to get the hang of milking but was secretly proud of her progress with cooking “Rosalie these biscuits are your best yet”Garrett's smile changed his appearance His friendly grin softened the hard planes of his face making him uite handsome He tells her “I’m sorry Rosalie for your pain I’m not sorry you came here” They end sleeping on the floor in front of a fireplace Audra had gone to the midwife Rosalie stayed behind to tend the animals Garrett showed up to help her They reach a place of intimacy very uickly An ache pulsed through her settling low in her belly It was desire— hot and languid eager and shyWinslow travels to Colorado because the arranged marriage would have been good for his business He's uickly set straight Garrett places him into a stagecoach to return to BostonLink to purchase