Other Worlds

Other Worlds[BOOKS] ✭ Other Worlds By Barbara Michaels – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Numa escura húmida noite de nevoeiro um peueno grupo de intelectuais reúne se num clube masculino exclusivo Chegam envoltos nos seus abafos dispendiosos com o pretensiosismo de uem sabe mais ue a ma Numa escura húmida noite de nevoeiro um peueno grupo de intelectuais reúne se num clube masculino exclusivo Chegam envoltos nos seus abafos dispendiosos com o pretensiosismo de uem sabe mais ue a maioriaDeste grupo ue se junta periodicamente para discutir acontecimentos paranormais fazem parte o famoso ilusionista Houdini e o afamado Sir Arthur Conan Doyle criador do celebérrimo Sherlock Holmes Outros Mundos relata uma dessas reuniões Num serão frente à lareira com uma bebida aconchegante no colo os intelectuais analisam dois episódios distintos ‘A Bruxa de Bell’ e ‘O Caso Phelps’ O primeiro é a história de um poltergeist ue assombra uma família do sudeste americano; o segundo envolve uma família católica a braços com um espírito violento Depois dos relatos os membros do clube todos eles interessados eou estudiosos do sobrenatural discutem e determinam se as assombrações são verdadeiras ou falsas. We all know gentlemen that it is not advisable to allow the ladies to go into trade or follow masculine professions There is a danger they may find out they are as competent as we I picked up the book because of the cover looked like gothic suspense and flipped open the jacket to read that the characters included Nandor Fodor Frank Pod Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Harry Houdini et al That sparked my interest because it’s very rare to pick up any fiction book that has psychical researchers as characters However it was a disappointment The premise is of two ghost stories told within the framework of skeptics and believers lounging in a gentlemen’s club I’m not fond of “framed” stories but if it is done well it can be enlightening In this book the various characters then analyze the first ghost story according to each of their particular perspectives which was somewhat interesting but not very entertaining They didn’t even bother beyond a few paragraphs for the second story which already had a very weak ending So even though the Bell Witch Tennessee and Connecticut poltergeists were fascinating tales they were not particularly well done in this book I haven’t read very many Barbara Michaels books but this one was disappointing The men are famous and the time is the past In a London Club Houdini Conan Doyle and other psychic investigators and debunkers gather to tell ghost stories Their purpose is to tell the tale and then each will pick it apart to try to find an explanation for the phenomenon in uestionA really fun read on a rainy Saturday while curled up before the fire Review to follow Pretty entertaining The premise was promising but the work doesn't hang together a bit well The first night when the group discusses the Bell Witch follows the plan a series of events are dictated and then the group propose theories about what might really have happened The writing in this section is disappointing The second night deviates we are treated to a well written story about the Phelps family in Stratford but the group is given almost no opportunity to discuss it It is almost as if this work were published before Ms Michaels had finished with it I just can't keep slogging through this one I love Barbara Michaels' books in general and I tend to prefer them to the ones written as Elizabeth Peters However this book just felt like a jumbled up mess The idea of a dinner party of famous minds debating some fantastical event sounds intriguing in theory but just did not work here I'll have to content myself with rereads of some of her oldies but goodies like The Crying Child Ammie Come Home or Be Buried in the Rain It was just two ghost stories followed by an imaginary discussion of the story by A Conan Doyl Harry Houdini etc I didn't hear a change of voice as the story teller supossedly changed The discourse was not what I had expected It was OK for driving in the desert I didn't have a replacement But I'm glad that I didn't buy the book Not the typical Barbara Michaels book Entails a group of friends sitting around discussing and debunking a few old ghost stories that many would recognize like the Bell Witch It is entertaining and well written but fails to really engross the reader and bring you into the author's created world It's just two well told spooky tales I appreciate that Michaels was trying something different with this novel which is basically a gathering of Harry Houdini Arthur Conan Doyle and some other people telling stories but it just didn't work The book as whole didn't feel cohesive This book should go to another world and bother me NO MORE