No One Cares What You Had for Lunch 100 Ideas for Your Blog

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch 100 Ideas for Your Blog❮EPUB❯ ✰ No One Cares What You Had for Lunch 100 Ideas for Your Blog Author Margaret Mason – Tired of filling up your blog with boring posts Take the next step and get inspired to create something uniue Author Margaret Mason shows you the way with this fun collection of inspirational ideas fo Tired of filling up your blog Cares What PDF/EPUB À with boring posts Take the next step and get inspired to create something uniue Author Margaret Mason shows you the way with this fun collection of inspirational ideas for your blog Nobody Cares What You Had for Lunch Ideas for Your Blog is a uniue idea book for bloggers seeking fun creative inspiration Margaret gives writers the prompts they need to describe imagine investigate No One PDF/EPUB ² and generate clever postsSample ideas include Writing a serial novel Conducting unnecessary experiments Creating your autobiography Public eavesdropping. It gave some good ideas and divided them by time you have avaliable to blog about but mostly listed websites to look at and put your own spin onSo you don't have to bother some of the best and worst ideas in this book are #1 If you ruled the world things would be better at least in a few small ways wwwhchapcom talks about how she thinks you should hang your toilet paper#3 Tell readers about presents you'll remember forever #6 Count your blessings#9 what are some of your bad habits that you would like to wish away? are there any good habits you'd like to magically adopt?#13 what are the family traditions or personal rituals you practice? how have they evolved over the years? are there any new traditions you've always wanted to introduce?#18 Catalog the contents of a space of yours that isn't usually open to the public wwwflickrcom search whatsinmybag#25 write up a classified ad the kind people used to run when they had to pay by the word seeking something you could use or reverse the process offer up something you'd be glad to give up#27 tell a little bit about your friends who they are and why you picked them to be part of your life#28 how you'd spend 10000000#31 tell about your perfect meal whom you'd invite where you'd land and whether you'd choose breakfast lunch or dinner#34 tell about where you live best places to eat etc#35 tell about your scars your scars indicate what type of life you've lived Whether you're athletic fighting for your health or just occasionally clumsy let each scar remind you of the story behind it wwwblogjamcomnamemyscars#36 show off your old school photos#37 objects of your affection in a fire after all the people pets are out of your house what would you grab?#38 use your blog to start your novel wwwnanowrimoorg#39 or write a short story#40 what are you irrational fears and where did they come from ok I can just see my blog stalker using this to really freak me out GREAT#41 do a tribute for a living loved one wwwdoocecom#42 make a personal timeline of your past describe what was happening at each stage of your life and how those memories fit together you can make a forthright list of major events or talk about how you were feeling and what mattered to you at a particular age#33 what do you collect? wwwgrocerylistsorg#48 write about your gravest humiliation#49 try your hand at satire really? what's that?#50 empty your closets and fill up your blog by posting about the things you need to let go#52 tell what you're wearing right now open you closet and show us what's inside or describe your perfect interview outfit the fasion disasters that have haunted you the items you've bought and never worn or will never wear again#54 get defensive what do you love that no one else loves? defent the indefensible#57 say thanks#58 think back to major historical events of your lifetime tell readers what you were doing at that time #59 tell about your roomate horror stories#60 answer the uestions that keep you up at night by conducting experiments wwwmichaelbuffingtoncomcc2k1 wwwcockeyedcom how much is inside#67 give readers a day in your life record everything you did in a typical day#68 post amusing experts from your emails of yore#71 turn your interest into a passion start pulling together links studying up and try to turn your blog into the go to resource for people who share one of your passions#75 start a blog or regular feature of storeis about living in your neighborhood or town#76 what would the soundtrack of your life include?#77 start a family history blog give everyone a login post a new uestion every week memories fondest moments with family or how everyone made it through difficult times#81 seek out unusual opportunities blog about them my problem is that I'm half cynical might hurt someones feelings with this one#87 create a blog entirely devoted to your passion wwwmightygoodscom#91 take up stalking make conjectures about passersby or just recount the highlights of what you observe#93 share a joke#96 eavesdrop on other peoples conversations and write about them the author writes about Hat guy 's view of poverty marriage#98 gripe me? neverall I can say is that some people have WAY too much time on their hands that I'm sure my mom one of my only blog readers couldn't care less about most of these things she probably would care about what I had for lunch Well blogging has arrived I mean reallyThis book is a good example of that one of those 101 and in 24 hours booksThe subject is fun the content is about 100 blog posts the price for this is ridiculousThe author complains that people are writing about their lunch but funny thing is that her 31st idea for blogging is yes you guessed lunchThe book is basically about how to bare youself to the public how to put of your private life on the net hey you got an embarrassing memory that makes you cry and curl up? Post itYou got embarrassing photos? Post itNo one cares what you had for lunch but hey why don't you tell us what's in your purse?Blogging has arrived And this book is one of those lets make some money without any effort booksBut if you don't mind the price 20 USD? for this? you can have a good bedtime reading And there are some good thoughts in this Just not too much I've come to the conclusion that writing prompt books are crap This one didn't change my mind Pretty scatter shot in its attempt at comprehensive brainstorming listicle style writing prompts Sure covers a lot of possibilities but categorizing them according to the time it takes to write them seems well unhelpful The length of the post seems appropriate as a subcategory A helpful approach for readers would I think be to organize these according to genre subject potential audience and then sub categorized by length Lots of bloggers especially ones hoping to generate traffic aren't interested in any ol' prompt; they want ideas specific to their niche food arts fashion essay etc The form and focus of your blog will shape what prompts are helpful How long it takes to write a post is secondary to generating usable topicsSomewhat in its favor is how short each suggestion is You can read this whole thing in no time But it would go even uicker if it was organized better Time seems to be one of the most important aspects of blogging for her which gives the whole book a very rapid fire go get em Business Bro meets Cool Mom vibe that doesn't fit my personality or what I look for in a good blog But I know lots of people do dig that voice and approachBut there are some useful things in here despite the book being ten years old now and blogging has moved into new realms Some parts are a touch dated but the underlying principle is can be easily modified to contemporary needs Other readers might get out of this If your blog is a catch all for life's happenings then this might be a handy book If however your blog has a narrower focus then I doubt this will be one of the helpful books for enriching your project What's likely is that the internet is littered with the stale corpses of blogs aspiring to greatness that eventually starved on the poor substance within this book A uick read Some helpful ideas for blog posts This book is separated into five chapters The first four chapters are aimed at the time increments you may spend on writing your blog 15 minutes 30 minutes an hour or “take your time” The fifth chapter is about picking an area of expertise or of interest and just being a writerI found that the first chapter based on 15 minutes of fame was fun and intuitive with ideas to keep readers coming back for This would be good for clients we work with who have a website designed for a specialized field film making fast cars philanthropy The chapter talks about personalizing ideas or details being opinionated and different from other blogsThe second and third chapters are focused on creating a blog that will bring a lot of new readers to their sites This means creating content that seems interesting funny or gimmicky rather than intuitive information in a specialized field Although after setting up a blog that is interesting funny or gimmicky the blog itself becomes specialized in itselfThe fourth chapter focuses on uniue ideas that take some time and research to blog about There are some good examples and some funny examples The idea is to be inspired by these examples and come up with your own uniue blogI found the book to be a good read It was fast and a page turner It’s a good reference book to have on the shelf if you want to write about something new The first half will help you with your existing blog if you are an expert on your blog The second half will help you start something newThat’s just my take on it I used to have just one blog but I found I wanted to separate them based on different ideas This book would have helped me start sooner with it though as I waited over a year before the first posts because I didn’t think I had something solid to blog aboutThis book will help you with new ideas Reading about the different blog examples will inspire you to keep your blog active I gave this five stars not because it's the great American novel but because it gives you exactly what it promises with wit and flair There are 100 ideas for your blog most of them pretty darn good I wish it were reuired reading before getting a Facebook account Great source of ideas and advice for bloggers I laughed out loud The author and the bloggers she features have a great sense of humor and some uniue ideas If only I could read blogs all day It's a fun book to read through for ideas I borrowed it from the library and now wouldn't mind owning a copy A uick and easy way to get the creative juices flowing

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch 100 Ideas for Your
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • No One Cares What You Had for Lunch 100 Ideas for Your Blog
  • Margaret Mason
  • English
  • 10 July 2016
  • 9780321449726