Shadows and Light

Shadows and Light❰Reading❯ ➸ Shadows and Light Author Melissa Haag – Reap the Shadow Slay the Light I don't know what I am but I'm not humanand neither are the creatures that killed my mom Running will only carry me so far because there's a darkness within me ready to Reap the Shadow Slay the Light I don't know what I am but I'm not humanand neither are the creatures that killed my mom Running will only carry me so far because there's a darkness within me ready to destroy me and a burning light begging for escape It's the Shadows and PDF or light that screams to my pursuers and works them into a frenzy Though the darkness might kill me releasing the light might kill us all WarWolf Half breed Ema fights to suppress her werewolf emotions and deny her warlock powers It isn't easy being a half breed but she is determined to slide through life unnoticed by either group When the warlock leaders team up with humans to force paranormal registration Ema believes she must choose between her two unwanted worlds An unexpected companion shows her not all emotions are bad and power has its benefits Moved Werewolves are real but the legends are wrong It's the secret Gillian's father has tried to keep from her and the reason he's so overprotective But he goes too far when he exiles Gillian to a house in the middle of nowhere Her new landlord Racer is like a cute jailer who has strict orders to keep her safely trapped Battle lines between independence and obligation are drawn as Gillian decides just how far she's willing to go to win back her freedom And Racer needs to decide what he's willing to endure to keep her close. This really isn't my own rating I wanted to add something to share a little side story My dad recently retired With all of the time he has now he offered to read my book provide corrections and give general feedbackI can't recall my dad ever reading a book Wait not true When I was about twelve I remember him reading one Anyway I wasn't about to say noHere's what he texted me Done with the book Liked story 3 the best I am very impressed with my daughter Love you Go ahead aw the moment with me DI had to add this because when you read the novellas you'll notice family connections in all three So this is my shout out to family bonds and love Happy reading I would like to avoid spoilers so this will be brief Each of the three stories contained within Shadows and Light deal with the potential for good and evil in the world as well as in individuals We see three strong female leads something which Melissa Haag does uite well well enough to be known for her strength in female characters The first piece Reap the Shadow Slay the Light brings us into a point of violent upheaval in Phoebe's life she must make some uick choices that will change her life forever She gets help she desperately needs in an unlikely friend and she learns about her true self I enjoyed the relationship that developed between the male and female leads here and the fact that they each rose to the occasion once called forNext we have War Wolf Half Breed which is a confusing title before you read it because you think it's going to be about wolves in conflict and it isn't necessarily Rather it's about another young woman Ema for short who is incredibly gifted but lonely She has to accept who she truly is and go with her heart all the while accompanied by the lovable dork and true friend Declan This was my least favorite story really the only reason I have is that I felt like it would have been better as an entire book There is so much we don't know about the history and future of the supers and the registration and about the wolves and warlocks disdain for one anotherThe third and final story Moved was a bit different It starts off with all but the main character Gillian knowing the who's who and what's what though she knows a bit than her father and his associate Larry think thanks to a letter from her mother This one builds slowly to a beautiful ending and though the first story is my favorite this one is special to me too as it most reminds me of the awesomeness that is MH's Judgment of the Six series Overall this ranks at a 45 star rating and even if you normally don't enjoy short stories these are a great way to get into the format I haven’t read many books made up of individual unconnected novellas; only novellas that are part of a series so this was new but really exciting I found it was actually really easy to get into the different stories even being really short which my one worry was Saying this though they were each about 80 pages so still a decent length but not long enoughNow to be honest I wasn’t uite sure how to review this book whether to do mini reviews for each novella or a general one but since the 3 synopsis above are better descriptions than I could have done without spoiling too much I won’t go into that kind of detailThe characters were all well developed so and I know I will keep referring back to this even though they’re not described to the extent they would in a full length novel you had a good feel for them and could understand where they were taking the story Melissa also managed to convey the story brilliantly well with no sudden information drops that you’d expect from a novella with no series backing it up This meant it kept an even pace and this worked for all 3 novellasI have to say the concepts were eually as good and not the classic vampirewerewolfangel stories which made it interesting I have nothing against those stereotypical paranormal stories and if you’ve seen any of my reviews you’ll know I love them but everyone wants that uniue story which will stand out from the rest and stay in your head Melissa did this effortlessly with not just 1 but 3 If they were full length novels I’d still read them in a heartbeat but it was nicely done this way I’ll admit I almost forgot they were novellas and when the last one abruptly finished it took me a while to get over itPosted on 3 short stories 3 different worlds but oh so good Funny but serious too I love that even though Melissa writes Werewolves she always mange to give give us a different version of them and in different worlds Reap The Shadows Slay The Light A bit dark but it had it's funny moments I loved the support Willam gave to Phoebe She endured a lot at such a jong age but mange to riseWarWolf Half Breed I laughed out loud a few times Declan Is defiantly one that will grow on you I could relate Ema Evanal May Amberday being some what of a lonerMove Gillian antics had me Loling Poor Racer I really wanted of their story though I liked the ended but it still doesn't feel finish What In The World I love many of Melissa’s books But this one I don’t even know what to say I’ll admit I only read the first story Because it was the most convoluted disjointed nonsensical thing I’ve read as an adult Light and darkness? Ending in shades of gray? Justwhat? If you’re looking for a short story with mythical creatures and some love technically this fits the bill But that’s all that I can say in its favor So entertaining From start to end Loved them all Short stories bundle together My favorite one was shadows and lights But all the 3 were fun to read Getting betterRead Touched by this author first Good premise but too bare bones Liked th I s one much better Will continue reading the series she wrote and see where it goes Reviewer for Paranormal Romance Authors that Rock4 FangsThe three novellas in this book are amazing i haven't read many paranormal books even so you could get a feel for the caracters drawn into the story1 'Reap the Shadow Slay the light was full of emotion The story is about Phoebe William Phoebe saw many tragities throughout her life the loss of her closest friend her mother Williams sister mother the loss of her father subseuent step fathers till her latest step brother brutally murdered her mother Willam promised Phoebe that whenever she needed his help or protection he would help no uestion The male characters are the shadows the females the light The shadows need the light as the light needs the shadows to keep peace balance but only with consent Over the years tho the shadows have overtaken the balance seek the light with total aggression Willam helps Phoebe to understand who she is who they are the power together they can control2 WarWolf Half breed is about Ema Evanal May Amberday Declan Ema the daughter of a Warlock Werewolf has become somewhat of a recluse till her step father insists on her getting out She yeilds only to go to get a pizza when she meets Declan a werewolf and he follows her home Turns out that Declans father knew Emas mother When the Warlock leaders agree with the Humans to start a register for the 'Supers' Warlocks Werewolves Witches Ema Declan run to the Westcoast to register but Ema is unwilling to do so as she doesn't want to be forced to choose one super over the other The whole time they travel they are shadowed by patrols that are making sure the supers are pursuaded to register As much as Ema has reservations about Declan at the beginning they stand by each other till their feelings for each other are realised3 Moved Gillian lost her mother when she was young but her mother left her a letter that explained who she was She was home from college visiting her dad Larry when her dad noticed someone outside their home when asked who it was everything was thrown in the air and Gillian was moved away for her protection Racer was now to be her protector for nine months or until her stalkers was found In the middle of no where effectively under house arrest Gillian isn't the easiest at staying under control Racer is pushed to his limits by her but then their emotions come into the picture Gillian eases up on him him to her then her stalker finds her Once Racer has him restrained her dad Larry see him for themselves do they realize that they are in love with each other Gillian wants to stay with RacerAll three stories are definately stories i would love in full length books and would appeal mostly to the YA group but its a great read for everyone Alright Let's do this So I was lucky enough to be a betaarcgiven this in exchange for an honest review sort of thing and I am always honest I just happened to love every one of these novellasMy review is going to be different from my normal ones because this was three novellas in one book cool? Cool So overall I loved the mix of two humorous stories and one serious darker story I thought while they stories were shorter they were complete would have I liked to have seen of each? Well yeah I love Melissa's writing of course I did i think that if she never decided to dip farther into each one of these worlds she totally could I think though for short easy fun reads these were perfect Now a little in depth about each one Reap the Shadow Slay the Light I really enjoyed the concept of this story we start off very in the dark with Phoebe which I think works really well for the story I enjoyed that we got this very much darker story than the other two were This was intense it was get your heart racing and what will happen next sort of thing There was mystery a bit of gore but over all just awesome ness I enjoyed the relationship between Will and Phoebe I LOVED Will so much he was not going to let Phoebe be a hermit and waste away The entire novella was very creative and interesting I had never really seen anything like this and I loved it So very much Very intriguing WarWolf Half breed Don't let the name fool you it is not about a werewolf going to Waryeah I didn't totally think that when i first saw the title or anything hahahaanyways this was a fun little tale about accepting who you are even if you are a mix amounts of races I really enjoyed the different ness of Declan he was funny and sweet but very emotional At first I felt a little awkward with him but he really grew on me and I did end up falling for him much like Ema She is also a very interesting character who tries to control exactly how she feels but she indulges both of her sides Warlock and Werewolf Moved This WAS FANTASTIC Seriously I adored this novella It was hilarious it was sexy it was just totally utterly amazing It had to be my favorite out of these three and I just loved loved loved Racer and Gillian's chemistry I loved Gillian's pranks and attics omgod so funny i was laughing my ass off through out most of the entire book I enjoyed the splash of action that we get ^^ cause yay Love that and I enjoyed the sort of we are in the dark but not uite that much vibe it had I really just loved this novella and I can't wait to re read it again and again and again Yes yes yesThese short stories are sweet beautiful and uietly thought provoking not necessarily in that order ; Definitely a must read

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