Climax Double Alchemy #2

Climax Double Alchemy #2➶ [Reading] ➸ Climax Double Alchemy #2 By Susan Mac Nicol ➫ – A BLINDING LIGHT It begins with a Book of Shadows discovered by a London coven The grimoire is as dangerous as it is rare which is why it evokes modern day warlock uinn Fairmont’s desire He collects A BLINDING LIGHT It begins with a Book of Shadows discovered by a London coven The grimoire is as dangerous as it is rare which is why it evokes modern day warlock uinn Fairmont’s desire He collects objects of great power and beauty—like his lover Cade Mairston Against all odds he and Cade found each other but their perils have just begun First is the ex lover who once held uinn in thrall And someone has been killing warlocks Could it be one of their own kind There are those too who would challenge uinn’s power in their Climax Double ePUB ✓ uest to overthrow him as Grand Master Or is the danger something darker something invoked inadvertently rising from the shadows building from the very inside of a man until it brings an end with a uick flash of light Of the truth the surface has only been scratched Now uinn and Cade must go deeper and find both answers and an end They must learn what lurks in the hearts of menand whether it seeks to love or destroy. In order to truly appreciate Climax it is best to read Double Alchemy first I am not a fan of paranormal fiction as a rule but I have been trying selective paranormal reads lately This duo was one that made me glad I was stepping outside my comfort zone These two books have a lot of supernatural elements to them but the characters are still living in the here and now not some alternate universe This is helpful when trying to relate to the characters and situations as I can imagine their surroundings accurately Climax picks up soon after the end of Double Alchemy uinn and Cade have gotten their HFN They are truly happy and it's clear in this book Part of that love and happiness is the scorchingly hot Susan Mac Nicol sex scenes Swoon Seriously she is one of the few authors whose sex scenes are always a turn on There are still way too many secrets that uinn is keeping from Cade Things that are really important for Cade to know Their world is turning into a vortex of evil but uinn and Cade still find ways to connect whenever they can and that is plenty Each man still has his career separate from the other I like that they retain their independence within the confines of their relationship uinn is definitely an alpha male but he knows that Cade holds a lot of power in their relationship which is made clearer than ever when uinn's green eyed monster reared its head The new bitch in town is Valensia ueen bee of the Witches as uinn is the King of the Warlocks She and uinn had a really steamy past Valensia is part Fey so the magical and mega powerful attraction is there uinn has to fight to overcome it every time he is near her This presents a challenge for Cade and uinn to not allow her to come between them as the Warlocks and Witches are forced to form an alliance to fight a common enemy Valensia initially tries her best to use her Fey influence to bring uinn back to her bed even going so far as to strengthen it with additional magic Eventually she realizes that uinn and Cade belong together and tries to concentrate on their common goal The fifteen year old bratty villain from Double Alchemy is still around and has recruited help in the form of a regular human and a Book of Shadows This is an ancient rare and dangerous book of spells some of which have never been tried uinn's book geek side really wants to keep the book for his collection I totally understand that urge The book brings with it a very strong evil presence which wants to inhabit a human vessel and rid the world of Warlocks and Witches It will take all the combined powers of the Witches Warlocks and Cade's Fey healing abilities if they are to be successful against this eviluinn's secrecy with the knowledge that he has of Cade's Fey side turns around and bites him in the butt It broke my heart when this happened It was really hard to see a strong both physically and supernaturally man brought virtually to his knees in pain It was a triumphant day when Cade was finally aware of the depth pun intended of his powers and abilities He is truly the perfect eual for uinn Together their powers compliment each other's and they appear unstoppableAs an added bonus Ms MacNicol throws a little political intrigue into the mix in the form of an attempt to overthrow uinn's leadership on the Warlock Council Once that rebellion is taken care of things began to wrap up uickly probably uickly than I would have liked The end felt a little rushed We had had almost 600 pages building to this point and while the outcome was very satisfying and worth waiting each of those 600 pages for I would have liked to see the pacing slowed down a bitWhile Climax served as the end of the magichuman problems I could have used some uinn and Cade time This was truly a plot driven book where the first one was character driven There were conflicts between the men and the heartbreaking ugly cry face scene where uinn had to put Cade in the water but I am a selfish selfish reader I want an Oompah Loompah NOWDon't misunderstand these negatives are tiny little problems in a huge sweeping masterpiece I love Cade and uinn Percy and Jomo and Valensia kinda sorta grows on me eventually Even that damn Withinner Taliesin garners a little sympathy from my cold dead heart This is a perfect cap to the stories contained in this pairing of books and men Well worth the investment of time and money and emotion which may just be the biggest price of all Double recommended but especially to fans of Susan MacNicol's work specifically and paranormals in general I liked Double Alchemy Climax book 2 much better than book 1 Double AlchemyI also liked that all the plotlines had some type of resolutionReviewed an ARC of this book through BookSprout uinn and Cade Cade and uinn 3 love these twoWhen you put mm and paranormal together for me you come up with something great I really enjoyed getting away from reality with the paranormal side of this book At the same time it was a very grounded to human activities which was niceObviously this is book 22 of Double Alchemy so you really need to read book 1 first which was fab This book starts with our couple happy but trouble stirring in the warlockwitch worldCade and uinn are dedicated to each other and they both show jealousy when people try to get between them nothing's gonna come between these men though uinn showing jealousy in kitchen loved itIt's not as action packed as book 1 but still as enjoyable as we get to watch a relationship develop and grow even don't get me wrong there's action danger and heartbreaking moments that will tug at your heart stringsSusan does a great job with the sex scenes not every session is detailed some were just teased and left to our imaginationIf you love mm pick up this page turning book along with book 1 you won't be disappointed45 stars 5 stars reviewed by RobertaWow this book is action packed and filled with lots intrigue and suspense I was hooked At one point I hated anything that kept me away from this book I couldn’t wait to finish this book and yet I didn’t want it to endThis is the continuation of Double Alchemy which really should be read first in order to really get a feel for these characters and a bit of the plot Now I liked uinn and Cade A LOT I thought they each brought something to the table in their relationship yet for me it was Cade that had me Let’s get into the characters for a bitCade Mairston is this great character He’s an anthropologist and professor and he’s worked really hard to get where he is in his life He’s had such tragedy in his life and he’s finally got someone who loves him Cade is starting to find out about his Fey side and he wants so much to learn as much as he can Cade is this wonderful blend of snarky and sarcastic when it’s needed however he’s also learning that there is out there than the thought and sometimes it’s a really dirty fight Cade is uinn’s home his salvation What he needs to come home to and have a bit of sanity Cade is than willing to take up that job He’s pretty damn good at taking on uinn in whatever mood he’s in It’s fun to watch Cade handle uinnuinn Fairmont is Warlock with so much going on in his world that he doesn’t even know how to get it all settled He’s got uinCo his company running smoothly with his partner Jomo His Warlock duties on the other hand are keeping him hopping about uinn is dealing with rumblings in his group about him not being the right person for the job He’s got people dying and he needs to find the Witchfinder General and stop whatever plans he’s got going on But the very best thing that uinn has going on in his life is Cade That’s the one thing that brings him any peace The love that they share is what truly sustains him uinn is such a complex character With all that has happened in his life and just how strong and determined that he is I’d be in awe of him if it weren’t for some of the stuff that he does that made me unhappy with him we’ll get to that in a bitCade and uinn’s relationship is central to this entire book The other stuff that happens throughout the story is important don’t get me wrong But for these two men they are each other’s whole world and what effects one of them truly effects the other They give each other the chance to be themselves and yet also to become better men than they already areThis book has some wonderful secondary characters As always there is Taliesin uinn’s Withinner Percy who is uinn’s Marshall and friend There is also Jomo who is uinn’s business partner There are plenty of other characters that we get to see of James Barton Smith who is trying to take uinn’s place of Grand Master and change the course of how the Consortium does it’s work in a direction that isn’t necessarily the right way Justin Leichner who is a childhood friend of uinn’s who has uinn’s back There’s Daniel who is uinn’s surrogate father as well as being his uncle Valensia is such a wonderful character She’s such a strong woman She holds lots of power and the best part is that she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty I like that about her Granted she tries to get back with uinn but she’s not the same person that she was when last they tangled But then again neither is heThe book was really cut into different parts the first part was finding out to whom The Book of Shadows belonged too and also finding the Witchfinder General Another part is his dealings with the Warlock consortium and those within that are trying to gain a foothold in order to remove uinn from his job as Grand Master The final part was in regards to Cade and his being a Water Sprite and what that would entailThere were just a couple of things that I wasn’t sure about I really didn’t understand the character Cooper I didn’t understand his purpose in this story The fact that he was so forceful trying to get into Cade’s pants even knowing that he’s with someone that just didn’t sit right with me Now the bit about uinn that is actually a rollover from DA that he was so hesitant when parceling out information to Cade regarding his Fey nature his Water Sprite abilities I really hated that part If you love someone you don’t keep something that important from themjust my humble opinionThere was so much happening in this book that I swear that you won’t be disappointed This was a wonderful continuation of the Double Alchemy storyline This was such a wonderful ride The suspense and action were just the right balance especially alongside the romance of uinn and Cade When I got to the end I was likeWHAT? There has to be I’m hoping that Susan hears my plea and maybe has something else up her sleeve Trust meyou’ll feel the same So if you’re ready to read a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and a fair amount of pulse raising hot and sexy timesthis is the book for you So sit down and have a drink handyyou’ll need it and get ready to continue on uinn and Cade’s journeyA copy of this book was provided for reviewing purposes Please visit wwwlovebytesreviewscom to see this and many reviews I have to think that there will be another Alchemy book coming out There were uite a few things kind of left hanging I was actually getting a bit impatient with this part of the story While some events of the first book seemed to be wrapped up there were so many happenings and events in this part In the first half there were series of events that really involved only uinn and the warlocks Cade was almost a peripheral character and I wondered if all the Spritefey information was ever going to come into play In that part of the book it seemed as if Cade and uinn never had any conversations just sex Then it seemed like too many characters were being brought into the action Cooper Valensia Misty Daniel and Justin Their names had been used but now they are prominent Cade finally learning his Sprite heritage was rather disappointing all tell and no show It was all a series of events that made it hard to see any actual direction for the story It felt rather disjointed and incomplete Since it seems there were still unresolved events in this part that we will need to get story to understand I also have to note that I noticed several errors in the book with missing words and misspelled words Kind of unusual for Susan's books I didn't dislike this story just not as enjoyable as the first A Joyfully Jay review425 starsDouble Alchemy Climax is the follow up novel to Double Alchemy The book picks up shortly after the first and uinn and Cade are happily living and loving together It is great to catch up with uinn and Cade again as their attraction is still magical They are building a life together but are still able to maintain their own identities uinn however is still holding back all kinds of secrets from Cade uinn still has the weight of the Warlock world on his shoulders but Cade is his home his lifeline his love who brings him peace Cade is slowly learning that uinn has to take on all kinds of roles as Grand Master and sometimes the lines of morality are blurred Cade definitely knows how to handle uinn in whatever mood uinn may be in and it’s the pull between the two of them that really makes the storyRead Michelle’s review in its entirety here I loved this continuationconclusion of the Double Alchemy set This book seemed to flow much readily and naturally to me than the first one and I liked seeing Cade learning about what he is and getting stronger in his craft He seemed much stronger and self sufficient in this book There is action mysteries betrayal and the ongoing threat of the Witchfinders Taken together this duology is a very interesting and uniue paranormal experienceI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review I just love Susan MacNicol’s books and these books that she has written about men who do magic are so much fun Sometimes when the first book is so good as the first book in this series was you wonder if the seuel will be as good This book is if anything even better I loved it and I recommend it highlyI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Loved the book it was great the story was well written and the characters are interesting This story is a continuation from the last book uinn with his powers and Cade finding out that they need to find someone who is killing Warlocks and trying to stop them from being togetherI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review This is another great read from this author I had a difficult time putting this book down once I started Loved the story and the charactersI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review