An Earl Like No Other

An Earl Like No Other➶ [Read] ➲ An Earl Like No Other By Wilma Counts ➾ – When All Seemed LostKatherine Gardiner a young English widow has only one dream to protect her son—a future duke—from her merciless father in law Determined and desperate she has no option but to When All Seemed LostKatherine Gardiner Like No PDF ✓ a young English widow has only one dream to protect her son—a future duke—from her merciless father in law Determined and desperate she has no option but to take the guise of a housekeeper and escape to Yorkshire where the only hope is the enigmatic Earl of KenrickLove Saved The DayIn all his years spent An Earl MOBI :¼ roaming the world Jeremy Chilton never braced himself for the burden of a much damaged inheritance Now the new Earl of Kenrick must save his family legacy and raise his motherless young daughter as a proper English lady His only salvation is his beautiful housekeeper Kate But as her secrets unravel much that is puzzling about her falls into place No Earl Like No PDF/EPUB » wonder the Earl has caught himself imagining her wife than employee Clearly she belongs at Kenrick—safe in his arms Now if only he can convince her to agree. I've given this a C at AAR so 35 stars This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I feel compelled to explain up front that in spite of the middling rating I actually enjoyed it very much The novel tells the story of a man struggling to make a go of an unexpected inheritance and a widow who is trying to protect her young son from his harsh and dictorial grandfather Jeremy Chilton the third son of the Earl of Kenrick has spent the past decade living with a tribe of Arapaho Indians in America and is content with his life He enjoys the freedom and the company of his four year old daughter Cassandra – or Little Willow as she prefers to be known But all that is about to change as he discovers that both his elder brothers have been killed in an accident and that his father died shortly afterwards He had never intended to return to England but he now realises he has no alternative While he is not overjoyed at the idea of taking up his place among the British nobility he’s an honourable man and feels a strong sense of responsibility toward the tenants and farmers on the Kenrick estateOne year later Lady Katherine Gardiner has fled the home of the Duke of Wynstan with her young son Ned who following the death of her husband is now the duke’s heir Thinking that it would be a good idea for Ned to grow up on the estate he will one day own Kate took Ned to his grandfather only to discover that the old man planned to impose a very harsh regime upon the boy and to treat him cruelly Mother and son were virtual prisoners until she managed to find a way for them to escapeArrived in London she presents herself to Mr Phillips who as well as being the family solicitor was a friend of her late husband’s Kate’s family cast her off when she married a penniless younger son and she has no one else to turn to Phillips is also the solicitor for the recently returned Earl of Kenrick and thinks he might be able to do both Kate and Kenrick a favour Kenrick’s estate is in Yorkshire miles from Wynstan’s Devonshire estate and he has only recently applied to Phillips for help in engaging a suitable housekeeper His father and brothers never spent any time or money on the estate with the effect that things are in a very poor way Jeremy believes it is possible to turn things around but not without a massive effort and lots of hard work on his part so he spends all his time working on the land or drawing up plans for improvements and has no time to devote to the management of his household Kate readily agrees to the plan although she begs Phillips not to disclose the truth of her situation to the earl and travels to Yorkshire as plain Mrs Katherine ArthurI became uickly caught up in Jeremy’s battle to save his estate not only for himself but for all his dependents Like so many aristocrats of the time he is land rich but cash poor and until he learns of the outcome of some of the investments he has made in certain trading endeavours he is operating on money from mortgages and other loans To add to those worries he is concerned that his daughter has lost her sparkle and become uiet and withdrawn and he also has to contend with the fact that his neighbour and sole creditor Sir Eldridge Mortimer is trying to blackmail him into marrying his daughterKate and Jeremy are likeable well adjusted characters with no wagons of emotional baggage or dark and tortured souls Kate is an efficient housekeeper although Jeremy begins to have his suspicions that she is not uite who she seems to be suspicions which are further increased when his younger brother comes to visit and reveals that he had known Kate in Spain and Portugal when she’d followed the drumI said at the beginning of this review that I enjoyed the book than my rating would seem to indicate The reason for that grade is that the romance is rather under developed Kate and Jeremy are obviously attracted to each other but their relationship is very low key and I would have liked a little of a spark between them I like that Kate is no simpering miss and is honest with herself about her feelings for her employer but her “I’m in love with him” moment comes rather out of the blue as does his On the positive side they’re clearly comfortable together and the fact that their children are playmates brings them together both physically and emotionally providing a sound basis for their relationship I just didn’t buy that they were passionately in love with each otherMy other main criticism is that the ending drags on a bit It’s difficult to explain fully without spoilers so I’ll just say that it’s somewhat anticlimactic given previous events and things should have been wrapped up a chapter or so earlierThose issues apart An Earl Like No Other is a good solid read and the author certainly tells an enjoyable story The romance could have been played a little strongly but if you’re not expecting a steamy romance and want an engaging story featuring decent un emotionally scarred protagonists facing realistic situations then with those caveats in mind I’d certainly recommend it This was a new to me author The storyline was good I loved the H and the h eventually grew on meThe book would benefit greatly from an experienced editor There were numerous grammatical errors throughout the book There were also multiple repetitive or unimportant passages that should have been condensed and events which were written passively but could have contributed to the action if written differently At times the writing and dialogue were awkward and unpolished It took me a few days to finish this one because I set it aside and read a couple of other books before coming back Despite the problems in writing it was a decent book and I don't consider the reading as time wasted With experience and a good editor I think the author could turn out a very good story I had a smile on my face as when I finished this book What a fabulous story and so well written AN EARL LIKE NO OTHER by Wilma Counts is a gemKatherine Gardiner is left widowed and with a young son who is the heir destined to a dukedom The current duke Katherine's father in law has had Katherine and his grandson Ned virtual prisoners in Wynstan Castle to make sure Ned gets a proper education and upbringing Katherine finds the Duke of Wynstan to be an oppressive brute who uses physical discipline to rear his heir and she won't stand for it any longer At the first chance she gets she whisks Ned away to someone who will helpSanctuary comes in the form of Jeremy Chilton the Earl of Kenrick who has just returned from the American wilderness where he began a family with a half native American woman only to lose her Jeremy Chilton and his young daughter Cassie strive to make Kenrick Hall a home but it's difficult with the lack of funds and a proper housekeeper to keep all in order Kenrick reluctantly hires the widowed Katherine on a trial basis to see if she will fit his needs His opinion of her is that she is too young and too attractive to be a housekeeper but without knowing much than she is a widow left with a young son he accepts her into his home and his life Kernick finds that the he gets to know Mrs Gardiner the he becomes attracted to her He would much rather be in Kate's company than that of the conniving neighbors who are trying to bribe him into marriage with his spoiled daughter for title and lands Kenrick must find a way to stave off the greedy neighbors while holding on to the best asset he has Kate Kate's attraction to Jeremy and the feelings she has for his daughter Cassie are like no other but if she opens herself to him and tells the truth of her identity she could not only lose his trust but lose Jeremy as well AN EARL LIKE NO OTHER by Wilma Counts is a wonderful story with a colorful cast of characters that holds ones interest Jeremy is a true hero not caring for anyone's station in life or a title before a name He is honest and caring and a most honorable man Katherine has been through much in her short life and proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with when she is crossed Her love for the children even for Cassie who who is not her own makes her one of my favorite heroines I truly loved this story This is the first book I have ever read by this author and I will be looking into her backlist as well as reading her latest books in the futureKIMBERLY I love every book I've read by Wilma Counts I think she's an under appreciated author of regency romances and could take her place with the top authors of traditional regency romances This book is no exception The book has both an emotionally mature hero and heroine who face serious external challenges both in their lives and their relationship And the author writes so well and tells a great story Also the secondary characters are so well done and integral to the story it's like watching a top notch ensemble production Further which is uite important to me the book has a very authentic period feel and seamlessly incorporates historical references No wallpaper here The only reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars and it's really a 45 star book for me is that the heroine keeps critical information about herself and her situation from the hero It's understandable when she first meets him and applies for a job as his housekeeper why she would do so However she kept her secret for far too long Two friends of hers who she trusted and respected told her many times to tell the hero her story because they also trusted and respected the hero I did not find compelling the reasons she gave for repeatedly not telling him especially after she got to know him and saw the decent and honorable person he was However this one plot device did not spoil an otherwise terrific book and I highly recommend the book 15 starsSorely lacking in romance the convoluted plot seemed to drag on forever and some terribly juvenile actions on the heroine's part This story was just OK for me It was pleasant enough predictable enough but it seemed lacking to me in a few areas I felt the hero was a little too wimpy the first love scene was very rushed and unsatisfying in the aspect of the writing not even close to being able to pull me in to be able to feel any emotions whatsoever The heroine was understandably overprotective of her son but when it came to whether she should accept the marriage proposal or not that's where I really lost interest in her as a character I wanted to slap her what was there to debate about? GreatI found this a really good book Kate is a strong character She saves her son from an abusive grandfather and hides away at the Earl of Kenrick's Yorkshire estate as a housekeeper but circumstances overcome her when she is discovered there but she is protected by a number of people including Jeremy the Earl The plots of the book are very good and give the book a great depth Young widow Katherine Arthur Gardiner her young son Ned are forced to flee the Duke aka Grandmeanie to go to London The Duke was abusing her son saying it was to prepare Ned for when he inherited Her attorney got her a housekeeping job for the new Earl of Kendrick The Earl is Jeremy Chilton who just inherited his deceased father brothers' title Katherine's attorney is also Jeremy's friend business partner Katherine who now is called Mrs Arthur her son go to live at Jeremy's estate with his precocious daughter Cassandra There are mysterious happenings the local rich Sir Mortimer making troublea growing deep friendship between Ned Cass the I always get what I want Charlotte sabotage aplenty a huge debt over Jeremy's head a budding love in this romance Will Jeremy need to marry the spoiled daughter? Can Kat ask Jeremy for help with the evil Duke? When will the deep doodoo hit the fan?I wanted this book because I loved the book cover Ms Counts is a new to me author I loved Kat her son's story of fleeing starting over The begin of this tale when Jeremy is found in the wilds of America with his half Native American daughter was so very descriptive Ms Counts spun such a very visual tale that I could feel the fresh breeze smell the roasting meat Jeremy had some serious struggling with Cass her many changes This poor little girl's essence was slowly choked out of her by her racist nurse Ms Counts wrote many great secondary characters like Aunt Elinor but she can serious write a great evil cruel character like snobby Charlotte her daddy This book had many good points like the growing friendship between Ned Cass also the bond of Kat Cass but my favorite part was the troublemaking daddy daughter get knock down a few pegs There were separate stories going on but to me the stories never blended together Ms Counts did have some good points in this tale but it wasn't romantic read to me I give this book my score of 2 fingers up 5 toesNetGalley ARC given for my honest review This was the most exciting book that had me turning the pages on my kindle as fast as possible I was hooked from page one and was not disappointed The author had me in her spell of romance and wanting You can sense the characters are truly likable and not storyboard cut outs I like the way Ms Counts presented me the reader with each and every flaw to make people seem real You have Katherine Gardner a widow who is trying to protect her son from his Grandfather She escaped from his home because the situation there was far from ideal Her powerful father in law has made Katherine fear for her son's well being So she travels to London to get help from her solicitor and to find somewhere to hide She is so desperate that being a housekeeper for the Earl of Kenrick who lives in Yokeshire is to her a God send But she keeps her secrets from her employer who might find out and then where would she goJeremy Chilton has lived in the wilds of America for ten years He is his own man with only the responsibility for his small daughter since his wife died Now he finds out that he is the Earl of Kenrick and must return to England to take over the title Jeremy finds in Yorkshire that his legacy is danger of being taken over by a unscrupulous neighbor His home is not being run very well so he asks his man of affairs to find him a housekeeper But once he meets the beautiful and breathtaking woman who will supervise his staff Jeremy senses there is to her that meets the eye There is mystery danger and lots of kisses going around for anybody to enjoy I really appreciate Net Galley for letting me read and review this ARC Katherine Gardiner Lady Arthur is running from her father in law Duke of Wynstan Kate has to protect her son Ned from the abusive behavior from the Duke Her options are limited and she asks her son’s guardian Mr Phillips for help Mr Phillips suggests she accept the housekeeper employment offered from the Earl of Kenrick So Kate can hide from the Duke Jeremy Chilton Earl of Kenrick is an impoverish lord and father trying to regain what the previous predecessors have bankrupt the estate Jeremy is unaware about the Kate’s situation and where she comes from He is grateful that the housekeeper position is filled so he is able to get his household in some kind of order Jeremy is unsuspecting feels a need and attraction for his new housekeeper This is a fantastic book I really enjoyed this story With each new development you will be taken in I would love to read from this author I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review

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