Timeline❮Download❯ ➺ Timeline ✤ Author Michael Crichton – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Michael Crichton's new novel opens on the threshold of the twenty first century It is a world of exploding advances on the frontiers of technology Information moves instantly between two points withou Michael Crichton's new novel opens on the threshold of the twenty first century It is a world of exploding advances on the frontiers of technology Information moves instantly between two points without wires or networks Computers are built from single molecules Any moment of the past can be actualized and a group of historians can enter literally life in fourteenth centuryfeudal FranceImagine the risks of such a journeyNot since Jurassic Park has Michael Crichton given us such a magnificent adventure Here he combines a science of the future the emerging field of uantum technology with the complex realities of the medieval past In a heart stopping narrative Timeline carries us into a realm of unexpected suspense and danger overturning our most basic ideas of what is possible front flap. Another one star book for the so bad it pissed me off category I so wanted to like this book Up until this book I think I read nearly everything Crichton wrote Timeline in my opinion had a great premise Swashbuckler disguised as Sci Fi The problem I had was that Crichton tried too hard to explain his premises and ended up making a jumble that even he couldn't untangle This book was supposed to have all the good stuff time travel knights castles fighting suspense But the characters don't ever really make it off the page The bad guys are so one dimensional they are hard to hate Good book hate reuires conflict and the bad guys are just so unrelentingly bad Same issue with the good guys the good guys are so boring they're hard to root for In the end I didn't really care if they made it back okay Speaking of the ending it all seemed like it was just tacked on because some editor said Okay you have to wrap this up in the next 40 pages or it won't make a good movie script They're all in this inextricable mess but suddenly the tide turns completely in their favor for the good guys who repair the device at the last second make it running send the bad guys back to die horribly and the two sympathetic couples live happily ever after with babies? Hawhich is another thing that pissed me off It seemed like Crichton was writing this just because it had been too long since he wrote a book that would make a great movie Thought the movie kind of sucked too And sure enough it got optioned bah Don't you remember the days of amazing novels by Crichton? 52814 a PS Dear condescending morons who keep showing up on this review to tell me how I'm reading it wrong or worse mansplaining why I don't get that this book is in your manly opinion a masterpiece par none Fuck Off Also I will delete your comments I'm not doing this any Write your own damn review of this stupid stupid book In the world of pseudoscience the subject of time travel is always entertaining fascinating and downright shall we say funImagine going back to any year in the distant obscure past reachable now taking a peek looking around the corner at the mysteries seeing actual situations and judging for yourself What was real not myths legends or fabrications a polite word for lies meeting important famous people in history books places that are long gone or in ruins now yet still captures our interest Michael Crichton has written one of the best in this genre The characters journey is continuously moving forward from one danger to another Professor Johnston's little band of rather frightened but intrepid archaeologists won't surrender without a fight their uest for knowledge in fact a rescue mission inevitably turns into a sick nightmare This is not a dull dig they're used to trying to discover an ancient artifact or an old stone wall but a new experience which may kill youIt's uite different seeing old bones walking now and breathing Maybe some they originally found themselves the corporation ITC that funded this and the mad billionaire genius that controls it Robert Doniger wants to make a good profit business is business naturally the rebuilt medieval sites will make nice tourist attractions as the money pours in The dreams of a rich young very ambitious man getting richerparadise for the fortunate few The expenses have been tremendous still after all they the volunteers are a fish out of water nevertheless no matter how clever these modern travelers appear The camouflages and technologies enable them to blend in these aliens try to survive the strange land of the medieval era The cruel customs bloodthirsty knights their swords hacking to pieces anyone they like and enjoying it peasants oppressed sieges secret passages in castles endless conflicts cut throat bandits hiding in the deep forest ready to slaughter any who foolishly go there the superstitious people fight back when possible The time is 1357 the One Hundred Years War is devastating France the English invaders will not leave and the Black Death has felled a third of the population in Eurupe20 million that in a few hours stumbled into the emptinessA trip that the adventurous will appreciate even love the closest anyone will get to the Dark Ages which scientists today have refuted There was a lot intellectual stirrings then and the brillance though a small minority showed through for the brighter future whenever that will occur This was the first Crichton novel I read which is probably to his advantage I knew it was fiction so I was able to pick it up and cruise right through it Had I started on The Andromeda Strain or Airframe I might have thought he was a non fiction writer and not given him a proper chance As it turns out I was instantly hooked and began to furiously and ferociously collect everything I could get my hands on by Michael Crichton Now I've read most of his novels and have met him in person see photos Big fan doodzAnyway this is a time travel story which automatically bumps it up a point in the storyline rating for me But it's not your average time travel tale It's very detail oriented and you learn uickly that some of the characters have an agenda deeper than just wanting to go back and visit the medieval times The characters are rock solid and believable and the story is a great rendition of a many times told favorite Who doesn't want to go back in time to the 1500s and check out some castles? Some knights doing battle? I know I doI know this was made into a movie a couple of years ago but I haven't seen it I've heard it didn't do anywhere close to as well as the book did and did it no justice either I'll probably rent it someday just because I'm sentimental and I like seeing my favorite characters come to life I'd recommend this for all you time travel junkies out there It has some elements that are surprisingly powerful for being so overtly subtle It's a very attractive read and well worth your time Having enjoyed Jurassic Park I wanted to read Crichton Timeline now being the second novel of he’s that I’ve readWhat I found most fascinating were the complete flip between the two stories as in Jurassic Park its about being the past being brought to the present Whereas Timeline is very much a journey back in time and a perceived perceptions of that era being completely changedAs a group of history students are transported back to 14th century France to rescue their professorWe’ve all got an idea of what the medieval times must have been like but it’s not the same as experiencing itThe same parallels can be drawn with the sound of a dinosaurI really like Crichton’s style of writing and found the characters to be much interesting in this bookIt’s a great engaging time travel story that has plenty of twists I loved this book and then some arse made a really crap film and the book lost some of its shine I couldn't rid my mind of the film set and actorsI still uite like the book The next stop in my time travel marathon November being Science Fiction Month was Timeline Michael Crichton's 1999 thriller Crichton was not what I think of as a prolific writer; he published sixteen novels in his lifetime under this own name beginning in 1969 with The Andromeda Strain Perhaps the movies produced from most of these titles make it seem like Crichton was everywhere I'd like to think that maybe the author devoted the time between novels conducting backbreaking research With Timeline he certainly lays the groundwork all other time travel tales should build fromThe story takes off wondrously in northern Arizona of the present day with a couple roaming the Navajo Indian reservation in their Mercedes The wife is in search of authentic handcrafted rugs and as her husband drives further away from civilization tension mounts An old man appears on the road out of nowhere and falls to the ground as the Mercedes passes The couple take the incoherent man to a hospital where he dies of an apparent cardiac arrest A Navajo police officer and a surgeon discover the old man is a missing materials physicist working for ITC Research in Black Rock NMThe cop and the surgeon note strange things about the dead physicist An MRI exam shows arteries and muscle issue that appear offset perhaps a glitch in the imaging software He was carrying a diagram for the Monastery of Sainte Mere in France as well as a plastic marker which ITC claims was an ID tag What was he doing wandering in the desert? These uestions concern the 38 year old founder of International Technology Research billionaire physicist Robert Doniger who dispatches the company's legal counsel to southwestern France where an ITC archeological dig is taking place on the Dordogne RiverDoniger is anxious for the Dordogne group led by Yale history professor Edward Johnston to initiate reconstruction of the site which in addition to the monastery includes the fortresses of Castlegard and La Roue burned to the ground after Sir Oliver de Vannes lost them to French forces in 1357 some say when a traitor opened a secret passage While Johnston assistant history professor Andre Marek physicist David Stern and grad students Chris Hughes and Kate Erickson have taken their time reassembling the ruins they're puzzled by the precise nature of the architectural data coming from ITCWhile Johnston returns to Black Rock to find out what's going on his team make an alarming discovery an eyeglass lens that's been in the dirt for over 600 years and a message in parchment that appears to be in the professor's handwriting It reads HELP ME 471357 Marek Stern Hughes and Erickson are whisked to Black Rock where Doniger's second in command explains that while time travel is not possible ITC has utilized uantum physics to pioneer a type of space travel sending observers through a wormhole to another part of the multiverse where 1357 France is happening right nowDoniger explains that while ITC has been sending ex soldiers into the multiverse and retrieving them for two years rules prohibit them from stepping into the world of the past Professor Johnston apparently broke this rule and has disappeared Marek a physically fit specimen with training in Occitan language as well as swordplay agrees to join the rescue as do Erickson and reluctantly Hughes Stern has reservations about the safety of the uantum technology as well Doniger's promise that with two trained soldiers for protection the group should be able to locate the professor and return within two hours Stern remains behind to observeWhen the author of Westworld and Jurassic Park tells you that an exciting new technology that will change mankind is perfectly safe Doniger envisions global historical sites that can send observers into the past and of course engineers have worked out all the kinks you not only walk away you run Timeline did remind me of a certain dinosaur run amok thriller to its credit as well as its detriment Timeline is impeccably researched I know next door to nothing about uantum physics but Crichton has such immense game that from beginning to end I was convinced that he knew what the hell he was talking about Crichton devotes awesome attention to just how a tech company might send a human being across time and retrieve them The team he assembles for this mission is expertly considered as well historians physicists and soldiers for hire whose combat training turns out to be antithetical to exploring historyThe seuence which leads to the rescue party being stranded in 1357 occurs at roughly the same moment the T Rex attack occurs in Jurassic Park and is almost as memorable with existential crisis sudden violence and unbelievable shock I also liked the way Crichton utilized history with the Hundred Years War England and France's bloody rivalry and even women's rights playing important functions in the story The author examines how each character is unprepared for some aspect of the 14th century whether the speed of swordplay or the pleasing aromas of the castles From an anthropological standpoint what would a team of historians experience if they traveled to 1357 France Timeline has no eual Technically the novel is flawless Dramatically the development of characters leaves a lot to be desired Marek Hughes and Erickson are given only the barest traits The Hot Dog The Chicken The Athlete The Professor is well The Professor Doniger is The Evil Billionaire While I could accept traveling through the multiverse one thing I found difficult to buy were the number of times the protagonists escape certain death It seemed like Hughes was nearly killed every five pages Erickson runs for her life every ten pages The 14th century is an age that Crichton illustrates as being overrun by death and yet these two rejects from a Gap commercial somehow keep surviving There is no logical reason for it; Hughes and Erickson leap from one pitfall to the next because the plot dictates itThe novel wraps up in a predictable and rather glib fashion that I didn't care much for Then again each of these criticisms could be leveled against Jurassic Park with characters who force little outcome in the story and survive much longer than they had any reason to Crichton is not breaking new ground here If you're looking for strong characters and dialogue to match the technological coolness you'll probably hate this If you loved his past work you'll probably love this I'm giving it three and a half stars rounded up to four stars Timeline surpassed expectations in part due to how poorly received the 2003 film adaptation was Gerard Butler Frances O'Connor and Paul Walker starred as Marek Erickson and Hughes and may have dialed in performances due to how gorgeous but wooden their characters were supposed to be The pleasures of the novel are in the anthropological discoveries happening in the minds of the characters none of which translate to film very well The physical action sieges swordfighting foot chases was filmed with much imagination in The Lord of the Rings trilogy This was a good one When you step into a time machine fax yourself through a uantum foam wormhole and step out in feudal France circa 1357 be very very afraid If you aren't strapped back in precisely 37 hours after your visit begins you'll miss the uantum bus back to 1999 and be stranded in a civil war caught between crafty abbots mad lords and peasant bandits all eager to cut your throat You'll also have to dodge catapults that hurl sizzling pitch over castle battlements On the social front you should avoid provoking the butcher of Crecy or Sir Oliver may lop your head off with a swoosh of his broadsword or cage and immerse you in Milady's Bath a brackish dungeon pit into which live rats are tossed now and then for prisoners to eatThis is the plight of the heroes of Timeline Michael Crichton's thriller They're historians in 1999 employed by a tech billionaire genius with than a few of Bill Gates's most unlovable uirks Like the entrepreneur in Crichton's Jurassic Park Doniger plans a theme park featuring artifacts from a lost world revived via cutting edge science When the project's chief historian sends a distress call to 1999 from 1357 the boss man doesn't tell the younger historians the risks they'll face trying to save him At first the interplay between eras is clever but Timeline swiftly becomes a swashbuckling old fashioned adventure with just a dash of science and time paradox in the mix Most of the cool facts are about the Middle Ages and Crichton marvelously brings the past to life without ever letting the pulse pounding action slow down At one point a time tripper tries to enter the Chapel of Green Death Unfortunately its custodian a crazed giant with terrible teeth and a bad case of lice soon has her head on a block She saw a shadow move across the grass as he raised his ax into the air I dare you not to turn the pageThrough the narrative can be glimpsed the glowing bones of the movie that may be made from Timeline and the cutting edge computer game that should hit the market in 2000 Expect many clashing swords and chase scenes through secret castle passages But the book stands alone tall and scary as a knight in armor shining with blood Tim Appelo Read the book now Watched the movie much earlier Although both are above average at best I will be in the minority when I say I prefer the movieit had a better storyline and characters were fleshed out Book Andre Marek or movie Andre Marek? Definitely movie Andre Marekit's Gerard Butler guys 😍😍35 I’ve never been terribly impressed with Michael Crichton He writes excellent action and adventure scenes but his characters always seem flat and one dimensional never doing much than dodging dinosaurs or white gorillas Not surprisingly what I feel is his best novel to date Disclosure lacks the heart pounding action and delves into conflicts between characters which I found much compelling I had high hopes for Timeline a weighty book that had drawn good reviews from the few publications I take book reviews seriously Unfortunately it lacks the depth of character of Disclosure but still packs a good punch International Technology Corporation ITC headed by the brilliant but abrasive Robert Doniger has invented a new method of time travel based on uantum technology Like in most of Crichton’s books the company merely wishes to profit from this and will do anything even break the law to do so Why is it that in Crichton’s world only greedy unethical companies headed by greedy unethical white men like Doniger come up with the best stuff? Anyway ITC has a problem Edward Johnston Regius Professor of History at Yale is trapped in 1357 France Doniger needs to bring him back but only to avoid a public relations nightmare ITC invites four of Johnston’s graduate students to travel back in time to get him That about sums up the plot Crichton sprinkles it with his usual scientific jargon and high tech toys though to his credit he does make it understandable to the non scientific reader The book’s action doesn’t really get going until the four students show up in 1357 France and it’s fairly relentless until the end although I was beginning to wonder how many times the students can fall off a ledge or slide down a mountain into a river Toward the end the book actually grew somewhat tedious It's a light enjoyable read Not much than that A Mad Scientist has built up a corporation to exploit his discovery that people can be suirted into the past and returned the same way through wormholes in the uantum foam Well not uite In the schema of this novel actual time travel is impossible It is also impossible to transfer physical items any larger than the scale of the uantum foam from one parallel universe to another It is however possible to strip a macroscopic object eg a human being down to its basic information and suirt this string of binary code through a wormhole into an exceedingly similar but different universe where it will be automatically reassembled because er It Is A Fundamental Rule That This Is What Happens There are occasional trivial transcription errors which can accumulate to become serious so people make only a limited number of trips Further because some exceedingly similar parallel universes haven't progressed uite as far along the timeline as ours has you can in effect travel into the past as into an area of the French Dordogne which Mad Scientist has been setting up to become you've guessed it a sort of theme park Well maybe During all of this laying out of the supposedly plausible scientific underpinning of the tale I confess my disbelief plummeted uite a few times First if the past you travel to is in a different universe how come someone stranded in that universe's medieval France is as in the early stages of Timeline able to leave a message that archaeologists can unearth in our universe's modern France? Second if you destroy me entirely in order to produce a mountain of data that can be used to create an exact duplicate of me complete with all my consciousness and memories while that duplicate is to all intents and purposes me this doesn't alter the fact that my self has died To see what I mean imagine you could produce the duplicate me without destroying the original Now stand the two of us side by side and put a bullet through the brain of one of us The consciousness of that individual indubitably comes to an end even though a perfect copy is preserved in the other individual Third while I'm moderately okay about the moderns having earplugs that translate various medieval languages for them I'm still confused as to how when they speak they can be understood by medieval French speakers merely by sticking the occasional sooth and prithee into their dialogue Fourth the whole bit about reassembly on the far side of the wormhole always happening Just Because That's The Way The Multiverse Works seems a complete copout And so on Whatever our gang of gallant archaeologists is sent back to rescue their stranded colleague and of course immediately everything starts going wrong The bulk of the novel is made up of them having extraordinarily tedious adventures that seem to have been plotted less for a novel for a multiple choice adventure gamebook The writing is at best pedestrian and often enough lurches into the slapdash One of the main baddies seems to be a dead ringer for Blackadder albeit with a French accent We get occasional throwaway lines that seem to presage the bonkers pseudoscience of Crichton's final novel State of Fear such as Even the most established concepts like the idea that germs cause disease were not as thoroughly proven as people believed page 365 Meanwhile back in the modern dayour own universe the Mad Scientist is thinking that the easiest way of keeping the whole fiasco from the press might be just to abandon the archaeologists to their fate Me I was wondering why the hell he'd sent archaeologists on the rescue mission in the first place bearing in mind that it doesn't really matter when you set off so long as your arrival point in the past is correct why didn't he hire a bunch of survival experts and spend a year training them in medieval customs and linguistics and then mount the rescue of the stranded boffin? And so on It was only because I'm working on an essay about time travel stories that I finished this dreary effort and only because I got it from the library that it didn't get thrown at the wall a few times

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