Copernican Journey

Copernican Journey[PDF / Epub] ✅ Copernican Journey Author Len Robertson – Neo Darwinists who exploit the latest sciences and technologies as they seek to make the Cosmos their private goldmine and the People of the Book who see human expansion beyond Earth as an abomination Neo Darwinists who exploit the latest sciences and technologies as they seek to make the Cosmos their private goldmine and the People of the Book who see human expansion beyond Earth as an abomination Into the turmoil step Dr Jennifer Colbert scientist and Boone Dalton a surgically altered race driver Boone and Jennifer have an inadvertent blood exchange following an assassination attempt that proves to be key to their surviving android ambushes and a terrible Martian pandemic Although mismatched Boone and Jennifer work together and become the first humans robust enough to colonize the Cosmos. Review also on wwwjolasbookshelfwordpresscom'Copernican Journey' is a story set in our near future It had me hooked from the very first line The human expansions from the Earth to other planets is always fascinating subject The story is gripping and engaging it was hard to put down I loved the main characters Jennifer and Boone and I was rooting for them to succeedIt was a great sci fi novel that I can recommend to people who loves this genrePS I loved all the mentions of Loki DThanks to Len Robertson for sending me an ebook in exchange for an honest review I always believe that they who write sci fi are very imaginative people and Copernican Journey is one of the examples of how powerful imagination someone has This novel is the kinda reading that makes you forget that you have other things to do besides reading I really enjoyed reading it Probably because I am also an imaginative person so I could visualize the story inside my head clearly It's definitely worth it Copernican Journey was an enthralling read It combines history and plausibility in order to project a possible future so believable that it seems inevitable The story begins with a brainy scientist Jennifer with mysterious and uniue family ties; as well as a “live for the moment” hovercraft racer known as Boone who has been re engineered after an accident From there several unforgettable characters join them for an adventure traveling to Mars that will change the fate of humankindThis book drew me in immediately It was one of those reads that challenged me to think without losing my interest in regards to entertainment value I literally couldn’t put it down There were several memorable scenes no spoilers here though and characters I really liked McTavish along with plenty of thought provoking supposition – Definitely worth the readThis book has made an impression on me but there were still some areas for improvement First there were dozens of typos; though they weren’t exactly a common occurrence when spaced over 400 pages they were distracting when they showed up during importantexcitingemotional portions of the book which they did often enough to warrant my mention I also found some of the action scenes to be a bit choppy where some of the continuity seemed to skip from time to time The end of the book seems to have two sections a main character based end and then a history based end The first seemed a bit rushed and stepped on the toes of cliché but the second ending portion was great and really sparked my imaginationOverall I would give this book a 47 star rating rounded up to five to fit this review forum This was by far the best book out of the last six I’ve read This is very well researched classic sci fi story complete with a believable space exploration history that could be shockingly close to the truth Although the technology was incredibly advanced and plausible the characters were well written and the story line captured my attention and imagination From the main characters of Jennifer and Boone to the controlling Abdul Majeed and the lethal Obedient you get drawn into their worlds and understand their ambitions and motives My favorite scene was the arial wing dance at the Second Night celebration at the spaceside cottage Definitely recommend it to hard sci fi fans and anyone who wants to read a great story of human triumph An extremely entertaining read Not very often do I find a book that draws me in from the very start A well developed sci fi storyline and strong believable characters that define well crafted fantasy into a riveting nicely crafted novel The descriptiveness and style of the author depicts many levels of scenic developments that are uite uniue interesting and realistic Travel to a new another world with this explosive book that is action packed with riveting twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout Highly recommended to add to your library

Copernican Journey MOBI ¼ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 430 pages
  • Copernican Journey
  • Len Robertson
  • 01 June 2016
  • 9781499245882