Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy[KINDLE] ❁ Topsy Turvy ❄ Anne Wilensky – Like all Anne Wilensky's novels Topsy Turvy is based on her own real life experience Anne wakes up Christmas morning 2012 to her email not working then her phone broke her TV went to heaven and then h Like all Anne Wilensky's novels Topsy Turvy is based on her own real life experience Anne wakes up Christmas morning to her email not working then her phone broke her TV went to heaven and then her computer blew upAs soon as she gets all her electronics suared away an unbelievable fatigue sweeps over her as she sits at the computerShe staggers to the tool room cot next to her computer room And instantly plummets to the bottom of her mind For weeks she does not eat or sleepIt is all disturbing memories from her past And when she does doze off for a moment it doesn't refresh her or relax her The dreams are just as intense as her waking thoughts and like a comment on themShe isn't scared or upset because she is with her Higher Self all thru it But she doesn't know what is happening Yet it all feels so purposeful she knows it has to beWhen Spring arrives both the earth and Anne rise up at the same time And it is a glorious spring Anne discovers her happiness has gone up another notch Everything just feels new she saysThe year continues to have surprises for Anne some wonderful some terrible It was not a usual year But when that bizarre winter ends and delivers Anne back on the shores of life again she discovers she has a new confidence in Life itselfWe watch Anne get knocked down and bounce back uicklyWe share her daily life with her Her friend Jim is teaching her how to driveJim had been her husband's friend When Bill went to Heaven years ago Jim arrived instantly and said The first thing is to teach you how to drive Driving is easy I can teach you in minutesBut when the book opens we discover Jim has now been teaching Anne to drive for years with zero progressEvery morning before her swim he sits next to her while she drives around her neighborhood Then they switch seats and he drives Anne to pool and grocery storeThe daily intimacy of the driving lessons has bloomed into a beautiful friendshipAnne says It is like being with my cousin Richie when we were kids and before I was interested in boys All Jim and I do is laugh and play and kid aroundAfter years of being a devoted wife she had loved Bill than the universe Anne is having so much fun kicking up her heelsAnd because Jim is just a friend not a boyfriend he delights in her wildness And like her cousin Richie submits to her teasing him mercilessly from morning to nightBut not always When she goes too far he reminds her what Officer Jeffries saidBack in February a girl cop brand new to the force had pulled Anne overWhen Anne got out of her truck to ask her what is taking so long She ordered Anne back into her vehicleWhen Anne got out a second time to find out what is taking so long Officer Jeffries asked Do you have a comprehension problemAnne said noYou were told to stay in your vehicleEach time she goes too far teasing Jim he says I'm not the one with a comprehension problemThat shuts up Anne uickIn the middle of the year her Higher Self talks her into revealing what she has never revealed before Anne is clearly reluctant to do it but she doesAnd I am glad she did It adds an unexpected depth to the book It is just a small chapter in middle of book but it alone is worth the price of admissionThe experience Anne relates occurred before she and Bill moved from NYC to Tucson so it is not about her life this yearExcept for shedding light on how Anne came to be in the place she now is It is what got her on a different path in life and why Anne calls that chapter How It All BeganIt's like sending out a ray from her heartAnne Wilensky's previous novels are fun to read and much of Topsy Turvy is fun and funny too But this one has a soulful side to it also.

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  • Topsy Turvy
  • Anne Wilensky
  • 06 August 2014
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