Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves

Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves❄ [EPUB] ✼ Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves By Maggie Schein ➝ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk An enticing collection of tales told in the fabulist and metafiction traditions Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves embraces a cyclical movement of renewal like the ancient ouroboros motif itself in wh An enticing collection of tales told in the of the PDF ✓ fabulist and metafiction traditions Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves embraces a cyclical movement of renewal like the ancient Lost Cantos PDF/EPUB or ouroboros motif itself in which artfully rendered answers always give rise to perplexing new uestions Maggie Schein s stories introduce medicine men monks immortals witches seekers and souls Cantos of the Kindle ´ in various stages of their cycles in and out of lived life as well as the occasional talking animal all searching for meaning and for connections to one another through storytelling Each fable is a meditation on love death growth pain identity self spirit cruelty beauty and the natural order as seen from the perspectives of the primal the celestial or the spiritual Rooted in the archetypes of mythology and philosophy Schein s lost cantos are stories about the events that make up our lives and our deaths She makes deft use of familiar forms and universal symbols to explore anew through narrative those uestions and experiences that have always vexed us about our confounding existence and the speculative possibilities that abound within and beyond the moral coil Schein s tales ask us to reconsider what it means to live and to die to be simultaneously a creature of magic and the mundane of the extraordinary and the all too ordinary The result is a delicate but potent collection of alluring fables for the modern reader recalling classical stories and myths of days long past and asking once the uestions that continue to haunt us This expanded edition adds three new fables not included in the original edition as well as new illustrations for all eleven stories from artist Jonathan Hannah. Is it possible to give stars I'd like to Having said that I'm not sure how precisely to review this marvel It's a collection of stories uite unlike anything I've read before and that's saying something my friends since I read a great deal Schein holds a PhD in Ethics and teaching at the University of South Carolina Her philosophical training serves her well here as these stories are certainly philosophical Peter S Beagle said of her stories They are genuinely philosophical in a way which is very rare frightening in a way far removed from scary and most impressively they are often philosophically frightening — which is almost unheard of Even he says he hasn't read anything remotely like them in a long timeYes that long time it brings to mind old tales myths sacred stories of ancient cultures and those are precisely the tales Schein draws from Her understanding of myth and folk tale is impressive but so too is her understanding of the yearnings fears passions of the human and at times non human heartMedicine men monks immortals witches seekers wise talking animals all make their appearances In fact the world Schein creates is one in which everything everyone from tree to priest vibrate with life and the sacred power of story Truly I feel these are stories with the power to transform HIGHLY recommended This book is magic It's a must read for anyone anywhere Reading these fables one can get lost in magnificent worlds and lives that help us to understand our own They raise important uestions and offer various insights into life on Earth and beyond Maggie Schein's writing is incredible brilliantly weaving sentences like golden thread to create a beautiful tapestry She lyrically strings words along like pearls from an endless ocean of wisdom Once you've discovered the splendor these fables you will instantly feel good You can go out with an even greater appreciation of the music of life Excellent book If I could I would give this negative five stars I've never tried to read a pretentious pile of claptrap in my life

Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves Epub ¼ of the  PDF
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves
  • Maggie Schein
  • 01 May 2015
  • 9781611174724