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Fatale Book Five Curse the Demon➵ Fatale Book Five Curse the Demon Download ➾ Author Ed Brubaker – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The final book in the epic Fatale saga by Brubaker and Phillips All the threads have come together and the mysterious immortal Femme Fatale Josephine has one last chance to escape her fateCollecting F The final book Five Curse Kindle Ö in the epic Fatale saga by Brubaker and Phillips All the threads have come together and the Fatale Book MOBI :¼ mysterious immortal Femme Fatale Josephine has one last chance to escape her fateCollecting Fatale . I was kind of disappointed in the conclusion but I couldn't pinpoint why until I talked to my kid about it that was a weird moment in and of itself The day your child explains something about you to you yikesAnyway He said I was upset with the conclusion because CrimeMystery stories always explain things at the end There's that big whodunnit? ta da at the last page And Lovecraftian stuff is by its nature always vague and incomprehensible The ending was never going to be completely explained in the same way a detective comic would be and therein lies the reason I wasn't satisfiedBECAUSE OF THE FUCKING TENTACLE MONSTERSHowever I think now that I'm a bit self aware thanks kid of my reasons for feeling a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth when I closed the book I'm less dissatisfiedIshLooking back it does answer a lot of the uestions that were swirling around in my head Just maybe not completely and maybe not the way I wanted them answeredOk In this final showdown Josie and Nick along with a mysterious figure called The Librarian head out to take on the Cthulhu cult and free Josephine from her curseAnd ohmygod the shit this poor woman has been through That thing with her son?You were reeeeeeeeally hoping that it wasn't what it was but deep down you just knew OoofYeah I would want to die too Anyway spoilery stuff happened and the series is over And I can honestly say I'm not sorry I read it Your personal mileage may vary but I think it's a solid series that only slips a teeny bit at the finish lineThis won't be something that everyone likes but I think most fans of the BrubakerPhillips team will mostly enjoy this one Buckle up ladies and gentlemen who are mature enough to read this story because this is the last callIn Curse the Demon the story has finally caught up with time and reached the present The cliffhanger from preceding volume is uickly resolved and the story starts its final journey to hell Nash and Josephine are finally together and as always Nash is completely under the charms of our femme fatale He will do anything and everything to please her just like hundreds of men before him As for Josephine she intends to end this century old cat and mouse game at any costThe story features some great moments and excellent art as always There is even an issue featuring Bishop's story arc Yet the final volume failed to satisfy as it forgot to solve most of the odd mysteries of the tale One could argue that the story needs no explanations and some mysteries are meant to be worked out by the readers themselves BUT Brubaker didn't even explain the basic premise or the rituals He just jumped from one point to another conveniently never explaining the full degree of situation uestions like how the hell view spoilerdid Nash come back from dead TWICE or how Josephine broke the aging curse will haunt me hide spoiler So that was it the final volume of Fatale a series that – for better or worse – lasted much longer than originally intended It was certainly not the most conceptually sound and organic series in the world but Brubaker and Phillips nevertheless manage to bring things to a well let’s call it a or less satisfying conclusion If you were hoping for some kind of brilliant masterplan to be unveiled you will likely be disappointed For me though the charms of Fatale lie in the details most notably in the spot on depiction of human frailty One of our heroine’s many willing victims describes his situation like this “uestions repeat in my head until I’m ready to scream them at her the next time she returns But when she does it’s like I can’t hold onto those thoughts Like even worrying at all seems ridiculous” Amour fou in a nutshell – can you think of a accurate or beautiful description? As many of you know I'm a huge Wisconsin Badgers fan no matter the sport I'm an alumnus one of my kids attends UW and I live in Madison where we've raised our kids in the shadow of Camp Randall the Kohl Center and the rest of campus Okay a five minute drive away but you get what I mean The University is really an integral part of our lifeMadison is routinely rated among the best college sports towns in America But it wasn't always that way Before I arrived in '96 the nation was stunned by the sudden emergence of the Badger football program from the shadows many a veteran mentions the Morton era with a wince And while the basketball team was always good it's only since I arrived that it's been truly great Of course I can attribute that to my arrival no not reallyIn any case last year was a special year for Bo Ryan's basketball team Those of us who watch closely knew it was coming I recall watching Sam Dekker singlehandedly win the Wisconsin state high school basketball championship and thinking Hey wait this kid is special Then all of a sudden a few others emerge Frank Kaminsky Duje Dukan Josh Gasser Nigel Hayes Bronson Koenig watching them you knew this the 2014 15 suad was the proverbial team of destiny THIS was the team Badger fans had been waiting for They tore through opponents with a combination of steady discipline stalwart defense better than average outside shooting and a bit of luck Yes they lost a few most notably they suffered their first loss at the hand of perennial powerhouse Duke They had a few unexplainable hiccups against inferior opponents but they entered the NCAA tournament strong beating Michigan State for the outright Big Ten titleThey had been to the Final Four the previous year but this year they went into the tournament even stronger They were not a young team dazzled by the lights this was a group of grizzled veterans who trudged through some difficult games beating one after another maybe not comfortably but convincingly Then in the Final Four they faced the always dangerous Kentucky and utterly dominated them They won 71 64 then turned to play in the National Championship game against uh oh the Duke Blue Devils again Duke is like herpes You just can't get rid of them And though the Badgers fought tooth and nail they ultimately lost to the very young very talented DukeIt was a disappointment to all of us Badger fans We knew that this was our best shot we had never assembled such talent that played so well together as a team When one person was down or injured two others stepped up their game to compensate all the while getting stronger and stronger as they pushed toward that ultimate finishBut it just wasn't enough No matter how hard they tried it just wasn't enough They found in the end that they were out of gasStill it was a good ride Nothing to be ashamed of by any means But the thought continues to haunt fans and players alike what could have beeen? What should have been ? How could the story have ended? And what of those dreams of final glory? Where did they disappear to? Yes the 2014 15 season will always be remembered with fondness as something special But they didn't uite make it over the top We were almost there So close So incredibly close But notThis book the final in the series is a lot like that Bullet ReviewHuh And what was all THAT about?I think this was too deep for me Or something I liked the individual stories leading up to Volume 5 but for a conclusion to this series I'm left wondering what to take away from it and uestions than when I startedWhat is Josephine? A demon? A succubus? Where did she come from? How can she die and yet not stay dead?Where do the baddies come from? What is their goal?The art was nice And it's got a great horror noir vibe I think it's just me I dunnomaybe it's been too long since I read the last volume and maybe it just took waaaay too much time to finish the series but I was left with a kinda meh feeling I didn't have after I finished the Criminal seriesDon't get me wrong Ed and Sean are still the dynamic duo of indie and I will read nearly anything they do but this just felt a little flat to meJo just seemed tired and ready for it to end and I think that echoes my mindset and maybe that of the creative team too? I hope that doesn't sound snarky but I think it showsI'm glad she takes accountability for her actions but in the end she still uses Nicholas and everyone else for her own ends There's much I'd rather read about and maybe they will revisit this down the road but for now I'm happy to move on A uality series never dull or boring even though the last bit wasn't as wow as the restI wonder how it would read all in one sitting? This is the final volume in the immortal femme fatale saga noir horror graphic novel Fine artwork but the storyline got a bit confusing and felt disjointed A very good ending to a very good series In many ways it was an unexpected way to close things out but it's also fitting There are a lot of unanswered uestions and threads left dangling but I got the sense that it was intentional Some things we just weren't meant to know the answers to and I'm ok with that because it felt purposeful Perhaps Brubaker is leaving the door open for stories in the same world I'd be fine with that too But the lingering mysteries suit the series too It has always seemed to me that the build up part of a story is easier than a satisfying endingThat said Brubaker and Phillips have done an excellent job of taking things to the next level in the concluding chapter of this dark and wonderful series A lot of folks say that they don't like the ending of this series but I have to disagree This final volume is fantastic and the best volume of the seriesWhat's it about?It's the final volume of Fatale how specific do you want me to be? I don't have time to sit here explaining 4 volumes of something as crazy as this seriesWhy this gets 5 starsThe story has been great throughout the entire book and this final volume keeps that goingThe art is fantastic Phillips always does a good job and this is some of his best workIt's unpredictableThis volume has a lot of action It's the most intense volumeVery interesting charactersThe ending is the perfect way to end this seriesInteresting villain who has some similarities to a lot of IRL people out there I'll leave it for those reading the review to figure out the thing I'm thinking about is not political don't worryOverallThis series is fantastic probably my favorite Brubaker book and that's saying something I see a lot of people act like it has a terrible ending they must be on crack because this is the best way they could have ended this series If you haven't read this series you definitely should I can't recommend it enough If you haven't read the final volume be prepared for amazing things even amazing than the fantastic rest of the series Fatale is one of the best comics ever and the final volume really shows me that Brubaker and Phillips definitely saved the best for last55

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