Marco and the Devils Bargain (Spanish Brand, #2)

Marco and the Devils Bargain (Spanish Brand, #2)[BOOKS] ✮ Marco and the Devils Bargain (Spanish Brand, #2) By Carla Kelly – The year is 1782 Marco Mondragón brand inspector in Spanish New Mexico and his wife Paloma Vega have settled happily into married life on the Double Cross And yet Paloma is convinced their joy will n The year is Marco the Devils PDF/EPUB ê Mondragón brand inspector in Spanish New Mexico and his wife Paloma Vega have settled happily into married Marco and eBook ↠ life on the Double Cross And yet Paloma is convinced their joy will not be complete until she has a child She longs and the Devils Kindle Ð to give her husband a baby to soothe his grief over the death from cholera of his first wife and twin sonsMarco's land grant stands at the edge of the most dangerous region in the Southwest Comanchería Both Paloma and Marco have suffered at the hands of the fierce Comanche losing beloved family members in raidsDespite their fear and mistrust of the Comanche one lives among them Paloma rescued Toshua from slavery and near death As much as she respects the man now Paloma wishes he would return to the Staked Plains Comanche stronghold to the east in Texas No one knows why Toshua remains at the Double Cross Is it because his own tribe shunned him or is he genuinely attached to its ownersNow a new enemy threatens the Mondragóns domestic bliss the Dark Wind— la viruela smallpox—barreling down on the defenseless royal colony from Comanchería A mysterious and arrogant English physician named Anthony Gill offers their one hope at salvation but only if Marco agrees to his Devil's Bargain. I have already read the whole series I am buying the books to have my own copiesAll of her books are keepers no matter what time period she is writing about I have almost all of her older books in paperback Now I have to have them in eBook form for my Kindle So engaging Rich historical novel I adored it Tends toward a PG 13 rating so not entirely clean married sex references but not graphic Can’t wait to read the remaining 2 books in the series This story is even better than the first and I didn't think that could be possible This story gave Marco and Paloma an opportunity to show their mettle under difficult circumstancesIt is about 18 months after the first book in this series; Marco and Paloma are very happy except for Palomas inability to conceive a baby Marco is staggered by the news that smallpox is moving towards his family Marco makes a bargain with a devil to save his wife his workers and their neighbors in the surrounding ranchesThe devil is a physician Dr Anthony Gil He refuses to inoculate anyone until Marco promises that he will lead Gil into Texas to find his daughter who was captured by Comanche IndiansAs we know from the first book Paloma is afraid of the Comanche because they killed her whole family when she was 8 However Paloma refuses to stay behind because she knows that Marco will be terrified to do what he must because he would be afraid that Paloma would succumb to smallpox while he was goneAs with most of Carla Kelly's books these are ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations The characters continue to grow by taking risks The history of this time was fascinating as seen through the character's eyesThe only place I thought maybe the author took a bit of poetic license was when the Indians and Spaniards became such pals However it was a small thing compared to the overarching beauty of the story There is something deeply satisfying about reading a novel dealing with the turmoil of making a marriage work Most romance novels are about the courtship the journey from Point A to Point B and the Happily Ever After But we all know real life doesn't work that way and in the hands of a talented author we can get a glimpse into the real work of life making a marriage grow and become stronger Marco Mondragon and Paloma Vega The Double Cross are now married in Spanish New Mexico where Marco is the Juez de Campo a brand inspector who's the closest thing to a judicial officer in the isolated royal colony He and Paloma are settling in to newlywed life though Paloma deeply regrets their lack of children something he shared with his first wife before she and the children died of choleraTheir happiness is disrupted by news that la viruela smallpox is coming Some of the people have been inoculated most have not and many fear inoculation because it can bring on the disease Marco's own brother died of inoculation not vaccination that method was not yet in common use An English physician offers Marco a bargain if he's escorted deep into Comanche territory to find his kidnapped daughter he'll inoculate Paloma and othersIt is a devil's bargain for entering Comanche land is almost certainly a death sentence yet Marco agrees the inoculation occurs and after her recovery Paloma insists on accompanying them on their dangerous journey Marco and the Devil's Bargain is a tale of good people making difficult choices Paloma and Marco share a love that endures through disease and death struggling to find their place in a harsh yet beautiful land The secondary characters make the story real particularly Toshua their Indian brother and Anthony Gill the Englishman burdened by a secretThis second book in the Spanish Brand series is sure to please Ms Kelly's fans It's a lovingly crafted novel of marriage and growth and a glimpse into what's left out of traditional US history books the role played by the Spanish settlers who preceded the Anglo Americans into Florida Louisiana Territory and the Southwest I look forward to books from Ms Kelly in this setting This book has all the things that Carla Kelly does so well Married love Dysfunctional families Journeys – both figuratively and literally Putting characters in situations and have them figure it all out for themselves Strong courageous male charactersAnd then there are the sexy scenes with no detailed sex In other words just a look a touch and eye contact is way sexy then an actual detailed sex scene In the end everything works out – especially for the hero and heroine who remained moral compasses throughout – which means that – good things do happen to those who choose to do good What a great ending that wasA sexy book with no sex that actually makes you feel good – love it Short chapters with cool titles were fun to readThe first book in series has to be read first not a stand alone bookBEST USE OF Smallpox Comanche tribes that can kill you or be your best friend in the world and people who are not telling the truth but you follow them anywayALPHA MALE 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10CUTE KIDS 10RUNNING THROUGH COMANCHE TERRITORY 10HOT SEX depends on your version of hot 7HEAHAPPILY EVER AFTER A continued HEA PROLOGUEEPILOGUE Prologue only – last chapter could be an EpilogueRating System10 Perfect on keeper shelf with book #1Heat Level2 – Kissing but definite closed door policy But then – what is hot sex? I find sexy touching to be far sexier then the door being wide open And there is nudity with references to certain body parts that's why I give it a Heat Level of 2COVER COVERS IT The cover shows the journey and the cameo of the hero and heroineSONG TO LISTEN TO Caravanserai by Loreena McKennittCOMPARISON TO ANOTHER BOOK? I compare this book to OUTLANDER Sexy tall man strong brave woman who follows him everywhere just no time travel but both book series take place in the same time period #2 in the Spanish Brand Series “Marco and the Devil’s Bargain” was just as good as the first How fun to continue the remarkable and courageous lives of Marco Paloma Mondragon and their faithful Comanche friend Toshua It was not an easy time in late 18th Century history or an easy place to live and survive in the southwest The trials are great; among them the constant threat of Indians and now dreaded smallpox riding a wave from the east and leaving death in its unselective wakeThis time the Devil’s Bargain centers around a strange new English visitor Antonio Gill a doctor from running from the east He has a mysterious past and a strange reason for his travels But with him he has the means to inoculate those not stricken with smallpox so they will be immune as the disease invades the southwest Antonio Gill needs the Mondragons and they need his talents to save many With it all comes the Devil’s BargainAwesome enthralling story CK I enjoyed the first installment and can say I eually enjoyed the second And I foretell by the ending that a third is most likely in the works Oh I hope so PS Loved the beautiful cover too I enjoyed this book My wife read it to us as we traveled up and down the Wasatch Front I love this setting and time period It is so classic Who would have thought to write about New Mexico in this time period of the Spanish control It brings this to life Carla Kelly has done a great job on this novel The characters are so believable I like Toshua and his loyalty to Paloma and Marco It gave me new insight into vaccination for small pox in that day Perhaps Edward Jenner of England was not the first to vaccinate Maybe it was some African or Asian person to come up with it and then pass it to Europe Paloma and Marco embarked on a perilous journey to Comancheria to find the lost girl It became real with the embellishment of author Kelly That Paloma got a child and is expecting one is such an uplifting thing Perhaps that is why Kelly mentioned having sex so much as she was showing how much they wanted a child Just a guessI am looking forward to #3 of the Spanish Brand Series Wonderful follow on to The Double CrossThe blurb gives a good idea of the plot However as with any book by Kelly the meat of the story is with the characters themselves their emotions hopes fears dreams Marco and Paloma are one of my favorite of Kelly's couplesEven though it read like the story was wrapped up at the end of this book I hope that Kelly will consider re visiting these people and this setting again I like Carla Kelly because she writes historical romance fiction that is interesting but this one had a lot of violence that was hard to read it does cover Comanche Indians and sexual content that her other books Great seuel to The Double Cross Carla Kelly's books are so entertaining but very uplifting The heroes are genuinely good people trying to do what's right

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