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In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams MacIain #1[Ebook] ➨ In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams MacIain #1 By Karen Ranney – New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney's first novel in a brand new series spins the intriguing story of a beautiful widow and a devilishly handsome shipbuilderSeven years have passed since Gl New York Wildest Scottish eBook ☆ Times bestselling author Karen Ranney's first novel in a brand new series spins the intriguing story of a beautiful widow and a devilishly handsome shipbuilderSeven years have passed since Glynis MacIain made the foolish mistake of declaring her love to Lennox Cameron only to have him stare at her dumbfounded Heartbroken she accepted the proposal of In Your eBook Ä a diplomat and moved to America where she played the role of a dutiful wife among Washington's elite Now a widow Glynis is back in Scotland Though Lennox can still unravel her with just one glance Glynis is no longer the naïve girl Lennox knew and vows to resist himWith the American Your Wildest Scottish Dreams MacIain PDF/EPUB ² Civil War raging shipbuilder Lennox Cameron must Your Wildest Scottish Kindle Ó complete a sleek new blockade runner for the Confederate Navy He cannot afford any distractions especially the one woman he's always loved Glynis's cool demeanor tempts him to prove to her what a terrible mistake she made seven years agoAs the war casts its long shadow across the ocean will a secret from Glynis's past destroy any chance for Your Wildest Scottish Dreams MacIain PDF/EPUB ² a future between the two star crossed lovers. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life45 StarsThis book was one of the best historical romances that I have read in a very long time I read a large variety of books and I really like to mix things up so I don't read all that many historical romances any Historical romance can sometimes be a little bit predictable but that did not apply to this book at all This book made me uestion why I don't read historical romances often This book is set in Scotland during the time of the American Civil War As I read this book I realized that I never gave a lot of thought as to how an American War would have impacted other areas of the world I think that the Civil War and its impact on Scotland added a very interesting element to the book Glynis has always had feelings for Lennox but when she hears that he has plans to marry she leaves her homeland heartbroken She soon finds herself married and living overseas in the United States After seven years she returns to Scotland after the death of her husband Her feelings for Lennox have never changedLennox is still very single and has never married He now runs his family's shipbuilding company with ships high in demand during this time of war Lennox is one of those men who seem to be able to fix everything and he worries about a man trying to get close to GlynisThe chemistry between the pair was wonderful and I loved that this couple actually talked to each other Glynis was a little hesitant to share her past with Lennox but she comes around eventually I loved the secondary characters in this book Glynis's mother the town busybody and Lucy all added to the story even though I often wanted to slap them because of the way that they acted When faced with difficulties Glynis and Lennox met them head on Glynis's reaction to the rumors being spread was simply priceless There were a few really touching scenes in this book as well a well developed mystery and action I would highly recommend this book to fans of historical romance I have previously read a novella by Karen Ranney but this is the first full length book by that author that I have had a chance to read I definitely plan to read books by Karen Ranney in the future I received a copy of this book from Avon Books via Edelweiss for the purpose of providing an honest review Once when you were mineI remember skiesReflected in your eyesI wonder where you areI wonder if youThink about meOnce upon a timeIn your wildest dreamsbAs I read this book I kept thinking of the Moody Blues' lovely ballad Once Upon a Time” Later I read on Karen Ranney's website that the song's lyrics reminded her of Glynis and Lennox's story and inspired this book's title Karen Ranney delivers a passionate second chance romance international espionage and a solid history lesson in her latest book The story takes place in Glasgow Scotland but the events of the American Civil War loom large in the background of Glynis and Lennox's lives After several years in Washington DC with her diplomat husband recently widowed Glynis has returned to Glasgow to find that the once prosperous family mills are suffering because the Union blockade of southern ports is preventing shipments of cotton from leaving America Her brother Duncan searches for a solution but he is on the verge of having to close down On the other hand his best friend Lennox's shipyard is thriving by building swift blockade runners for the confederates As he would with a real brother Lennox would like to help but Duncan's pride will not allow for that And then after disappearing from Glasgow for seven years Glynis walks into a reception honoring Lennox's father Lennox finds her changed from the irrepressible” girl he had known She is still beautiful but she's brittle Very polite excessively so She smiles at you but her eyes are flat” But Lennox is intrigued and attracted and he is not going to allow Glynis to ignore him The she tries to pull away the determined is his pursuitGlynis is a sympathetic heroine who let her girlish humiliation lead her into a uick marriage to an acceptable man she barely knew Although he dies before our story begins Ranney gives the reader a vivid description of an obseuious toady at work who becomes a petty tyrant at home He molded her into the perfect diplomat's wife but in doing so he almost destroyed the real Glynis She is deeply ashamed of some things she did in America and her secret leads to complications with Duncan I didn't entirely buy into this but that may just be my modern sensibility Lennox is a delicious hero handsome and rich of course but devoted to his family and in a way rather lonely Their interactions are fun to watch and the romance is very satisfyingRanney has populated this world with vividly drawn secondary characters There is the visiting American planter Gavin Anderson a Confederate blockade runner full of charm and bonhomie think Rhett Butler and his English wife Lucy who constantly complains about everything in Scotland Glynis's girlhood friend Charlotte and her family portray the snobbery of Glasgow society and are almost comical in their awfulness Sinister American Matthew Bauman whom Glynis knew in Washington lurks in the shadows and may be a spy Or a saboteur Or a murdererWhich brings me back to the history Great Britain was officially neutral during the American Civil War but Scots engineering and business ingenuity helped the Confederacy sustain the war effort while London turned a blind eye Shipbuilders along Glasgow's River Clyde were said to have employed 25000 men and boys during this time Vast fortunes were made and Glasgow was full of spies from both the Union and the Confederacy Sabotage of ships under construction was a constant worry At the same time Scotland's mills were suffering from a lack of cotton and the arms incotton out blockade runners were practically the only way to get keep the mills running Even so the cotton spinning industries never recovered from the effects of the war And did you know that the magnificent Clydesdale horses that we American love to watch in beer commercials were bred to haul lumber and supplies for the Clydeside industries?This is what I love about reading historical romance the ingenious use of real history as a backdrop for stories of love and Ranney excels in this Of course the love affair between Glynis and Duncan is the main story and it is not overshadowed by the history But the secondary plots – gossip blackmail bankruptcy spying sabotage snobbery and murder – keep this intricate story humming along nicely The structure and pacing are excellent; I kept turning the page to find out what would happen next What can a reader ask for? ”Lennox Cameron resembled a prince and a devastating Highlander and he’d been the hero of most of her childish dreamsNo longer however Too much had happened in the intervening yearsShe had grown up” Well butter my butt and call me a Sassenach but I never though a historical romance could be so boring Glynis Maclain has been in love with her brother’s best friend for as long as she can remember So when she finally plucks up the courage to plant one on Lennox Cameron she becomes utterly humiliated to find out that he has an apparent Russian sweetheart that he conveniently forgot to mention So Glynis picks up the remains of her fragile heart and accepts a marriage proposal which is really of a business arrangement from an American diplomat She leaves Scotland behind to become the dutiful politicians’ wife but when he dies she returns to Scotland and Lennox That’s a very succinct plot summary of this book A accurate summary is thisGlynis and Lennox make out Glynis runs away She comes back She tries to forget about him but can’t She repeatedly asks and pesters Lennox about his past and current love affairs all the while trying to get up the gumption to ask why he didn’t chose her All the while he in his infinite Scottish daftness can’t seem to be able to tell her that the reason he broke off all those proposals of marriage was because that kiss she planted on him left such a lasting impression that no one could compare to herCOMMUNICATE PEOPLE DOESN’T ANYONE IN SCOTLAND KNOW HOW TO FREAKIN’ COMMUNICATE?? It honestly took 355 pages for them to actually confess their feelings and finally admit that they love each other Good Lord those two people could have saved me so much time if they had just I don’t know talked about it sooner We do get some side plots on the shipbuilding business Lennox owns the mill business that Glynis’ family owns Confederate spies Glynis’ dick of a husband and how much a certain character hates Scotland How can you hate Scotland? It gave us Sam Heughan That’s enough to love it right thereThis book was just so dreadfully dull that I just couldn’t bring myself to invest too terribly much into it Even the two leads weren’t that memorable and their love scenes were extremely vanilla compared to some others that I’ve read that’s a sentence I never thought I would hear myself saying considering how anti bodice ripperhistorical romance I was a few years back Leave this book near the Scottish Highlands and high tail it out of there because with such a boring plot and vanilla leads you're likely to fall asleep with this book rather than feel ooey and gooey inside Side Note Scots know how to hold a grudge A lot is made out of the EnglishScottish dislike in this book and my family can personally vouch for that My father traveled to Scotland as a young man with a tour group They got around mainly by bus During one of those bus trips they bus changed drivers As soon as the new driver got onto the bus he looked the passengers in the eye and said If there are any Campbells on this bus you can just go on ahead and get off The guy was referring to the Campbell Massacre of 1692 to be specific So I guess the message in that whole story was don't piss off a Scot I have tried to read Karen Ranney's books several times always ended up being disappointed I don't think I have given than 1 1 star review to a writer before This is my second for Karen Ranney I don't know how one could tell a story like she does Going here and there and everywhere without a clear aim of what needs to be achieved in the chapter She has a lot of secondary characters and the lead characters are as character less as water They simply have no taste Glynis and Lennox had a second chance romance going in this book Glynis was obviously pining for Lennox whereas Lennox hardly noticed her If one is expecting some kind of rekindled passion between Glynis and Lennox one would be disappointed What we have is bland conversation lots of boring details about the roles these Scots supposedly played in the American civil war a little bit of spying action shipbuilding and cotton It just reads like a mix of all the usual historical romance elements with no particular focus on any genre the Great Britain in the 19th century Scotland and highlanders espionage Russians ships and cotton it is as if Ms Ranney could not decide on her favorite sub genre so she decided to write a book which resembles a goo of mashed potato I am very close to formally declaring that I am giving up on this writer The only good thing I can say about the book is the cover Avon knows how to do a cover Could not get very far with this one The story takes place during the American Civil War and the Civil War is an important component of the story even though it is nominally set in Scotland The hero builds ships to break the Union blockade of Confederate ports and is basically on the side of the South The bad guy works for the Union government Ranney describes the hero as disliking slavery at this point I had to set the book away throw it away in fact Ummm no there is no liking or disliking where slavery is concerned it is a crime against humanity like genocide or mass rape The author lives in San Antonio Texas and maybe as a Southerner she has a bone to pick with the Union side about its treatment of the South after the war but that doesn't excuse the wishy washy statements about slavery now in the 21st century This book was such a chore to get through because it was so boring I kept hoping things would pick up but they never did I don't think that top shelf for it should be historical romance because this book was about the mill and the shipyard and the American Civil War and the romance was simply a subplot The American Civil War is the centre of the story even though it's happening an ocean away and there's no one from the story directly involved in it Oh and nearly ever single person the reader meets gets a scene from their POV so that just took away even from the romance aspectThe writing of the book lacks any and all emotion There's no payoff or emotional impact from events that the reader should be looking forward to I say should because the preceding scenes leading up to these events are written so dispassionately that the reader isn't really left looking forward to anythingThe synopsis sounded like there was going to be some major emotional payoff but nope There was absolutely none in my opinion At the end of the prologue Glynis leaves Scotland for America And then at the beginning of the first chapter she's already been back in Scotland for a week The other issue with the prologue is that the reader doesn't develop a connection to the characters so there's no real emotional impact when she gets her heart broken and leaves All of the major plot points were dealt with in this way no emotion Whether it's her departure and return her past in America and even the proposal marriage and the I Love Yous There's no buildup to these events and no emotion and it all just kind of happens I thought there'd be to their eventual relationship but the book ends up concentrating on events to do with the mill and shipyard and the war than the relationship between Glynis and Lennox I blame the author's writing on this because she doesn't write so the reader develops a connection to her charactersIn a romance novel it's pretty much a given that the two protagonists will be getting an HEAwhich is why the journey to getting there is fun to read In this book you wonder how they'll get thereonly for them to think think thinkand then be kind of forced together due to circumstances They spent seven years apart and once she's back there's absolutely no courtship or a build up of a romantic relationship between them things just happen and then they're married Even at their damn wedding Glynis is getting distracted She starts musing on other things and her thoughts are only brought back to the ceremony when Lennox tells her We're married and she says oh I agree with the other reviews that say they tread the same thought territory over and over because the author does It's so damn repetitive and boringThe story is also dragged out because the I Love Yous don't happen immediately I don't understand why Lennox holds back on saying it because unlike Glynis he's already aware of her feelings because Duncan tells him He also had absolutely nothing to lose at this point because they're getting married and there's no reason not to do sooh other than the author just wanting to drag things out Glynis also does Lennox wrong because she doesn't tell him the truth before she marries him It's not fair to him considering something as serious and permanent as marriageThere were also a lot of things that were left unanswered at the end or just plain annoyed me Why did Glynis take nearly two years to return to Scotland after Richard's death? She said her voyage was paid for legation so it's not like she had to work to earn the money for passage Glynis keeps thinking about the paces Richard put her throughbut what were they? As a whole the entire seven years are basically skipped over and her life in Cairo and Washington is completely tell and no show Also the rumours about Lidia that sent Glynis packing in the first place? Lennox is surprised by them while Eleanor Glynis's mother said they were all over the place Were that the case wouldn't Lennox have heard about them??? Someone would've mentioned them to him Oh and the sudden mention of Lennox's mother at the end? What was the point of that? Duncan also completely disappears part way through and the mill which was a major issue in the beginning is forgotten other than a draft Glynis passes to Duncan through her mother I thought Glynis was serving as Duncan's bookkeeper?? She serves like one day and it's never mentioned again Glynis Maclain once loved Lennox Cameron but when he didn’t return her love she marriedsomeone else and left her home and went to America and her life changed forever She is now a widow and has finally returned to her home to her family but she is determined to not let Lennox break her heart again Lennox is a shipbuilder and very successful but has never married because there has only been one woman who has held his heartGlynis Now that she has returned a widow he is bound to show her what they can be together but only if Glynis will let go of past hurts and betrayals and open herself up for love againWhat I loved most? Everythinghehe I know I knowbut I truly loved this one and what a great beginning to a new series I really can’t tell you the exact name of the series yet since that has yet to be revealed so I have just guessed that it is about “Scottish Dreams” and the second book comes out this spring which I am very excited about Karen Ranney is such a wonderful author and her talent in creating romances is beyond superb As I am sure you know Ranney writes her books centered on a Highlander theme and this book is in the Regency era We also see aspects of the civil war and I loved having that aspect Its not a major element to the plot but the certain ualities of it add a certain depth to the story you don’t expect to see And the supposed villain kinda turns out to be not what you really expect and I loved seeing the varying aspects that combine this one into a winning romance that won my attention from beginning to endThe characters in this story are truly uniue and I found their personalities to compliment the plot really well and in ways that surprised me Lennox Cameron is uite successful and goes after what he wants He is a fabulous hero but I felt like the story focused on Glynis than it did on Lennox We see inside depth on her character and of her past a bit and how her previous marriage changed her but what I also liked is how this story really implements the self discovery of herself even than you expect and I liked seeing her inner strength show and we see how she is a great match for Lennox Even though we don’t see as much of his character as we do of Glynis we do see his struggles a bit and how their personalities really mesh together in a way that is just wonderfulThis love story is uite a winner for me I had so much fun with these two and boy do they know how to add conflict to their relationsip and they don’t make it easy on themselves and just admit their feelings to each otheroh no they have to do this long mating ritual but the final outcome is definitely worth the wait Overall I enjoyed how the different elements of the story come together in the end for a full satisfying read that will captivate you A STELLAR ROMANCE 45 StarsGlynis Smythe has adored Lennox Cameron her older brother’s best friend and their neighbor for her whole life At the age of five she claimed him as hers At nineteen she decided it was time to make her move She summoned him to meet her in a private room where she threw her arms around him and kissed him Lennox is at first stunned then as he begins to respond they are interrupted by a lady who would prefer to keep Lennox for herself Still bemused Lennox allows himself to be led away not realizing that Glynis would take that as rejection When Glynis hears rumors that there is an imminent engagement between Lennox and this same lady she takes off for London There she meets an aspiring diplomat who feels she could be molded into the perfect hostess for him He proposes a businesslike marriage and Glynis never wanting to have to face Lennox and his soon to be wife accepts They are wed immediately and leave for America Now seven years later widowed and without any means of support Glynis returns home to Scotland The rumors of Lennox’s impending marriage were just that – rumors He is still single When Lennox sees Glynis for the first time in seven years he notices several things First of all she’s beautiful than ever but her joy and vivaciousness are gone Her smile is brittle she is overly polite and her eyes are flat and lifeless She also seems determined to spend little time with him For her part Glynis is dismayed to find that she still is overwhelmed by Lennox All the time apart has not lessened her love A second chance at love is one of my favorite tropes but there is so much to this story It takes place during the American Civil War and that had far reaching effects both for Lennox’s shipbuilding business and for the diplomatic circles Glynis moved in As uoted in this book “War is hell” and it caused people including Glynis to do things they wouldn’t normally do As Glynis tries to move on her past comes back to haunt her Karen Ranney has written an absolutely captivating story with so much happening Lennox is one hot Scot – protective honorable strong and off the charts sexy There is murder blackmail treachery secrets gossip arson passion and heartbreak – all leading to an exciting and engrossing read The focus though is the wonderful love story with a most satisfying happy ever after that was seven years in the making Review appeared at rosesarebluenethttpwpmep3Rh4 6H I've given this a B for narration and a B for content at AudioGals so let's say 35 starsIn Your Wildest Scottish Dreams is the first in a new series from this popular author and is set in Scotland in the 1860s As well as having an intriguing historical background it features a second chance romance which is a favourite trope of mine; and the audiobook version is narrated by Ralph Lister someone I’ve listened to before and wanted to hear againGlynis MacIain has been in love with her brother’s best friend Lennox Cameron ever since she was a girl Aged nineteen she declares herself – but before he can respond Lennox allows himself to be called away and Glynis is heartbroken seeing his actions as rejection She then hears rumours that he is about to announce his betrothal and runs away to London in despair where she marries an up and coming diplomat who is very soon posted abroadYou can read the rest of this review at AudioGals Posted on What I'm ReadingI thoroughly enjoyed In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams I love the inner dialogue Glynis and Lennox have during this story It was a lot of fun to read So we have Glynis and Lennox and they have both loved each other for a long time but pride seems to get in their way Since the pride is the big issue neither one of them wants to admit mistakes Terrible downfall that pride A wounded Glynis runs off and marries another and she eventually comes back after seven years By the way she comes back a widow and she aims to stay far away from Lennox no matter what her heart says Lennox was hurt when she up and left another and he never understood why However he vows to stay away from her Love this story because we watch these two try everything to stay away one another Yet they seem to be in the same area Fate is a fickle bitch So we have that going on and we still have to story In the blurb it talks about Lennox helping the Confederates cause by building ships He decides to try to protect Gavin Whittaker and his wife by taking them in First off Gavin's wife is not very pleasant Wait she's downright awful and she has nothing nice to say about anything Kind of important to remember Gavin and his wife Then we have another key player in the story Mathew Baumann and he's sniffing around for the union army Overall In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams is a fantastic story about second chance love I found myself not wanting to stop reading for anything I kept telling myself one chapter I'm excited to see what direction the story goes Lennox and Glynis are wonderfully stubborn I love Glynis character the most because at the beginning the book you see her as this wild and freed person However life's circumstances changes her and you wonder what went on in her marriage with her first husband So we slowly got to see glimpse what she went through She had a lot of courage which I admire Lennox is lovable Yes a page turner and I can't wait for Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss

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