The ueens Wings The Emerging ueens #1

The ueens Wings The Emerging ueens #1[KINDLE] ❀ The ueens Wings The Emerging ueens #1 By Jamie K. Schmidt – Long ago the Cult of Humanity sacrificed the Dragon ueen crippling the breeding process But now Carolyn hears the voice of that long dead ueen telling her that she holds the key to breaking the spell Long ago the Cult of Wings The MOBI ô Humanity sacrificed the Dragon ueen crippling the breeding process But now Carolyn hears the voice of that long dead ueen telling her that she holds the key to breaking the spell that will free all the female dragonsFBI dragon Reed's disdain for humans can't mask the magnetic attraction he has for Carolyn but when she tells The ueens PDF \ him she's going to shift into a dragon he thinks she's crazy A female hasn't been hatched or shape shifted in over a thousand yearsHe's proven wrong after Carolyn shifts and is named the new ueen on the block A never ending line of suitors forms but she only wants Reed Too bad he doesn't want in on the competition But when ueens Wings The PDF ↠ the Cult kidnaps Carolyn to sacrifice her in an effort to make the curse against the female dragons permanent Reed must face his fears—and feelings racing to save the woman he realizes he can't live without. 35slightly spoilerish review to followIn some moments I think I really liked The ueen's Wings then I remember that what I liked was what The ueen's Wings was trying to beand largely failing It was trying to be a snarky paranormal romance WITH DRAGONS and Dragon shifters are my absolute favourite type of shifter I also love witty heroines with a penchant for sarcastic side commentary and self mockery within limits of course By all accounts I should have loved this book But I just didn't Don't get me wrong; I liked some aspects of it I did like Carolyn's witty comments and willingness to stand up to all the alpha dragons around her I loved that she occasionally channelled Kaname Chidori and rolled the metaphorical and literal newspaper I liked her obsession with books Now there is a hoard I can relate to I liked the humor I liked the actual world created here where dragons and humans have come to some social accord and live together I liked the way it played with the concept of power since the female dragons were both revered and victimized I liked Reed in the last half of the book and I liked Jack and Niall So the book wasn't a total bust However it also never clicked for me It didn't flow smoothly The writing did That's not what I mean The writing was fine It was the plot It just stuttered along occasionally making leaps and stops As an example for 45% of the book Reed was standoffish and even hostile toward Carolyn Then in a matter of a paragraph or so he suddenly got all affectionate There was nothing to instigate a change in behaviour It was a TOTAL attitude 180 with no cause Even worse it was inferred that this might have been some Machiavellian attempt to curry favour and control and that seemed a lot likely than that he just suddenly decided he liked her And even though the reader is told it's not they even get their happy ending it didn't feel natural Not at allI also hated that almost all the other women in the book were villainized The few who weren't were victimized It's like watching any of a 100 Disney movies and finding that anytime you have an older woman in any position of power the ueen the witch the sorceress the step mother etc she's evil It's the same old subtle sexist 'see woman can't be allowed power' crap we're fed all the time Why couldn't even one of the dragon ueens be working toward the good of the species instead of her own comfort? I'll grant that they had a pretty crap deal but in the end the 'evil ueens' felt like a cheap and easy plot device Especially considering the fact that view spoilerCarolyn who was set up as a saviour by being the first female to shift in millennia actually wasn't the first and none of her subseuent actions did anything to save the species Crazy xxx's did that Yep one of the baddies who is also villainized and supposed to be reviled by the reader actually brought the females back But we're still left with the impression that she was evil for doing so hide spoiler I ended up liking this a lot than I thought I would I would have given it four stars if I didn't feel that the ending seemed to drag on just a tad bit too long it wasn't annoyingly long I just think it could have been better if there weren't a few small filler parts This author has a sense of humor The writing isn't perfect but woth the humor it almost seems to be on purposeThe character's were likeable flawed and easy to relate too not the be being a dragon part which would be awesome if I could relate to that I especially love the little detail where Carolyn the female lead can't seem to not misplace her purse and she is also a book hoarder Also it must have been wonderful to finally prove so many people wrong about such a major thing like Carolyn got toThis also got me thinking a bit What would it be like to have someone else also living in your thoughts? A soul with no body slips into Carolyn's mind in order to keep out of the dragon version of heaven At time this soul makes an ass out of Carolyn by taking control of her speech Most the time she uses this to flirtBe aware that this is intended for adults It contains vulgar language and explicit sexThis is the first in a series I will definitely be continuing Hopefully my library has an ecopy of book two If not I may have to put it on hold Our Review by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha ChelleCopy gifted in exchange for an honest review Actual rating 45 skulls This book was really greatI I love when a review book becomes a new obsession I honestly couldn't put it down and it was exactly what I needed Jamie K Schmidt is a new author for me When I got an email about Entangled's new May releases and noticed this one on the list I decided to reuest it for review and see what would happen I was long overdue for a good dragon shifter book and decided it couldn't hurt to support a new author I didn't expect to read it in one long sitting with a smile on my face almost the entire timeThe ueen's Wings the first of a new Paranormal Romance series THE EMERGING UEENS was witty full of fun pop culture references magic mayhem romance and was in a word just FUNMs Schmidt has a knack for plucky female leads Carolyn draws you in from page one with her no filter tendency to think aloud and say largely inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times Most people thinks she's completely nuts but aside from her being an emerging dragon ueen she's really just like the rest of us a book addict with an internal goofball She was instantly likable and relatable Reed is one of those alpha males that you just want to smack upside the head He's hot sexy sometimes standoffish and yet has this romantic edge that shows through in the subtlest of ways and yet he's just aaarrrgh He's a bit stuffy tries to stick to the ways of the people and yet it was really fun to see Carolyn exasperate and challenge him and have him capitulate I will admit that I actually wanted her with Jack he was the easier of the two choices but was glad that while there were multiple somewhat love interests it wasn't a love triangle and that things turned out the way that they did They really are the perfect matchThe world building was both what we've grown to know and love in dragon shifter paranormal romance but also new uniue and exciting There were multiple types of dragon shifters in The ueen's Wings and having the matriarchal structured society was very cool It reinforced the fact that strong females would be prevalent throughout the EMERGING UEENS series I LOVED the little twist at the end and I think that all book addicts will appreciate with Ms Schmidt did with Carolyn's HEAI would definitely recommend this book for all paranormal romance fans that like dragon shifters and even those who think they might want to try some I also highly recommend it to readers who appreciate a light hearted read with a strong yet goofy female lead I'm really looking forward to in the EMERGING UEENS series Way to go Jamie 4 starsOkay first I will confess about something Usually I reuest any Entangled title especially the paranormal and fantasy ones based on blurbs and reviews Sadly until now almost all of them just become an okay read for me That's why I don't have high expectation when I reuest to read and review The ueen's Wings the first installment of the new series by Jamie KSchmidt The Emerging ueens She's also a new author to read for me I reuest this because I love dragon Always love read about them fascinated by their live myth and legend Also the worldbuilding seems uniueAfter reading wow I really enjoy The ueen's Wings A lot Sure I have my reason why I give just 4 stars but let me state first why I think that The ueen's Wing is another keeper for my paranormal romance and urban fantasy's shelves First the narrator This book told from Carolyn's POV Carolyn is our heroine here and she's witty have enough sarcasm and a book hoarder Now this is the heroine that I can related to She believe that she is a dragon about to shift but no one believe her Turn that she had been possessed by Ariana a daughter of Esmeralda the dragon ueen of North America and that's why her dragon ability awakened But fate decide to throw many obstacle for Carolyn since she is one of the rare dragon ueen Let me explain for a little In Carolyn's world human and dragon live together but of course dragon think human is lower creature than them The dragons have a problem for their existence is near extinction Just five dragon female called ueen that existed and they guard them with their soul Being a ueen is not fun too that's what Carolyn thought For they like a ueen bee you know constantly make babies and that's is not the life that Carolyn want Especially when she fallin' hard for Reed and just desire him Things get complicated when Carolyn always in danger Make matters worse Ariana who reside in her body desire Jack Reed's friend and love to take over Carolyn's body There's also another ueen that threatened Carolyn's life and soon Carolyn must learn that her life is full of lies and tangle of deceit and she must be careful to place her trustFirst POV is a hit and miss for me If I love the MC's voice I will love the book If not it's will be so hard to finish reading the book I love that Carolyn is witty and not easily give up Her attitude is hilarious and her interaction with Ariana really cracked me up Even she want to be a dragon the idea for her to be a ueen and breeds so many dragon do not appeal for her because she just love one man Reed I love that there was no love triangle because Carolyn's attraction to Jack was Ariana doing Alas I think Carolyn and Reed relationship somehow too rushed While the blurb state that Reed try to avoid Carolyn even he desire her actually no need a long time for them to admit their feeling Even of course there's some obstacle that rock their love to add some drama What I love is how Ms Jamie show how a book nerd Carolyn can be There was a mention of Kristan Higgins and JDRobb OMG I almost sueal and if Carolyn is a person I will hug her and we can have our own conversation about In Death series My complaint is a misspronounce for Roarke's name It's ROARKE not Rourke ugh I doubt they will correct it once this book go wild oh it's already released actually but yeah this little typo kinda girrated my nervesMs Jamie also make an interesting world building There some kind of dragons like Drake Western Reed and Jack are Western dragon uetzacoatl and etc AnywayI got a feeling that because of manuscript page limit something feel amiss I don't mind if The ueen's Wings have than 300 400 pages I read the pdf and it's have 265 pages so the author can expand the world building That's why I don't give 5 stars while I really want to The half last part feel jumble and so many things happen that make my head spinning It's also break the pace make it faster and it's make me a little bit uncomfortable Also the ending somehow I'm not satisfied with what happen to Carolyn even she kinda got her HEA Alas the next book will not feature Carolyn I really love her and want to know about Carolyn's life after this book and her love life with ReedI see that some reviewers on Goodreads shelf this as erotic I think the heat level still in steamy factor and I'm glad the sexual tension are plenty The ueens also supposed to be a sensual creature because they are have so many dragon men in their haremIf you love your paranormal romance or urban fantasy romance with an uniue world building and dragon theme you will love The ueen's Wings Also if you fans of Charley Davidson series I guess you will want to try to read this Last can't wait to read the next installment and I hope it's as good or better as The ueen's Wings e ARC provided by publisher for honest review Wooooow I absolutely LOVED this book It was a little disorienting right at the beginning but after I relaxed nerves reading a new author and all that I was absolutely enchanted by the world as presented by Ms Schmidt I loved the whole dragons are real thing and particularly that Carolyn was convinced despite all signs to the contrary that she was actually a dragon and to boot in the end her dragon type was HILARIOUSI liked the relationship as it developed between dragon Reed and Carolyn He really REALLY didn't care for her in the beginning I also liked that there was a bit of a love suare developing like a love triangle but there were four parties involvedtrust me it makes sense when you read itSo much went on in this book it's hard to describe it all All I know is it all worked together for me so well that I'm absolutely in love with this book and I may have to go read it again just to revel in its awesomenessI absolutely can't WAIT for the next Emerging ueens series 5 gargoyles for The ueen's Wings Wasn't uite for me but recommended for those who seek fantasy romance about sexy dragons Title The ueen's Wings The Emerging ueens Series Book 1 Author Jamie K Schmidt Publisher Entangled PublishingEntangled Edge Published 5 17 2014 ISBN 978 1 62266 473 3 E Book B00K48N6G8 Pages 217 Genre Paranormal Romance Tags Mystery Suspense Shapeshifters Dragon Magic Sensual Level Overall Rating Excellent Reviewed For NetGalley Entangled Reviewer DelAnneCarolyn Donovan is convinced she is going to shift into a dragon any day Unfortunately for her nearly everyone else is sure she is just nuts Even her best friend looks at her with pity in her eyes After all there hasn't been a female dragon hatched or even shifted in over a thousand years At present there are only five in the world The last one hatched was kidnapped centuries before When Carolyn is caught in the middle of an assault on the dragon embassy she briefly comes into contact with Jack and Reed two dragons working for the FBI When the fate of Arianna the last female dragon to hatch comes to light Carolyn's life changes forever The time has come for Reed to get over his dislike for humans because fate has put Carolyn in his life and Carolyn likes what she seesI fell in love with Carolyn half way through the first paragraph She has believed in herself all the while facing the ridicule and scorn of family and friends even strangers degrading remarks She still has stood firm against them all I could easily fall for Niall and his absent minded professor persona Jack's easy going manner hides a sharp mind and a warrior's talent Reed's brooding demeanor and cutting tongue keeps you reminded that there is danger all around Jamie Schmidt has used humor and witty repartee to keep the story from becoming to dark and heavy This is a series that leaves you longing for The fast pace of the story keeps you from putting it down until the last page I personally can not wait until Ms Schmidt graces us with the next in the series The ueen's Flight Pick up a copy of The ueen's Wings and pick out your favorite dragon before they are all spoken for Link UK Link CA Link Link Links Link Books Link Publishing LLC Link HahahahahaOh god This had to be the funniest dragon romance book I’ve ever read I mean everI’ll admit I sided with everyone else and labelled Carolyn “Crazy” before I reached the end of Chapter 1 Then I changed the label to “Half Crazy” before settling on “Crazy” once again Granted she’s not really crazy I take that back By herself she is a bit looney but add the spirit of a dead ueen to the mix and you end up with a whole bunch of fun that’s waiting to be experiencedReed said it best “I’m not used to a ueen like you None of us are”Carolyn’s very human approach to what being ueen means makes her different from the Five ueens She’s not interested in living in the lap of luxury while men seek her to have their eggs She’s happy with a simple life and only wants one man Unfortunately that one man is Reed Or maybe it should be fortunatelyReed’s a dragon through and through He lives eats breathes dreams drinks and sleeps dragon law and tradition To be around Carolyn as she adapts to his people’s way of life turns him upside down and leaves him banging his head on a wall because she really isn’t like any ueen he’s met before Their arguments are amusing; it’s rare anything gets resolved between them Their agreement to disagree seems to be the normCarolyn did keep me laughing She has this hilarious habit of speaking her thoughts out loud without realizing it which tends to make for interesting conversations between characters But for all the fun and humor there were plenty of serious parts of the story The most poignant is close to the end My heart bottomed out at what happened The happy ending Carolyn thought she’d have didn’t happen and the anguish she felt was almost tangibleOh don’t think she doesn’t get an HEA She does It’s justdifferent than what she thought but it suits her She and Reed get their happily ever after flying off into the sunset moment and it’s well deservedWill there be ueens from Ms Schmidt? I hope so The ueens might have been a rare breed at the beginning of this book but the renewed hope for at the end sets the stage to introduce beautiful ueens who like Carolyn buck tradition and pursue the happily ever after they want need and deserveReceived from Pump Up Your Book Tours and Entangled Publishing for an honest review Was so thrilled to get to read this novel because a good one with dragons are far and few between This one is even a double plus because female dragons are part of the tale also This is the first time reading this author for me but I must say she does have the ability to snatch you up right away with the beginning with her character Carolyn who also is very humorous She is also one persistent gal or should I say dragon in achieving her goal even though not many believe her until a event happens that changes all that She also lives in what she claims is a haunted house and thanks to the course they are going to be going she was indeed right because it is a female dragon who would of been ueen who was slaughtered many many years ago The one dragon she works for it also happened to have been his daughter The one dragon who is sent to her is one fine fine hot on a stick FBI Reed who does not much care for humans and starts out believing that is all she is really but duluded Things will happen with signs to show how not so human she is that will be having him change his tune Another faboulous thing I like about this novel is they are not a secret from others also their lifestyle is also explained very well where a first time reader in this genre would not be in the dark on alot of things A curse must be broken in order to enable other ueen's to emerge or even for that matter reproduce Only the five excisting ueens do so a lifestyle Carolyn is not to keen on As mentiioned earlier was carried away on this most entertaining packed with fire novel that also rung out uite a few chuckles with the witty banter that does incur Put that with a refreshing storyline and this is a novel that is a great escape for a day because that will be how uick it is read The romance a scorcher with a conclusion that is uite rewarding to all Received a arc for a honest review The first book in a new dragon series is a mesmerizing action packed romance Carolyn is used to everyone thinking she’s crazy when she insists that she is going to shift into a dragon and FBI dragon Reed is no different He’s proven wrong when Carolyn starts to shift and suddenly she’s the new ueen on the block with a never ending line of suitors and enemies and Reed must face his fears – and feelings to save the woman he realizes he can’t do withoutThis fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with action suspense drama humor and romance The author makes it easy for readers to picture each scene as its happening with well written events and details that inspire vivid images and the well orchestrated action scenes are believable and exciting The strong compelling characters are charismatic easily related to and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginningThe attraction between Reed and Carolyn radiates heat from every page and the sex scenes are hot and steamy and the drama in their relationship ensures that the reader never gets bored Reed is a great alpha dragon he has the arrogant male with a disdain for humans attitude along with a sexy bad boy vibe that makes the reader swoon while Carolyn has the reader empathizing with her plight and cheering her on throughout the story The tale inspires lots of smiles and chuckles with some very snarky dialogue some sad moments uite a bit of anger and a lot of spine tingling delicious anticipationThe author has created a fantastic world of captivating characters where dragons are the norm and humans live along side them There are lots of refreshingly different elements and some surprising twists that keep the readers on their toes and I really have to say that I love how Carolyn got revenge on her brother at the end I can’t wait to read the next book in this enchanting series