Finn[EPUB] ✸ Finn ✻ Angel Martinez – Lost and starving Finn wakes to a poisoned world but a man comes to him a white light in the darkness can a centuries old pooka find what he needs with a heartbroken modern manWhen Diego rescues a nak Lost and starving Finn wakes to a poisoned world but a man comes to him a white light in the darkness can a centuries old pooka find what he needs with a heartbroken modern manWhen Diego rescues a naked man from the rail of the Brooklyn Bridge he just wants to get the poor man out of traffic and to social services He gets than he bargained for when he discovers Finn is an ailing pooka poisoned by the city's pollution To help him recover Diego takes him to New Brunswick where Finn inadvertently wakes an ancient evil spirit the wendigoWhile they struggle to find a way to destroy the wendigo before it can possess Diego or kill nearby innocents Diego wrestles with his growing feelings for Finn Kill the monster and navigate a relationship between a modern man and a centuries old pooka Piece of cake. I love Angel Martinez and I've read mostly everything she's written but this book while pleasant wasn't my favorite from her Finn was a fun read I'm always down for a hottie fae with a nicely plotted fast pace I've never read a book with a pooka MC before but I was totally down with the magic and charm of the story Three star reviews are some of the hardest for me to write because while I enjoyed the story I don't feel super strongly about it either way There were dark parts and some funny parts but overall the sappiness and cheesy pet names brought me back from really enjoyed the story I found the jump to love to be way too fast for my personal tastes as well It read like a novella though it clocked in over 200 pages long I think if you like Angel Martinez the story is certainly worth your while It was a nice break from some heavier reads for me though I don't think it will stand out a few weeks from nowCopy provided in exchange for an honest review Finn was just the story I needed to warm my heart and lift my spirits after being sick with bronchitis all weekDiego is not terribly good at taking care of himself His greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping others When he finds a cold sick and naked man on the Brooklyn Bridge his caring and empathetic nature comes to life as he brings the man home and helps him recoverIt turns out this unusual man is an ancient Fae known as a Pooka and recovery from his illness reuires he spend some time away from the pollution and congestion of the big city As they head for the Canadian wilderness Diego and Finn run into complications when a malevolent force is awakened I really enjoyed this enchanting fantasy infused with magic Celtic folklore music art humor sensuality and emotion Both men were strong and well developed characters with baggage from past relationships and hurts I loved the growth of their relationship their great capacity for love and their powerful magic that makes the world right againThis story was an absolute joy to read from start to finish I'm hovering in the 35 to 4 Hearts range so I'm just going to round up to 4A pooka poo·kaˈpo͞okənounnoun pooka; plural noun pookasin Irish mythology a hobgoblin I’d never heard of such a thing Fairies yes Pookas no Can’t say that any Finn set the bar high as far as pookas go He’s a delight He’s also a shapeshifting pooka who can shift into a DRAGONsueals with delightFinn and Diego first meet on the Brooklyn Bridge Diego believes Finn’s about to jump and Diego has a penchant for saving lost souls of all varieties As a matter of fact his relationship with Mitch has recently bit the dust because of Diego’s kindheartedness Good riddance I say Mitch is a douche canoe At any rate Diego talks Finn into coming back to his apartment and begins trying to breach the defenses Finn is wary has a deep seeded mistrust of humans but is growing weaker by the day and therefore desperate As an aside I appreciate very much the environmental message that pervades this storyA series of events happen and Diego takes Miriam his publisher up on her offer to take up residence at her home near Fundy National Park in Canada Let me tell you some freaky shit happens in Canada Some good some bad all freaky Ok maybe not all but a lotI enjoyed Finn uite a bit It’s the opening of a series and the follow up is a must read as this one has an open ending Both Diego and Finn have distinct voices even if I was reading along and noticed there was no “Finn said” I knew it was him and vice versa All the descriptions of all the animals’ thoughts were great fun Finn kind of steals the show here in my opinion with his shenanigans and bluntness though I do like both characters They have sort of a star crossed feel to them that I always a win for me though I’m having trouble feeling there heat and intensity Perhaps in Diego the intensity will get ratcheted up HopefullyThe characters of Tia Carmen and Miriam also put on uite a show in Finn Let’s just say Miriam is a riot I’d so have cocktails with her I wish Tia Carmen would come over with enchiladas and stuffed poblanos I’m willing to send my address I make a mean margarita I can even rustle up some prickly pears and send this thing to the next level Just sayin’ The three of us could wreak some serious havocIt was the supernatural high jinks that kept me turning the pages and what will propel me to read DiegoTo all the pooka lovers out there this series is for youReviewed for Diego is a savior of all things stray Even if one of his strays was able to hurt him he just can't stop doing so His heart is just too big which doesn't sit well with his lover who ends up leaving him Diego's latest save is a naked man crouching on a rail of Brooklyn Bridge Little that he knows the man Finn is an endangered fae a pooka And he will fill Diego's heart with loveI didn't bought the 1st edition due to Ms Martinez's warning about the legal dispute When this 2nd edition is released by SP I didn't hesitate to purchase it Awwww what a sweet story this isDiego has this walking sadness around him; even if the strays and others can see his heart of gold but the fact that his ex cannot and how he can't seem to sell his book does something hurtful to his soul I'm just glad that he finds happiness in FinnReading about Finn's interaction with modern world is adorable From the magic of answering machine to him trying to build a 'modern art' to his joy of being in the wilderness when Diego brings him to a cabin in Canada Finn cannot stand too much iron in the modern life I just love it puts a smile to my face throughoutThe action when they fight the wendigo is great though there are times I wish that it is descriptive I mean the one that results in Finn being hurt is written off screen; instead readers are presented with Diego's concern state I would love to read that fighting sceneOh there's a little twist regarding Finn and Diego's relationship view spoilerturns out that Diego is pretty much Finn's soulmate Finn is immortal he can heal himself over and over but Diego cannot So Diego has reincarnated several times and Finn has always been able to find a way to him somehow hide spoiler Charming romantic this story was a delight The characters especially Finn got to me right away Finn so confused and indignant in the beginning and Diego with his huge heart Both of themsweet funny sexyoh yeah Their personalities came through in the dialogue which was very well done I liked having action mixed with the warm fuzzies It added some nice tensionI did think the ending was a little too drawn out after the climax but it meant I got time with the MCs so I won't complain 35 starsRounded down 3 ish star books are hard to write reviews for terrible grammar Anyway I'm struggling also because I made the mistake of putting off writing the review and I can only remember it in broad strokes I uite liked the protags Diego and Finn and thought it clever that pooka Finn was became ill living in the city away from the wilds Diego whisks him away to a mountain cabin The whirlwind life or death battles fought in the forests were exciting and the slow reveals of Finn's backstory very interesting What kept throwing me out of the story and I don't remember this being an issue with other Martinez books was the overuse of words like thousandsover and over and over A thousand crackling shards a thousand directions thousands of miles a thousand and three ways a thousand jagged splinters a thousand wounds a thousand falling shards a thousand exploding starsyou get the picture That is so NOT like this author So a very nice story but nothing truly special IMO Martinez who is a favorite author has written many far better stories This is one of those rare gems that I usually wouldn’t bother buying but thank god I did because this is a rare truly fabulous story Although I hardly if ever shop at Red Rose Publishing I was over checking out the newest releases and the blurb attracted me While I had some reservations and really didn’t appreciate the cover I still wanted to give this book a try I even went so far as to read the excerpt which I never do and was intrigued enough to get What a complete gem hiding out in the depths of a publisher I rarely hear mentioned Wonderful characters delightful dialogue and a thrilling storyline all combine to create a thoroughly entertaining and absorbing tale I couldn’t put this downDiego is driving home one night when he comes across a figure perched on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge naked except for dirty blanket Unable to stop his addiction to helping lost causes Diego gives in to the desperation in the man’s eyes and brings him home Soon Diego discovers his erstwhile guest is actually a magical being a Fae being called a pooka The poison and pollution combined with a modern unfamiliar setting make the ancient creature violently ill to the point Diego decides to head to a friend’s cabin in the wilderness for some peace for both men While there however another ancient magical being is awakened and decides he rather likes Diego as well and thus a difficult magical fight breaks outThe premise actually sounds pretty wild but the deft handling and tight writing keep the story fast paced entertaining and engrossing Instead of being corny and trite the characters are intelligent and likeable Although there were a few errors in the editing and writing that caught my eye I was too engrossed in the story to care There are some world building issues along with some dropped threads especially relating to Finn’s past and the actual Fae There was less world building than supplemental information meant to create a deeper alternate reality which slides slightly on the heavy telling side However I’ll say again it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the story whatsoever The talented story telling wove a complex and intricate story with splashes of humor and whimsy to lighten the tension while developing a strong relationship and emotional connectionDiego starts out a little too good to be true with his big heart failed relationship and willingness to take in any and every lost cause he comes across However this is an essential aspect of his character that shows his strength rather than his weakness at first glance He is firmly routed in reality and stubbornly refuses to believe in magic while a part of his mind and soul yearn deeply for the existence of magic Diego is surrounded by magic as he comes to find out and this journey to acceptance against the firm rules of reality as he knows it is part of the story The dichotomy is one that he struggles with for the entirety of the book and only towards the end is he able to reconcile the parts of his personality with Finn’s helpFinn offers the most comic relief in the story as a fairy that has been asleep for over seven hundred years and can remember debates about the Ice Age His fascination and confusion with the modern world comes across fresh and interesting with a delightful dose of outrageous humor and formal diction His narration and dialogue are the funniest of the story and provide an ease of intensity in even the direst circumstances Although the story is at times graphic Finn’s comments and humor keep the scenes from being too dark and off putting instead injecting a comic element that elevates the entertainment Finn however is not all fun and light as the affects of the poison in the city and even battles with other fairies are not easy and inconseuential Finn has a depth and history that give him weight as a character and easily make him as interesting as DiegoMixed in with the storyline are excerpts from Diego’s “fictional” book which is really a transcript of conversations with Finn about his magical life and past These give insight into Finn and the world of the Fae These excerpts are a little heavy handed but at the same wonderful and informative I liked this techniue in giving background to the character of Finn and his outlook on relationships life magic the world and his lovers while adding the always present humor and emotion It would have been nice to been able to have Diego’s reaction as than an interviewer but the information offered added depth and interest to the storyThe latter portion of the book deals with the other magical being they encounter in the woods and this is well crafted and continues to hold the readers’ interest Although the resolution is heavily based in magic as is expected the slow build up of tension and weaving together of various storylines happens subtly The actual elements of the resolution are basic and the deft writing combines them in such a way as to create something intriguing and interesting The ending also leaves room for a seuel which I hope will be forthcoming at some pointOverall I really loved reading this book Beyond any problems or praise this was a purely entertaining story with great characters and an absorbing tale The blending of paranormal and modern elements with folklore is deft and skillful leaving a story you almost wish could happen but perhaps much happier to just read about it If you’re looking for a fabulous paranormal story about fairies that blends lore and modern reality be sure to pick this up I haven’t even mentioned the great sex scenes and incredibly satisfying romance Really you won’t want to miss this book A great start to a series I've had this book for ages 2009 edition and just never got to it but I'm so glad I finally loaded it on my Kindle Diego is a writer who suffers from seizures but spends most of his spare time helping others and looking after the homeless When we meet him he has recently broken up with an unsympathetic boyfriend whom I wanted to strangle Diego and Finn meet when Diego is the only person to stop to help the man who is about to jump off a bridge Of course Diego is certain the man is insane with his out there comments and lack of knowledge of the modern world Diego plans to help Finn get the help he needs but strange things happen and a relationship begins to form Finn is a Pooka and can change into many forms at will surprising Diego who has trouble believing his eyes but is slowly forced to see that Finn is specialThe story takes off with a trip to Canada for Finn's health and their adventure in fighting an evil being I loved the action and the slow but steady growth of the relationship These two were so good together that I can't wait to read Let’s start off by talking about these two men What a mess they both areDiego is a sweet caring naive idiot He is too good to others to the point he’s been injured and can barely keep himself fed At some point before this book starts in an attempt to help a homeless man he was beaten to the point he now has seizures He lives in Brooklyn is a barely self employed writer and has recently been dumped by his douchebag lover He’s just managing to get by buying pretzels for the local homeless folks writing a bit and surviving Barely He’s a lonely messInto his life falls Finn Finn is a Pooka a very special fairy who has been sleeping for hundreds of years waking to a strange and toxic Ireland He stows away in a ship and makes it to a stranger and even toxic New York He’s sick starved desperate and naked when Diego finds him crouching on the railing of the Brooklyn bridge Diego convinces him to get in his car and takes him home The next challenge is to clean him hydrate him clothe him and feed him Which Diego does calmly assuming he’s a crazy man he’ll pass him off to someone in a day or twoDiego and Finn are the stars of this wonderful story But there are others We also have Mitch the douchebag ex lover popping in and out Tia Carmen Diego’s landlady and source of wonderful food and Miriam Diego’s agent and friend All these folks come together to create a very creative castSo a brief look at the plot without giving too much away Finn is being poisoned by the iron toxic crap and whatnot that is in the city Diego sees this and tries to send him off to the country to a cabin Miriam has Diego does not want to go he’s a city boy he can’t see himself in the country Then there is the excuse of his health his seizures etc He’s also slowly developing feelings for Finn which WE know Finn is returning but Diego is trying to be good and not act out of desperation and loneliness He doesn’t want to take advantage of Finn We also find out wonderful things about Finn’s abilities he’s pretty cool But Diego comes to realize Finn needs to leave and can’t be trusted to care for himself That’s the set up that gets us to the main action so to speak and off the boys go to New Brunswick But they get in to some serious trouble when Finnunknowingly wakes up a wendigo All hell breaks loose and they have to fight for their livesOk I need to mention one other thing about this story it is a bit of a spoiler I’m sorry but I have to do it Angel wrote a book about a man who meets a Pooka who writes a book about a man who meets a Pooka That is freaking genius seriouslyThis book walks the fine line between cute and cheesy on one side and dark and intense on the other There is an epic battle between the Finn and Diego versus the wendigo which is a bit dark but the lightness of Finn is the perfect balance He’s goofy and snarky irreverent and innocent even though he’s hundreds of years old Diego is just beautiful Painfully beautifulAngel has such a light touch to her writing keeping it all balanced in a creative story The characters are perfect in their flawed way the conversations are funny and sweet the action is exciting and the sex is lovely The extra characters add loads to the story helping when needed and adding drama also when needed The wendigo is horrible as all bad things should be the perfect foil to the lightness of Finn and Diego There is a bit of angst and a great ending The added chapter at the end that appears to have been a Christmas short story is so sweet A great additionI can’t wait for the next Finn and Diego storyA copy of this book was provided for reviewing The original review posted at wwwlovebytesreviewscom Honestly I didn't have high hopes I'd like this book because of the fact that I picked it up and put it down so long ago but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I did like it overall I suppose I just wasn't in the right mood the last time I tried reading it and that is why my opinion is completely different now This was uite an interesting story Diego is a writer and when he meets Finn and takes him to Canada he starts to write and about what Finn is and how Finn has lived his life Diego is kind of a sad character It broke my heart every time he had a seizure Finn is a uniue character He talks like he's still in an old world and doesn't understand any of the technologies nowadays but he's sweet and really cares about Diego and wants to protect him because they are meant to be together forever view spoilerwhich they have been because since Finn is immortal and Diego is not Diego keeps being reincarnated so they are essentially true mates hide spoiler