Life After Taylah

Life After Taylah❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Life After Taylah Author Bella Jewel – My mother's name is Taylah and once a very long time ago she was my best friend she was everything I wanted to be Until the night she disappeared Ten years on and my life my families lives and the wor My mother's name is Taylah and once a very long time ago she was my best friend she was everything I wanted to be Until the night she disappeared Ten years on and my life my families lives and the world around us has never been the same again How can it be when you're left not knowing No leads No connections Nothing Just pure emptiness My dancing is the only way I can separate myself from the pain that lies in my home in my father's eyes and in my brother's Life After PDF or spirit They need me and I'll fight with everything I am to be there for them but who will be there for me Then I meet Nate Champion Motocross racer and everything my father doesn't want for me He's forbidden he's beautiful and he's carrying a bundle of his own secrets When I step into his world there is no turning back He will consume me He will teach me how to breathe again He will put a tiny piece of my broken heart back together This book contains an affair It also contains sex scenes It is for readers over the age of . ★★★☆ 35 Stars Your past only defines you if you let it When I read the blurb of Life After Taylah and saw the mention of a forbidden love element I immediately had to add it to my TBR Then when I saw it was written by Bella Jewel who has written some of my favorite biker stories I became even curious to find out what she would to with a motocross racer as a hero ; Avery is a 22 year old girl studying ballet and teaching dance classes practically every day of the week Unable to forget about her mother who mysteriously went missing ten years ago she sought out a way to drown out thought of her mother Taylah That's how dancing became her everything Her entire life evolves around it And with a controlling father a fiancé who's only with her so he can carry out her father's business once he retires and a drug addict as a brother there's not much happiness in her life So she stays numb unattached and still hoping to one day find out what happened to her mother How do you find happiness when you’re so consumed with darkness? I don’t know a way out I’m trapped But then she meets Nate He's everything forbidden everything she should stay far away from Still she's drawn to him and once they get to know each other and build up an intense friendship neither of them is willing to let the other one go I’m sure I met you for a reason”To give you advice?” No To give me a friend I really need a friend Dancer” Nate is a 30 year old Champion Motocross racer who's the epitome of tall dark and handsome For the past three years he's been unhappily married and when he meets Avery she makes him feel again for the first time in years With her he can talk have fun and feel the attraction he once felt for his wife Because of his daughter he's trying to save his marriage and stand by his wife but his rapidly evolving feelings for Avery make doing so harder and harder each day I risk it for you because you're giving me a chance to see again to feel again to just be again To be honest Nate pissed me off sometimes I mean I understand about him wanting to fix his marriage and fight for his daughter but how could he have been so blind to all the lies his wife was feeding him for so long? Even I could see they weren't destined to stay together and I honestly don't think a judge would have ever granted custody to a alcohol negligent mother instead of a hard working doting like himself What I am glad about though is that view spoilerhe waited until the separation with his ex was final before he sought out Avery to make amends At least then they could start out fresh without any ties to his ex wife hide spoiler Book – Life After TaylahAuthor – Bella JewelPublication Date – May 26 2014Type – Stand AloneGenre – RomanceNew AdultRating – 3 ¾ StarsComplimentary Copy provided by Author Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review ReviewFirst I have to say that when I see the name ‘Bella Jewel’ I automatically gravitate to the book  This one ahhhso many conflicting emotions with this story  I don’t know if it’s the cheatingor the “I’ll be the other woman” that had me pissed off half the time  Then to find out conflicting issues with Avery’s mom Taylah and the reason for her disappearance I felt like I was in a world of the “anti Scarlet Letter”Sothat’s my teeter tonow my teeter froIt was a beautiful love story and part of me understood Avery’s need to be with Nick no matter whatwhen you feel a love that strong you are willing to do just about anything to continue that feeling  That was the beautiful partbut in real lifeit rarely ever ends prettyI’m teetering to againLena and JacobLena is Nick’s wife and Jacob is Avery’s fiancée or whatever  If you want to talk about ‘bad guys’ – these two take the cake  I understand the need to make these two look bad in order to sugar coat the infidelity between Nick and Avery but this was a bit extreme – any sane person who had to deal with these two knuckleheads would have said “sayonara” eons ago  So to bring me to the conclusion of thisthe extreme distaste of Lena and Jacob make Nick and Avery look like fools for being with people who undoubtedly are the scum of the earthLet’s teeter a bit to the froI understand the need of Nick to stick by his wife because of their daughter and I commend him for thatespecially when she drops another bomb on him  He believes in his vows and takes them seriousbut not as serious as to step off with AveryI’m sticking to the fro hereAvery and her fatherwhat a dick  I felt for Avery throughout this whole storybetween her brother her father the unknown mother and a taboo love – I think I would have jumped off the first available cliff  But not our girlshe sticks to it – driving herself batty the whole time by keeping everyone happy – what? What was that?  YeahEVERYONE else happy – except herself  Self destruction timeWowanother teeter to the fro – overall this was another enjoyable read from Bella and I will continue to click her new works with each one that is released  It was hard to read about infidelity because of personal experiences but I got through it and am all the wiser because of itFor reviews Free E books and Giveaways Self note He cheats on his wife with the heroine and then on the heroine with his wife too Hmm the thing is that sometimes soulmates get mixed up with the wrong people but man up and get right with who you’re supposed to be with I wouldn’t mind reading a romance where the hero’s journey is ACTIVELY trying to get out of a situation so he can be with his true love Avery is in love with a married man He’s in a loveless marriage with a child abuser and an alcholic and and she is engaged to a human robot I’m not a fan of the cheater They usually continue to do it in the next relationship And the next And the next It’s different if the man is married and is actively trying to get out of a loveless marriage You don't view spoiler let your wife suck you so the next day you can fuck a woman you supposably love and wheep how you love her and you can't get her over your fucking mind hide spoiler MY RATING ☆☆☆☆ LIFE AFTER TAYLAH by Bella Jewel ☆ Complimentary copy provided by the author Bella Jewel in exchange for an honest review ☆ THANK YOU 4 Life Defining StarsMARRIAGE vows are sacred but TEMPTATION is a powerful thing He's MARRIED he's FORBIDDEN but he will uickly become my everythingAvery's mother went missing when she was ten years old she was there one day and vanished the next no clues nothing life from that day forward was an every day struggle her family just fell apart at the seams My mother was my sunshine my happy place my best friend and hero she broke us when she went missing intentionally or not COLD CASE Now we're seeing what its like to live life after TaylahThis story had many elements to it mother goes missing Avery is set to enter a marriage of convenience brother is off the rails then she meets Nate and everything changes HE'S MARRIED AND I'M TAKENNate tries everything in his power to fight for his marriage he knows it's not something you can just easily walk away fromBut how much fighting for a broken marriage can one person do his daughter is the only reason he tries so hard to keep it togetherTRAPPED IN A LOVELESS MARRIAGEThe every day struggle to fight a forbidden attraction to a married manThis was so beautifully written the story just takes you on a journey of how life after a person vanishes changes the dynamics of a family and those around youIt's not all about forbidden love its also about moving on and accepting the conseuences Wow wow wowFull review to come soon x This story just broke me Beautifully written an amazing storyline and wonderful charactersThis book had everything it was raw and emotional Every chapter was filled with sadness happiness hope anger lust and love FIVE LOVERS STARSMan the cover is so bad I saw that and I don't wanted to read it But the story is so good I loved If you don't want to read because the bad cover give that book a chance It's amazing If you love a real story of love and superation you will give a chance The story is about Nate he is a motocross racer and Avery she is a dancer studing to be a ballet teacher and Taylah's daughter Their love begins with a wonderful friendship The both have a complicated life and they find comfort in each other's arms The disappearance of Taylah is the reason of Avery sad and Nate don't want to be in home Now we’re seeing what it’s like to live with life after TaylahThere a suspense a sadness emotion HOPE and I fell in love with the characters Lessons aren’t always easy to learn but they’re there for a reason Sometimes it’s a reason we don’t understand So long as we learn from them the result will always be the sameWe will become stronger people 45 StarsPossible Spoilers “You define love by deciding if it’s right or wrong That’s not always correct Love creeps up on you at the most inopportune moment and there’s nothing you can do to stop it Love cannot be reasoned with and it can’t be as simple as right or wrong” Avery Bravo Ms Jewel I’m a big fan of this author and this was something I was really anxious to read When I got this ARC I was ecstatic It shouldn’t surprise me at all that I couldn’t put this down Once I started I had to finish it I will warn you now This will put you through the emotional wringer but wow was this ridiculously good “Do you know what you’re doing to me Dancer? You’re making me see that there’s better out there You’re makin’ me feel againand it’s been so long since I’ve felt” Life before her mother’s Taylah disappearance Avery seemed to have a happy and stable life She had a loving mother father and older brother After her mother disappeared everything fell apart Her father became distant and her brother whom she was really close to prior to the disappearance has turned to drugs to cope The only thing keeping her sane is her dancing Her life complicates further when she meets her brother’s friend Nate “I’m falling for you in a way I’ve never fallen before Don’t walk away from me You’re the only sunshine I have left” Nate From the outside Nate’s life looks ideal He’s a Motocross rider married and has a beautiful young daughter However it’s far from ideal His marriage is on the brink of breaking; having an alcoholic neglectful wife certainly doesn’t help When he meets Avery she’s like a burst of light in his dreary life She’s innocent sweet and one of the most compassionate people he’s ever come across They develop a close friendship but as much as they want they know try to keep things on the friend level – it makes for some great tension let me tell you I’ve allowed myself to feel possessive over something that is not mine This was an emotional read that had my heart and mind going in so many directions As much as I disliked Nate’s wife she was still his wife and the dilemma it created in my head drove me nuts because I wanted him and Avery together Why couldn’t he just leave her? The reason seemed so simple but alas it was Nate that made it complicated than it had to – at least that was my opinionI cannot recommend this story enough It was angsty hot and really emotional I love these types of stories and Ms Jewel delivered this story almost flawlessly I really hope there will be from the characters from this story I would particularly love to hear Kelly’s story just sayin this would make an awesome series Loved it Complimentary Advanced Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review ♥♥♥ FOLLOW ME ♥♥♥ Blog wwwsweetspotbookblogcomFacebook wwwfacebookcomSweetSpotBookBlogTwitterthessamari The writing 5 StarsThe story 2 StarsThe characters 2 StarsIt is hard to express how I feel without telling you what happened I hope what I wrote makes sense since it will be vagueBella Jewel was honest when she wrote in her NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR that “this is the kind of story you my lovely reader will either love or hate” I think that is exactly what is going to happen readers will either love or hate this story The NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR set the tone for this storyThese characters are tied Honestly I did not like it However the author did an amazing job making me feel exactly what was going in the characters’ lives so I was willingable to “deal” with it because I truly wanted to know what happened to Taylah I also wanted to know what would happen to the main characters But then the characters behaviors took a turn and I just cringed Yes I was willing to “accept” certain behavior but everything that happened afterjust drove me nuts The heroine Avery I just started to not like her at all Her behavior I could not understand Avery goes to school with her brother Liam Their father takes them out of school to tell them their mother Taylah is missing Forward 10 years Taylah is still missing Avery and Liam’s mother disappearance has left many scars in their lives Avery goes through the motions of everyday life but finds some peace in dancing ballet and giving in to her father’s wants by dating a man Jacob she does not love One day when she goes to visit her brother Liam she meets Nate Nate is a professional motocross driver Nate sparks something in Avery that she has not felt in years but both Nate and she are tied to other people and I will just leave my description at thatI did not mind Avery until about 50% when I started wondering how this girl could be so strong one minute and appear so weak the next?? Avery you were killing me his book had my biggest pet peeveunprotected sex I cannot stress how much that bothers me and turns me off from any steamy scene If the story says that the couple is in a committed monogamous relationship and have been tested okay fine don’t use a condom Butit can turn the reader off if the couple is not sure where they standPlease note that reading is very subjective and everyone can have a different experience from reading the same book Bella Jewel is an amazing writer I am a fan and will read anything and everything by her This is a story that like Bella Jewel some will love and some will hate The mystery of this book was my favorite part I loved the names in this bookAnd who do I want a story about??? Liam and Max I am not sure about Keanu It seems like there may be someone for him already and I am worried that if a story was written about him the heroine may come off as annoying if she is too aggressive A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review