Invasion (Invasion America, #5)

Invasion (Invasion America, #5)❮Epub❯ ➥ Invasion (Invasion America, #5) ➤ Author Vaughn Heppner – A disturbingly‭ ‬realistic vision of war several decades into the future‭ ‬Invasion‭ ‬China is as‭ ‬ambitious‭ ‬as it is‭ ‬powerful‭ ‬Using advanced‭ ‬technologies‭ A disturbingly‭ ‬realistic vision of war several decades into the future‭ ‬Invasion‭ ‬China is as‭ ‬ambitious‭ ‬as it is‭ ‬powerful‭ ‬Using advanced‭ ‬technologies‭ ‬in military‭ ‬science‭ ‬the world‭'‬s‭ ‬superpowers‭ ‬battle on land‭ ‬sea‭ ‬air and space for‭ ‬global‭ ‬supremacy‭ ‬This‭ ‬controversial tale‭ ‬will keep you sleepless at night as America challenges‭ ‬the new colossus in the East‭ ‬Greater China and her Pan Asian allies‭ ‬Hard hitting‭ ‬Vast in scope‭ ‬And all too possibly realContinually freezing weather has devastated the Earth's food supply making US soil the most valuable in the world A shattered‭ ‬debt ridden America suffered invasion by half the world and faced tactical nuclear weapons in her heartland‭ ‬Now she wants revengeIn the end‭ ‬nuclear tipped torpedoes‭ ‬deadly laser systems and rail guns cannot replace the grunts on the battlefield‭ ‬Asian snows turn red with blood as the fate of the world hangs in the balance‭ ‬this is the thundering geopolitical technothriller‭ ‬Invasion‭ ‬China. I tend to go overboard reading all the books in a series In one big gulpsometimes it works this time it did This is the last in the series I'm sure it could be a stand alone but you would miss a lotThere is a lot of detailregarding weapons and planes and ships and subs etc etcfor those of us who are really really interested but I have to admit I sort of skim over most of it but I do like the jet packsA big thank you to Vaughn for tying everything up in a neat package at the endso many authors just kind of stop without thinking of the readers or maybe they think they MIGHT write another bookWhatever the reason I thoroughly enjoyed this seriesOK maybe far fetched but entertainingI almost forgot to mention all this takes place in2030 and beyondice age coming famine in the world and crazy politiciansEnjoy Ok I'm pissed I finished the series There's so much that can be done Come on Heppner back to workplease? A great seriesA great seriesRead the whole series from the beginning I couldn't wait for the next book Sadly this is the last book in the series Invasion China is the concluding instalment in Vaughn Heppner’s Invasion series As a book in its own right I found it probably the most disappointing of the 5 in the series The action was still as good as ever with the battle scenes and description of the advanced technology was extremely well done What let this book down for me was the amount of the story that was told via ‘history books’ which did enable the author to move the time line of story on in large jumps but for me this slowed down the pace of the novel This novel features the US’s fight back against the Chinese as forge new alliances The novel starts with a US pushing back the Chinese from the north of the country as a conseuence the Chinese launch a massive nuclear strike which alarms many of its current alliance partners and paves the way for the US to re forge alliances with some of their former allies US forces stage a 3 pronged attack on Australia in an attempt to liberate it from Chinese occupation and to have as its disposal the food growing areas of Australia They team up with Russian to invade China itself after first reclaiming Siberia Will the US be able to final defeat the Chinese or will their superior numbers finally take their toll on their opponentsSeries as a whole At the end of the series it only seems right to put in a few comments about the series as whole I have thoroughly enjoyed the series from beginning to end The underlying plot of massive global climate change causing food shortages that inevitably lead to armed conflict over those few prime food production areas that remain is all to believable given the state of the world in 2019 I thought the use of sci fi based weaponry lasers particle beam weapons marines ‘parachuting from space’ etc enhanced the story as it was able to prevent the novels simply being a series of set piece battles As each side develops ‘new’ technology it become imperative that the other develop counter measures strategies The character development throughout the series was excellent and as a reader you got drawn into the story cheering for some and hating others It also shows how the psychology of leaders as they struggle with the pressure of the war and how inevitably this seems to lead to either illness or an ever increasing paranoia and tendency to lead to a dictatorial leadership style I am certainly looking forward to starting another series by Heppner in the near future This is the fifth and final book in the Invasion America series It's a shame that the ride had to come to an end but that is the fate of all good thingsThroughout the series I loved all of the main characters from both sides of the conflict The personalities of the characters drove their actions in the conflict making for an exciting storyAlthough the story is told 20 years in the future it is what I believe to be a very accurate view of futuristic warfareI highly recommend this series it's a lot of fun from start to finish Awesome end to the sagaThis was the best one yet if the series You will feel like you were riding a rollercoaster I was in the edge of my seat numerous times Highly recommend this series and I am a woman 61 years old so I believe both sexes can enjoy this series This book ends the series like a wet fart after a long futile push The clichés the blatant typosPage 90 breach not beachPage 335 suite not sweet Finished the fighting had to take a moment to come back to reality still wanted to check the local news to make sure the invasion hadn't really happened This was a little graphic and the torturerape mentions in some sections was a bit much for me but overall I enjoyed the total series and this final book didn't disappoint I appreciated the recap regarding what became of everyone in the years after the last page of history was recorded I'd recommend for people who enjoy historical battles details of weapons and like to imagine what if Advanced Warfare meets House of CardsAs a politico military thriller these books make the grade blinding action coupled with deadly intrigue keep the pages turning faster than you'd like them to have by the end because the author's real genius is portraying all the actors from the lowliest grunt to the highest ranking potentate on a very human level regardless of the side they're on Rare it is that one puts down a series with a deep sigh of satisfaction but this is one such Wow I have enjoyed the whole series but this final book was incredible Not only is the book entertaining from an action point of view but it is also chilling in the plausible way it details how freedom can devolve into fascism The ending could have been a little better but I definitely enjoyed the book