Wild Rides

Wild Rides[Read] ➳ Wild Rides By Christa Wick – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Ride him like you stole himSlip into a set of leathers and climb aboard It's time to feel the wind in your hair and the hard rumble of a motorcycle between your legs as today's hottest romance authors Ride him like you stole himSlip into a set of leathers and climb aboard It's time to feel the wind in your hair and the hard rumble of a motorcycle between your legs as today's hottest romance authors take you on Wild Rides you'll never forgetFilled with Prairie Devils Steel Infidels Iron Tornadoes Thunder Gypsies and other alpha bad boys on big hard bikes this special collection brings you of the hottest biker and MC romance stories ever told from the hottest New York Times USA Today and Barnes Noble bestselling authors in the romance genre all together in one amazing box setSafe House Steel Infidels Dez Burke NYTUSAT An outlaw biker A gentle veterinarian Flint knows she would never fall for a bad guy like him Or would sheCallan Thunder Gypsies Christa Wick NYTUSAT A shy waitress risks her life to save an outlaw biker from his own motorcycle club Now they're on the run togetherOutlaw Kind of Love Prairie Devils MC Nicole Snow A despicable family betrayal A rock hard outlaw biker VP with a possessive streak Love in the Prairie Devils MC never comes easyRiding Danger BBW Biker Romance Adriana Hunter NYTUSAT A curvy nurse finds herself caring for a motorcycle club vice president with a shady past Swish Heart Racer Marian Tee NYTUSAT Aloof bike racer billionaire does everything not to fall for a tomboyish camera wielding college studentStone Cold Iron Tornadoes MC Olivia Rigal A curvy student suspects the motorcycle club of her former lover to be responsible for her brother's murder Fearless Curves D H Cameron NYTUSAT A curvy uptight lawyer learns to live fearlessly when she must defend a rowdy biker Worthy of the Billionaire Biker Krista Lakes NYTUSAT He once saved her from a biker brawl but now this CEO demands of her Much Will she prove herself worthyBear Biker Love A BBW Shifter Romance Harper Ashe USAT He’s an Alpha bear shifter She’s a feisty BBW Will they take a ride with destinyCity Girl Country Wolf A Paranormal Shifter Biker Romance Aubrey Rose NYTUSAT A curvy city girl stranded on one side of the road finds her wilder side on a motorcycle. I was gifted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Reviews are posted for each individual book or coming soon This is a great set of books for an amazing price 099 by some truly great authors EnjoySafe House Dez Burke 4 'sFlint Mason left his family behind once to make a life for himself He went from a member of an the Steel Infidels MC to become a lawyer When his best friend is killed by a rival gang his brothers reuest he come back home and be the man they all know he truly is despite the years that have gone byWhen Flint is shot and they need help the Steel Infidels trick veterinarian Dr Kendra Shaw into helping patch him up Although Kendra has her misgivings the offer from the MC is just too good to pass up Reluctantly she agrees to watch Flint during his recovery while the MC goes back to business as usualWhat none especially Kendra expected was for Flint to take one look at the good Dr and decided he wanted her Flint knows that he probably doesn't have a chance with a woman like Kendra What can he offer her? But it still doesn't stop him from trying to convince her into his bedIs their fiery passion enough to make things work?cliff hangerRage Christa Wick 4 'sAvery Watkins life is not the best Dealing with an alcoholic father who is abusive and steals her money for his beer is a big problem She sees no way of escaping the nightmare that she lives on a daily basis For as long as she can remember she's had the hots for Callan Tilley a member of the Thunder Gypsies MC When Avery overhears members of the MC discussing committing murder she is shocked Especially when she realizes that they are talking about Callan She doesn't know what to do When she realizes Callan is coming into the bar she does the only thing she can think of she calls the policeWhen Callan realizes that his sweet Avery was the one who saved him he can do nothing but take her with him on the run He knows about her home life and refuses to leave her behind to deal with the MC who are trying to kill himWhen he finally convinces her that running is the best thing to do for both of them the adventures truly beginOutlaw Kind of Love Nicole Snow 35 'sRachel Hargrove is like a bird in a cage Sheltered by her domineering father her entire life not because he loved her but simply because he could use her like a pawn in his plans to climb the social ladder and in politics When he suddenly betrays what small amount of trust she has in him and hands her over to Raging Skulls MC she is devastatedJack Throttle Shields is the Vice President of the rival Prairie Devils MC His only thought when he saw Rachel in the hands of the Raging Skulls MC was that he had to save her To him she looked like an angel on earth From the start he had an interest in Rachel He didn't understand how after so many years of being alone he suddenly had thoughts of having an old lady As long as it was her and only her by his sideJack is determined to protect Rachel at all costs Even if it means starting a war with another MC or making her father pay for what he did to herI did enjoy the storyline I liked Jack from the start He had a very sweet side to him that balanced out the dark My problem is that I felt disconnected from the characters I can't uite put my fingers on it When I finished the book I felt like there was just something missingRiding Danger Adriana Hunter 4'sJace Dawson is the VP of the Iron Soldiers Motorcycle Club Even though he doesn't agree with it he is forced into gun running by the new President of his club He is determined to stop this any way he can to ensure that his brothers are safe and taken care of When he ends up shot after a gun deal he has no choice but to go to the hospital to get patched up When head nurse Piper Reece walks into his room Jace finds himself taking a double look at her Piper catches his instant attention but he realizes that he's not good enough for someone like herPiper doesn't know what to think when she sees the handsome biker in the hospital bed She thinks he's one of the sexiest men she has ever seen When she realizes just how much trouble Jace is in for his actions against the President of his MC she decides to take matters into her own hands and help him Even if the cost is her job or puts her life at riskThis was actually a pretty uick read I felt like some info on the main characters would have been nice but it didn't stop me from liking the book Even though Jace was supposed to be this big bad biker he actually come off as being a sweet guy Piper showed strength and determination in her decision to help a man she had just metSwish Marian Tee 5 'sMJ Cartwright was a loner Growing up with an alcoholic father who abused her verbally and physically was hell for her She was sure that one day he was going to kill her with his bike stunts as he literally jumped his bike over her body on a regular basis Not always with success Her only consolation was a camera It was her lifelineWhile out one night she hears someone crying When she investigates she sees an act of heroism that changes her life After that moment she held the memory close to her heart He turned into her saving grace without even knowing it His name was Helios AndreadisHelios Andreadis is the president of Afxisi a bike club on the college campus He is aloof and distant with even those closest to him From the moment he meets this strange girl with violet eyes he finds himself strangely captivated by her Helios is convinced that MJ is a danger to him For one simple fact she makes him feelThe chemistry between these two was interesting MJ was so innocent half the time she was sure that Helios hated her Helios on the other hand wants her with everything in him The uestion is can he trust another woman again after the betrayals he's live through in his lifeStone Cold Olivia Rigal 4 'sThis is the 3rd book I have had the pleasure to read from Olivia Rigal I find her writing enjoyable in that she gives you just enough clues going in to hook you to the story and then won't let go till the endWhen Lisa Mayfield finds out that her brother has been killed while on an undercover assignment she has no choice but to go home Home to a mother that hasn't truly been alive since her husband passed away several years before Home to Brian Ice Hatcher The only man she ever lovedOnly things aren't how they used to be While her brother went on into the police service Brian became the opposite Now a fully patched member of the Iron Tornadoes MC Lisa is confused about what is really going on and Brian is not talking Their relationship is tenuous at best Brian has secrets that he is refusing to let go of and Lisa suspects that the Iron Tornados had a hand in her brothers deathI was a little disappointed in the way the realtionship with Brian and Lisa was portayed My reason for the 4 's I really would have enjoyed of them together throughout the book even if it was memories of them being younger I also felt slightly disconnected to her brothers death His death was her connection to all the people she met once she got back to town Seems like we should have gotten It was a short fast read and there is another book in the works that hopefully please please please explains all the uestions I am now left withAll in all it was a plesant readFearless Curves D H CameronWorthy of the Billionaire Biker Krista LakesBear Biker Love Harper AsheCity Girl Country Wolf Aubrey Rose This is a great bundle for an unbelievable price I enjoyed this box set and it has introduced me to some new authors that I will definitely be keeping an eye out for There are some cliffhangers but do not let that out you off for the price of this bundle you can not go wrong I particularly liked Outlaw Kind of Love by Nicole Snow and will definitely buy books from this author I received this book as a gift for an honest review This Great and Economical Bundle includes Safe House Flint and Kendra’s story that's oozing with chemistry from start to finish and is a definite must read by the incredible and talented Dez Burke This Bundle gives you 10 exciting and well written books about Bikers for the cost of less than10 each Do not let this Steal of a Deal pass you by without taking advantage T Wild ridesWho doesn't love bad boys with tattoos that ride motorcycles Every woman has a biker fantasy and a bad side just waiting for the right bad boy to bring it out I haven't read all of the stories in this bundle yet but I've loved every minute of the stories I've read Packing a powerhouse punch of talented authors this is a series that takes readers on a sensual ride Alpha males sexy women who stand by their dangerous men who could ask for ?OUTLAW KIND OF LOVE ReviewRachel knew her father was a cold hearted and politically motivated man but the depths of his depravity has landed her in the hands of a dangerous Motorcycle Club with a VP who is determined to ruin her innocence When Jack Throttle Shields catches sight of the terrified woman held captive by the unscrupulous club reuesting to pass through his territory he's determined to rescue the slight beauty before she is destroyedThe sexual attraction between Throttle and Rachel is undeniable but she isn't from his world and her father is determined to reclaim her for his own purposes When the chemistry between the two becomes than they can resist sparks fly It becomes apparent that opposites attract and sometimes what you need than anything else in the world is the person you least expect it to beThe unlikely alliance between Rachel and Throttle causes all sorts of trouble The club he rescued her from is determined to reclaim their prize war is on the horizon and Rachel's father won't let go of his goals without a fight With the wellbeing of the club and their very lives on the line Rachel and Throttle must fight for their love; but their differences cause unexpected miscommunications and just when it seems like happiness is within reach new challenges arise to threaten everythingA well written and intense MC romance; Outlaw Kind of Love is the first in Snow's Prairie Devil's series With a well developed storyline emotionally engaging characters and sensual love scenes this series is on the top of my must read listA copy of Outlaw Kind of Love was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewSTONE COLD ReviewLisa has dedicated the past two years to her law studies Between that and her waitressing job she hasn't had time for love not that she's been looking either She gave a part of her heart to Brian her brother's best friend years ago and has never gotten it back Even though she hasn't seen him in years that small spark has never died The day she get's the call that her brother David has been murdered all her priorities shift She walks away from her job school and a coveted summer internship to support her mother who never emotionally recovered from her father's death years beforeDavid has been taking care of their mother these past years but when she arrives home there are shocking adjustments to make than the loss of her older brother Brian is back but he's not the man she remembers and loved Taller broader sexy as sin and running with the baddest bad boys in town the Iron Tornadoes His new forceful attitude and the coldness in his eyes both attracts and repels her Is it possible he still carries tender feelings for her after all these years or have the mysterious changes in his life permanently altered his once gentle heart?A well written and fast paced adventure full of mystery romance and drama; Stone Cold is the first book in Olivia Rigal's Iron Tornadoes series It introduces readers to Lisa's confused heart and Brian's dark secrets building the foundation with a well developed and emotional storyline The dramatic ending left me hungry for ; this series is addicting from the very first pageBEAR BIKER LOVE ReviewStanding before the Council of Paranormal Creatures the young Guardian is given her first task Take one scarf add a sexy alpha were bear mix in one spunky brunette and watch the chemical reaction create true love It sounded like an easy assignment; the Council failed to mention that her charges are headstrong stubborn and have a band of hunters hot on their trail what's a Guardian to do???Alex is a half breed bear with nothing to live for Nina thinks she's a human with nothing to lose Together they have a passion that burns like fire Bear Biker Love is a well written paranormal romance novella with action adventure a hunky bear a curvy girl and a loveable spirit Guardian whose halo is slightly tarnishedCITY GIRL COUNTRY WOLF ReviewRuby is consumed by work She doesn't have time in her life for dating and hasn't even considered looking for love Heading to Nebraska to fix the mess her co worker made of one of the most lucrative business deals she's headed in a long time isn't something she has time for but her boss makes it clear that she has no choiceJason is a wolf in the middle of war When Ruby shows up to negotiate a business deal with the leader of a rival pack he can't deny the instant lust he feels for the curvy beauty he finds stranded in the Nebraska countryside but he uestions who she really is and if he can trust her or his growing attractionRuby doesn't understand why the handsome man who rescues her stirs her passions like no one she's met before but giving in to her attraction isn't a priority not when her boss is depending on her sealing the deal When her night is interrupted by a wolf pack the wild beauty of the beasts both scares and intrigues her When she is attacked by the CEO after their meeting Josh again rides to the rescue The shocking discovery that he and the wolves who visited her last night are than they appear only serves to fuel her lust and attractionGiving in to the emotional high fueling that night is the most sexually satisfying experience of Josh and Ruby's life but can a City Girl and a Country Wolf find a way to turn one night of passion into ? A well written paranormal adventure from the erotic pen of Aubrey Rose An entertaining short story it's steamy characters are ones I hope to see of in the future The ending doesn't leave readers hanging but hints at the potential for stories to come The perfect pick me up romance for a rainy day this one made me smile I downloaded this boxset a few years back and finally got round to reading it recently There was only book that I would actually suggest reading is Swish by Marian Tee Overall this was really cheesy with the female character being a virgin and taken by a strong biker type or the men being hung like a horse the female character being treated badly by the man I need a good book to cleanse my soul Hot Alphas is rightReally enjoyed these stories They were enjoyable hot and most were HEA I like that I got to sample some new authors without having to worry about cliffhangers Thank you I'll be reading some of these authors again Safe House – Really loved the how this story played out between Flint and Kendra Kendra may be kind hearted but she can stand up for herself and is not afraid to do it Flint has the whole conflicted biker good guy thing going on the just draws you in This book was so good that I had no sooner finished this story and I bought the second book Liberated to read and it has been a hard choice of either finish this box set or read Liberated to see how Kendra and Flint are doingRage – The courage that Avery showed by finally standing up and getting out a her situation and the loyalty for someone she was not sure even cared about her is a great start Callen makes a great hero coming to Avery’s rescue I can’t wait to read the rest of Avery and Callen’s storyOutlaw Kind of Love I love this book Very gripping story about betrayal building a woman’s worth new friendships and love Rachel and Throttle have to go through a lot to come out the other side with their love for each other intact This is a well written book with just enough hot sex to keep things interesting but it is not all about the sex This book is a five star book for sureRiding Danger – Piper and Jace make a good couple I did enjoy this read but it kind of lacked grit to the story It was a very nice romance with some hot sex mixed in but not the gripping MC story that most of them have I would give it a four star rating for the romance part and three and a half for the MC story line partSwish – MJ and Helios have such a messed up thing going on between them that you just can’t seem to stop reading because you want to know what they are going to do next This story just might be my most favorite one of this box set I really can’t wait for the next part of their story to come out 5 Star story all the wayStone Cold – Lisa and Brian This was an ok story There seems to be of a background book for the coming stories in this series Not very much interplay between Lisa and Brian who are the main people in the book I would give this a 3 ½ starsFearless Curves – Brandy starts out so uptight it is not funny but by the end it is so cool to see her let loose Jack is not what you expect when it comes to a biker but I do really like how he is written in this story Together they are great I would give this story four stars for sureWorthy of the Billionaire Biker – I did like this story I find it very funny that Claire calls him Mr King all the time The scene about the ride to the airport I just wanted to say to myself like really This was a well written story and I did enjoy it so I would give it a 4 star rating Bear Biker Love – This bear story was ok Nina kind of seemed wishy washy to me and Alex did not come across as a really alpha type guy I would give this story 3 ½ starsCity Girl Country Wolf – This was my least favorite book of all The writing was kind of week I would only give this story 2 ½ stars Safe House by Dez Burke 35 Star ReviewThe chemistry between Flint and Kendra is explosive I would have liked this to be the full story and NOT a teaserRage by Christa Wick 4 Star ReviewCallan and Avery are on the run from the Gypsy MC This book covers only their first step in reclaiming their lives outside the MC Great story Looking forward to book #2 Outlaw Kind of Love by Nicole Snow 4 Star ReviewThis MC romance is about Jack and Rachel The members of the Prarie Devils MC are pretty rough around the edges They have a mild sense of legal and definitely not legal The men and women are tough and the lovin' is rough Fantastic storyRiding Danger by Adriana Hunter 4 Star ReviewAwesome romantic suspense Jace and Piper make a great team She's a beautiful and curvy nurse and he's the gorgeous VP of the Iron Soldiers MC Sizzling actionSwish by Marian Tee 35 Star ReviewI was a little confused by this story of Helios and MJ Since I have not read the previous books in the Heart Racer Biker Romance series I assume they must be read in order for the reader to understand the who what where when and why of it all I understand MJ's life but Helios and the MC is very confusing I fully intend to go back and start with book 1Stone Cold by Olivia Rigal 35 Star ReviewLaw students cops undercover cops and the Iron Tornadoes MC This is a rough MC This book leaves plenty of unanswered uestions Maybe they are answered in the next bookFearless Curves by DH Cameron 35 Star ReviewThe biker and the curvy girl is uite the story They're rude crude and nasty and they love every minute of it Despite everything that happens in this story I understand the lesson it teaches about not judging others Besides Jack Anker is pretty HOT Worthy of the Billionaire Biker by Krista Lakes 35 star ReviewClaire and Gregory had a past together They spent one summer together before she had to go back to school Now she works for him in and out of the boardroom They have a domsub type of relationship It takes some near death experiences for him to finally realize how he feels about her Bear Biker Love by Harper Ashe 45 Star ReviewGuardians curvy girls hunters and biker bears OH MY I loved it Great story line This story has the potential to become a great series I can't wait to read City Girl Country Wolf by Aubrey Rose 4 Star ReviewA sweet shifter romance Ruby is the city girl and Josh is the country boywolf I guess the lesson learned is not to judge someone by what's on the outside Looks can be deceivingfree copy gifted for honest revieworiginally reviewed for welovekinkdotcom Safe House by Dez BurkeRage by Christa WickOutlaw Kind of Love by Nicole Snow Riding Danger by Adriana Hunter Swish by Marian TeeStone Cold by Olivia RigalFearless Curves by DH CameronWorthy of the Billionaire Biker Krista Lakes Bear Biker Love by Harper AsheCity Girl Country Wolf by Aubrey Rose