Dr Strange Vs Dracula The Montesi Formula TPB

Dr Strange Vs Dracula The Montesi Formula TPB[Read] ➲ Dr Strange Vs Dracula The Montesi Formula TPB By Roger Stern – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Una de las más ambiciosas historias del Doctor Extraño escrita con pulso maestro por Roger Stern y dibujada por un puñado de extraordinarios artistas El Señor de las Artes Místicas se une a Blade Una de las más ambiciosas Vs Dracula ePUB ´ historias del Doctor Extraño escrita con pulso maestro por Roger Stern y dibujada Dr Strange PDF or por un puñado de extraordinarios artistas El Señor de las Artes Místicas se une a Blade la Bruja Escarlata Strange Vs Dracula PDF/EPUB Ã la Capitana Marvel y Hannibal King para hacer frente a un terrible plan de Drácula contra la humanidad el Strange Vs Dracula The Montesi PDF or Amo de los Vampiros ha encontrado la manera de poner el planeta a sus pies La clave está en un poderoso libro de hechizos uien se haga con él tendrá el futuro en sus manos. I have all the original comics of this reprint It's one of Marvel's best uses of Dracula and definitely the best Dr Strange series of all time But a real hoot is seeing Thor and Sif thrown in for good measure Dr Strange Vs Dracula what's not to like? This great collection features their first battle from the mid 70s and then the storyline from 1983 where Dr Strange used the Montesi Formula in an attempt to rid the world of vampires This storyline has an early appearance of Blade Frank Drake and Hannibal King who would later star in their own comic as The Nightstalkers I've also enjoyed seeing Dracula interact with the heroes of the Marvel Universe and Dr Strange is a very natural match up for Dracula The art is nice especially the Gene Colan art in the first two issues and the storyline is a good one as wellIf you're a fan of Dr Strange andor Dracula this one is a must read Probably my favorite Dr Strange stories ever Storyline aged not bad at all Stern's dialogues and twists are good and the first part with the Tomb of DraculaDr Strange crossover illustrated by Gene Colan is just awesome 'Nuff said Well when you read a comic titled Dr Strange Vs Dracula you rather get what you ask for So this is Marvel Comics' greatest sorcerer battling literature's most famous vampire I didn't even know Marvel ever published a Dracula comic It was hammy and melodramatic and there was a lot of unabashed deus ex machina brought about by plot related magic mainly on Strange's end but it was a fun read at least Although I wish the narration wasn't so long winded Yikes Plus it had cameos from Monica aka Captain Marvel or from Nextwave if you read that first like me and Blade and the Scarlet Witch which ups the star level and there were even a few issues set at the Avengers mansion which had me wondering where the hell the Avengers actually WERE during those issues but ehPS Raul Esparza for live action Doctor Strange in the MCU films Y'all know he'd be perfect I'll probably mention this in my review of every Doctor Strange comic I read until it finally happens Doctor Strange personifies Marvel Comics in the late 1960s and early 70s If the wild colours and psychedelic cosmos of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four wasn't enough and you didn't want to wait for Captain Marvel's 1970s book Doctor Strange managed to fill the void with a ridiculously named magician hero and his ever changing grabbag of bizarre powers I guess we should be glad we didn't get Doctor Groovy It is the surreal mind trip of the character and his stories that makes him bearable usually I can't stand characters who have some variety of a magic wand or sonic screwdriver they can whip out and deux ex machina the story That's just a good way to murder dramaDracula on the other hand I never get sick of and will allow for as many variations as possible Nowadays some might not know in addition to pilfering mythological characters like Thor and Hercules characters with built in mythological status Marvel also picked up public domain icons Dracula and Frankenstein but to my knowledge Spider Man has never gone toe to toe with Cthulu Dracula was the lead villain in 70 issues of The Tomb of Dracula and a few spin off series as well The comic followed a ragtag team of would be vampire slayers the Nightstalkers in a globe trotting uest to rid the world of evil Today it is most famous as the comic that introduced Blade later made famous by a series of films starring Wesley Snipes of diminishing uality It doesn't have too much to do with those movies which are very 1990s but its influence can be seen elsewhere in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series Avengers director and Buffy creator Joss Whedon is a confessed fan and in Dracula 2000 and especially its seuels The Dracula in The Monster Suad constantly monologuing to himself about how evil he is seems pretty familiar too Dracula was actually a pretty big villain in Marvel books back then enough that I could imagine him taking presidence over Dr Doom if Thanos wanted to pick a delegate to control EarthThis book 'The Montesi Formula' is essentially a crossover between these two worlds comprising one issue of Tomb of Dracula and five of Doctor Strange The Tomb issue and first Doctor Strange comics are a fairly standard crossover they were released seuentially but the remaining Strange comics are from a decade later and essentially comprise an epilogue to the cancelled Tomb of Dracula series Without going into detail the end has a big effect on the Marvel universe and Marvel honoured it's finality for an entire decade an eternity in comic book yearsThe writing is pretty good especially the second arc the 1980s one It has a good dramatic thrust and builds and releases tension competently I enjoyed it as a horrorcosmic hybridThis is the Marvel Pocket Books edition and I love these They're long enough they feel like full trade paperbacks but they're scaled down to the size of a normal book This doesn't do any huge favours for Gene Colan's art in the first two stories which looks nice but would look better large but the rest of it scales down better In fact my only issue with the book is the art is inconsistent not in uality but style The 70s stories are by Colan and Tom Palmer then four are by Dan Green and the final issue is by Steve Leialoha brilliant art love his shadowy Transylvania It is just a bit jarring the same way recasting is when you're watching movies back to backRecommended This is one of the first Doctor Strange graphic novels I've read I thought it would be a good first Doctor Strange to read it even has Dracula in it I was glad I did The comic is from the 80's so the art work looks different from today but I think it added to the reading experience It was a fun read and I'll read the further adventures of Doctor Strange A lot of intrigue and a lot of fun Absolutely insane This book reprints two separate clashes between Doctor Strange and Dracula The first story is a two part cross over between Tomb of Dracula and Doctor Strange The story is great and it has some spectacular Gene Colan art The second story takes place in Doctor Strange's book several years after Tomb of Dracula was cancelled This story features an attempt by Doctor Strange to rid the world of all vampires As you can imagine Dracula doesn't respond well to this attempt The surviving members of the Tomb of Dracula cast all show up and Roger Stern gives some nice cliffhangers which adds to the intensity Although not necessary to enjoy the book for those familiar with the Tomb of Dracula storyline this story serves as a nice epilogue Dr Strange versus Dracula might have been interesting if I understood how how Dr Strange's powers were supposed to work He seems really powerful at one point even being able to survive and reverse the vampire's bite Later he struggles to contain Dracula The Darkhold wasn't clearly explained either Blade's status as a vampire must not have been established yet because the magic that was used against vampires did not seem to affect him However a little adrenaline and pure oxygen could have protected him I guess Was able to collect loose issues of these back in the days but when the compiled version came out I just had to have itWhat could be better than my favorite Marvel Character Dr Strange and duking it out with my favorite supernatural being ;