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Voyage of Strangers[Read] ➲ Voyage of Strangers ➮ Elizabeth Zelvin – The year is 1493 and young Jewish sailor Diego Mendoza has returned from Columbus’s triumphant first voyage with tales of lush landscapes rivers running with gold and welcoming locals But back home The year is and young Jewish sailor Diego Mendoza has returned from Columbus’s triumphant first voyage with Voyage of Kindle - tales of lush landscapes rivers running with gold and welcoming locals But back home in Spain Diego finds the Inuisition at its terrifying peak and he must protect his spirited sister Rachel from betrayal and death Disguising herself as a boy Rachel sneaks onto Columbus’s second expedition bound for the new lands they call the Indies As the Spaniards build their first settlements and search for gold Diego and Rachel fall in love with the place people and customs Still forced to hide their religious faith and Rachel’s true identity the brother and sister witness the Spaniards’ devastation of the island in their haste to harvest richesThis unflinching look at Columbus’s exploration and its terrible cost to the native Taino people introduces two brave youths who valiantly struggle against the inevitable destruction of paradiseRevised edition This edition of Voyage of Strangers includes editorial revisions. When I saw this up for review on Netgalley I jumped at the chance to review this I couldn’t believe my luck when I was approved First off I have wanted to read a story with Columbus and about his voyages for a very long timewhile this story does not entirely center on thatit still was an amazing read Diego and Rachel made such an impression on me Their story is extraordinary and Diego’s duty to protect Rachel and his brotherly love to her is admirable and courageous The adventure they embark on is so entertaining and exciting And the danger they face will have you clinching your teeth and holding your breath waiting to find out what the outcome will be I knowthis all sounds rather dramatic but it is trueI was also really drawn into the setting and period of the storyone feels like they are actually there on the ship and in the first settlements living the lives they are living How wonderful is that? I wanted this story to continue and I would love to read about Diego and Rachel’s adventuresI was very impressed with how the author portrayed Columbus as wellyou see a side to him that you might not read about in the history books And we all love a good sea adventure You will get that in this book I thoroughly enjoyed discovering and learning about the Taino people as well and found them really fascinating and would like to learn about them and their culture I will definitely be on the lookout for books from this author and I highly recommend you read this storyStephanie Moore Hopkinswwwlayeredpagescom Kindle Edition with Audible NarrationWonderful greatly done historical adventure I empathized with the characters The brother sister relationship was well done and RachelRauel reminds me of my own sister I shudder at what Christians of the time perpetrated during this time period in the story the Spanish Inuisition Good description of the persecution without gratuitousness Why can we not be accepting like the Taino? Such great research If you read or listen to Voyage of Strangers do so all the way the Historical Timeline and Afterword And I really think you should read this book I enjoyed it thoroughly and hope you will too This story was to hard to read i could only read for 10 minutes before I got bored The start before the islands was alot interesting Love historical fiction This one didn't disappoint Very interestingIt was very interesting It's sad the natives were treated that way Christians can be some of the most cruel people Okay bookInteresting story providing insight into attitudes of Columbus's time Mildly engaging Ending was just a little too tidy for my liking Great bookDisturbing to read about the cruelty of the Spanish but a necessary reminder to us all Nicely written novel based on unfortunate facts DifferentThis book although rich in historical timelines is written from the viewpoint of a young Jewish man who was a scribe to Columbus on his voyage where he discovers territories for Spain The subjugation and genocide of the native inhabitants perpetrated under his command and by his authority are related The basic theme is the Jewish sailor who must hide his faith from the Christians and the so called Christians who plunder rape enslave and kill anyone not Christian The plot is rather unbelievable except for the atrocities perpetrated by Christians upon gypsies Jews and native people I wholeheartedly understand the lust for gold and believe the corruption and genocide and that history has been corrupted for centuries related to Columbus I just found the basic plot to be much too simplistic I have no recommendations VOYAGE OF STRANGERSby Elizabeth ZelvinFrom wwwgoodreadscomWhat really happened when Columbus discovered America Diego Mendoza a young Marrano sailor with Columbus returns from the voyage of discovery to find that his sister Rachel is in danger from the Inuisition as a secret Jew After failing to find safety in Spain they sail with Admiral Columbus on the second voyage to Hispaniola where they must struggle with divided loyalties as the Spaniards' greed for gold and conuest clashes with the local Taino people's way of life Both Diego and Rachel find courage love and heartache as they come of age in a doomed paradise Seuel to Zelvin's Agatha nominated mystery The Green CrossLeona's Review Voyage of Strangers by Elizabeth Zelvin This book is based on the sailings of Christopher Columbus and the sailings to the Americas The book is in first person by Diego so we see one viewpoint of what happened The main characters are a brother and sister Diego and Rachel Mendoza They are Jewish and from Spain during the time of the Inuisition Diego especially seems to have a hatred for Christians because most are cruel in their actions Because they are Jewish they keep it a secret from all except Columbus Diego sailed with Columbus on his first voyage to the Americas and convinced Columbus to take his sister as a cabin boy on the second voyage to the Americas so she could leave Spain Lots of history but I found a dark novel based on fact and fiction I was not aware in all my readings of the slavery from the Islands in the Caribbean The book had a lot of light moments and love is also part of the book I learned a lot the area food hardships and cruelty to the local people As readers we see with the eyes of Diego customs and ways of life of the Taino Indians I also learned about the Jewish people and some of their customs The author has done her research She has included a dateline of events which begins with the prologue December 24 1492 and ends February 241495 with chapter 36 The list of characters include 28 people known to history and 38 fictional characters including Rosa the mule and Baxtalo the dog I like maps and would have liked to have seen one included in the book I have been to most of the places so I could picture them and the route Little tidbits of information were useful to read like using a lemon to clean teeth and help prevent teeth rot There is an Afterword which is about the book and the facts and fiction of the novelShe has a list of acknowledgements of people who have helped her in this writing The Green Cross was the first book Elizabeth Zelvin wrote about Columbus so I will also have to read that one This book can be read without reading the Green Cross first I downloaded this book from I give it a 4 star rating because of the history and research by the authorElizabeth Zelvin may be reached at wwwelizabethzelvincomLeona Olsonwwwmnleonablogspotcom Three events of great importance occurred in Spain in 1492 First the armies of Ferdinand and Isabella conuered Granada and flushed the Muslims from Europe Then the monarchs signed the Edict of Expulsion intended to rid Spain of its Jews And finally a band of intrepid men set sail with Columbus to seek a new trade route to the orientIt’s against this background of events Zelvin has set her entertaining and historically accurate Diego Mendoza storiesAll of the men with Columbus had reason for trepidation though it was tempered with hope of riches and honors Mendoza has additional reason for worry—he’s a Jew a fact known only to Columbus Though Jews had been tolerated—even respected—in the past they were now the target of the Inuisition Even those who had converted to Christianity found themselves at risk of torture exile or even deathThe author told the events of the first voyage in two previously published short stories Voyages of Strangers begins on Dec 24 1492 when the Santa Maria wrecked on shoals on the coast of Hispaniola Leaving a small garrison behind Columbus and the main body including Diego return to Spain where the navigator is honored and begins preparations for the second voyage While assisting in that process Diego is also feverishly attempting to smuggle his teenaged sister Rachel out of Spain and reunited with their parents in ItalyRachel a headstrong and intelligent girl has ideas of her own After some hairy episodes in Spain Diego is just breathing a sigh of relief when he discovers she’s smuggled herself aboard his ship disguised as a boy Columbus agrees to take her on as a scribe thus keeping her safe as they once again cross the Atlantic There’s some evidence Columbus came from a family of Conversos Jews who converted though he was in practice a devout Christian Rather than rely on that speculation Zelvin has him protect Diego and Rachel out of the goodness of his heart and because he was friends with their fatherAs the Spaniards and Columbus become corrupted by the lust for wealth and power Diego and Rachel find love among the native Taino whose lot becomes as tenuous as that of the Jews at home and find their own lives again in jeopardyAn admirable work of fiction I hope Zelvin will treat us to of the adventures of Diego and Rachel in future

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