True Tales of Ghostly Encounters

True Tales of Ghostly Encounters❤ True Tales of Ghostly Encounters pdf ⚣ Author Andy Honigman – FATE magazine has published thousands of ghost stories true experiences of ordinary people who have had extraordinary encounters with the hereafter Compiled and edited by Andrew Honigman this collecti FATE magazine has published thousands of of Ghostly ePUB ☆ ghost stories true experiences of ordinary people who have had extraordinary encounters with the hereafter Compiled and edited by Andrew Honigman this collection features the best of these chilling bizarre and heartwarming tales These detailed accounts of messages gifts blessings True Tales Epub / and assistance from the spirit world provide remarkable proof of life after death. I found this one by chance browsing through the New Books section of my local library It was a good one to stumble across because my daughter enjoys 'real life ghost stories' if this is actually a thing and this collection kept us entertained for a couple of weeks Fate Magazine collected correspondence from their readers about supposed ghostly encounters these people had experienced in their life Each story is a uick one or two page read So we were able to pick the book up when we had a spare moment and read one another the stories Nothing to ghastly or gruesome here Mainly eerie and even sweet tales of spectres hanging around the house These stories were suitable for my eleven year old daughter and they kept her intrigued A fun book for readers who 'want to believe' I love first hand accounts of the paranormal near death experiences and other perplexing encounters Occurring all across the country and at different times one of these stories even took place at the hospital where I was born Very fun and sometimes disturbing True Tales of Ghostly Encounters will challenge your assumptions about reality and what is to comeIf you enjoyed this book you should also try Mysteries and Monsters of the Sea which is another compilation of stories from Fate Magazine by Marcus Griffin or Meeting the Other Crowd by Edmund Lenihan The great thing about the stories in this book is that they are practically all first person accounts of ghostly activity Friends relate a few of the stories or relatives of the actual witness but the vast majority come straight from the horse's mouth so to speak I always find that this type of book has much credibility when the accounts given are either written by the actual witness or are directly told to the author who then adds hisher own research to the story Most of these stories told by the witnesses in their own words just ooze credibility and would make even most skeptics admit that these people believe that they saw something whether they did or notAs is always the case however when an editor puts together a collection like this some stories are better than others Of course some of the accounts are just sensational than others but the different writing styles and abilities of the correspondents also come into play Some of these stories are very well written and others less so but given the wide range of backgrounds represented by those who wrote these stories that should come as no surprise The only real disappointment is that some of the stories are very short and give far too few details with some of the accounts being less than a page long but again given the nature of this book that is no surprise In any compilation of stories like this one learns to take the good with the bad and that is certainly the case here because there are several very detailed stories that than make up for those stories that leave something to be desired Truly unremarkable tales of encounters with mundane happenstance Or perhaps I'm not just distracted and often forgetful but have actually had ghosts this whole time It does deserve a few stars for getting me through some slow moments at work It's also not really the book's fault I don't believe crazy people or am incredibly cynical Interesting and sometimes downright eerie this compilation of ghost encounters fom every day people is great Even the biggest sceptics will find themselves uestioning the veracity of ghosts after reading some of the stories I picked this up and about 10 or 15 pages into it realize that I'd already read it but I forgot most of the stories so that was okay I don't really believe this stuff but I find it interesting Some of the story seemed credible than others I really enjoy reading these strange tales This is yet another fun book to read from the files of Fate magazine This book will make you shit your pants Read it at night Someone asked me to read this it was better then I expected Some of the stories are silly others sweet Some made you wonder others made me laugh All in all entertaining ancedotes I loved it the stories were short and sweet and I just floated from one little tale to another Great stuff

True Tales of Ghostly Encounters PDF Ù Tales of
  • Paperback
  • 295 pages
  • True Tales of Ghostly Encounters
  • Andy Honigman
  • English
  • 11 March 2016
  • 9780738709895