The Mystery of Breathing: A Novel

The Mystery of Breathing: A Novel[Download] ➾ The Mystery of Breathing: A Novel ➹ Perri Klass – Dr Maggie Clay is a leading neonatologist at a bustling Boston hospital She works with the smallest and sickest patients premature babies so ill that other doctors might give up on them Maggie is fier Dr Maggie Clay is a of Breathing: PDF/EPUB ´ leading neonatologist at a bustling Boston hospital She works with the smallest and sickest patients premature The Mystery PDF/EPUB or babies so ill that other doctors might give up on them Maggie is fiercely devoted despite the ethical conundrums that arise daily Mystery of Breathing: ePUB ´ on the highest tech edge of medicine and in spite of colleagues who feel she often risks too much Nearly forty happily married but childless by default and supremely confident Maggie knows her exact place in the world She's the kind of woman who always makes a strong impression for better or for worse Maggie's orderly life begins to unravel when she gets an anonymous note calling her ethics and reputation into uestion At first she is able to ignore the increasingly virulent letters but when her accuser goes public posting hate filled warning posters around the hospital implicating her in a child's death Maggie finds herself mired in a personal and professional hell With everything that she has and everything that she is thrown into doubt Maggie must fight for herself even as she fights to keep her tiny patients breathing The Mystery of Breathing is not only an absorbing page turner but also a poignant examination of a woman struggling to maintain her hard fought identity Maggie's metamorphosis from fearful to indignant to self doubting is complex and viscerally powerful As gossip and innuendo overwhelm her workplace Maggie's paranoia grows and all the while lives hang in the balance. I chose this author because she's a fairly well known knitter as well as a doctor Since I'm kind of familiar with her through articles and patterns she has designed I thought it would be interesting I actually loved the book There is a lot of profane language well a lot for me but in spite of that distraction I found the look into the thoughts and feelings of the characters really intriguing It was also an interesting glimpse into the medical world that didn't reuire a medical degree to read and understand The drama the relationships the stress and the sheer aggravation of some of life's injustices made me unable to put it down until I finished it If you're looking for complete resolution to a mystery you might find this unsatisfying but if you like subtle resolutions and good character development you'll like this book I hated this book You think it's a mystery and then BAM Three uarters thru you're suddenly in the perpetrator's head with no lead up Odd syntax I just thought it was very poorly written If I'm going to give up on a book I normally do it pretty early on but I got maybe 78 through this and just ditched it I finished it It wasent a painful read BUT I definitely agree with the people who said the book went downhill somewhere in the middle The end was unsatisfying some of the characters were just overly annoying in a very unlikable way I do believe it tackled sexism in a very real life and subtle way The writing was decent I didn't suffer through this but it took me a really long time to finish because I just wasn't so interested I was left a bit confused it was not at all what I was expecting in the beginning or the end I am not sure what I think at all based on that It was not a bad book or a bad story by any means but I am left wondering how the title is connected to the story I cant uite find words and wonder if it is meit would be nice to have someone else read the book and discuss it to see if anyone else feels this way after reading it Disjointed weak plot little action unsatisfying conclusion Haven't disliked a book this much in a while If I wasn't so determined I would have abandoned this book Awesome This book was a new experience This was the story of Maggie a type A NICU doctor who comes under attack by a jealous colleague The story was a uick read and interesting but in the end I didn't love the characters It was fun however to read about a Maggie and Dan since my husband and I are a Maggie and Dan Overall I really enjoyed this book Most of the story takes place inside a hospital where I someday hope to work While this was a fictional novel I learned a lot of fun little trivia facts a long the way such as that a fetus's skin is almost like a gel until 24 weeks The author Perri Klass is herself a pediatrician and I like how she expressed her knowledge through Maggie the main character There was controversy in the book like when the doctors were at a disagreement with what they should do with a severely sick baby I am glad that Klass put this her book because I am sure it is a common occurrence inside hospitals There were a few things that I didn't like about the book At the beginning it was really hard to read since it seemed to ramble and be all over the place For example in chapter 1 it says Her baby single handedly and handily snatched away from death are they taking proper care of him? Paying full and proper attention to his many needs? And anyway who would send her an anonymous letter? I understand that this is part of the author's character development since we are getting a glimpse into Maggie's mind to see the thoughts that flow from it Elsewhere in the book Klass doesn't use any distinguishing grammar to designate what is being spoken and what is being thought It gets a little bit confusing Especially in the beginning of the book Maggie didn't seem like a real character She seemed almost too perfect as we were told how she is organized orderly takes care with her appearance and is the best neonatal doctor around She also cusses every once in awhile and I don't think it fits with Maggie's character For somebody who cares so much about her reputation and appearance she doesn't seem like the type of person to cuss The perpetrator does not get punished at the end I am sure that bothers a lot of readers but I actually praise Klass for ending her book like that Not only is it an ending that reader's weren't expecting it also makes the story realitic Every day people do harm to others and go unpunished for it I was rather disappointed by this book as I read a few of Klass' nonfiction books and had high expectations for this work of fiction It wasn't a horrible book but from an author I previously enjoyed I was looking for The plot seemed weak plodding along and I felt like the resolution to the main conflict could have been better That said I suppose the resolution was probably closer to real life than most of the fiction books I read that have a tidy if less than believable endKlass' protagonist Dr Maggie Clay is a neonatologist pushing 40 who has had no success having babies of her own and thus devotes herself fully to the high risk babies she sees at work When an anonymous source begins circulating posters calling into uestion her capability as a doctor and her commitment to the babies she takes it very personally The harassment escalates when another set of posters implicates her in the death of a patient on another unit a child she only barely knew of and wasn't even able to get into the room when the code was called Everyone in Maggie's life from her colleagues to her husband even her college lover are called into uestion by the detective investigating and skeletons from people's closets are revealed Midway through the book Klass reveals who is harassing Maggie and why but I was enjoying thinking it was someone else someone unlikely but plausible so I was disappointed to be wrong as I thought having this person as the 'bad guy' could have lead to an interesting ethical and personal storyline Perhaps that's why I was less than thrilled with the book that the plot didn't initially engage me and just when I was getting into it Klass shot down my theoryOverall it wasn't horrible I just thought it should have been better Because of her history of writing good books I'll probably give Klass' fiction one try but won't have such high expectations next time This was okay The plot was compelling enough to keep you interested and the character development rich enough but it was just missing something prose? likeability? I like to like my main character I respected her I was along for the ride with her but I didn't really like her Funny that was the point of the book lots of other characters didn't like her either That was the driving force of the action someone not liking her so much he was trying to ruin her life But it would have been great to see some of what the other characters who did like her saw so the reader could like her too

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