Sophia[Reading] ➷ Sophia By Paula Kremser – Small town Sophia Spencer can’t believe her luck when an unexpected inheritance allows her to experience London’s social scene But her happiness disappears when she is caught napping in a grumpy g Small town Sophia Spencer can’t believe her luck when an unexpected inheritance allows her to experience London’s social scene But her happiness disappears when she is caught napping in a grumpy gentleman’s room—and forced into an engagement to protect her reputation Personalities collide and love blooms in this stunning debut novel. Sophia is such a down to earth girl She was raised as a lady yet grew up as a country doctor's daughter When her grandmother passes away and gives her a hefty inheritance she makes her way to London to have a season Under the care of her aunt she spends a lot of time whirling around society After only a few days she finds herself completely exhausted and ends up taking a nap at a ball in a man's room Caught in a compromising situation she soon discovers that there are only two options marriage in order to protect her reputation or a ruined reputation I loved watching Sophia discover the world of London Things in the city are so much different than the country Lady Anne was a great friend and an entertaining character She was instrumental in helping Sophia ultimately figure out how to handle her situation and I loved the part she played and the way she played it Alex was great He was a victim of this situation but was determined to handle things well especially after his initial outburst I loved the message that things aren't always as they seem because there was plenty of that in this story The story had the hint of a mystery yet was fun and predictable with a lot of great charactersContentNothing of note Good clean funI received a copy in exchange for an honest review I was first drawn to this one because of the cover so pretty It didn’t hurt that it’s also a regency which is a favorite genre for me Sophia Spencer is a country girl raised away from society and unable to afford a season she has accepted her life for what it is When a distant aunt dies and leaves her a sizeable inheritance she is finally given the opportunity to have a season and possibly find a husband She goes to London and stays with another family member one who is not happy with their late aunts will Not used to the hectic lifestyle she finds herself at another ball and completely exhausted Seeking a moments rest she slips into a room and falls asleep She doesn’t realize she’s been led to a gentleman’s room and is about to be compromised I thought this had a good plot and likable enough characters I just found it to be a little slow at times and predictable Overall it was a good story and I’ll be looking for from Ms KremserContent Sueaky clean First of all I love the cover Sophia heads to London when she receives an inheritance she definitely wasn't expecting Her father is a country doctor and her mother has passed away She's a small town girl that doesn't understand the ways of London Her aunt takes her under her wing and they attend a lot of social events She gets tired at one of them and is shown a room in which to take a nap It turns out to be a gentleman's bedroom Alex and when he comes in they are caught in a compromising situation and need to get married or be ruinedSophia seemed for a while to just go along with everything However when it came to a whirlwind marriage she put her foot down and decided to do it her way She didn't care about being ruined Her fiance Alex wasn't happy with the situation either but he wanted to do the right thing Sophia made a decision that Alex said he agreed with but he was determined to have a different outcome He had his own former issues with society and I was rooting for things to work out well for him this time I enjoyed reading about them and got a good laugh at some of their conversationsI liked that there was a mystery element to this story as well As Sophia started putting the pieces together she realized that not everyone had her best interests at heart There were some great side characters as well who added to the drama and were fun to get to know There were some twists in the story that kept me guessing and I enjoyed seeing how everything came together in the end If you love Regency this is a book you will want to read This is the author's debut novel and I hope there will be I received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my ownMel's Shelves This book is one in the Pure Romance line from Cedar Fort Basically this means that they are sueaky clean and focus on the romance of it all which I LOVE Sophia may be from a small country town but she has been taught and educated in all the ways of a lady One thing Sophia does know is that her mother and father loved each other very much She is looking to have that same kind of love in her life When Sophia unexpectedly inherits money from her estranged grandmother she is thrown into London society with an aunt who may not have Sophia's best interest at heartI loved Sophia She is kind and eager to believe the best about people Some may call her naive but I don't I call her kind innocent and tender hearted The world needs people like Sophia Sophia knows when to stand up for herself and she does a better job of it than she thinksThis is a great regency romance with engaging characters The storyline may be predictable but I still enjoyed it so much I love a good clean romance that leaves you feeling good in the end Personal rating 35Sophia is a beautiful young woman who has grown to be loving and carefree but when a family member unexpectedly passes away and leaves her with a big inheritance her easy country life fades as she takes a life changing season trip to London While attending another exhausting ball she is mistakingly caught sleeping on a sofa in a chamber owned by a young man which leaves rumors spreading about and leads to some bewildering conseuencesThis was pretty much the first 'romance' book I have ever read and it was surprisingly good Even though the plot wasn't drastic and it was very straight forward and simple I enjoyed the charming main characters Also let me just say the book cover is absolutely stunning and looks even better in person SophiaBy Paula KremserSophia is a delightful story that fans of Jane Austen and Regency Era Romance will love This is a book that you won't be embarrassed to be caught reading it is garbage freeWhen Sophia is left an inheritance by her estranged grandmother Lady Atkinson she is delighted at her sudden good fortune And when she has an opportunity to experience a London season she is almost beside herself with anticipationBut when an innocent mistake traps Sophia in a scandal that could destroy her reputation she is forced into an engagement that she never sought nor desires But is there another way? Sophia is determined to find it even if it means living with a ruined reputationBut does Sophia truly realize just what a ruined reputation will mean? And what of the gentleman to whom she is expected be married? Alex Huntley is determined to change Sophia's mind not for her sake alone but his too His honor is on the line as well for Sophia's mistake But to change Sophia's mind he needs her to fall in love with him But is Alex's heart as unaffected by Sophia's simple charms as he thinks? Only time will tell and it is about to run outI really loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a clean historical romance This is the perfect book to curl up with in a cozy out of the way spotI was provided a digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review and tour participation Fun lighthearted and the characters were all distinct interesting and realistic Not a very long book and the story was predictable but I enjoyed the unexpected little turns Paula Kremser added The lines did get a little sugary for my taste at the end All in all I enjoyed it and would enjoy it again I picked this up a year ago and started it and put it down When I picked it up again I really enjoyed it Maybe my mood? I don't know I thought it took a few chapters for me to like Sophia but she is a likable character and loved the happy ending MUST READ The cover reminds me of My Fair Lady Lovely clean romance Loved it

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