Rush[Download] ✤ Rush By Maya Banks – Primera parte de la Trilogía Sin alientoGabe Jace y Ash son tres de los hombres más ricos y poderosos del país Están acostumbrados a conseguir todo lo ue uieren absolutamente todoCuando Gabe Hamil Primera parte de la Trilogía Sin alientoGabe Jace y Ash son tres de los hombres más ricos y poderosos del país Están acostumbrados a conseguir todo lo ue uieren absolutamente todoCuando Gabe Hamilton vió entrar a Mia Crestwell al salón donde se celebraba la gran inauguración de su hotel supoue se iba a ir directo al infierno por lo ue acababa de cruzar por su mente Al fin y al cabo Mia es la hermana peueña de su mejor amigo sólo ue ya no es tan peueña y Gabe ha estado esperando demasiado tiempo para poder actuar según sus deseosPor otro lado Gabe ha estado en las fantasías de Mia desde ue era adolescente y estaba loca por él Sí Gabe es catorce años mayor ¿y ué Mia sabe ue está fuera de su alcance pero la atracción ue siente sólo ha aumentado con el tiempo Ella ya es adulta y no hay razón alguna para no seguir sus deseos más ocultosCuando Gabe la arrastra a su mundo de provocación y su relación pasa de una aventura sexual secreta a algo más íntimosu affaire corre el riesgo de salir a la luz y de ser vulnerable a una traición mucho más profunda de lo ue ninguno de los dos hubiera esperado. 3 StarsI like sexy books Y'all know thatIt is also well known that I enjoy reading about damaged hot arrogant alpha malesBut huge BUT I like some plot too Some real angst feelings connection character development and in this caseCabe is in love with his best friend and partner's younger sister Mia for years He is older and he got burned by his crazy ex so how he decides to approach the situation??? He breaks out a freaking contractWell sure That worked out for Christian I'm fucked up Grey it will work out for everyoneFrom there it is pretty much downhill These two knuckleheads so Gabe hide behind the freaking contract and just refuse to face reality Admittedly this book is saved by the pretty good sex a grovel to end of grovels and a fairytale view spoilermarriage proposal hide spoiler How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways“Eyes” he snapped “On me Mia Always on me You don’t come with your eyes closed I want to see everything you have when I’m inside you You don’t ever shut me out” 21% “Say my name Mia Who owns you? Who do you belong to?” 21%She should have run and run and run and when she thought she ran far enough she should have run some I guess this was where I was supposed to swoon at all his “alphaness” and “dominance” and just be a puddle of lust?“I’m looking forward to fucking this sweet ass Mia And I will You’re not ready yet but you will be and I’m going to enjoy every second I’m balls deep inside your pretty ass” 24 still my heart “Then she glanced at Mia’s feet “What size are you Miss Crestwell?” “Six Mia murmured” 33%snort Must have matched her little girl hands too gagThen at the 35% we have Gabe the “hero” rape her mouth brutalized her with all his manly manliness of beastly peen some self loathing ensued he got over his feelings and decided he’d do it againsigh notAt the 38% mark he goes all alpha caveman because we’re told that but the truth is he’s an asshole control freak bordering on abusive She should have thrown him a dog bone and told him to fetch and made her escape At the 41% mark we were all “There was a difference between submissive and spineless” and I was all “YEAH There’s a difference between a dominant alpha male and a pretend out of control wanna be alpha” Then poor Mia is pouring out her feelings and he goes all “Me He man Gabe Master of the mantrum and I will kick and scream and belittle you and I’ll call bullshit” And in case you were wondering he had no traumatic childhood no emotional instability Just suffers from asshole itis and calls it kink Then we are preached to about infidelity and who is naïve and how easy it is to wake up and leave your significant other and get a divorce By this time my eyes glazed over and all I could think was “who’s being naïve now?” I have pages highlighted on my kindle with notes but I’m exhausted Needless to say I really didn’t like this book at all Every other paragraph is sex get your ass over here Mia get naked Mia on your knees Mia ass in the air Mia I'm going to spank you Mia Ugh Edited to add There was this crazy contract where he owned her body I mean really? Seriously? What a twit for signing it I also wanted to mention the scene where he has his business associates watch Mia give him head Then ties her up and allows them to touch her NOT penetrate Of course things go bad and he's all I fucked up and forgive me blech Gabe treated her like a whore throughout 75% of the book This book is billed as an erotic romance I'm sorry but there was nothing remotely romantic about this book I won't even get into the portions of the book when they are at work and he makes her walk around with a butt plug all day 3 12 starsI struggled with portions of this book and had a very difficult time with the hero Gabe and his jerky and selfish behavior I can honestly say I don't think I've ever read a jerky and selfish hero There was nothing sexy or appealing about him or his behavior That said I ended up enjoying this story than I thought I would It's Maya Banks after all Note I know some may compare this book to Fifty Shades but this story is NOT a Fifty Shade's knock off in any way shape or form Trust me it's its own story and a brilliantly written one at that I think I liked this one a lot than I thought I wouldand I actually cried at the end Don't know why I ended up with tearsMs Banks must be doing something right for me to get so emotionally involvedThis is the first book in a new trilogy Breathless for Maya Banks The trilogy is about three rich powerful best friends all in their late thirties Gabe Jace and Ash Rush is Gabe Hamilton's story Gabe is a wealthy real estate mogulhotelier; a partner in HCM Global Resorts and Hotels His two best buddiespartners are Jace Crestwell Fever and Ash McIntyre Burn Gabe has had a rough time for the past few years the sudden dissolution of his marriage and the publicity about it has left him feeling humiliated and betrayed; and the end of his own parents 38 year marriage has left him reeling Apparently there is no such thing as everlasting love and Gabe no longer believes in it or is looking for it The few relationships he's had since the end of his marriage all start and end the same No longer does Gabe trust the women he's involved in all must sign a contract There is no longer emotions involved for Gabe no heart on the line or any real feelings are involved He will not be blindsided again Any woman he's involved with must now sign a contract giving up total contol to him inside and outside the bedroom Gabe makes all the decisions the woman is his to command Of course all her physical and financial needs will be met but don't expect Gabe to give you any than that His heart is no longer available Gabe Enter 24 year old dark haired beauty Mia Crestwell Jace's sister Mia has a special relationship with her overprotective brother After their parents were killed in a car accident when Mia was young Jace became like a parent to her spoiling and protecting her Now finally finished with her schooling Mia works at a pastry shop not uite ready to spread her wings but knows that she must put all that schooling to good use Jace's friends Gabe and Ash have been like brothers to her growing up but now that she's older Mia can admit to herself that she's had than sisterly feelings towards Gabe The dark haired arrogant confident sexy bad boy has always been her secret crush Gabe wasn't available to her when he was married but now that he's notGabe has always had warm feelings for Mia But he's pushed them aside because of their 14 year age difference But now that Mia is of age the age difference doesn't matter to Gabe She's all grown up and uite a stunner and he has to have her It's time she left that bakery jobmaybe she could be his personal assistant? Of course she would have to sign one of his contracts and will she be surprised with all that he expects her to do? Gabe has a healthy kink going on and they would have to keep their relationship a secret from her brother he would kill Gabe if he knew he was involved with his Miawould Mia accept his job proposal knowing that most of her job would involve accepting him and his wants 247? Oh Gabe is there any doubt?Yowza Gabe and Mia strike a deal and once Mia reads the contract her head says You've got to be kidding but her body has other ideas She's wanted Gabe too long to give up on this chance with him so she plunges right in And oh boyGabe promises to ease Mia into his whole kinky desiresbut he can't help himself He's gotta have her often and hard And Mia bless her heart is up for the challengeNow I must admit there came a time when I was getting just a wee bit bored reading about Gabe and Mia's sexual exploits Go to work in the same office Gabe does a little work looks over at Mia locks the door says strip' or On yours kness or Come here and it's sex in the office time Come home eat a little dinner Gabe says Strip On your knees Come here etc and it's have wild sex at home Where was this all leading? Will Mia get bored with this? Doesn't she crave something ? Will Gabe's reputation as a beast in bed be enough for her? Will Gabe ever want Mia for anything than sex? Will he finally develop some cracks in the wall around his heart? Will he finally stop fighting his feelings and give in? Ah yes have a little faith Gabe does display some emotional growth and Mia isn't uite the doormat that I feared she would become Maya Banks kicks the book into high gear eventually when Gabe is forced to admit his feelings for Mia but not until he makes a huge mistake that nearly costs him everything This scene in Paris really made me dislike him but it also made me understand him and strangely enough it made him seem human After that scene I was really pulling for him hoping he could get his act together and finally realize what Mia meant to himTheir sex scenes? When I read the contract I feared that Gabe may be just a bit like Damon Roche Sweet Persuasion But fear not Even though Gabe was a dominant lover and liked his women submissive there was nothing too kinky Yes there was some bondage a little crop action spanking some fast and furious sex but thank god no MasterSir or slave thing no dog collar no welts no ménage I found the most exciting scene was one where Gabe finally let Mia have her way with him it was sensuous exciting loving and emotional Well done Ms BanksSo off to a good start Sometimes the first book in a series gets a bit bogged down in the details but this one didn't I think Mia and Gabe were both well drawn characters I will admit that I didn't uite understand Gabe's feelings about not wanting to get involved' again There were times when I thought he was kind of cowardly and needed to just admit his feelings and man up But yeah he did make me cry at the end so I'm going to forgive him of his asshat moments And Mia I love what you did when view spoiler you were being blackmailed Thank god you didn't become a cliché and give in And I especially love how you told off Gabe yes make him crawl hide spoiler I was a little nervous about this one The last couple of the “dominating billionaire” books I’ve read have been so so for me and Maya Banks can be a hit or miss author for me I’m so glad I took the chanceI really really enjoyed this one Gabe Mia I loved the set up I am a sucker for the “in love with my brother’s best friend” thing Gabe was definitely your uintessential alpha male Add to that a past which has left him with no ability to trust in a relationship and an obsession with his best friends little sister and sparks are guaranteed I loved watching Gabe struggle with his real feelings for Mia I wanted to smack him than once and tell him to stop being such a blind fool but I still loved him When he would let himself go and be sweet he just melted my heart He is lucky that Mia is forgiving then I would have been in similar circumstancesI have to admit I was than a little surprised given how close he was to Mia’s brother Jace that he had the balls to propose the kind of relationship he wanted to Mia “I’ll own you” he said bluntly “Body soul You’ll belong to me” The chemistry between Mia and Gabe was smokin’ The fact that they had mutually lusted after each other for years before finally coming together gave an edge of desperation to them that was seriously hot “Eyes” he snapped “On me Mia Always on me You don’t come with your eyes closed I want to see everything you have when I’m inside you You don’t ever shut me out” Mia was a great heroine Even though she was so much younger than Gabe she didn’t let him walk all over her outside of the bedroom She was spunky and smart and sure of herself in ways I don’t think a lot of women her age are “Don’t fall in love with me Mia” he warned “Don’t take this for anything than it is I don’t want to hurt you”“That’s awfully presumptuous of you Gabe Not to mention arrogant and assholish You’ve been clear in your expectations of our arrangement I’m not an idiot Do you assume every woman you meet falls head over heels in love with you and can’t live without you?” Oh and the end Nothing I love than a alpha man on his knees I can’t wait for the next book The teaser chapter just about killed me Yum and for those who like to know this was BDSM light Nothing hard core at all and not proticol heavy mastersir etc Maya Banks has a new trilogy releasing following three billionaires who run swanky hotels Although I’m a little tired of the billionaire hero the blurbs intrigued me so I thought I’d give book one Rush a try Let me say this – sometimes having an asshole hero can be fun Take Tack for example Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley He is initially rude to the heroine arrogant demanding in bed etc but she writes him in a way that his alpha behavior is coming from a good place There is romance within all the assholeness He was a sexy asshole and also no way as dominant as GabeGabe from Rush is just a plain asshole And before I go on let me make it clear I only read the first 50% of this book so you can argue that he may have changed his ways and redeemed himself However the way he acted the first 50% would take an amazing amount of redemption Gabe has needs – he needs to be in control he needs to dominate and he is extremely possessive He has been lusting after his best friend’s sister Mia for years and now that she is 24 and he is 38 I think he feels it’s time to make his move Mia has been lusting after Gabe as well There is mutual lusting Mia is very spoiled and pampered and protected by her big brother so Mia fears telling him her true feelings for his best friendBecause of Gabe’s intense needs when having sex he got burned by a previous relationship accusing him of abuse etc so now before entering into any type of physical relationship he makes the woman sign a contract I roll my eyes at this but the basis for it in Gabe’s case makes senseBut here is where things go bad for me Mia has a good education yet works in a bakery Gabe thinks she is wasting her potential so he wants her to be his personal assistant But the personal assistant position also means she would be having an exclusive sexual relationship with him Just what every college graduate dreams of “The purpose of your working for me is so you’d be at my side at all times And I’d have you when I want and how I want”Gabe and Mia start a physical relationship and it is just so cold Gabe is such a jerk Mia goes along with it all There is no romance There is nothing outside the bedroom Gabe uses Mia hard and then has remorse after she leaves just to do it again the next time He is possessive and jealous not in a fun way And yes there are some stalker jealous heroes out there that work really well for me – hello Gideon Cross He humiliates her and as the reader it made me feel bad I don’t want to feel bad when I read I want to experience situations that I may not like but dying to know how the heroheroine will resolve the actions – but I don’t want to feel ill Mia liked it maybe? but I didn’tThere is also a scene that I didn’t read but was told about in detail that really just makes me shake my head No no no I don’t care how much he asks to be forgiven or how well the author redeems him NoNo interest in discovering how it all endsRating DNFF This book is a DNF for me I only made it 25% into the story and hated every second of it I don't like the characters at all and so far haven't been able to identify a plot outside of sex And don't even get me started on the fact that it's exactly like 50 Shades He presents her with a contract? What I loved about 50 Shades is that Ana fought Christian at every turn and refused to give up her independence Mia is just handing it to Gabe And when Gabe says he's going to give the contract to his lawyer I burst out laughing No lawyer would do anything with a contract where a person signs away their basic human rights It's illegal and unenforceable As far as I know slavery contracts were abolished in the early eighteen hundreds Gabe could draw up any contract he wants but it would be a formality not a legality SMH And speaking of independence Mia takes a job as Gabe's personal assistant and sex is a reuirement of her job Well when a man pays you for sex there is a name for that I don't like the characters or the story not for me at all And what a disappointment because I have liked Maya Banks in the past 3 ½ stars – ContemporaryEroticBDSM RomanceThoughts After ReadingThis was a decent erotic romance but I didn’t really connect with the characters Their “relationship” felt a bit trite dull and emotionless and I actually got bored with the sex scenes The angst and drama seemed needless and calculated although it resulted in some good groveling by the hero I love Maya Banks but this didn’t uite live up to my expectations Hopefully Jace’s and Ash’s books will be better Thoughts Before ReadingI’m a big Maya Banks fan and really looking forward to her Breathless trilogy but I’m not crazy about the coversWhat’s with this new artsy trend in romanceerotica covers anyway? Even previously released authors are having their book covers reimaged I guess it’s yet one thing we can blame thank Fifty Shades of Grey forGive me a hot cover with a yummy chesttastic hunk of manflesh or of a couple in an erotic embrace over random vague images of elements jewelry feathers perfume ribbons smoke flowers ties masks etc any day All cold sex absolutely no chemistry or sensualityThe guy Gabe is an arrogant selfish asshole who doesn't care about anything except fulfilling his control freak needs and banging his best friend's sister He whips out a contract before every sexual relationship so the women can't accuse him of abuse And he is jealous to the point of being genuinely scary There is also nothing outside of the sex no flirtations no funny conversation or banter just sex It was boring and I hated Gabe This book tells the story of Gabe a billionaire Dom with a serious attraction to his best friend's little sister Mia Of course Mia is about as off limits as a woman could be She's sweet young innocent and coddled by her over protective big brother Gabe's sure he's going to hell for just thinking of the sex acts he wants to do with MiaGoing to hell or not he decides that he will have Mia After seeing her at a grand opening party one evening scantily clad and looking irresistible he can't resist her any longer Instructing her to meet him at his office in the morning he startles her with a passionate kiss and sends her on her wayMia wasn't sure what to expect when she arrived at Gabe's office as instructed She'd lusted after her brother's best friend for years but never really thought she stood a chance She wants him but she's thrown off kilter by the contract he presents her with outlining the details of their sexual relationship if she were to consent to having one Predictably Mia chooses to agree to the relationship with Gabe As part of their agreement she will also begin working as his personal assistant Little by little Gabe introduces her to his world of kinkThe story slowly progresses with a few smaller climactic moments along the way Eventually everything hits the fan when Mia's older brother discovers their relationship in the most dramatic fashion Then every bit of progress that this couple had made seemed to evaporateI was disappointed in Gabe's behavior than once while reading this story His character didn't hold much appeal for me I liked Mia but without liking both of the main characters this long story just got kind of tedious Overall I liked it It isn't a favorite of mine but it was a decent story to pass some time I've definitely read far worse That being said I've also read much better

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