Tether☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Tether By Anna Jarzab ✑ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Tether the seuel to Tandem continues the captivating tale of rebellion and romance that spans parallel worldsEverything repeatsSasha expected things to go back to normal once she got back on Earth But Tether the seuel to Tandem continues the captivating tale of rebellion and romance that spans parallel worldsEverything repeatsSasha expected things to go back to normal once she got back on Earth But now that she knows parallel worlds are real and that an alternate version of herself exists in a world called Aurora her old life no longer seems to make sense and her heart breaks daily for Thomas the boy she left behind Troubled by mysterious often terrifying visions and the echoes of a self she was just beginning to discover Sasha makes the difficult decision to journey once through the tandemThomas is waiting for her on the other side and so is strange otherworldly Selene Sasha’s analog from a third universe Sasha Selene and their other analog Juliana have a joint destiny and a new remarkable power one that could mean salvation for Selene’s dying planet With Thomas’s help Sasha and Selene search for the missing Juliana But even if they can locate her is Sasha willing to turn her back on love to pursue a fate she’s not sure she believes in. When the hell is this coming out? I want to read it nooow While I loved Tandem this one seemed to suffer from second book syndrome The action was there but it served as a slow trickle throughout the entire plot which only seemed to serve as a filler to introduce new character and threats The addition of a third analog Selene didn't peak my interest at all Her character did add a new element to the story but it's not anything I cared to explore I would have preferred of a continued relationship establishment between Sasha and her analog Juliana from book one Having Selene such a huge driving force within this book dampened my enjoyment and seemed to force everything I loved about Tandem to be placed on pause I do love the romance between Sasha and Thomas though I was happy this aspect is something that remained constant from the previous book and their constant struggle with remaining together despite being separated by universes makes my heart melt Going into Tether I was aware that the third book will no longer be published It seems kind of silly to still read book two knowing this but what can I say the curiosity caught me I'm sad there will be no to explore from this series Despite having my issues with Tether I had high hopes for the third book especially with such an important cliffhanger that leaves so many uestions unanswered 255 StarsTether is suffering from second book slump I liked it but I can't say that I'm head over heels for it The beginning starts out strong but somewhere around the middle I became bored and had to push myself to finish it One of the most confusing things about this book is that it is written from four different POVs That's right you heard me Four I've seen the multiple perspectives work before like in The Song of Ice and Fire series but not in this case All of the voices sound too similar and I found myself confusing Thomas and Sasha at times All of the problems I had with the first novel continued on into this book and became worse All in all I don't regret reading it but I can't say that I'm in love eitherTo see my full review of this book click hereYou guys can check out my review to Tandem here oh my tether the feels are strong in this one Five stars was not enough for this book It was everything I wanted in a second book and Can't believe I finished reading it and have to wait for the third one to come out Ahhh the waiting is going to suck If you thought Tandem was good this is even better I love the characters the plot the setting and just about everything else about this series Best and uickest way to describe this book FANTASTIC 3 XD My review for Tether Why did it have to end this way?? And it’s sad knowing there won’t be a third book; but I still have hope I do enjoy Anna’s writing; how she intertwined all the characters in this story was fantastic “My life held endless prospects and I could've lived it so many different ways” I loved being back in this world so much and getting to see all of the analogs and how they were interacting this time aroundWhile this book is far slower than the first one but because I didn't read the books back to back it ended up working for me It gave me the time I needed to get the world back into my brain and remembering who all of the characters were and why they were important or notThis one does have the same characters as the first one with a few new ones added in as well I think We start back into the timelines just a few weeks after the first one ended we also have all of the characters dealing with what they know now and how they plan to fix certain thingsBut before Sasha can start helping out again she has to find a way back to Aurora on her own which proves to be a bit of a problem when it seems that no one is going to help her That is until she finally convinces someone and learns that he has analogs as wellOnce back Sasha learns a lot and is able to not only help get her analogs out of trouble for the most part she also gets reunited with ThomasNow I'm not saying I love there relationships or anything because I feel like it has moved rather fast considering what is going on around them and how little they both actually know about each other Plus you have the added problem of multiple analogs which can create mixed feelings as well They are going to have a lot to work on in the future once things calm down a little Until that time though it has become very apparent that Sasha is willing to do what she needs to not only save Aurora but protect her analogs as best as she can for as long as she canOverall I really enjoyed this book and being back in this world again When I go to the ending and was left with multiple cliffhangers I was sad Especially when I found out thisDue to the publisher the third and final book will not be written or released anytime soon sadly The author says she would like to release it eventually and post it online if she is unable to get a new book deal So until the third book is released I am going to be left wondering what happens next to all of these characters and if they can save Aurora at allBlog Twitter Instagram Marked as DNF 41015 Well after putting this on hold for a while I've decided not to come back to it The beginning of the book presented the same issues that I had with Tandem although Tandem picked up about halfway through I struggled with yet another analog stepping into the picture and adding another POV I had a hard time in Tandem really relating to Juliana and then throwing another analog in the mix really just felt like Juliana Part II I made it about maybe a third of the way through? And I was just having a REALLY hard time wanting to keep on going I was bored uninterested and just lost the motivation to keep going I had hoped for a lot world building and things to keep me grounded but the other worlds just didn't seem to gel for me for whatever reason The characters felt very blah and flat and I didn't feel like going through another book like that again DNF Report originally posted on The Book Addict's Guide 42215 “Everything repeats” Oh boy did it feel like book one repeating in so many ways Firstly I had some issues when I started TANDEM last year I had a really hard time getting into it keeping the worlds straight and getting a grip on the characters I finally got into the book maybe halfway through so I was hoping to pick up with TETHER where I left off in TANDEM but it sort of felt like starting all over again I was once again lost and the worlds felt foggy Sasha felt flat I felt very bored spending over 100 pages of set up trying to get into the book and it just wasn’t happeningA third analog is introduced in this book and I was just ugh not a fan She really felt like Juliana Part II and didn’t feel uniue at all I was still trying to spend time getting to know Sasha and Juliana because it was a struggle in TANDEM and here comes another character who is just like them Things didn’t really pick up within 100 pages and I put the book down about a month before I DNFed to see if the desire came back to read it and I found I just didn’t care how it ended It was time to call it a day and uit this series which was sad because I LOVE parallel universe books This one just really didn’t feel uite developed

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Tether
  • Anna Jarzab
  • English
  • 13 March 2016
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