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Hot Soldier Boxed Set❰Reading❯ ➿ Hot Soldier Boxed Set Author Seraphina Donavan – HOT SOLDIERS is an exciting new anthology from authors of the bestselling STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE with the fabulous additions of Charisma Knight and Jamallah Bergman Hot Soldiers features six hot HOT SOLDIERS is an exciting new anthology from authors of the bestselling STRANDED WITH A Hot Soldier MOBI :¼ BILLIONAIRE with the fabulous additions of Charisma Knight and Jamallah Bergman Hot Soldiers features six hot romantic novellas of strong men and the stronger women who love them COMING HOME by Seraphina Donavanbestselling author of Dragon's Lair and The Boss' Bad Girl Morgan Donnelly planned to live out his days in the military but an IED changed all that Returning to his hometown struggling with PTSD and adapting to a life he hadn't envisioned he finds himself drawn to the sweet and shy younger sister of his former fiancee Lexi Flynn has her own issues The curvy pastry shop owner finds it hard to believe that a man like Morgan would want her Can Morgan and Lexi overcome their fear and insecurity to claim the happiness that is right in front of them WRONG GIRL by Kate Baum author of the Girl Series Ernestine Ernie Rose learned early on in life from her bitter and angry mother that she didn't need a man to succeed While she learned those lessons well they've made for a lonely life It isn't until Ernie accompanies her extremely nervous friend on a blind date that Ernie discovers there's than one way to need a man Sparks fly between Ernie and the blind date's wingman Chase He inspires Ernie to do something she's never done before let go of her inhibitions THE LAST TOUR by Charisma Knight author of the Raven's Fall Series Watching his entire unit get cut down in Afghanistan has left Sgt Sebastian McElvoy uestioning his sanity and whether or not he deserved to survive Coming home to the wife he loves the joy and peace that Rayna gives him fills him with guilt But Sebastian isn't alone in wondering if the changes in him will allow them to resume their life together Rayna looks at her husband and sees a man who is a ghost of his former self Can she save him and if she does what will be the ultimate cost THE SOLDIER AND THE WRITER by Jamallah Bergman author of the Cipriano's of Kellington Series As a romance author Ione Finn has been making people fall in love with heroes for years She never imagined she'd make a real life hero fall in love with her Wounded soldier Sgt Mark Phillips has one bright spot in his long recovery the letters he receives from Ione What begins as a friendship between pen pals uickly grows into so much and when Mark finally goes home he's eager to turn their long distance romance into a long and lasting love SUSPICIOUS MINDS by Siobhan MacKenzie Author of 'His Man' Series Jordan Blair is the prime suspect in the death of the man who caused him to lose his leg in Afghanistan his former sadistic commanding officer Recently promoted MP Lt Rachel Carmichael is in charge of the case and she is sure she has her killer in her sights But there's something about the wounded warrior that changes her mind Rachel is drawn to him in spite of her suspicion Proving his innocence might just be the first step towards healingand love ANGEL WATCH by Leanore Elliott Bestselling author of the Beasts series Mags is a cop Lives it breathes it and everything else takes a backseat to it Sure she knows that her curvy figure grabs attention and she knows that her partner has the hots for her But the only thing she's interested in is tracking the vigilante who's targeting criminals on her beat There's only one likely suspect for Mags and that's Rem Tarken her partner's best friend The only problem is that this solider and expert sniper ignites in Mags than just suspicion He shows her that she's a womanAnd he never misses a target. The Hot Soldier Boxed set is an anthology featuring 6 stories by 6 amazing authors I will include my review individually for each story below The overall rating will be an average of the 5 stories Coming Home by Seraphina Donavan Hotness rating 3 out of 545 stars Morgan Donnelly thought he would make a career of his military service unfortunately an IED had a different plan for him Now he's back home working for his uncle as a contractor and feeling completely at loose ends After one failed attempt at a relationship Morgan made the military his wife and settled in for convenient companionship when he wanted it and only then Maybe that's why he feels like such a perv that he can't get the beautiful younger sister of his ex out of his mindLexi Flynn is all grown up She's always had a huge crush on Morgan and now that he's back home and doing some work in her bakery she knows that her feelings regarding him have definitely grown up too Sadly she has body issues and has a hard time believing that anyone as sexy as Morgan could ever want herThis book was funny and sweet and had just the right amount of heat for a novella Lexi's sister made me laugh out loud than once I loved how Ms Donavan handled that situation warding off any unnecessary drama Wrong Girl? by Kate Baum Hotness rating 3 out of 54 stars Anyone who knows me knows I love Kate Baum and her Nice Girl series Wrong Girl fits nicely into this series even though it can be read alone with no problems Ernastine Ernie Rose is having an awful day She woke up late spilled her coffee had a rough day at her job as a social worker and her best friend just reminded her that she agreed to a blind date with her guy's best friend Being raised by a women's rights radical has certainly colored Ernie's life She isn't a man hater like her mom but she has never really bought into the happily ever after propaganda that Hallmark wants everyone to believe She's somewhere in the middle She enjoys a man but has never really met one that has made her heart race palms sweat or just plain want to talk to him and spend every second she can with him That is until she met ChaseChase can not believe his luck when he arrives at the restaurant to meet his blind date They really hit it off over dinner and it carries over to a drink back at her place She's beautiful smart funny pretty much everything he's always wanted As chance would have it he has to be gone for a bit for reserve training This leads to many nights of getting to know one another and sexy chats And when his time is up and he gets to come home the sparks really flyI loved how this couple just came together There was no unnecessary drama The drama that could have come in the form of Ernie's mother was handled perfectly by Ms Baum The Last Tour by Charisma Knight Hotness rating 4 out of 535 stars Sebastian McElvoy is ready to get home to his wife His tour of duty in Afghanistan is just about over and he can think of nothing else At least that's the case until his unit is attacked and he's left as one of the few standing Rayna is so happy that her husband is coming home today She's got the sign hung the feast waiting and the family all their just like he wanted Yet none of that seems to make him happy once he's there He's different He's sad He's lost He's edgier He's definitely demanding in the bedroom She feels his pain and wants nothing to make her husband whole again But can she be enough? Can she save them?The last tour was heart wrenching for me to read Even the hot over the top down and dirty love scenes were bittersweet for me I just felt the pain oozing from my kindle as I was reading this story The Soldier and The Writer by Jamallah BergmanHotness rating 3 out of 545 stars I loved loved loved the story of Mark and Ione It was so sweet funny and endearing Ione Finn learns of the pen pal program for soldiers from a friend As a writer and someone that really doesn't socialize much this really appeals to her Ione writes a nice little introductory letter and sends it off to a soldier thinking how fun this will be After almost a month she finally gets a return letter from Sgt Mark Phillips who just happens to be recovering from being shot by a sniper What ensues is a fun and sexy get to know you back and forth correspondence between the pair When Mark finally gets cleared to come back home Ione is filled with all kinds of insecurities but none that are warranted Sparks fly between this couple from the second she gives him a welcome home hug You couldn't ask for a sweeter sexier man in Mark I loved that he saw what he wanted in Ione and didn't let anything get in the way of that This book just left me feeling good all over Suspicious Minds by Siobhan MacKenzieHotness Rating 3 out of 54 StarsI loved this story Jordan Blair has worked so hard to regain his strength and learn to live his life minus a leg This isn't easy for anyone but is even harder for a soldier a man who's use to his body being a well oiled machine or weapon if you will So when the man who was responsible for him losing that leg in the first place ends up dead in his office he is the primary suspect Jordan's innocent and now he just has to convince the beautiful Lt Rachel Carmichael this fact Lt Rachel Carmichael has worked hard to be taken seriously as a woman in the military She's been blessed with a gift or really a secret that she learned long ago She is able to tell if someone is telling the truth by looking into their eyes and watching for certain tells She believes Jordan is telling the truth even though all of the evidence is saying otherwiseI loved Jordan and my heart broke for him The loss of his leg haunted him and he just couldn't overcome the feeling of being inadeuate because of it Rachel was exactly what Jordan needed to feel like a man again Angel Watch by Leanore ElliottHotness Rating 3 of 53 starsRem served his time risked his life for his country only to come home to his neighborhood overrun by gangs drugs and crime He could turn his head just like everyone else does or he can do what he does best protect and serve by his own rules Mags is used to men hitting on her everywhere she goes To her it's all a big inconvenience She's a cop just one of the guys driven She's pretty sure she may even be frigid After all no man has ever made her weak with need or even a basic want That is until she meets Rem In just a few short minutes he makes her want and feel things that she's never in her entire life wanted Rem is admirable in so many ways You can't help but fall in love with him The obstacles that stand in the way of this couple seems insurmountable but it all comes together in the end You can find this review and others at wwwriverinaromanticscom So I probably should read ALL the stories in this set before I leave a review but I read Coming Home by Seraphina Donavan and Suspicious Minds by Siobhan MacKenzie and just had to do the fangirl thing These short stories were so wonderful and completely different from each other except that they both featured hot military guysI loved Coming Home and Morgan Donnelly He and sweet Lexi both have self image issues that led to some misunderstanding but the heat between them can't be ignored I love Lexi's reactions both to her own self doubts and to the truth about Morgan's injuriesSuspicious Minds was a romantic thriller a murder mystery with a too hot to be guilty suspect in Jordan Blair Military investigator Rachel Carmichael follows the evidence to Jordan but hopes he is innocent when the sexual tension between the two of them ramps upI can't wait to read the rest of the stories in this collection Hot Soldiers features six hot romantic novellas of strong men and the stronger women who love them Such touching stories they remind me of the wounded warriers project This is an exceptional composite of exciting reading and exceptional writing 5 stars Hot Box Pick it upWonderful box set with one after another love stories about Hot Soldiers They are my weakness Each story was it's own and was not perpetual just because of the theme There is a blind date married couple a pen pal exchange murder mystery and vigilant story I don't know which is my favorite but trust me when I say you find yourself in each tale Thank you Ladies for these Excellent Stories Wonderful box set with one after another love stories about Hot Soldiers They are my weakness Each story was it's own and was not perpetual just because of the theme There is a blind date married couple a pen pal exchange murder mystery hot soldier with PTSD and a vigilant story I don't know which is my favorite but trust me when I say you find yourself in each taleThank you Ladies for these Excellent Stories I must admit I hadn't read any of these authors before I bought this book but glad I got it This a great collection of military themed stories They are all short reads but that doesn't take anything at all away from any of them If you love military romance books then this is treat for you I will be checking to see what else these great authors create Thoroughly enjoyedI love a man in uniform and this boxed set is chock full of yummy alpha wounded warriors Great bang for the buck

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