Sinfully Ever After (Book Club Belles Society, #2)

Sinfully Ever After (Book Club Belles Society, #2)➶ [Read] ➲ Sinfully Ever After (Book Club Belles Society, #2) By Jayne Fresina ➾ – Teaching scandalous young men a lesson This is not your typical book clubTo Rebecca Sherringham all men are open books—read uickly and forgotten Perhaps she's just too practical for love The last th Teaching scandalous young men a lesson This is not your typical book clubTo Rebecca Sherringham all men are open books—read uickly and forgotten Perhaps she's just too practical for love The last thing she needs is another bore around—especially one that's supposed to be deadCaptain Lucius Luke Wainwright turns up a decade after disappearing without a trace He's on a mission to claim his birthright and he's not going away again until he gets it But Becky and the ladies of the village Book Club Belles Society won't let this rogue get Sinfully Ever Epub / away with his sins He'll soon find that certain young ladies are accustomed to dealing with villains. 25 starsI thought the second half was better but the romance between our couple never fully developed I see what the author was trying to do two gruff individuals battling to not fall in love but the execution failed Rebecca our heroine was frosty for far too long 45 starsI thought this historical romance would be 'different' based on what I read in the blurb I'll admit I peeked at some reviews online to see what people were saying and some kinda put me off reading this book because they said the heroine was not nice and the hero had whatever came his way comingIt sounded like a 'taming of the shrew' than a historical romance I wanted to sink my teeth intoGood thing I decided to ignore whatever preconceived idea I might've taken with me when I started this story because I absolutely loved it and it kept me riveted for the whole time I've found it very hard lately to find a book that makes me want to read beyond 50 pages or else a book that I want to pick up again after having to put it down to get on with real life always asking myself 'do I really want to?' and then sighing and going 'no not gonna be a big loss' NOT the case with this storyFirst things first that blurb is terribly misleading so don't base yourself on that for a feel of the book Luke is a Colonel in the story and he is definitely a scoundrel and a rake but he is not out to win his family fortune by any means which would've made him a total arse btw and I found him extremely lovable the kind of mischief laden man that makes you smile even as you're scolding his impertinence and lack of 'proper' decorum Refreshing to have a hero so not into all things proper but nevertheless an honest and honourable manNow Becky the heroine Yes she is brash and sounds a tad too modern for the times Not your average typical historical heroine She gets involved into hare brained adventures when younger and as a 'mature' woman almost on the shelf she does not want marriage and certainly not a man to tie her downAnd to me that was the lovely conflict in this story Luke wants Becky but she doesn't because she wants to keep to her life as she knows it nothing stubborn on her part; I totally got it that she'd had enough to wiping men's messes in their wake namely her brother's and her father's Luke will not take no for an answer and he sets out to win her over Nothing about getting his fortune by all means Becky being an idiot for rejecting Luke and his courting or even for the Book Club Belles Society setting out to teach Luke a lessonYes Becky does not read like the typical simpering historical miss just looking for the right man to marry but did all young women in that time aspire to this and this alone? Many must've had spirit a mind of their own despite the times not being conducive to such mindsets Becky read real to me because she doesn't sound cliche and Ms Fresina makes her bold characterization work for her in a sympathetic manner where we end up cheering on Becky instead of going 'she's not what a historical girl should be' That's exactly what attracts Luke to her and I loved this aspect of the storyMs Fresina also writes with pointed wit and a good touch of humour; her writing is flowing and vivacious and a total joy to read I definitely recommend this book to you if you like your historicals off the beaten track Luke and Becky will remain in my mind as one of the couples I most cheered for in a book Sinfully Ever After is the second book in this series and the first book I have ever read from this author Now some of you may wonder why I gave it a lower rating well I wish I could say that I fell in love with this one but frankly I had a hard time keeping up with this one Now I will say that there were some aspects I really enjoyed but the consistency was way off and had a hard time keeping focus on the story The beginning started out good in my mind at the time I was excited thinking this story would capture me completely until I met the heroine and I didn't like her very well I really had a tough time with her character mostly because she treats Luke horribly When they first meet they cross words and Rebecca comes to Luke with good intentions wanting him to save her brother's foolhardy action and Rebecca ends up owing Luke a kiss now skip ahead five years Rebecca is twenty too years old and Luke is thirty seven This is a bit of a may and december romance They are about fifteen years apart Now for some of us that may seem like a huge distance but not really If you look at the time period these type of marriage were very common My own grandmother had a thirteen year distance with my grandfather So it is realistic than we thinkThe story is about Luke coming home after being thought dead by his brother having made his own way in the world fought in the war and has come back with a injured leg and a faithful companion of a dog who never leaves his side When he comes to his home to his brother and to the daughter he has never known he meets up with Rebecca a lovely mature woman who is still unmarried and owes him a kiss The moment they kiss his life changes but Rebecca has high expectations from a man and the last thing she wants is a rake When Luke finds that he feels a pull to Rebecca he endeavors to change his behavior and show her that he can be a true gentlemanwell Rebecca is stubborn than a mule Rebbeca is very picky and knows exactly what she wants She is already being courted by another man that fits every bill except he doesn't keep her up at night dreaming of his kisses or the desire he stirs in herWhat I liked was the way this story was so lighthearted and full of wit and humor I can almost imagine that Jayne Fresina has a great sense of humor because you can see it come through in the story and the writing style What I didn't feel in this story was the connection between Rebecca and Luke at least not fully At times I felt it but it was a bit scattered throughout the book and at times I had a difficult time keeping up with it and the flow felt a bit off I enjoyed the set up and some of the scenes were uite engaging and fun I loved the sense of a sweet and playful romance that comes throughbut it just didn't fully come through for me I would love to read the first book though because I am just aching to read Luke's brothers story Overall a enjoyable pastime in this cooler weather with a steaming cup of cocoa on hand FUN AND PLAYFUL Duller than an unpolished Petoskey stone in Lake Superior I really liked the hero in this story Luke is a great blend of mischievous scoundrel with a healthy dose of honor and a dash of gruff but charming demeanor Rebecca the heroine is uite headstrong and demanding almost to the point of being a little too modern sometimes but compliments Luke very well even if she wasn’t exactly kind to him at the beginning Watching these two battle it out was very entertaining Rebecca’s insistence that she does not need a man especially a man like Luke and Luke’s determination to win her over created this great back and forth conflict that held my attention through most of the story Believe me when you read as many historical romances as I do it’s difficult to keep my attention since they can sometimes blend together I attribute much of that enjoyment to Ms Fresina’s witty dialogue and refreshing ability to write a spirited heroine that can simultaneously be bold and progressive without coming across as a modern transplant in a historical settingIt took a while for me to connect with these two because I felt their “romance” was a little off It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I got this feeling – perhaps because I didn’t feel the characters changed all that much for one another? I didn’t see how Luke and Rebecca made each other better people just from knowing the other I also felt there were times where the line between Regency and modern day idiosyncrasies blurred a bit too muchOne thing I don’t see often but really enjoyed seeing in this book was the age gap between Luke and Rebecca I think it is fairly uniue in this genre Luke is almost 40 in this story and Rebecca is in her early 20s – a DecemberMay romance This is certainly an accurate reflection of marriages of the time period but I also liked seeing this age gap because this still happens today I have friends married to men and women over 10 years their senior and than once have heard about their struggle to not get “those looks” when they are out in public or the lack of representation in the media So to see this DecemberMay romance play out in such a sweet accepting way made me love this story all the Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews dot ComI received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review An unconventional hero and heroine for historical romance we're not looking at the creme de la creme of society here but instead a young woman who is struggling to keep her father comfortable and man over a decade older who has to reform his crude blunt edged waysI really enjoyed this story It's in that vein of gentler romance with the threats of a socialreputation based nature and that felt appropriate to the story Captain Luke Wainwright is rather direct and coarse and that was unusual It took me a while to warm up to him but ultimately i felt he and Rebecca were a good fit Luke's stubbornness when it comes to Rebecca was uite charming I thought Certainly she doesn't give him much reason to hope that she's going to come around to really caring for him so his decision to stick it out is all the admirable or bullheaded I supposeThe supporting cast of characters is pretty deep in this series The other Belles are present and accounted for and I'm uite looking forward to Diana's story as though she's currently engaged to a rather lackluster fellow it seems she'll become entangled with Rebecca's absent brother Plus I can only hope that Mrs Kenton gets what's coming to her for sticking her nose in all over the place in a future novel in the series For my complete review and others like this see To Each Their Own ReviewsReceived in exchange for an honest review I didn't like this as much as the first book mostly because the inconsistent voice of the male lead was really distracting I couldn't work out there kind of person he was and couldn't understand how two people who spoke so incredibly differently could have been raised in the same household male lead and his brother Also bubbies is a stupid word Rebecca has always taken care of her father and brother and doesn't want or need another man to take care of Her brother unfortunately has a penchant for trouble and tries to convince her to bring their last family heirloom to pay off his gambling debts Rebecca shows up alright and meets the man he owes but instead of taking her heirloom he gives her a card with an IOU a kiss on it which he tells her to pay later 3 years later Lucius Wainwright or lucky Luke comes into town to see his brother Rebecca thinks he is there to collect on her debt but he has other things in mind I loved this book the most curious and most outright sexually charged of the seriesfound it somewhat disconcerting that Luke was already in her crotch the first time he met herand she was ok with that also was somewhat disturbed by the gutter adjectives of female and male parts had to remember he was 37 and a rakehis lust to affection and love for rebecca was well done her feelings crept up interaction with family not sufficient wanted of that story butan ending that was than satisfyingleft some frayed ends but it is on my re read listone complaint hated hated hated the repetition of lucky luke A good regency I think read with a strong female lead and a returned somewhat battered irresponsible leading man who has come home I liked both of the maincharacters in this story

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