FreakshowNOTE This Is An ENIGMA Directive Short Story Originally Appearing In THE GAME Anthology From Seven Realms Publishing It Is A SHORT Story, Not A Full Length Novel Three Years Before The Events Of Primal Thirst, Wisecracking Cryptozoologist Dr Obadiah Jack Jackson Awakens In The Middle Of An Abandoned Carnival On A Desert Island, Completely Unaware Of How He Arrived There As He Begins To Investigate His Strange Surroundings, He Is Contacted By A Man Calling Himself Freakshow, Who Explains That Jack Must Survive The Night In The Jungle Where A Pack Of Vicious Cryptids Lurk To Add To The Ordeal, Freakshow Has Abducted An Innocent Mother Of Three And Has Hidden Her Somewhere On Island With Only A Handful Of Tools At His Disposal, Jack Must Locate The Kidnapped Woman And Find A Way For Both Of Them To Survive Being Hunted Through The Night FREAKSHOW Is A Short Story Introducing The Sensational New Villain Of The Upcoming ENIGMA Directive Novel DEVIL S CHILD Coming This Fall From Seven Realms Publishing Freak Show is a nice quick filler to introduce a bad guy in the next full length adventure It also shows you how Jack met his canine companion, Arnold, and reveals a few secrets we didn t know about or if we did, I missed it and need to go back and read it again Definitely worth the purchase price A very short but fun story Originally in The Game Anthology Fans of the Enigma Directive Series with love this quick and easy read set before the first book and introduces you to Arnold, ever wondered what Jack and the team mean when they say Arnold is special This story answers those questions Kent Holloway is definitely an author everyone should be reading. Came across J Kent Holloway after he co authored Guardian with Jeremy Robinson This is a good short read that sits along side the ENIGMA Directive series with main character Dr Obadiah Jack Jackson I will now be looking for the main books in the series. A short story full of surprises and the introduction of a cool dog Jack is kidnapped and must survive until dawn.I am really looking forward toof Jack s adventure.