All Is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality

All Is One: Understanding Entheogens and NondualityIn This Short, But Provocative, Ebook, Entheogenic Researcher, Martin W Ball, PhD Continues His Ongoing Elucidation Of The Entheological Paradigm, Nonduality, And The Role Of Entheogens In Personal Awakening And Transformation Part I Covers Nonduality, The Nature Of The Ego, And The Energetic Experience Of Entheogens, Taking A Close Look At What Nonduality Both Is And Isn T Part II Includes Selections From Martin S New Novel, Beyond Azara, That Depict The MeO DMT Experience With Slipping Into Infinity And A Look At How Reality Works As A Unified Energetic System With The Story Of The One Part III Features God S Handbook For Operating Human Vehicles, A Serious Yet Tongue In Cheek Guide For Living Authentically As A Direct Embodiment Of The One Universal Consciousness The Project Wraps Up With Some Verse Urging Sleepwalkers, Awaken For Anyone Interested In Nonduality, The Unitary Nature Of Reality, And The Powerful Role Of Entheogens In Human Awareness, This Is A Must Read